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A Dynamaxed Pikachu

Dynamax (Japanese: ダイマックス Daimax) is a temporary transformation affecting Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VIII. Trainers who obtain a Dynamax Band are able to Dynamax their Pokémon. According to Professor Magnolia, the Pokémon distorts space to change its size while affecting the world around them. This transformation has another special variant known as Gigantamax.


After its defeat thousands of years ago by Zacian and Zamazenta, Eternatus's energy leaked out during its slumber in the form of Galar particles. This resulted in the creation of Power Spots, where Trainers can trigger the Dynamax transformation. Some Power Spots had Gym Stadiums built over them, and others in the Wild Area became Pokémon Dens, where Max Raid Battles take place. Parts of Eternatus's body, known as Wishing Stars, rained across Galar, allowing whoever found them to Dynamax their Pokémon when at a Power Spot. Dynamax Bands were later created by Oleana to help anyone fully utilize the transformation there. Dynamax was later implemented into the Galar League's Gym Battles by Rose who had most of the Gyms built atop of the Power Spots[1]. On the Isle of Armor, Max Mushrooms and Max Honey are grown and created exclusively on the island due to the Dynamax phenomenon affecting the flora and Vespiquen producing it.


Dynamaxing increases a Pokémon's size drastically, as well as changing the moves of the Pokémon and doubling their max and current HP in battle (except for Shedinja), but can only be used once during a battle, and ends after three turns or if the user is switched out. In addition, it can only be performed in areas known to have Power Spots, such as Galar's Gym Stadiums, Battle Court, and Battle Tower. When Dynamaxed, all of the Pokémon's moves will turn into Max Moves that correspond to those moves' types and categories. Like with Mega Evolution, Dynamax is activated at the start of the turn before all other moves are executed. If a Dynamax Pokémon runs out of PP of one move, it still can be selected but fails; if it is unable to use any moves (e.g., running out of PP), it will use Struggle.

In a Max Raid Battle, the wild Pokémon is a Dynamax Pokémon for the entire duration of the battle. Only one of the Trainers' Pokémon can Dynamax during a Max Raid Battle, and only for the standard three turns. The first Trainer with the chance to Dynamax is the host, with the chance passing to the next player who joined until it returns to the first player.

Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus, including Pokémon transformed into one of these, cannot Dynamax.


Main article: Gigantamax

If a Pokémon has the Gigantamax Factor, it can undergo Gigantamax, a special kind of Dynamax that results in a different appearance to its regular form in addition to being larger. Only specific individual members of a select group of species can Gigantamax. Each Gigantamax Pokémon has an exclusive Max Move known as a G-Max Move. Other than having a G-Max Move, Gigantamax is functionally identical to a Dynamax.

Dynamax Level and HP

Dynamaxing provides Pokémon with an increase to its maximum and current HP (with the exception of Shedinja) by the same factor. The amount of HP gained depends on the Pokémon's Dynamax Level, which can be increased with Dynamax Candy. At Dynamax Level 0, a Pokémon will gain 50% more HP. For every Dynamax Level above that, the Pokémon will gain 5% more HP, up to a 100% HP increase at Dynamax Level 10. All other stats, as well as its Ability and held item, remain the same.

Whenever a Pokémon enters into or reverts from Dynamax, its current HP is adjusted to retain the same percentage of HP remaining, the Pokémon's HP will be rounded up to the nearest positive integer if the Pokémon's HP is not already a positive integer. For instance, if a Pokémon at Dynamax Level 10 has 100/200 HP remaining, then upon Dynamaxing, its HP will be adjusted to 200/400. Conversely, if the same Pokémon has 101/400 HP in Dynamax form, then when its dynamax expires its HP will be adjusted down to 50.5/200 then be rounded up to 51/200.

HP-based effects

When calculating changes in HP (damage or restoration) based on the percentage of a Pokémon's maximum HP, the Dynamax Pokémon's non-Dynamax HP is used. For example:

  • Super Fang inflicts damage to a Dynamax Pokémon equal to 50% of its non-Dynamax HP.
  • A held Figy Berry will restore HP equal to 1/3 of the Dynamax Pokémon's non-Dynamax maximum HP.
  • Endeavor inflicts damage equal to the amount that the target's non-Dynamax HP exceeds the user's non-Dynamax HP.
  • Pain Split averages the two Pokémon's non-Dynamax HP, calculates the signed difference between that average and each Pokémon's non-Dynamax HP, then changes each Pokémon's HP by that signed difference.

Effects that vary based on the percentage of HP a Pokémon has remaining use the Dynamax Pokémon's Dynamax HP. For example:

  • Emergency Exit activates when the Dynamax Pokémon's current Dynamax HP falls to 50% or less of its maximum Dynamax HP.
  • A Pokémon will consume its held Figy Berry when its HP falls to 25% or less of its maximum Dynamax HP.
  • Brine's power is increased if a target Dynamax Pokémon's current Dynamax HP is 50% or less of its maximum Dynamax HP.

The moves Dynamax Cannon, Behemoth Blade, and Behemoth Bash do double damage against a Dynamax Pokémon.


Dynamax Pokémon are immune to flinching. Fake Out can still damage a Dynamax Pokémon, but will have no secondary effect.

Dynamax Pokémon are unaffected by moves affected by weight (such as Low Kick and Heavy Slam), one-hit knockout moves, and Destiny Bond.

Moves and Abilities that replace the target's Ability with the user's (such as Skill Swap, Entrainment, and Wandering Spirit) have no effect on Dynamax Pokémon. However, moves that change or suppress the Dynamax Pokémon's Ability altogether (such as Gastro Acid and Worry Seed) still work.

Dynamax Pokémon cannot be switched out by the effects of moves that switch the target out (like Roar and Whirlwind). Circle Throw and Dragon Tail will still damage Dynamax Pokémon without switching it out. Red Card also fails to switch out a Dynamax Pokémon, but is still activated and consumed. Dynamax Pokémon can still be forced out by their own Abilities or items, such as Emergency Exit or an Eject Button. If a Dynamax Pokémon has Magic Bounce and is targeted by Parting Shot, the move will be reflected and force the Dynamax Pokémon to switch out (the owner of the Dynamax Pokémon is still able to choose the Pokémon that it is replaced with).

Dynamax Pokémon cannot be affected by Disable or Cursed Body. A Max Move or G-Max Move can still be used if its base move was disabled prior to Dynamax. Dynamax Pokémon are also immune to Encore, Torment, and Instruct. Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Gorilla Tactics, and Sheer Force temporarily stop working (including the stat boosts) if the holder is Dynamaxed. However, Assault Vest still works accordingly and prevents the holder from using Max Guard.

In addition to the above, there are certain moves that will fail if used during a Max Raid Battle, but will work against a Dynamax Pokémon otherwise.

See also: Max Raid Battle → Battle

Effects on Transformed Pokémon

If Transform or Imposter is used against a Dynamax Pokémon, only its base form and base moves will be copied, and the user can Dynamax separately. The Gigantamax Factor, however, is not copied at all; instead, the user can only achieve the standard Dynamax form. Additionally, if a Pokémon incapable of Dynamax (e.g., Zacian) is copied, then the user will not be able to Dynamax afterwards. If a Pokémon attempts to copy a Max Move (e.g., using Copycat), it will copy the base move of that Max Move.

Move animations

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All moves used on Dynamaxed Pokémon have generic animations. These depend on type if the move is a damaging move, but all status moves use one of two different animations: either when the move targets the user (which is only possible for bosses in Max Raid Battles), or when the move targets another Pokémon.

This does not affect the animations for Behemoth Blade, Behemoth Bash, Future Sight, Max Moves or G-Max Moves. For moves with a charging turn, the animation for the charging turn only is not replaced.

In other games

Pokémon Masters EX

Certain sync pairs are capable of Dynamaxing, including some Trainers that do not have Dynamax Bands in the core series. All attacking max moves have 400-480 power range. The max move can be used once per battle.

Trainer Pokémon Moves
VSElesa Classic Masters.png
Elesa (Classic)
ElectricIC Masters.png Thunder ShockMax Lightning
ElectricIC Masters.png NuzzleMax Lightning
StatusIC.png Light ScreenMax Guard
VSRed Masters.png
NormalIC Masters.png Body SlamG-Max Replenish
FightingIC Masters.png Rock SmashMax Knuckle
VSLeon Sygna Masters.png
Sygna Suit Leon
DragonIC Masters.png Dynamax CannonEternabeam
VSRaihan Anniversary 2022 Masters.png
Raihan (Anniversary 2022)
DragonIC Masters.png TwisterMax Wyrmwind
FireIC Masters.png Fire SpinMax Flare
StatusIC.png SandstormMax Guard
VSAllister Masters.png
GhostIC Masters.png Shadow BallG-Max Terror
FightingIC Masters.png Drain PunchMax Knuckle
PoisonIC Masters.png Sludge BombMax Ooze

In the anime

Dynamax Gengar in the anime

Dynamaxing was first featured in Flash of the Titans!, where Lance's Gyarados was shown Dynamaxing during his battle against Leon and his Charizard at the finals of the World Coronation Series, which was held at Wyndon Stadium. Leon Gigantamaxed his Charizard in response to Lance's Dynamax.

In Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald!, Ash and Leon headed to battle a Pangoro that had started rampaging after spontaneously Dynamaxing, and successfully defeated it in the next episode. Later in the same episode, Goh Dynamaxed his Raboot to battle Oleana's subordinate, who had sent out a Gigantamax Garbodor in an attempt to stop Sonia and Goh's investigation into the kings of Galar.

In Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken!, many Pokémon across Galar had Dynamaxed due to the Darkest Day. Once the event was stopped by Ash and Goh, the Dynamaxed Pokémon returned to normal.

In The Winding Path to Greatness!, Ash Dynamaxed his Gengar, finding out that it was unable to Gigantamax. After Allister had made some Max Soup for it, Gengar was able to Gigantamax during the second attempt.


In the manga

A Dynamax Gurdurr in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield chapter

A Dynamax Pokémon first appeared in Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light, where Henry, Casey, and a pair of Team Yell Grunts battled a Dynamax Gurdurr in a Max Raid Battle. After defeating him, Henry was able to catch him, add him to his party, and nickname him Steeler.

Dynamax appeared again Watch Out!! Strong Rivals during Henry's Gym battle against Milo, where the Grass-type Gym Leader Dynamaxed his Eldegoss. Henry responded by doing the same with his Sirfetch'd.

In Splish Splash!! Gigantamax Battle, Henry Dynamaxed his Thwackey during his Gym battle against Nessa.

In PASS11, Casey Dynamaxed her Arrokuda during her Gym battle against Kabu.

In PASS13, Henry Dynamaxed his Oranguru during his Gym battle against Allister.

In PASS17, a Dynamaxed Dracovish was shown in a news article.

In PASS21, Marnie Dynamaxed her Scrafty during her battle against Gordie. In the same round, Henry and Hop Dynamaxed their Mr. Rime and Pincurchin against Melony in their respective battles.

In PASS25, multiple Pokémon across Galar started to Dynamax after Chairman Rose started the Darkest Day.


Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In Flash of the Titans!, Lance's Gyarados Dynamaxed during a battle against Leon's Charizard.

In the TCG

Dynamax is featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game as VMAX. It was added as a new mechanic to the game in the Sword & Shield expansion (the Sword and Shield sets in Japan).

Released along with the first Pokémon V cards, Pokémon VMAX introduce the Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics into the Trading Card Game. Pokémon VMAX evolve from their respective Pokémon V, giving them boosted Hit Points (so far, the biggest HPs in a Pokémon card) and more powerful attacks. When a VMAX Pokémon is knocked out, the opponent takes three Prize cards instead of one.

So far, all released VMAX Pokémon have one or two attacks and no abilities. While keeping the same layout of Pokémon V, VMAX Pokémon cards have a rainbow background and details on the card's bottom, as well its illustration also fading into the top-most area and having the visual aura of Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing on the Pokémon.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
AegislashVMAX Metal Vivid Voltage Ultra-Rare Rare 127/185 Amazing Volt Tackle RRR 081/100
Vivid Voltage Rare Secret 190/185 Amazing Volt Tackle HR 115/100
AlcremieVMAX Psychic Champion's Path Ultra-Rare Rare 023/073 Legendary Heartbeat RRR 032/076
      Legendary Heartbeat HR 086/076
BlastoiseVMAX Water       Blastoise VMAX Starter Set   002/020
ButterfreeVMAX Grass Darkness Ablaze Ultra-Rare Rare 002/189 Explosive Walker RRR 002/070
Darkness Ablaze Rare Secret 190/189 Explosive Walker HR 079/070
CentiskorchVMAX Fire Darkness Ablaze Ultra-Rare Rare 034/189 Explosive Walker RRR 017/070
Darkness Ablaze Rare Secret 191/189 Explosive Walker HR 080/070
      Shiny Star V RRR 028/190
      Shiny Star V SSR 310/190
CharizardVMAX Fire Darkness Ablaze Ultra-Rare Rare 020/189 Charizard VMAX Starter Set   002/021
Champion's Path Rare Secret 074/073 S-P Promotional cards   104/S-P
      Shiny Star V SSR 308/190
      Charizard VMAX Starter Set 2   002/021
CinderaceVMAX Fire Rebel Clash Ultra-Rare Rare 036/192 VMAX Rising RRR 017/070
Rebel Clash Rare Secret 194/192 VMAX Rising HR 080/070
      VMAX Special Set   002/004
CoalossalVMAX Fighting Vivid Voltage Ultra-Rare Rare 099/185 Legendary Heartbeat RRR 043/076
Vivid Voltage Rare Secret 189/185 Legendary Heartbeat HR 087/076
CopperajahVMAX Metal Rebel Clash Ultra-Rare Rare 137/192 Rebellion Crash RRR 076/096
Rebel Clash Rare Secret 199/192 Rebellion Crash HR 110/096
CorviknightVMAX Metal       Rapid Strike Master RRR 056/070
      Rapid Strike Master HR 085/070
CramorantVMAX Colorless       VMAX Special Set   004/004
CrobatVMAX Darkness       Shiny Star V RRR 109/190
      Shiny Star V SSR 320/190
DhelmiseVMAX Grass       VMAX Special Set   001/004
DittoVMAX Colorless       Shiny Star V RRR 141/190
      Shiny Star V SSR 324/190
DragapultVMAX Psychic Rebel Clash Ultra-Rare Rare 093/192 Rebellion Crash RRR 050/096
Rebel Clash Rare Secret 197/192 Rebellion Crash HR 108/096
      Shiny Star V RRR 089/190
      Shiny Star V SSR 318/190
DrednawVMAX Water Champion's Path Ultra-Rare Rare 015/073 Infinity Zone RRR 027/100
Champion's Path Rare Secret 075/073 Infinity Zone HR 111/100
EeveeVMAX Colorless       S-P Promotional cards   101/S-P
EternatusVMAX Darkness Darkness Ablaze Ultra-Rare Rare 117/189 Infinity Zone RRR 065/100
Darkness Ablaze Rare Secret 192/189 Infinity Zone HR 112/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH045 S-P Promotional cards   080/S-P
      Shiny Star V RRR 125/190
      Shiny Star V UR 328/190
FlappleVMAX Grass       Single Strike Master RRR 008/070
      Single Strike Master HR 082/070
Galarian DarmanitanVMAX Water Vivid Voltage Ultra-Rare Rare 037/185 Amazing Volt Tackle RRR 024/100
Vivid Voltage Rare Secret 187/185 Amazing Volt Tackle HR 113/100
GardevoirVMAX Psychic Champion's Path Ultra-Rare Rare 017/073 Explosive Walker RRR 031/070
Champion's Path Rare Secret 076/073 Explosive Walker HR 081/070
GrimmsnarlVMAX Darkness Darkness Ablaze Ultra-Rare Rare 115/189 Grimmsnarl VMAX Starter Set   007/020
      Shiny Star V SSR 322/190
InteleonVMAX Water Rebel Clash Ultra-Rare Rare 050/192 VMAX Rising RRR 023/070
Rebel Clash Rare Secret 195/192 VMAX Rising HR 081/070
LaprasVMAX Water Sword & Shield Ultra-Rare Rare 050/202 Sword RRR 015/060
Sword & Shield Rare Secret 203/202 Sword HR 069/060
      Shiny Star V RRR 032/190
      Shiny Star V SSR 312/190
MalamarVMAX Darkness Rebel Clash Ultra-Rare Rare 122/192 Rebellion Crash RRR 071/096
Rebel Clash Rare Secret 198/192 Rebellion Crash HR 109/096
MeowthVMAX Colorless SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH005 S-P Promotional cards   029/S-P
MorpekoVMAX Lightning Sword & Shield Ultra-Rare Rare 080/202 Shield RRR 020/060
Sword & Shield Rare Secret 204/202 Shield HR 069/060
      VMAX Special Set   003/004
OrbeetleVMAX Grass Vivid Voltage Ultra-Rare Rare 021/185 Amazing Volt Tackle RRR 009/100
Vivid Voltage Rare Secret 186/185 Amazing Volt Tackle HR 112/100
PikachuVMAX Lightning Vivid Voltage Ultra-Rare Rare 044/185 Amazing Volt Tackle RRR 031/100
Vivid Voltage Rare Secret 188/185 Amazing Volt Tackle HR 114/100
      S-P Promotional cards   123/S-P
Rapid Strike UrshifuVMAX Fighting Battle Styles Ultra-Rare Rare 088/163 Rapid Strike Master RRR 051/070
RillaboomVMAX Grass Rebel Clash Ultra-Rare Rare 018/192 VMAX Rising RRR 009/070
Rebel Clash Rare Secret 193/192 VMAX Rising HR 079/070
      Shiny Star V RRR 010/190
      Shiny Star V SSR 305/190
SalamenceVMAX Colorless Darkness Ablaze Ultra-Rare Rare 144/189 Infinity Zone RRR 081/100
Darkness Ablaze Rare Secret 194/189 Infinity Zone HR 114/100
ScizorVMAX Metal Darkness Ablaze Ultra-Rare Rare 119/189 Infinity Zone RRR 067/100
Darkness Ablaze Rare Secret 193/189 Infinity Zone HR 113/100
Single Strike UrshifuVMAX Fighting Battle Styles Ultra-Rare Rare 086/163 Single Strike Master RRR 037/070
SnorlaxVMAX Colorless Sword & Shield Ultra-Rare Rare 142/202 Shield RRR 046/060
Sword & Shield Rare Secret 206/202 Shield HR 070/060
StonjournerVMAX Fighting Sword & Shield Ultra-Rare Rare 116/202 Sword RRR 035/060
Sword & Shield Rare Secret 205/202 Sword HR 070/060
Tapu KokoVMAX Lightning       Single Strike Master RRR 018/070
      Single Strike Master HR 083/070
TogekissVMAX Colorless Vivid Voltage Ultra-Rare Rare 141/185 Legendary Heartbeat RRR 059/076
Vivid Voltage Rare Secret 191/185 Legendary Heartbeat HR 088/076
ToxtricityVMAX Lightning Rebel Clash Ultra-Rare Rare 071/192 Rebellion Crash RRR 037/096
Rebel Clash Rare Secret 196/192 Rebellion Crash HR 037/096
      Shiny Star V RRR 060/190
      Shiny Star V SSR 315/190
VenusaurVMAX Grass       Venusaur VMAX Starter Set   002/021
VictiniVMAX Fire       Rapid Strike Master RRR 013/070
      Rapid Strike Master HR 082/070


  • Dynamax Battles were inspired by the Giant's Causeway.[2]
  • Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus are the only Pokémon to be unable to Dynamax.
  • When Calyrex Dynamaxes, instead of the usual red aura that would surround a Dynamaxed or Gigantamaxed Pokémon, it yields off a blue aura. Calyrex is the only Pokémon to do this.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨化 Gihkgeuihfa
Mandarin 極巨化 / 极巨化 Jíjùhuà
Finland Flag.png Finnish Dynamax
France Flag.png French Dynamax
Germany Flag.png German Dynamax
Italy Flag.png Italian Dynamax
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이맥스 Daimax
Poland Flag.png Polish Dynamax
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Dinamax
Russia Flag.png Russian Динамакс Dinamaks
Spain Flag.png Spanish Dinamax
Thailand Flag.png Thai ไดแมกซ์ Daimax
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Dymax


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