List of moves by anime debut

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This is a list of moves and the anime episode they debuted in. Please note that Bulbapedia considers the movies, Pikachu shorts, side stories, and special episodes to be separate from the main anime, regardless of their canonicity, and therefore moves like Doom Desire and Judgment, which have not yet appeared in an episode, do not have an episode listed.

List of moves by anime debut

# Name Episode User
001 TM Normal VI Pound EP062 Recurring Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
002 TM Fighting VI* Karate Chop EP029 A Trainer's Machop Machop
003 TM Normal VI Double Slap EP045 Recurring Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
004 TM Normal VI Comet Punch EP029 Anthony's Hitmonchan Hitmonchan
005 TM Normal VI Mega Punch EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
006 TM Normal VI Pay Day EP123 The Black Arachnid's Meowth Meowth
007 TM Fire VI Fire Punch EP058 Blaine's Magmar Magmar
008 TM Ice VI Ice Punch EP099 Prima's Jynx Jynx
009 TM Electric VI Thunder Punch EP042 Kaz's Electabuzz Electabuzz
010 TM Normal VI Scratch EP004 Meowth of Team Rocket Meowth
011 TM Normal VI Vise Grip EP004 Samurai's Pinsir Pinsir
012 TM Normal VI Guillotine AG127 Morrison's Gligar Gligar
013 TM Normal VI Razor Wind EP075 Mandi's Golbat Golbat
014 TM Normal VI Swords Dance EP042 Yas's Scyther Scyther
015 HM Normal VI Cut EP042 Yas's Scyther Scyther
016 TM Flying VI* Gust EP001 A wild Pidgey Pidgey
017 TM Flying VI Wing Attack EP007 Ash's Pidgeotto Pidgeotto
018 TM Normal VI Whirlwind EP006 Ash's Butterfree Butterfree
019 HM Flying VI Fly BW096* Ridley's Golurk* Golurk
020 TM Normal VI Bind EP005 Brock's Onix Onix
021 TM Normal VI Slam EP077 Jeanette Fisher's Bellsprout Bellsprout
022 TM Grass VI Vine Whip EP004 A Trainer's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
023 TM Normal VI Stomp EP033 Lara's Rapidash Rapidash
024 TM Fighting VI Double Kick EP100 Emily's Maria
Ralph's Tony
025 TM Normal VI Mega Kick EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
026 TM Fighting VI Jump Kick EP015* A Gentleman's Raticate* Raticate
027 TM Fighting VI Rolling Kick EP166 Shiro's Hitmonlee Hitmonlee
028 TM Ground VI* Sand Attack EP001 A wild Pidgey Pidgey
029 TM Normal VI Headbutt EP061 Cerulean Gym's Seel Seel
030 TM Normal VI Horn Attack EP001 A Trainer's Nidorino Nidorino
031 TM Normal VI Fury Attack EP049 Keith's Farfetch'd Farfetch'd
032 TM Normal VI Horn Drill EP058 Blaine's Rhydon Rhydon
033 TM Normal VI Tackle EP001 A Trainer's Onix Onix
034 TM Normal VI Body Slam EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
035 TM Normal VI Wrap EP008 Jessie's Ekans Ekans
036 TM Normal VI Take Down EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
037 TM Normal VI Thrash EP025 A wild Mankey Mankey
038 TM Normal VI Double-Edge EP045 Misty's Staryu Staryu
039 TM Normal VI Tail Whip EP032 Misty's Psyduck Psyduck
040 TM Poison VI Poison Sting EP004 A wild Weedle Weedle
041 TM Bug VI Twineedle EP004 A wild Beedrill Beedrill
042 TM Bug VI Pin Missile EP040 Sparky's Jolteon Jolteon
043 TM Normal VI Leer EP009 Giselle's Cubone Cubone
044 TM Dark VI* Bite EP006 Jessie's Ekans Ekans
045 TM Normal VI Growl EP139 Mary's Fluffy Mareep
046 TM Normal VI Roar EP227 A wild Suicune Suicune
047 TM Normal VI Sing EP045 Recurring Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
048 TM Normal VI Supersonic EP006 Brock's Zubat Zubat
049 TM Normal VI Sonic Boom EP177 Zachary Evans's Yanma Yanma
050 TM Normal VI Disable EP032 Misty's Psyduck Psyduck
051 TM Poison VI Acid EP016 Jessie's Ekans Ekans
052 TM Fire VI Ember EP032 Ash's Charmander Charmander
053 TM Fire VI Flamethrower EP004 A Trainer's Charmander Charmander
054 TM Ice VI Mist EP113 Multiple wild Lapras Lapras
055 TM Water VI Water Gun EP006 Misty's Staryu Staryu
056 TM Water VI Hydro Pump EP060 A wild Blastoise Blastoise
057 HM Water VI Surf EP091*
A wild Golduck*
Pietra's Rhydon*
058 TM Ice VI Ice Beam EP056* Pokémon League entrance
exam instructor's Vaporeon
059 TM Ice VI Blizzard EP099 Prima's Cloyster Cloyster
060 TM Psychic VI Psybeam EP024 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
061 TM Water VI Bubble Beam EP204** Pietra's Marill** Marill
062 TM Ice VI Aurora Beam EP061 Cerulean Gym's Seel Seel
063 TM Normal VI Hyper Beam EP067* A wild Gyarados* Gyarados
064 TM Flying VI Peck EP001 Multiple wild Spearow Spearow
065 TM Flying VI Drill Peck EP131 Falkner's Dodrio Dodrio
066 TM Fighting VI Submission EP059 Ash's Charizard Charizard
067 TM Fighting VI Low Kick EP162 A wild Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
068 TM Fighting VI Counter EP146* Jessie's Wobbuffet* Wobbuffet
069 TM Fighting VI Seismic Toss EP028 Brock's Geodude Geodude
070 HM Normal VI Strength EP115 Gary's Nidoqueen Nidoqueen
071 TM Grass VI Absorb DP134 A wild Tangrowth Tangrowth
072 TM Grass VI Mega Drain EP075 Mandi's Golbat Golbat
073 TM Grass VI Leech Seed EP032 Ash's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
074 TM Normal VI Growth DP134 A wild Tangrowth Tangrowth
075 TM Grass VI Razor Leaf EP025 Ash's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
076 TM Grass VI Solar Beam EP051 Ash's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
077 TM Poison VI Poison Powder AG151 Jeremy's Butterfree Butterfree
078 TM Grass VI Stun Spore EP007 Ash's Butterfree Butterfree
078 TM Grass VI Sleep Powder EP004 Ash's Butterfree Butterfree
080 TM Grass VI Petal Dance AG033 Drew's Roselia Roselia
081 TM Bug VI String Shot EP003 Ash's Caterpie Caterpie
082 TM Dragon VI Dragon Rage EP016 James's Gyarados
Four wild Gyarados
083 TM Fire VI Fire Spin EP028 Brock's Vulpix Vulpix
084 TM Electric VI Thunder Shock EP001 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
085 TM Electric VI Thunderbolt EP005 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
086 TM Electric VI Thunder Wave EP101 Ethan's Jolteon Jolteon
087 TM Electric VI Thunder EP022 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
088 TM Rock VI Rock Throw EP036 Chopper's Golem Golem
089 TM Ground VI Earthquake EP155* Misty's Togepi* Togepi
090 TM Ground VI Fissure EP008 A.J.'s Sandshrew Sandshrew
091 TM Ground VI Dig EP003 Jessie's Ekans Ekans
092 TM Poison VI Toxic EP068 Jessie's Arbok Arbok
093 TM Psychic VI Confusion EP022 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
094 TM Psychic VI Psychic EP022 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
095 TM Psychic VI Hypnosis EP001 A Trainer's Gengar Gengar
096 TM Psychic VI Meditate AG030 Shauna's Meditite Meditite
097 TM Psychic VI Agility EP014 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
098 TM Normal VI Quick Attack EP003 Ash's Pidgeotto Pidgeotto
099 TM Normal VI Rage EP025 Ash's Charmander Charmander
100 TM Psychic VI Teleport EP022 Sabrina's Abra Abra
101 TM Ghost VI Night Shade EP072 A giant Gengar Gengar
102 TM Normal VI Mimic EP162 A wild Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
103 TM Normal VI Screech EP032 Koga's Golbat Golbat
104 TM Normal VI Double Team EP068 Florinda's Gloom Gloom
105 TM Normal VI Recover EP024 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
106 TM Normal VI Harden EP004 Ash's Metapod Metapod
107 TM Normal VI Minimize * Nurse Joy's Chansey Chansey
108 TM Normal VI Smokescreen EP002 James's Koffing Koffing
109 TM Ghost VI Confuse Ray EP095 Captain's Haunter Haunter
110 TM Water VI Withdraw EP076 Ash's Squirtle Squirtle
111 TM Normal VI Defense Curl EP008* A.J.'s Sandshrew* Sandshrew
112 TM Psychic VI Barrier EP064 Delia's Mimey Mr. Mime
113 TM Psychic VI Light Screen EP062 A wild Clefairy Clefairy
114 TM Ice VI Haze AG008 Jessie's Seviper Seviper
115 TM Psychic VI Reflect EP099 Prima's Cloyster Cloyster
116 TM Normal VI Focus Energy EP073 Otoshi's Marowak Marowak
117 TM Normal VI Bide EP167* Jessie's Wobbuffet* Wobbuffet
118 TM Normal VI Metronome EP006 Multiple wild Clefairy Clefairy
119 TM Flying VI Mirror Move BW064 A wild Sigilyph Sigilyph
120 TM Normal VI Self-Destruct EP032 Koga's Voltorb Voltorb
121 TM Normal VI Egg Bomb EP075 Mandi's Exeggutor Exeggutor
122 TM Ghost VI Lick EP023 Sabrina's Haunter Haunter
123 TM Poison VI Smog EP002 James's Koffing Koffing
124 TM Poison VI Sludge EP003 James's Koffing Koffing
125 TM Ground VI Bone Club EP009 Giselle's Cubone Cubone
126 TM Fire VI Fire Blast EP058 Blaine's Magmar Magmar
127 HM Water VI Waterfall DP077 Zoey's Finneon Finneon
128 TM Water VI Clamp EP036 Tyra's Cloyster Cloyster
129 TM Normal VI Swift EP006 Misty's Staryu Staryu
130 TM Normal VI Skull Bash EP026 Ash's Charmander Charmander
131 TM Normal VI Spike Cannon EP210 Professor Elm's Corsola Corsola
132 TM Normal VI Constrict EP026 Erika's Tangela Tangela
133 TM Psychic VI Amnesia EP066 Professor Westwood V's Slowbro Slowbro
134 TM Psychic VI Kinesis N/A
135 TM Normal VI Soft-Boiled DP190 Brock's Chansey Chansey
136 TM Fighting VI High Jump Kick EP029*
Giant's Hitmonlee*
Shiro's Hitmonlee*
137 TM Normal VI Glare EP033 Jessie's Arbok Arbok
138 TM Psychic VI Dream Eater EP271 Harrison's Hypno Hypno
139 TM Poison VI Poison Gas EP020* James's Koffing* Koffing
140 TM Normal VI Barrage * Blue's Exeggutor Exeggutor
141 TM Bug VI Leech Life SM001 Rapp's Zubat Zubat
142 TM Normal VI Lovely Kiss EP250**
Nurse Joy's Jynx**
Erica's Jynx**
143 TM Flying VI Sky Attack AG058* A wild Skarmory* Skarmory
144 TM Normal VI Transform EP037 Duplica's Ditto Ditto
145 TM Water VI Bubble EP061 Misty's Horsea Horsea
146 TM Normal VI Dizzy Punch EP034 A wild Kangaskhan Kangaskhan
147 TM Grass VI Spore EP044 Cassandra's Parasect Parasect
148 HM Normal VI Flash EP171 Gary's Umbreon Umbreon
149 TM Psychic VI Psywave EP075* Mandi's Exeggutor* Exeggutor
150 TM Normal VI Splash EP016 James's Magikarp Magikarp
151 TM Poison VI Acid Armor EP040 Rainer's Vaporeon Vaporeon
152 TM Water VI Crabhammer EP063 Giovanni's Kingler Kingler
153 TM Normal VI Explosion EP006* Multiple wild Clefairy* Clefairy
154 TM Normal VI Fury Swipes EP003 Meowth of Team Rocket Meowth
155 TM Ground VI Bonemerang EP009 Giselle's Cubone Cubone
156 TM Psychic VI Rest EP176 Aya's Venonat Venonat
157 TM Rock VI Rock Slide EP240 Egan's Magcargo Magcargo
158 TM Normal VI Hyper Fang EP015 A Gentleman's Raticate Raticate
159 TM Normal VI Sharpen XY122 Wulfric's Bergmite Bergmite
160 TM Normal VI Conversion EP038 Dr. Akihabara's Porygon Porygon
161 TM Normal VI Tri Attack EP131 Falkner's Dodrio Dodrio
162 TM Normal VI Super Fang EP015 A Gentleman's Raticate Raticate
163 TM Normal VI Slash EP077 Jeanette Fisher's Scyther Scyther
164 TM Normal VI Substitute DP095* Lila's Delcatty* Delcatty
165 TM Normal VI Struggle N/A
166 TM Normal VI Sketch SM066 Ilima's Smearge Smeargle
167 TM Fighting VI Triple Kick EP166 Chigusa's Hitmontop Hitmontop
168 TM Dark VI Thief SM131 Acerola's Greedy Rapooh Gengar
169 TM Bug VI Spider Web EP123 Officer Jenny's Spinarak Spinarak
170 TM Normal VI Mind Reader N/A
171 TM Ghost VI Nightmare N/A
172 TM Fire VI Flame Wheel EP228 Gary's Arcanine Arcanine
173 TM Normal VI Snore XY018 A wild Snorlax Snorlax
174 TM Ghost VI* Curse N/A
175 TM Normal VI Flail EP269 A wild Magikarp Magikarp
176 TM Normal VI Conversion 2 N/A
177 TM Flying VI Aeroblast EP221* A wild Lugia* Lugia
178 TM Grass VI Cotton Spore AG144 Harley's Cacturne Cacturne
179 TM Fighting VI Reversal JN027 Ash's Riolu Riolu
180 TM Ghost VI Spite N/A
181 TM Ice VI Powder Snow EP188 Rory's Su, Ein, and Ub Swinub
182 TM Normal VI Protect AG015* A Poliwag Max borrowed from the
Pokémon Trainer's School
183 TM Fighting VI Mach Punch AG082 Multiple wild Breloom Breloom
184 TM Normal VI Scary Face EP124 Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull Snubbull
185 TM Dark VI Feint Attack EP162 A wild Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
186 TM Fairy* Sweet Kiss EP203 Brad Van Darn's Smoochum Smoochum
187 TM Normal VI Belly Drum AG015 A Poliwag Max borrowed from the
Pokémon Trainer's School
188 TM Poison VI Sludge Bomb EP270* Ash's Muk* Muk
189 TM Ground VI Mud-Slap EP184 Three wild Murkrow Murkrow
190 TM Water VI Octazooka EP215 Marcellus's Octillery Octillery
191 TM Ground VI Spikes EP176 Brock's Pineco Pineco
192 TM Electric VI Zap Cannon EP171 Alex Davis's Alakazam Alakazam
193 TM Normal VI Foresight EP121 Hagatha's Hoothoot Hoothoot
194 TM Ghost VI Destiny Bond AG128 Katie's Misdreavus Misdreavus
195 TM Normal VI Perish Song DP174* Nando's Altaria* Altaria
196 TM Ice VI Icy Wind EP241 Lily's Murkrow Murkrow
197 TM Fighting VI Detect AG030 Shauna's Meditite Meditite
198 TM Ground VI Bone Rush DP066 Maylene's Lucario Lucario
199 TM Normal VI Lock-On AG178 Brandon's Regirock Regirock
200 TM Dragon VI Outrage EP253 A wild Dragonite Dragonite
201 TM Rock VI Sandstorm EP219 Jenaro's Sandslash Sandslash
202 TM Grass VI Giga Drain DP040 Paul's Torterra Torterra
203 TM Normal VI Endure EP120 Ash's Heracross Heracross
204 TM Fairy* Charm EP151 Misty's Togepi Togepi
205 TM Rock VI Rollout EP120* Rochelle's Donphan* Donphan
206 TM Normal VI False Swipe EP140 Shingo's Blade Scizor
207 TM Normal VI Swagger EP247 Misty's Politoed Politoed
208 TM Normal VI Milk Drink EP207 A wild Miltank Miltank
209 TM Electric VI Spark EP212 Dayton's Bright Chinchou
210 TM Bug VI Fury Cutter EP144 Bugsy's Scyther Scyther
211 TM Steel VI Steel Wing EP152 Miki's Skarmory Skarmory
212 TM Normal VI Mean Look EP182 Morty's Haunter Haunter
213 TM Normal VI Attract DP030 Cheryl's Chansey Chansey
214 TM Normal VI Sleep Talk DP183 Ash's Heracross Heracross
215 TM Normal VI Heal Bell EP207 A wild Miltank Miltank
216 TM Normal VI Return N/A
217 TM Normal VI Present EP231 Team Rocket's Delibird Delibird
218 TM Normal VI Frustration AG175 Harley's Banette Banette
219 TM Normal VI Safeguard EP222** A wild Lugia** Lugia
220 TM Normal VI Pain Split N/A
221 TM Fire VI Sacred Fire EP265 A wild Ho-Oh Ho-Oh
222 TM Ground VI Magnitude EP270 Gary's Golem Golem
223 TM Fighting VI Dynamic Punch EP157* Butch's Primeape* Primeape
224 TM Bug VI Megahorn EP269 Ash's Heracross Heracross
225 TM Dragon VI Dragon Breath EP254 Clair's Gyarados Gyarados
226 TM Normal VI Baton Pass N/A
227 TM Normal VI Encore DP162 Ursula's Plusle
Ursula's Minun
228 TM Dark VI Pursuit N/A
229 TM Normal VI Rapid Spin EP166** Chihugsa's Hitmontop** Hitmontop
230 TM Normal VI Sweet Scent EP118 Casey's Chikorita Chikorita
231 TM Steel VI Iron Tail EP204 Pietra's Marill Marill
232 TM Steel VI Metal Claw EP140 Shingo's Blade Scizor
233 TM Fighting VI Vital Throw AG020 Brawly's Makuhita Makuhita
234 TM Normal VI Morning Sun AG013 Janet's Beautifly Beautifly
235 TM Grass VI Synthesis DP005 Ash's Turtwig Turtwig
236 TM Fairy* Moonlight JN075 A wild Cresselia Cresselia
237 TM Normal VI Hidden Power EP171 Gary's Umbreon Umbreon
238 TM Fighting VI Cross Chop EP209 Chuck's Machoke Machoke
239 TM Dragon VI Twister EP216 Christopher's Kingdra Kingdra
240 TM Water VI Rain Dance EP142 Multiple wild Slowpoke Slowpoke
241 TM Fire VI Sunny Day EP187 A wild Sunkern Sunkern
242 TM Dark VI Crunch EP224 Jasmine's Steelix Steelix
243 TM Psychic VI Mirror Coat EP174* Duplica's Mini-Dit in
the form of Wobbuffet
244 TM Normal VI Extreme Speed EP190 Ramona's Arcanine Arcanine
245 TM Rock VI Ancient Power DP080 Jessie's Yanma Yanma
246 TM Normal VI Psych Up N/A
247 TM Ghost VI Shadow Ball EP181* Morty's Gengar* Gengar
248 TM Psychic VI Future Sight EP156 Cherry's Girafarig Girafarig
249 HM Fighting VI Rock Smash EP269 Gary's Nidoqueen Nidoqueen
250 HM Water VI Whirlpool EP204** Pietra's Rhydon** Rhydon
251 TM Dark VI Beat Up N/A
252 TM Normal VI Fake Out DP177 Zoey's Glameow Glameow
253 TM Normal VI Uproar AG138 Mitch Mitchum's Loudred Loudred
254 TM Normal VI Stockpile AG065 Multiple wild Gulpin Gulpin
255 TM Normal VI Spit Up AG065 Multiple wild Gulpin Gulpin
256 TM Normal VI Swallow AG122 Anthony's Swalot Swalot
257 TM Fire VI Heat Wave AG128 Clark's Charizard Charizard
258 TM Ice VI Hail DP187 Paul's Froslass Froslass
259 TM Dark VI Torment AG123 Harley's Banette Banette
260 TM Dark VI Flatter BW090 Caitlin's Gothitelle Gothitelle
261 TM Fire VI Will-O-Wisp AG061* Timmy Grimm's Dusclops* Dusclops
262 TM Dark VI Memento N/A
263 TM Normal VI Facade AG158 Lucy's Milotic Milotic
264 TM Fighting VI Focus Punch AG030* Shauna's Meditite* Meditite
265 TM Normal VI Smelling Salts N/A
266 TM Normal VI Follow Me N/A
267 TM Normal VI Nature Power N/A
268 TM Electric VI Charge AG059 Wattson's Manectric Manectric
269 TM Dark VI Taunt N/A
270 TM Normal VI Helping Hand AG038 Thatcher's Plusle
Thatcher's Minun
271 TM Psychic VI Trick AG141 Rhonda's Mr. Mime Mr. Mime
272 TM Psychic VI Role Play N/A
273 TM Normal VI Wish JN079 Soleil's Espeon Espeon
274 TM Normal VI Assist AG053 May's Skitty Skitty
275 TM Grass VI Ingrain AG122 A Coordinator's Sunflora Sunflora
276 TM Fighting VI Superpower DP145 Khoury's Totodile Totodile
277 TM Psychic VI Magic Coat N/A
278 TM Normal VI Recycle N/A
279 TM Fighting VI Revenge DP052 Conway's Heracross Heracross
280 TM Fighting VI Brick Break AG131 Tyson's Hariyama Hariyama
281 TM Normal VI Yawn AG056 Flannery's Meg Slugma
282 TM Dark VI Knock Off AG020 Brawly's Hariyama Hariyama
283 TM Normal VI Endeavor N/A
284 TM Fire VI Eruption AG046 Vicky Winstrate's Camerupt Camerupt
285 TM Psychic VI Skill Swap N/A
286 TM Psychic VI Imprison N/A
287 TM Normal VI Refresh AG134 Misty's Azurill Azurill
288 TM Ghost VI Grudge N/A
289 TM Dark VI Snatch N/A
290 TM Normal VI Secret Power AG027*
Keanu's Nincada*
Zoey's Glameow*
291 HM Water VI Dive N/A
292 TM Fighting VI Arm Thrust AG020 Brawly's Makuhita Makuhita
293 TM Normal VI Camouflage BW032 Cilan's Stunfisk Stunfisk
294 TM Bug VI Tail Glow AG042 Romeo's Beat
Romeo's Volbeat
295 TM Psychic VI Luster Purge DP189 Tobias's Latios Latios
296 TM Psychic VI Mist Ball N/A
297 TM Flying VI Feather Dance AG182 Solidad's Pidgeot Pidgeot
298 TM Normal VI Teeter Dance AG058 Claire and Kain's Spinda Spinda
299 TM Fire VI Blaze Kick EP272 Harrison's Blaziken Blaziken
300 TM Ground VI Mud Sport AG110 Juan's Barboach Barboach
301 TM Ice VI Ice Ball AG096 Rocky's Walrein Walrein
302 TM Grass VI Needle Arm AG025 James's Cacnea Cacnea
303 TM Normal VI Slack Off XY127 Sawyer's Slaking Slaking
304 TM Normal VI Hyper Voice AG039 Alanna's Whismur Whismur
305 TM Poison VI Poison Fang DP128 Reggie's Drapion Drapion
306 TM Normal VI Crush Claw AG048 Nicholai's Zangoose Zangoose
307 TM Fire VI Blast Burn XY106* Alain's Charizard Charizard
308 TM Water VI Hydro Cannon DP045 Gary's Blastoise Blastoise
309 TM Steel VI Meteor Mash AG130 Morrison's Metang Metang
310 TM Ghost VI Astonish AG091 James's Chimecho Chimecho
311 TM Normal VI Weather Ball AG083 Bart's Castform Castform
312 TM Grass VI Aromatherapy AG052 Sheridan's Vileplume
Sheridan's Roselia
313 TM Dark VI Fake Tears AG156** Brock's Bonsly** Bonsly
314 TM Flying VI Air Cutter AG054 Tabitha's Golbat
A Team Magma Grunt's Golbat
315 TM Fire VI Overheat AG056 Flannery's Torkoal Torkoal
316 TM Normal VI Odor Sleuth BW102* Davy's Stoutland* Stoutland
317 TM Rock VI Rock Tomb AG016 Roxanne's Nosepass Nosepass
318 TM Bug VI Silver Wind AG033 May's Beautifly Beautifly
319 TM Steel VI Metal Sound DP186 Paul's Aggron Aggron
320 TM Grass VI Grass Whistle AG026 A wild Nuzleaf Nuzleaf
321 TM Normal VI Tickle AG111 Juan's Whiscash Whiscash
322 TM Psychic VI Cosmic Power N/A
323 TM Water VI Water Spout AG124 Robin's Wailord Wailord
324 TM Bug VI Signal Beam AG042 Romeo's Beat
Romeo's Volbeat
325 TM Ghost VI Shadow Punch AG061 Timmy Grimm's Dusclops Dusclops
326 TM Psychic VI Extrasensory DP151 A wild Azelf Azelf
327 TM Fighting VI Sky Uppercut AG082 May's Combusken Combusken
328 TM Ground VI Sand Tomb AG128 Katie's Dugtrio Dugtrio
329 TM Ice VI Sheer Cold AG180 Solidad's Lapras Lapras
330 TM Water VI Muddy Water DP097 Cynthia's Gastrodon Gastrodon
331 TM Grass VI Bullet Seed AG037* Multiple wild Seedot* Seedot
332 TM Flying VI Aerial Ace AG085 Winona's Swellow Swellow
333 TM Ice VI Icicle Spear DP123 A Coordinator's Shellder Shellder
334 TM Steel VI Iron Defense AG056 Flannery's Torkoal Torkoal
335 TM Normal VI Block N/A
336 TM Normal VI Howl N/A
337 TM Dragon VI Dragon Claw AG098* Lance's Dragonite* Dragonite
338 TM Grass VI Frenzy Plant AG151 Jeremy's Venusaur Venusaur
339 TM Fighting VI Bulk Up DP083 Crasher Wake's Floatzel Floatzel
340 TM Flying VI Bounce AG091 Kelly's Grumpig Grumpig
341 TM Ground VI Mud Shot AG032 Tommy's Swampert Swampert
342 TM Poison VI Poison Tail AG008 Jessie's Seviper Seviper
343 TM Normal VI Covet N/A
344 TM Electric VI Volt Tackle AG150 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
345 TM Grass VI Magical Leaf AG033 Drew's Roselia Roselia
346 TM Water VI Water Sport N/A
347 TM Psychic VI Calm Mind N/A
348 TM Grass VI Leaf Blade AG041 Natasha's Grovyle Grovyle
349 TM Dragon VI Dragon Dance XY109 Amelia's Dragonair Dragonair
350 TM Rock VI Rock Blast AG102 A wild Armaldo Armaldo
351 TM Electric VI Shock Wave AG078 Savannah's Lairon Lairon
352 TM Water VI Water Pulse AG018 A Team Aqua Grunt's Crawdaunt Crawdaunt
353 TM Steel VI Doom Desire * A wild Jirachi Jirachi
354 TM Psychic VI Psycho Boost AG171* A wild Deoxys* Deoxys
355 TM Flying VI Roost N/A
356 TM Psychic VI Gravity N/A
357 TM Psychic VI Miracle Eye SM049 Faba's Alakazam Alakazam
358 TM Fighting VI Wake-Up Slap N/A
359 TM Fighting VI Hammer Arm DP050 A Scientist's Rhydon Rhydon
360 TM Steel VI Gyro Ball DP035 Lucian's Bronzong Bronzong
361 TM Psychic VI Healing Wish BW132 A wild Jirachi Jirachi
362 TM Water VI Brine DP078 A Coordinator's Wailmer Wailmer
363 TM Normal VI Natural Gift N/A
364 TM Normal VI Feint DP052 Conway's Heracross Heracross
365 TM Flying VI Pluck BW043 A wild Mandibuzz Mandibuzz
366 TM Flying VI Tailwind SM110 Kahili's Touckey Toucannon
367 TM Normal VI Acupressure N/A
368 TM Steel VI Metal Burst DP108 Byron's Bastiodon Bastiodon
369 TM Bug VI U-turn SM136 Guzma's Scizor Scizor
370 TM Fighting VI Close Combat DP101* Barry's Staraptor* Staraptor
371 TM Dark VI Payback N/A
372 TM Dark VI Assurance N/A
373 TM Dark VI Embargo N/A
374 TM Dark VI Fling BW072 Bianca's Emboar Emboar
375 TM Psychic VI Psycho Shift N/A
376 TM Normal VI Trump Card BW108 Virgil's Eevee Eevee
377 TM Psychic VI Heal Block N/A
378 TM Normal VI Wring Out N/A
379 TM Psychic VI Power Trick DP185 Conway's Shuckle Shuckle
380 TM Poison VI Gastro Acid SM100* A wild Guzzlord* Guzzlord
381 TM Normal VI Lucky Chant DP176 Zoey's Mismagius Mismagius
382 TM Normal VI Me First N/A
383 TM Normal VI Copycat BW104 Cameron's Riolu Riolu
384 TM Psychic VI Power Swap N/A
385 TM Psychic VI Guard Swap N/A
386 TM Dark VI Punishment BW095 Nursery's Vullaby Vullaby
387 TM Normal VI Last Resort SM065 Ilima's Eevee Eevee
388 TM Grass VI Worry Seed N/A
389 TM Dark VI Sucker Punch JN007 Hodge's Mightyena Mightyena
390 TM Poison VI Toxic Spikes DP187 Paul's Drapion Drapion
391 TM Psychic VI Heart Swap * A wild Manaphy Manaphy
392 TM Water VI Aqua Ring DP075 Wallace's Milotic Milotic
393 TM Electric VI Magnet Rise DP051 A Psychic's Metagross Metagross
394 TM Fire VI Flare Blitz DP165 Flint's Infernape Infernape
395 TM Fighting VI Force Palm DP067 Maylene's Lucario Lucario
396 TM Fighting VI Aura Sphere DP066* Maylene's Lucario* Lucario
397 TM Rock VI Rock Polish DP061 A Coordinator's Steelix Steelix
398 TM Poison VI Poison Jab DP008 Brock's Croagunk Croagunk
399 TM Dark VI Dark Pulse DP056* A wild Spiritomb* Spiritomb
400 TM Dark VI Night Slash DP100 Paul's Honchkrow Honchkrow
401 TM Water VI Aqua Tail DP041 Marina's Wani-Wani Feraligatr
402 TM Grass VI Seed Bomb BW070* Angus's Simisage* Simisage
403 TM Flying VI Air Slash DP052 Holly's Farfetch'd Farfetch'd
404 TM Bug VI X-Scissor DP049 Nando's Kricketune Kricketune
405 TM Bug VI Bug Buzz DP176 Nando's Kricketune Kricketune
406 TM Dragon VI Dragon Pulse DP075 Wallace's Milotic Milotic
407 TM Dragon VI Dragon Rush DP040 Cynthia's Garchomp Garchomp
408 TM Rock VI Power Gem DP032 A wild Vespiquen Vespiquen
409 TM Fighting VI Drain Punch DP054 James's Cacnea Cacnea
410 TM Fighting VI Vacuum Wave DP082 Nurse Joy's Chrissy Croagunk
411 TM Fighting VI Focus Blast DP051 Paul's Ursaring Ursaring
412 TM Grass VI Energy Ball DP060 Kenny's Breloom Breloom
413 TM Flying VI Brave Bird DP066 Reggie's Staraptor Staraptor
414 TM Ground VI Earth Power DP058 Alan's Probopass Probopass
415 TM Dark VI Switcheroo N/A
416 TM Normal VI Giga Impact DP017 Dr. Kenzo's Aerodactyl Aerodactyl
417 TM Dark VI Nasty Plot N/A
418 TM Steel VI Bullet Punch DP051 A Psychic's Metagross Metagross
419 TM Ice VI Avalanche XY120 Wulfric's Avalugg Avalugg
420 TM Ice VI Ice Shard DP063* Leona's Swinub* Swinub
421 TM Ghost VI Shadow Claw DP012 Zoey's Glameow Glameow
422 TM Electric VI Thunder Fang DP059 Marble's Luxray Luxray
423 TM Ice VI Ice Fang DP083 Crasher Wake's Floatzel Floatzel
424 TM Fire VI Fire Fang DP065 Cassidy's Granbull Granbull
425 TM Ghost VI Shadow Sneak SM077 Nanu's Sableye Sableye
426 TM Ground VI Mud Bomb DP041 Zoey's Shellos Shellos
427 TM Psychic VI Psycho Cut DP177 Zoey's Gallade Gallade
428 TM Psychic VI Zen Headbutt DP014 Roark's Cranidos Cranidos
429 TM Steel VI Mirror Shot BW079* Brycen's Vanillish* Vanillish
430 TM Steel VI Flash Cannon DP035 Lucian's Bronzong Bronzong
431 HM Normal VI Rock Climb DP121 Ash's Grotle Grotle
432 HM Flying VI Defog BW021* Officer Jenny's Swanna* Swanna
433 TM Psychic VI Trick Room DP185 Conway's Dusknoir Dusknoir
434 TM Dragon VI Draco Meteor DP152* Cynthia's Garchomp* Garchomp
435 TM Electric VI Discharge DP019 Dawn's Pachirisu Pachirisu
436 TM Fire VI Lava Plume DP050 An Ace Trainer's Magmar Magmar
437 TM Grass VI Leaf Storm DP031 Gardenia's Turtwig Turtwig
438 TM Grass VI Power Whip DP134 A wild Tangrowth Tangrowth
439 TM Rock VI Rock Wrecker DP141 Palmer's Rhyperior Rhyperior
440 TM Poison VI Cross Poison DP020 J's Drapion Drapion
441 TM Poison VI Gunk Shot BW084 Roxie's Garbodor Garbodor
442 TM Steel VI Iron Head DP057 Head engineer's Aggron Aggron
443 TM Steel VI Magnet Bomb DP058 Alan's Probopass Probopass
444 TM Rock VI Stone Edge DP097 Cynthia's Gastrodon Gastrodon
445 TM Normal VI Captivate DP114 Ursula's Wormadam Wormadam
446 TM Rock VI Stealth Rock DP015 Roark's Onix Onix
447 TM Grass VI Grass Knot DP037 Gardenia's Roserade Roserade
448 TM Flying VI Chatter N/A
449 TM Normal VI Judgment * A wild Arceus Arceus
450 TM Bug VI Bug Bite BW018 Ash's Sewaddle Sewaddle
451 TM Electric VI Charge Beam DP059 Marble's Luxray Luxray
452 TM Grass VI Wood Hammer DP127 Candice's Abomasnow Abomasnow
453 TM Water VI Aqua Jet DP034 Dawn's Buizel Buizel
454 TM Bug VI Attack Order N/A
455 TM Bug VI Defend Order N/A
456 TM Bug VI Heal Order N/A
457 TM Rock VI Head Smash DP016 Roark's Cranidos Cranidos
458 TM Normal VI Double Hit DP060 Dawn's Aipom Aipom
459 TM Dragon VI Roar of Time DP152* A wild Dialga controlled
by Cyrus
460 TM Dragon VI Spacial Rend DP152* A wild Palkia controlled
by Cyrus
461 TM Psychic VI Lunar Dance JN075 A wild Cresselia Cresselia
462 TM Normal VI Crush Grip * A wild Regigigas Regigigas
463 TM Fire VI Magma Storm DP169 A wild Heatran Heatran
464 TM Dark VI Dark Void DP189* Tobias's Darkrai* Darkrai
465 TM Grass VI Seed Flare DP168* A wild Shaymin* Shaymin
466 TM Ghost VI Ominous Wind DP093 Fantina's Drifloon Drifloon
467 TM Ghost VI Shadow Force * A wild Giratina Giratina
468 TM Dark VI Hone Claws JN034 Bea's Hawlucha Hawlucha
469 TM Rock VI Wide Guard N/A
470 TM Psychic VI Guard Split N/A
471 TM Psychic VI Power Split N/A
472 TM Psychic VI Wonder Room N/A
473 TM Psychic VI Psyshock BW035 Christie's Gothita Gothita
474 TM Poison VI Venoshock BW084 Roxie's Garbodor Garbodor
475 TM Steel VI Autotomize N/A
476 TM Bug VI Rage Powder N/A
477 TM Psychic VI Telekinesis BW030 Professor Icarus's Elgyem Elgyem
478 TM Psychic VI Magic Room N/A
479 TM Rock VI Smack Down BW011 A wild Dwebble Dwebble
480 TM Fighting VI Storm Throw N/A
481 TM Fire VI Flame Burst BW077 Shamus's Heatmor Heatmor
482 TM Poison VI Sludge Wave BW106 Ash's Palpitoad Palpitoad
483 TM Bug VI Quiver Dance XY137 Alvin's Vivillon Vivillon
484 TM Steel VI Heavy Slam BW097 Ridley's Golurk Golurk
485 TM Psychic VI Synchronoise N/A
486 TM Electric VI Electro Ball BW017 A wild Galvantula Galvantula
487 TM Water VI Soak N/A
488 TM Fire VI Flame Charge BW013 Bianca's Pignite Pignite
489 TM Poison VI Coil N/A
490 TM Fighting VI Low Sweep BW031*
Trip's Timburr*
Stephan's Sawk*
491 TM Poison VI Acid Spray BW105 A wild Garbodor Garbodor
492 TM Dark VI Foul Play XY004 James's Inkay Inkay
493 TM Normal VI Simple Beam N/A
494 TM Normal VI Entrainment N/A
495 TM Normal VI After You N/A
496 TM Normal VI Round BW024 Multiple wild Swoobat Swoobat
497 TM Normal VI Echoed Voice N/A
498 TM Normal VI Chip Away N/A
499 TM Poison VI Clear Smog BW055 A wild Garbodor Garbodor
500 TM Psychic VI Stored Power N/A
501 TM Fighting VI Quick Guard BW046 Cliff's Mienfoo Mienfoo
502 TM Psychic VI Ally Switch N/A
503 TM Water VI Scald BW020 A wild Ducklett Ducklett
504 TM Normal VI Shell Smash BW011 Cilan's Dwebble Dwebble
505 TM Psychic VI Heal Pulse BW022 Nurse Joy's Audino Audino
506 TM Ghost VI Hex BW010 Trip's Frillish Frillish
507 TM Flying VI Sky Drop SM142 Professor Kukui's Braviary Braviary
508 TM Steel VI Shift Gear N/A
509 TM Fighting VI Circle Throw BW071 Montgomery's Throh Throh
510 TM Fire VI Incinerate XY128 Sawyer's Salamence Salamence
511 TM Dark VI Quash N/A
512 TM Flying VI Acrobatics BW050 Elesa's Emolga Emolga
513 TM Normal VI Reflect Type N/A
514 TM Normal VI Retaliate N/A
515 TM Fighting VI Final Gambit N/A
516 TM Normal VI Bestow N/A
517 TM Fire VI Inferno BW026 A wild Lampent Lampent
518 TM Water VI Water Pledge N/A
519 TM Fire VI Fire Pledge BW077 Ash's Pignite Pignite
520 TM Grass VI Grass Pledge N/A
521 TM Electric VI Volt Switch BW024 Iris's Emolga Emolga
522 TM Bug VI Struggle Bug BW057 Charles's Accelgor Accelgor
523 TM Ground VI Bulldoze XY009 Clemont's Heliolisk Heliolisk
524 TM Ice VI Frost Breath BW079 Brycen's Cryogonal Cryogonal
525 TM Dragon VI Dragon Tail BW071 Gail's Druddigon Druddigon
526 TM Normal VI Work Up BW010 Trip's Tranquill Tranquill
527 TM Electric VI Electroweb BW017 A wild Galvantula Galvantula
528 TM Electric VI Wild Charge BW049 Elesa's Zebstrika Zebstrika
529 TM Ground VI Drill Run BW009 Iris's Excadrill Excadrill
530 TM Dragon VI Dual Chop BW101 A Fraxure Iris borrowed from
the Opelucid Trainers' School
531 TM Psychic VI Heart Stamp XY050 Nini's Smoochum Smoochum
532 TM Grass VI Horn Leech BW019 Burgundy's Sawsbuck Sawsbuck
533 TM Fighting VI Sacred Sword XY126* Sawyer's Aegislash* Aegislash
534 TM Water VI Razor Shell BW004 A Trainer's Dewott Dewott
535 TM Fire VI Heat Crash BW013 Bianca's Pignite Pignite
536 TM Grass VI Leaf Tornado BW001 Trip's Snivy Snivy
537 TM Bug VI Steamroller BW023 Burgh's Whirlipede Whirlipede
538 TM Grass VI Cotton Guard BW029 A wild Cottonee Cottonee
539 TM Dark VI Night Daze BW038* Luke's Zorua* Zorua
540 TM Psychic VI Psystrike * A wild Mewtwo Mewtwo
541 TM Normal VI Tail Slap BW098 Moira's Cinccinoette Cinccino
542 TM Flying VI Hurricane BW059 A wild Tornadus Tornadus
543 TM Normal VI Head Charge BW031 Alder's Bouffalant Bouffalant
544 TM Steel VI Gear Grind N/A
545 TM Fire VI Searing Shot * A wild Victini Victini
546 TM Normal VI Techno Blast * Red Genesect Genesect
547 TM Normal VI Relic Song BW087* A wild Meloetta Meloetta
548 TM Fighting VI Secret Sword * A wild Keldeo Keldeo
549 TM Ice VI Glaciate N/A
550 TM Electric VI Bolt Strike * A wild Zekrom Zekrom
551 TM Fire VI Blue Flare BW122* A wild Reshiram* Reshiram
552 TM Fire VI Fiery Dance * Alder's Volcarona Volcarona
553 TM Ice VI Freeze Shock * A wild Kyurem Kyurem
554 TM Ice VI Ice Burn * A wild Kyurem Kyurem
555 TM Dark VI Snarl XY100 Heidayu's Bisharp Bisharp
556 TM Ice VI Icicle Crash BW033 Georgia's Beartic Beartic
557 TM Fire VI V-create * A wild Victini Victini
558 TM Fire VI Fusion Flare BW122* A wild Reshiram* Reshiram
559 TM Electric VI Fusion Bolt * A wild Zekrom Zekrom
560 TM Fighting VI Flying Press XY035 Ash's Hawlucha Hawlucha
561 TM Fighting VI Mat Block N/A
562 TM Poison VI Belch SM100 A wild Guzzlord Guzzlord
563 TM Ground VI Rototiller N/A
564 TM Bug VI Sticky Web XY005 Viola's Surskit Surskit
565 TM Bug VI Fell Stinger JN103 Wikstrom's Escavalier Escavalier
566 TM Ghost VI Phantom Force SM088 A wild Lunala Lunala
567 TM Ghost VI Trick-or-Treat JN116 Diantha's Gourgeist Gourgeist
568 TM Normal VI Noble Roar N/A
569 TM Electric VI Ion Deluge * A wild Eelektross Eelektross
570 TM Electric VI Parabolic Charge XY009 Clemont's Heliolisk Heliolisk
571 TM Grass VI Forest's Curse XY117 A wild Phantump Phantump
572 TM Grass VI Petal Blizzard XY069 A wild Florges Florges
573 TM Ice VI Freeze-Dry JN047* A Trainer's Glalie* Glalie
574 TM Fairy Disarming Voice XY074 Valerie's Sylveon Sylveon
575 TM Dark VI Parting Shot N/A
576 TM Dark VI Topsy-Turvy N/A
577 TM Fairy Draining Kiss XY013 Penelope's Sylveon Sylveon
578 TM Fairy Crafty Shield N/A
579 TM Fairy Flower Shield N/A
580 TM Grass VI Grassy Terrain XY069 A wild Florges Florges
581 TM Fairy Misty Terrain SM052* A wild Tapu Fini* Tapu Fini
582 TM Electric VI Electrify N/A
583 TM Fairy Play Rough SM003 Jessie's Mimikyu Mimikyu
584 TM Fairy Fairy Wind XY013 Penelope's Sylveon Sylveon
585 TM Fairy Moonblast XY013 Penelope's Sylveon Sylveon
586 TM Normal VI Boomburst BW137 Alexa's Noivern Noivern
587 TM Fairy Fairy Lock N/A
588 TM Steel VI King's Shield XY126 Sawyer's Aegislash Aegislash
589 TM Normal VI Play Nice N/A
590 TM Normal VI Confide N/A
591 TM Rock VI Diamond Storm * A wild Diancie Diancie
592 TM Water VI Steam Eruption * A wild Volcanion Volcanion
593 TM Psychic VI Hyperspace Hole N/A
594 TM Water VI Water Shuriken XY052* Sanpei's Greninja* Greninja
595 TM Fire VI Mystical Fire XY064* Aria's Delphox* Delphox
596 TM Grass VI Spiky Shield SM129* Sophocles's Togedemaru* Togedemaru
597 TM Fairy Aromatic Mist N/A
598 TM Electric VI Eerie Impulse N/A
599 TM Poison VI Venom Drench N/A
600 TM Bug VI Powder N/A
601 TM Fairy Geomancy * A wild Xerneas Xerneas
602 TM Electric VI Magnetic Flux N/A
603 TM Normal VI Happy Hour N/A
604 TM Electric VI Electric Terrain XY062 Clemont's Luxray Luxray
605 TM Fairy Dazzling Gleam XY073 Valerie's Spritzee Spritzee
606 TM Normal VI Celebrate N/A
607 TM Normal VI Hold Hands N/A
608 TM Fairy Baby-Doll Eyes SM065 Ilima's Eevee Eevee
609 TM Electric VI Nuzzle XY004 Clemont's Dedenne Dedenne
610 TM Normal VI Hold Back N/A
611 TM Bug VI Infestation N/A
612 TM Fighting VI Power-Up Punch XY030* Korrina's Lucario* Lucario
613 TM Flying VI Oblivion Wing * A wild Yveltal Yveltal
614 TM Ground VI Thousand Arrows N/A
615 TM Ground VI Thousand Waves N/A
616 TM Ground VI Land's Wrath XY094* Z2 Zygarde
617 TM Fairy Light of Ruin N/A
618 TM Water VI Origin Pulse * A wild Kyogre Kyogre
619 TM Ground VI Precipice Blades * A wild Groudon Groudon
620 TM Flying VI Dragon Ascent ** A wild Rayquaza Rayquaza
621 TM Dark VI Hyperspace Fury * A wild Hoopa Hoopa
622 TM Normal VI Breakneck Blitz SM010 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
624 TM Fighting VI All-Out Pummeling SM010 Hala's Hariyama Hariyama
626 TM Flying VI Supersonic Skystrike SM107 Kiawe's Charizard Charizard
628 TM Poison VI Acid Downpour N/A
630 TM Ground VI Tectonic Rage SM109 Hapu's Mudsdale Mudsdale
632 TM Rock VI Continental Crush SM027 Gladion's Lycanroc Lycanroc
634 TM Bug VI Savage Spin-Out SM123 Sophocles's Vikavolt Vikavolt
636 TM Ghost VI Never-Ending Nightmare SM139 Gladion's Zoroark Zoroark
638 TM Steel VI Corkscrew Crash SM115 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
640 TM Fire VI Inferno Overdrive SM001 Kiawe's Turtonator Turtonator
642 TM Water VI Hydro Vortex SM040 Ida's Brionne Brionne
644 TM Grass VI Bloom Doom SM036 Ash's Rowlet Rowlet
646 TM Electric VI Gigavolt Havoc SM002 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
648 TM Psychic VI Shattered Psyche N/A
650 TM Ice VI Subzero Slammer SM127 Lillie's Snowy Vulpix
652 TM Dragon VI Devastating Drake SM105 Gladion's Lycanroc Lycanroc
654 TM Dark VI Black Hole Eclipse SM073 James's Mareanie Mareanie
656 TM Fairy Twinkle Tackle N/A
658 TM Electric VI Catastropika SM091 Pikala's Boss Pikachu
659 TM Ground VI Shore Up N/A
660 TM Bug VI First Impression SM115 Guzma's Golisopod Golisopod
661 TM Poison VI Baneful Bunker N/A
662 TM Ghost VI Spirit Shackle SM063 A Battle Royal Trainer's Decidueye Decidueye
663 TM Dark VI Darkest Lariat SM063 Professor Kukui's Incineroar Incineroar
664 TM Water VI Sparkling Aria SM063 A Battle Royal Trainer's Primarina Primarina
665 TM Ice VI Ice Hammer N/A
666 TM Fairy Floral Healing N/A
667 TM Ground VI High Horsepower SM104 Hapu's Golurk Golurk
668 TM Grass VI Strength Sap N/A
669 TM Grass VI Solar Blade SM035 Totem Lurantis Lurantis
670 TM Grass VI Leafage SM004 Ash's Rowlet Rowlet
671 TM Normal VI Spotlight N/A
672 TM Poison VI Toxic Thread N/A
673 TM Normal VI Laser Focus N/A
674 TM Steel VI Gear Up N/A
675 TM Dark VI Throat Chop SM063* Professor Kukui's Incineroar* Incineroar
676 TM Bug VI Pollen Puff SM059 A wild Ribombee Ribombee
677 TM Steel VI Anchor Shot N/A
678 TM Psychic VI Psychic Terrain SM037 A wild Tapu Lele Tapu Lele
679 TM Bug VI Lunge N/A
680 TM Fire VI Fire Lash N/A
681 TM Dark VI Power Trip N/A
682 TM Fire VI Burn Up JN068 A wild Moltres Moltres
683 TM Psychic VI Speed Swap N/A
684 TM Steel VI Smart Strike JN118 Steven's Aggron Aggron
685 TM Poison VI Purify N/A
686 TM Normal VI Revelation Dance SM008 Hobbes's Oricorio Oricorio
687 TM Dragon VI Core Enforcer XY136 Squishy and Z2 Zygarde
688 TM Grass VI Trop Kick SM082 Mallow's Tsareena Tsareena
689 TM Psychic VI Instruct SM039 A wild Oranguru Oranguru
690 TM Flying VI Beak Blast SM110 Kahili's Touckey Toucannon
691 TM Dragon VI Clanging Scales SM051 Totem Kommo-o Kommo-o
692 TM Dragon VI Dragon Hammer SM130 Samson Oak's Exeggutor Exeggutor
693 TM Dark VI Brutal Swing SM010 Hala's Crabrawler Crabrawler
694 TM Ice VI Aurora Veil SM060 Cerah's Ninetales Ninetales
695 TM Ghost VI Sinister Arrow Raid SM132 Hau's Decidueye Decidueye
696 TM Dark VI Malicious Moonsault SM063 Professor Kukui's Incineroar Incineroar
697 TM Water VI Oceanic Operetta SM106 Ida's Primarina Primarina
698 TM Fairy Guardian of Alola SM144 A wild Tapu Koko Tapu Koko
699 TM Ghost VI Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike * A wild Marshadow Marshadow
700 TM Electric VI Stoked Sparksurfer N/A
701 TM Normal VI Pulverizing Pancake SM028 Oluolu's Snorlax Snorlax
702 TM Normal VI Extreme Evoboost SM065 Ilima's Eevee Eevee
703 TM Psychic VI Genesis Supernova N/A
704 TM Fire VI Shell Trap SM001 Kiawe's Turtonator Turtonator
705 TM Fairy Fleur Cannon * A wild Magearna Magearna
706 TM Psychic VI Psychic Fangs N/A
707 TM Ground VI Stomping Tantrum JN070 James's Morpeko Morpeko
708 TM Ghost VI Shadow Bone SM034 Kiawe's Marowak Marowak
709 TM Rock VI Accelerock SM015 A wild Lycanroc Lycanroc
710 TM Water VI Liquidation SM115 Guzma's Golisopod Golisopod
711 TM Psychic VI Prismatic Laser SM087 A wild Necrozma Necrozma
712 TM Ghost VI Spectral Thief N/A
713 TM Steel VI Sunsteel Strike SM088 Nebby Solgaleo
714 TM Ghost VI Moongeist Beam SM088 A wild Lunala Lunala
715 TM Normal VI Tearful Look N/A
716 TM Electric VI Zing Zap SM002 Sophocles's Togedemaru Togedemaru
717 TM Fairy Nature's Madness SM019 A wild Tapu Koko Tapu Koko
718 TM Normal VI Multi-Attack SM049 Gladion's Silvally Silvally
719 TM Electric VI 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt SM054 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
720 TM Fire VI Mind Blown SM078 The Ultra Guardians' Blacephalon Blacephalon
721 TM Electric VI Plasma Fists SM100* Dia's Zeraora* Zeraora
722 TM Psychic VI Photon Geyser N/A
723 TM Psychic VI Light That Burns the Sky N/A
724 TM Steel VI Searing Sunraze Smash SM052 Nebby Solgaleo
725 TM Ghost VI Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom SM090 A wild Lunala Lunala
726 TM Fairy Let's Snuggle Forever SM076 Jessie's Mimikyu Mimikyu
727 TM Rock VI Splintered Stormshards SM078 Ash's Lycanroc Lycanroc
728 TM Dragon VI Clangorous Soulblaze JN076 Phil's Kommo-o Kommo-o
729 TM Electric VI Zippy Zap * Elaine's Pikachu Pikachu
730 TM Water VI Splishy Splash N/A
731 TM Flying VI Floaty Fall N/A
732 TM Electric VI Pika Papow N/A
733 TM Water VI Bouncy Bubble N/A
734 TM Electric VI Buzzy Buzz N/A
735 TM Fire VI Sizzly Slide N/A
736 TM Psychic VI Glitzy Glow N/A
737 TM Dark VI Baddy Bad N/A
738 TM Grass VI Sappy Seed N/A
739 TM Ice VI Freezy Frost N/A
740 TM Fairy Sparkly Swirl N/A
741 TM Normal VI Veevee Volley N/A
742 TM Steel VI Double Iron Bash SM138 Ash's Melmetal Melmetal
743 TM Normal VI Max Guard JN012 Lance's Gyarados Gyarados
744 TM Dragon VI Dynamax Cannon JN044 Leon's Eternatus Eternatus
745 TM Water VI Snipe Shot JN054 Jacqueline's Inteleon Inteleon
746 TM Dark VI Jaw Lock N/A
747 TM Normal VI Stuff Cheeks N/A
748 TM Fighting VI No Retreat N/A
749 TM Rock VI Tar Shot N/A
750 TM Psychic VI Magic Powder N/A
751 TM Dragon VI Dragon Darts JN043 Leon's Dragapult Dragapult
752 TM Normal VI Teatime N/A
753 TM Fighting VI Octolock JN034 Bea's Grapploct Grapploct
754 TM Electric VI Bolt Beak JN050 Goh's Arctozolt Arctozolt
755 TM Water VI Fishious Rend JN063 Ash's Dracovish Dracovish
756 TM Normal VI Court Change N/A
757 TM Fire VI Max Flare JN043 Goh's Raboot Raboot
758 TM Bug VI Max Flutterby JN042 Doug's Centy Centiskorch
759 TM Electric VI Max Lightning JN012 Leon's Charizard Charizard
760 TM Normal VI Max Strike JN012 Lance's Gyarados Gyarados
761 TM Fighting VI Max Knuckle JN027 Leon's Charizard Charizard
762 TM Ghost VI Max Phantasm N/A
763 TM Ice VI Max Hailstorm JN099 Ash's Gengar Gengar
764 TM Poison VI Max Ooze JN099 Ash's Gengar Gengar
765 TM Water VI Max Geyser JN012 Lance's Gyarados Gyarados
766 TM Flying VI Max Airstream JN012 Leon's Charizard Charizard
767 TM Fairy Max Starfall JN099 Marnie's Grimmsnarl Grimmsnarl
768 TM Dragon VI Max Wyrmwind JN116 Lance's Dragonite Dragonite
769 TM Psychic VI Max Mindstorm N/A
770 TM Rock VI Max Rockfall JN013 A wild Drednaw Drednaw
771 TM Ground VI Max Quake JN099 Marnie's Grimmsnarl Grimmsnarl
772 TM Dark VI Max Darkness N/A
773 TM Grass VI Max Overgrowth N/A
774 TM Steel VI Max Steelspike JN013 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
775 TM Dragon VI Clangorous Soul N/A
776 TM Fighting VI Body Press JN116 Lance's Dragonite Dragonite
777 TM Fairy Decorate N/A
778 TM Grass VI Drum Beating JN115 Leon's Rillaboom Rillaboom
779 TM Grass VI Snap Trap N/A
780 TM Fire VI Pyro Ball JN045 Goh's Cinderace Cinderace
781 TM Steel VI Behemoth Blade JN045 A wild Zacian Zacian
782 TM Steel VI Behemoth Bash JN045 A wild Zamazenta Zamazenta
783 TM Electric VI Aura Wheel JN028 James's Morpeko Morpeko
784 TM Dragon VI Breaking Swipe JN045 Raihan's Duraludon Duraludon
785 TM Grass VI Branch Poke JN098 Goh's Grookey Grookey
786 TM Electric VI Overdrive N/A
787 TM Grass VI Apple Acid N/A
788 TM Grass VI Grav Apple N/A
789 TM Fairy Spirit Break JN099 Marnie's Grimmsnarl Grimmsnarl
790 TM Fairy Strange Steam N/A
791 TM Water VI Life Dew N/A
792 TM Dark VI Obstruct N/A
793 TM Dark VI False Surrender JN099 Marnie's Grimmsnarl Grimmsnarl
794 TM Fighting VI Meteor Assault JN103 Ash's Sirfetch'd Sirfetch'd
795 TM Dragon VI Eternabeam JN045 Leon's Eternatus Eternatus
796 TM Steel VI Steel Beam JN027 Raihan's Duraludon Duraludon
797 TM Psychic VI Expanding Force JN129 Leon's Mr. Rime Mr. Rime
798 TM Steel VI Steel Roller N/A
799 TM Dragon VI Scale Shot JN083 Cynthia's Garchomp Garchomp
800 TM Rock VI Meteor Beam JN112 Gladion's Lillie Nihilego
801 TM Poison VI Shell Side Arm JN097 A wild Slowbro Slowbro
802 TM Fairy Misty Explosion N/A
803 TM Grass VI Grassy Glide N/A
804 TM Electric VI Rising Voltage JN077 Volkner's Luxray Luxray
805 TM Normal VI Terrain Pulse N/A
806 TM Bug VI Skitter Smack N/A
807 TM Fire VI Burning Jealousy N/A
808 TM Dark VI Lash Out N/A
809 TM Ghost VI Poltergeist N/A
810 TM Poison VI Corrosive Gas N/A
811 TM Fighting VI Coaching N/A
812 TM Water VI Flip Turn N/A
813 TM Ice VI Triple Axel JN102 A wild Articuno Articuno
814 TM Flying VI Dual Wingbeat N/A
815 TM Ground VI Scorching Sands JN129 Leon's Cinderace Cinderace
816 TM Grass VI Jungle Healing * Dada Zarude
817 TM Dark VI Wicked Blow JN071 Quillon's Urshifu Urshifu
818 TM Water VI Surging Strikes JN080 Danika's Urshifu Urshifu
819 TM Electric VI Thunder Cage JN113 Goh's Regieleki Regieleki
820 TM Dragon VI Dragon Energy JN113 Gary's Regidrago Regidrago
821 TM Psychic VI Freezing Glare N/A
822 TM Dark VI Fiery Wrath N/A
823 TM Fighting VI Thunderous Kick N/A
824 TM Ice VI Glacial Lance N/A
825 TM Ghost VI Astral Barrage N/A
826 TM Psychic VI Eerie Spell N/A
827 TM Poison VI Dire Claw N/A
828 TM Psychic VI Psyshield Bash N/A
829 TM Normal VI Power Shift N/A
830 TM Rock VI Stone Axe N/A
831 TM Fairy Springtide Storm N/A
832 TM Psychic VI Mystical Power N/A
833 TM Fire VI Raging Fury N/A
834 TM Water VI Wave Crash N/A
835 TM Grass VI Chloroblast N/A
836 TM Ice VI Mountain Gale N/A
837 TM Fighting VI Victory Dance N/A
838 TM Ground VI Headlong Rush N/A
839 TM Poison VI Barb Barrage N/A
840 TM Psychic VI Esper Wing N/A
841 TM Ghost VI Bitter Malice N/A
842 TM Steel VI Shelter N/A
843 TM Fighting VI Triple Arrows N/A
844 TM Ghost VI Infernal Parade N/A
845 TM Dark VI Ceaseless Edge N/A
846 TM Flying VI Bleakwind Storm N/A
847 TM Electric VI Wildbolt Storm N/A
848 TM Ground VI Sandsear Storm N/A
849 TM Psychic VI Lunar Blessing N/A
850 TM Psychic VI Take Heart N/A

List of G-Max Moves by anime debut

# Name Episode User
1 TM Fire VI G-Max Wildfire JN012 Leon's Charizard Charizard
2 TM Bug VI G-Max Befuddle N/A
3 TM Electric VI G-Max Volt Crash JN013 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
4 TM Normal VI G-Max Gold Rush JN045 Meowth of Team Rocket Meowth
5 TM Fighting VI G-Max Chi Strike JN086 Bea's Machamp Machamp
6 TM Ghost VI G-Max Terror JN099 Ash's Gengar Gengar
7 TM Ice VI G-Max Resonance N/A
8 TM Normal VI G-Max Cuddle N/A
9 TM Normal VI G-Max Replenish N/A
10 TM Poison VI G-Max Malodor JN043 Subordinate's Garbodor Garbodor
11 TM Water VI G-Max Stonesurge JN013 A wild Drednaw Drednaw
12 TM Flying VI G-Max Wind Rage N/A
13 TM Electric VI G-Max Stun Shock N/A
14 TM Fairy G-Max Finale JN082 Opal's Alcremie Alcremie
15 TM Dragon VI G-Max Depletion JN109 Raihan's Duraludon Duraludon
16 TM Psychic VI G-Max Gravitas N/A
17 TM Rock VI G-Max Volcalith JN043 A wild Coalossal Coalossal
18 TM Ground VI G-Max Sandblast N/A
19 TM Dark VI G-Max Snooze JN099 Marnie's Grimmsnarl Grimmsnarl
20 TM Grass VI G-Max Tartness N/A
21 TM Grass VI G-Max Sweetness N/A
22 TM Fairy G-Max Smite N/A
23 TM Steel VI G-Max Steelsurge N/A
24 TM Steel VI G-Max Meltdown N/A
25 TM Water VI G-Max Foam Burst N/A
26 TM Fire VI G-Max Centiferno JN042 Doug's Centy Centiskorch
27 TM Grass VI G-Max Vine Lash N/A
28 TM Water VI G-Max Cannonade N/A
29 TM Grass VI G-Max Drum Solo JN115 Leon's Rillaboom Rillaboom
30 TM Fire VI G-Max Fireball JN132 Leon's Cinderace Cinderace
31 TM Water VI G-Max Hydrosnipe N/A
32 TM Dark VI G-Max One Blow N/A
33 TM Water VI G-Max Rapid Flow N/A


  • Ash's Pikachu has debuted more moves than any other Pokémon, with 11. It has also debuted more Z-Moves than any other Pokémon, with four.

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