Goh's Grookey

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Goh's Grookey
ゴウのサルノリ Go's Sarunori
Poké Ball
Goh Grookey.png
Goh's Grookey
Debuts in When a House is Not a Home!
Caught at Vermilion City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Goh
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Grookey Hana Takeda Cherami Leigh

Goh's Grookey (Japanese: ゴウのサルノリ Go's Sarunori) is the thirty-second Pokémon that Goh caught in the Kanto region, and his seventy-ninth overall. It previously belonged to Team Rocket, and was one of the Pokémon in the Rocket Prize Master.

In the anime


With Team Rocket

Grookey releasing itself from Team Rocket

While Team Rocket's Pelipper was flying around Vermilion City one night, it dropped the Rocket Prize Master in front of a Poké Mart, releasing Grookey from its Poké Ball in the process. The released Grookey wandered away as Pelipper scooped up its Ball and put it back in the machine. Eventually, Grookey wandered into Goh and Ash's dorm room at the Cerise Laboratory, where it latched onto Goh's arm and fell asleep.

Goh was surprised to find Grookey on his arm the next morning. After recovering from his surprise, he tried to catch it, only to be reprimanded by his Rotom Phone, who told him that Grookey already belonged to someone else. After eating breakfast, Goh and Ash decided to borrow Professor Cerise's Yamper to track down where Grookey came from. Yamper's nose eventually brought them to the Poké Mart, where they discovered through the store's security footage that it belonged to Team Rocket.

Grookey creating revitalizing waves by beating its stick

Outside the Poké Mart, Goh and the others were ambushed by Team Rocket, who captured Pikachu and Grookey in one of their nets. After Ash's Farfetch'd freed the two and retaliated against them, Team Rocket called on the Rocket Prize Master, which only yielded one Poké Ball. Jessie tried to send out the Pokémon, but nothing came out. Confused, Jessie read the pamphlet that came with the Ball, which revealed that the Pokémon that was supposed to come out was Grookey. In disbelief, Jessie commanded Grookey to return to its Ball, causing it to be recalled against its will. Now even more confused, Team Rocket used a smoke bomb to retreat to their hideout. As the smoke cleared, Goh noticed Grookey had accidentally left its stick behind while being recalled.

That night, uncomfortable without its stick, Grookey sneaked out of Team Rocket's hideout. The next day, Goh and the others found Grookey in a park in the city, and Goh returned Grookey's stick. Team Rocket, however, interrupted the reunion, demanding Grookey return to them. When Grookey refused, Team Rocket tried to put it back in its Ball by force, but Pikachu forced the Ball out of Jessie's hands. Grookey took the opportunity to break its own Poké Ball and asked Goh to catch it instead. Jessie and Goh both attempted to capture the now-released Grookey, but Grookey batted away the Team Rocket-branded Ball, allowing Goh's Poké Ball to catch it.

With Goh

In Beyond Chivalry… Aiming to be a Leek Master!, Grookey was seen watching Ash's Farfetch'd and Goh's Scizor train. Later, while walking with Goh, Ash, and Pikachu to the Pokémon Center, it and Pikachu detected a wild Pokémon in some nearby bushes, which was revealed to be a tired Bellsprout. Using its restorative powers, Grookey restored Bellsprout's stamina and befriended it. Grookey then reached into Goh's pocket and pulled out a Poké Ball, asking him to catch its new friend, to which Goh obliged. Grookey was later seen watching Ash battle Rinto.

In Errand Endurance!, Goh and Chloe got into an argument about whether Grookey or Eevee was better. Ash suggested they should solve the argument by having Grookey and Eevee deliver supplements to the Cerise Laboratory. Along the way, Grookey got the two into a lot of trouble due to its mischievous nature, including dropping some of its supplements and winding up in Pelipper's bill. Eventually, however, Grookey made its way back to the laboratory, completing the errand.

Personality and characteristics

Grookey and Goh

Grookey is an active Pokémon prone to roughhousing, and, as observed by Goh, can be stubborn and mischievous. It likes to play with both humans and Pokémon by climbing on their heads and happily beating them on the head with its stick. This extroverted behavior initially rubbed Chloe's Eevee the wrong way, and Grookey was seen apologizing to her after it officially became one of Goh's Pokémon. Grookey is also shown to shut down when hungry and may cause trouble when it comes to food. In its debut episode, when Pikachu refused to share some of his food with it, Grookey flipped over Pikachu's bowl and began causing chaos in the kitchen.

Despite its troublemaking tendencies, Grookey was shown to not be comfortable with the idea of being one of Team Rocket's Pokémon, looking sad when Goh and Ash found out where it really came from. In contrast, it took to Goh almost immediately, greeting its new friend happily after waking up attached to his arm. Goh's act of kindness towards Grookey solidified their bond, driving it to decide to leave Team Rocket permanently. Grookey is also seen to be good with plants and other Grass-type Pokémon, thanks to its restorative abilities.

In the manga

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Goh caught Grookey in JNM17.

In the games

Pokémon Mezastar

Grookey appears in Pokémon Mezastar as one of Goh's Pokémon. It appears as an opponent during the first Super Tag set.

As an opponent
Mezastar Grass type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Branch Poke


  • Grookey is the first Pokémon owned by an anime protagonist to have previously belonged to a villainous team.
  • Grookey is the only one of Goh's Galar starter Pokémon:
    • to join Goh in its debut episode.
    • who was caught outside of Galar.
    • to not be fully evolved or has evolved at least once.
    • to not have been in battle yet.
  • Grookey is the first Pokémon in the anime to deliberately destroy its own Poké Ball.

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