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Lily (Japanese: リーリー Leelee) is a magician who appeared as a character of the day in Hocus Pokémon. She also appeared in the Ash & Pikachu manga.

In the anime

Lily recruited Ash and his friends to search for the ingredients she needed for a spell that would let humans understand the speech of Pokémon. However, when she actually got to perform that spell, she accidentally turned Ash into a Pikachu.

In the dub, Lily speaks with a Cockney accent.


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Lily's Murkrow
Murkrow is Lily's only known Pokémon. It helped Lily with her spells and was mostly seen sitting on her shoulder. It first appeared when it found Ash and his friends so that Lily could use Pikachu's Thunderbolt in a spell. It then helped Ash blow away Parasect's Sleep Powder before Team Rocket's attack. Team Rocket stole Pikachu, but were blasted off when Murkrow pecked a hole in their balloon.

Later, Team Rocket stole Lily's spell book. Murkrow tried to stop them again but was knocked out. When Team Rocket was found, Murkrow defeated Arbok and Weezing to send them blasting off once again.

Murkrow's known moves are Peck, Icy Wind, and Swift.

Debut Hocus Pokémon
Voice actors
English Maddie Blaustein

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 釘宮理恵 Rie Kugimiya
English Lisa Ortiz
Polish Agata Rzeszewska
Brazilian Portuguese Eleonora Prado
European Spanish Olga Velasco

In the manga

Lily in Ash & Pikachu

In the Ash & Pikachu manga

Lily appeared in The Dream Potion Recipe!!.


Lily's Hoothoot
Hoothoot is a Pokémon that Lily owns.

None of Hoothoot's moves are known.

Debut The Dream Potion Recipe!!


  • Lily's Japanese and English names and the fact that she is a magician could be a reference to Lily Potter from the Harry Potter series.

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