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DP018 : O'er the Rampardos We Watched!
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
DP020 : Mutiny in the Bounty!
Twice Smitten, Once Shy!
DP019   EP485
I'll Catch Pachirisu... No Need to Worry!?
First broadcast
Japan February 8, 2007
United States July 5, 2007
English themes
Opening Diamond and Pearl
Japanese themes
Opening Together
Ending 君のそばで 〜ヒカリのテーマ〜
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 山田浩之 Hiroyuki Yamada
Assistant director 山田浩之 Hiroyuki Yamada
Animation director 新城真 Makoto Shinjō
Additional credits

Twice Smitten, Once Shy! (Japanese: パチリスゲットで・・・大丈夫!? I'll Catch Pachirisu... No Need to Worry!?) is the 19th episode of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, and the 485th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on February 8, 2007, and in the United States on July 5, 2007.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


When Dawn comes across a wild Pachirisu, it's so cute that she just has to catch it! Catching it turns out to be the easy part, because Dawn's new Pachirisu turns out to be so hyperactive that it wears everyone out before she can even start to train it! Is Pachirisu really too much for Dawn to handle? Before long, Dawn is convinced that she's not up to the job and she releases it back into the wild.

Ash and Brock cheer Dawn up and convince her to try again with Pachirisu, but Team Rocket has already spotted it and Jessie wants it for herself! Because she released it, Dawn can't claim that it's still hers, so now it's up to Pachirisu to choose which Trainer it likes better. Despite Team Rocket's bribes of food, Pachirisu chooses Dawn, so Team Rocket chooses to steal it anyway!

After Team Rocket hit our heroes with a blast of goo to keep them glued in place, Pachirisu switches sides and joins them as they take off in their Meowth balloon.

Jessie's thrilled—until Pachirisu lets off an electric spark that sends Team Rocket flying. Then Pachirisu returns, having only pretended to go with Team Rocket so it could swipe the formula that neutralizes all the sticky goo. Now that it's clear Pachirisu wants to be part of Dawn's team, it joins our heroes for real!


As Ash and Brock watch, Dawn is entranced by a wild Pachirisu. Ash checks his Pokédex while Pachirisu chases its tail and grooms itself. Wanting to catch the cute Pokémon, Dawn sends out Piplup to attack with Peck. Pachirisu uses Sweet Kiss to confuse Piplup. Dawn recalls Piplup into its Poké Ball and sends out Buneary, attacking with Dizzy Punch. Pachirisu recovers and attacks with Spark. Buneary fires several Ice Beam attacks but Pachirisu quickly dodges them. Pachirisu uses Discharge to attack not just Buneary, but the humans and Pikachu as well. The attack tires Pachirisu, giving Dawn an opening to bring Piplup back out and firing Bubble Beam. She throws her Poké Ball, drawing in Pachirisu, and the ball hits the earth, rattling a few times before stopping, the catch successful. Dawn is brimming with excitement over the catch. Meanwhile, Jessie is skipping forwards in happiness towards the Floaroma Contest, planning to look for a Pokémon.

During the night, Dawn dreams about winning her next Pokémon Contest with Pachirisu. She wakes up during the night and admires Pachirisu sleeping. The next morning, Dawn grooms her hair as usual, getting it down. Ash is still boasting over his first Badge win and is ready to win another, as Dawn prepares to train for her first Ribbon. She runs out to the field to begin. She brings out Pachirisu, but moments after it comes out, it suddenly darts away and back. As Dawn pets it, Pachirisu fires Discharge before running away, leaving Dawn's hair sticking out in static. Dawn decides that's enough for now and tries to call back Pachirisu, but it's so quick it dodges the recall beams. Dawn is really starting to lose her patience and sends out her other Pokémon to reclaim Pachirisu however the EleSquirrel Pokémon is too fast and runs around the field in a blitz of speed, easily keeping ahead of Buneary and Piplup. After a while Piplup trips over and knocks itself out and Buneary collapses from exhaustion while Pachirisu, still full of energy and having fun bounces back and starts playing with Buneary's ear. By now Ash and Brock have noticed what's happening and offer to help catch the hyperactive Pokémon to which Dawn gratefully agrees. Ash sends Pikachu after Pachirisu, however Pikachu also finds itself unable to keep up, with Pachirisu staying far ahead, only slowing down to allow Pikachu to draw nearer to it so it can outrun him. Now Ash is starting to lose his temper with Pachirisu and sends out Turtwig, Staravia and Aipom after it too. Now all of Ash's Pokémon are giving chase but Pachirisu, which is having the time of its life, quickly runs circles around all of them. Piplup and Buneary recover and get together with the others to surround Pachirisu. They all attempt to dog-pile Pachirisu, but it runs away at the last minute leaving the Pokémon to slam into each other.

Soon, all of the Pokémon are furiously giving chase to Pachirisu (catching it is more a matter of pride than anything else at this point) however the runaway is having lots of fun being chased by the others. Eventually it gets cornered at a cliff edge, and it fires Discharge at all of the Pokémon, knocking all out but Pikachu who is regardless still left totally exhausted by the chase. Pachirisu laughs, but then faints having finally exhausted itself. Dawn runs up and grabs Pachirisu, and it unconsciously uses Discharge again, ruining Dawn's hair.

Back at the tent, as Dawn attempts to fix her hair, she begins to doubt her lack of ability to control Pachirisu. She finally comes out of the tent, looking gloomy. She stops out onto the field and releases Pachirisu. Even though Dawn expresses her feelings to Pachirisu, it still doesn't want to leave, but Dawn runs away. When they prepare to pack up, Ash and Brock notice Dawn's low mood. As they talk to her, they find out about the release. Ash and Brock try to make her reconsider her decision. Meanwhile, Pachirisu continues to display its high energy before taking a rest. Team Rocket spots Pachirisu and Jessie decides to claim it.

As Dawn takes time to reflect, she continually thinks of Pachirisu, even noting a cloud shaped like Pachirisu. She runs back to Ash and Brock, deciding to find Pachirisu and reclaim it. Meanwhile, Jessie faces down Pachirisu and tosses a Poké Ball, the Pokémon successfully going inside. However, it breaks out easily, sending the ball back and hitting Jessie. Ash and co. arrive and confront Team Rocket. Although Ash claims Pachirisu belongs to Dawn, Team Rocket knows she released it because it went inside the Poké Ball earlier. Jessie offers to let Pachirisu choose between the two, but she cheats by trying to lure it with food. Ash asks Brock for his food, but he doesn't want to sink to their level, and Dawn knows that it will not prove anything. Pachirisu rushes to Jessie, but it quickly uses Discharge to knock her out and grab all the food. Dawn steps forward to Pachirisu, and Pachirisu walks up to Dawn, choosing her. Team Rocket rushes back to a bush and attempt to use a machine hand to catch it, but it dodges easily. They retreat to their balloon and use the arm to fire gumballs at Pachirisu, preventing it from moving. Ash sends Pikachu and Dawn brings out her Pokémon, but the gumballs quickly immobilize all of the Pokémon. Dawn shields Pachirisu as the gumballs immobilize all of the humans as well. Dawn attempts to protect Pachirisu as Team Rocket closes in. Meowth uses the perfume to free Pachirisu as it darts away. It runs back, choosing Jessie and jumping onto her shoulder. Team Rocket gets back onto their balloon and escape with Pachirisu.

On the balloon, Pachirisu seems to stay, but it suddenly uses Discharge to destroy the balloon and send Team Rocket flying. Dawn feels let down, but Ash looks ahead as Pachirisu walks back with the removal potion in its mouth, snuggling up to Dawn. Dawn hugs Pachirisu as it stores energy, raising her hair. Dawn sticks out a Poké Ball and Pachirisu goes in, willingly letting itself be caught for the second time. Now, Dawn has more resolve to get her first Contest Ribbon at Floaroma Town.

Major events

Dawn after catching Pachirisu
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Pokémon debuts






  • When Ash, Dawn, and Brock go to check on their exhausted Pokémon, Pikachu says "Pika", but it does not match up with his mouth. This was not the case in the Japanese version.

Dub edits

  • In the English dub, Meowth uses spray to get Pachirisu to join their side, and Team Rocket calls this spray "perfume". In the original Japanese version, they do not call it that.

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DP018 : O'er the Rampardos We Watched!
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
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