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シロナ Shirona
Cynthia JN.png
Cynthia in Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Gray
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Celestic Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Professor Carolina (grandmother)
Anime series Pokémon the Series
Debut Top-Down Training!
English voice actor Emily Jenness
Japanese voice actor Tomo Sakurai
Member of Sinnoh League
Rank Champion
Member of World Coronation Series
Rank Master Class (Rank 2)*
Manga series Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Debut Ultra Exciting from the Shocking Start! & Trial on a Golden Scale! (Part 2)
Generation VIII
Counterpart(s) Cynthia
Games Mezastar

Cynthia (Japanese: シロナ Shirona) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. Cynthia is the current Champion of the Sinnoh region and has helped deal with several crises, particularly those involving Team Galactic and Team Rocket.

In Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Cynthia is revealed to be one of the top eight Pokémon Trainers in the world within the World Coronation Series.

In the anime


Young Cynthia


During Cynthia's childhood, she received an egg from what would become her starter Pokémon, a Gible that she trained and became great partners with. Cynthia and Gible went through several paths on their journey, including at this time when Cynthia captured a Feebas, a Pokémon that she would eventually evolve into Milotic.

This Gible would evolve into a Garchomp and become her main battle partner. As revealed in Top-Down Training!, Cynthia used to focus only on getting stronger when she was younger, causing her to hurt Pokémon with her reckless behavior. That changed, however, when she discovered the legends of Dialga and Palkia.

Cynthia and Garchomp in their youth

Over time, Cynthia eventually became the Champion of the Sinnoh League with the help of Garchomp.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Cynthia was first mentioned in Lucian's flashback in An Elite Meet and Greet!, along with the members of the Sinnoh Elite Four.

She properly debuted in Top-Down Training!, where she was first seen battling against Lucian with her Garchomp on television. She then arrived in person in Amity Square, where she was studying ancient tablets. It was here that she met Ash, his friends, and Paul, who rushed down to Amity Square after they heard rumors of Cynthia being there. Paul challenged her to a Full Battle, but Cynthia won easily. She then mentioned that she was just like Paul in her youth, determined to win with the strongest Pokémon. After the battle, because Nurse Joy was busy, she and Brock personally healed Paul's Pokémon, after convincing him to take them to a Pokémon Center. After this, back at the Amity Square Ruins, she explained that something written there means very much to her: "When every life meets another life, something will be born". Later, Ash would think about this quote from time to time. Cynthia then decided to go to Celestic Town, where she planned to study the legend of Dialga, Palkia, and the Lustrous Orb.

Since that encounter, one of Ash and Paul's main goals in the anime has become to face and defeat Cynthia in a Pokémon battle, something shown several times in Diamond and Pearl.

After Team Galactic steals the Adamant Orb in Losing Its Lustrous!, Cynthia is forced to return to Celestic Town, where she meets Ash, Dawn, and Brock again. During this meeting, Cynthia introduces them to her grandmother, a researcher into the legends of Sinnoh, and Cyrus, an important executive in the Sinnoh region and find out about Ash and Dawn's previous encounters with Azelf and Mesprit.

Cynthia and her grandmother showing the Lustrous Orb to Ash and Dawn

At Cyrus' suggestion, Cynthia and her grandmother take the two to see the Lustrous Orb, unaware that it was a Team Galactic plot to storm the Museum, during the invasion, Cynthia manages to easily defeat Saturn in a battle but this only served to buy the others members of Team Galactic time and finish invading the place.

Cynthia decides to use this time to ask Ash and Brock to tend to Chimchar and Croagunk who were violently injured in the battle, and soon goes in search of the Orb again, sending Garchomp out in search of their location. At the Pokémon Center, Cynthia discovers that Ash's Chimchar is the same one used by Paul during their previous encounter and talks to the Chimp Pokémon about its future and the relationship it had with these two trainers and shortly afterwards Cynthia discuss about Team Galactic's real goals with Ash, Dawn and Brock.

Cynthia and her grandmother

Once Staravia arrives with Team Rocket's location, Cynthia and the others head to the ruins of Celestic Town, where another confrontation between Team Galactic and Team Rocket begins. Despite their best efforts, Team Galactic manages to achieve their goals and manages to steal the Lustrous Orb. Later, when Cyrus says goodbye to the group, Cynthia begins to suspect his real intentions and the next day, when she is saying goodbye to Ash and his friends, Cynthia is informed that a challenger has asked for a battle against her for the title of Champion.

In Double Team Turnover!, Cynthia, along with Ash, his friends, her grandmother and Officer Jenny's police officers, tried to stop Team Galactic from stealing the Lustrous Orb at Celestic Town. Using her Garchomp and Gastrodon, Cynthia is able to defeat several of Team Galactic's Pokémon, but when Team Rocket tries to steal the Lustrous Orb for themselves, the battle ends up being interrupted and Jessie, James and Meowth flee with the Orb.

Cynthia battled Aaron to defend her title of Champion of the Sinnoh region on television in Aiding the Enemy!, which she won. Ash and his friends commented that while Aaron was strong enough to be a member of the Elite Four, Cynthia was still far stronger than him.

Cynthia briefly appeared in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, where she battled against Palmer.

Cynthia joins Ash and his friends in the final stages of Team Galactic's plan in The Needs of the Three!, however, during their trip to Mt. Coronet, Ash, Brock and Dawn are summoned by the lake's guardians.

In The Battle Finale of Legend!, Cynthia frees Ash and the others who had been captured by Team Galactic during the confrontation, shortly thereafter Cynthia helped Ash and his friends protect the lake guardians and put a stop to Team Galactic's plans at Spear Pillar. After the defeat of Team Galactic's plans, Cynthia witnesses Ash, Dawn and Brock teaming up with Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie to save Sinnoh from the destruction caused by the by the Red Chain's disruption in Dialga and Palkia. At the end of the day, Cynthia thanks the three of them for what they've done and for saving the Sinnoh region from destruction.

Ash's dream of battling Cynthia

As of An Old Family Blend!, Cynthia observed the Lily of the Valley Conference alongside Charles Goodshow. While watching, she showed a deep interest specifically in the battle between Ash and Paul in Working on a Right Move! and after the result of the battle between the two, Cynthia remembers the moment she met them and says that she will wait for the moment when she will face Ash and Paul in a battle after they after growing up as Trainers. At the end of the competition in The Semi-Final Frontier!, she personally delivered the trophy to the winner, Tobias.

In Memories Are Made of Bliss!, Ash and his friends watched her battle with Flint for the title of Champion. Flint's Infernape managed to defeat two of her Pokémon, but Garchomp ultimately defeated Flint's Infernape, earning Cynthia the victory. During the battle, Ash sees himself represented in the battle and imagines himself in the battle against Cynthia, further reinforcing his dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master.

Cynthia made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

In All for the Love of Meloetta!, Cynthia met up with Ash again in Virbank City in Unova at an ice cream stand. She told Ash, Iris and Cilan about the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, where she would have an exhibition match. Ash and his friends then decided to go with Cynthia and participate. On the way to the seaport to take a plane to Cynthia's villa in Undella Town, she almost hit an injured Meloetta with her car. She discovered that it was suffering from a fever and gave Ash, Iris, and Cilan instructions on how to make it feel better. She was revealed to have a Glaceon which used Ice Beam to freeze the water. Cynthia and Ash broke the ice and took it to Meloetta.

After it recovered a little, Iris asked Cynthia if she could battle her and her Garchomp while she used Axew, as Iris was thrilled to battle a Dragon-type she had never met before. Cynthia agreed and the battle got underway, in which Cynthia stopped the battle due to concerns her Garchomp may hurt Iris's Axew.

Cynthia arriving with Ash and his friends at her Villa

In Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!, Ash and his friends arrived in Undella Town, at Cynthia's villa. During the get-together, Jervis and Cynthia argued far from the others about Meloetta. After that, Cynthia watched a battle between Dawn and Cilan, and then at dusk Cynthia joins the others to watch a song sung by Melloeta, but unlike the others, Cynthia watched with concern the presentation of Melody Pokémon.

During an incident with a wild Dragonite in Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!, Jervis revealed that Cynthia has traveled to Lacunosa Town to begin preparations for the competition.

Cynthia and Alder

In Jostling for the Junior Cup!, Cynthia was seen talking with Alder in Lacunosa Town, where the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup was held, until they are interrupted by the arrival of Ash and Trip. Later, she participated in an exhibition match with her Garchomp against Unova Elite Four member Caitlin and her Gothitelle.

Cynthia then appeared in Battling Authority Once Again!, where she observed the tournament and helped Iris with Dragonite's problem with listening to her commands and gave Trip some advice. After the conversation Trip thought to himself that after defeating Alder, she would be next and during the battle between Iris and Dawn, Cynthia showed deep interest in Dragonite's performance and relationship with Iris.

In the following episode, Cynthia was seen watching the battle of Iris against Ash and after the battle, Cynthia talked to Iris about their relationships with Pokémon and that motivated Iris to keep doing her best with Dragonite.

In Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!, Cynthia was seen watching the battle Trip was allowed to have against Alder for winning the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup. After this, Cynthia attended the closing ceremony and everyone returns to Cynthia's Villa where Ash and the others will stay for a few more days.

Back in Undella Town, she watched a battle between Ash and Dawn, which Cynthia evaluated to be a tie between the two and later went with the others to wave Dawn farewell when she went to Johto. Soon after, Cynthia witnessed Ash and Cameron on their way to get a Badge at Humilau City's Gym in The Road to Humilau! and remained in Lacunosa Town to help dismantle the competition's decorations.

In Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!, during the last set-up of the competition, Cynthia was informed that Team Rocket attacked her villa behind Meloetta. When she met up with Ash's friends and Ridley, she became aware of the situation and they all headed towards the Abyssal Ruins. In Unova's Survival Crisis!, when Giovanni's plans advanced, Cynthia helped Ash and his friends put a stop to Team Rocket's Operation Tempest and saved the Unova region from the Forces of Nature's Therian Forme's rage with the help of Meloetta. At the end of the day, Cynthia joined the others to say goodbye to Meloetta.

Cynthia said goodbye to Ash in Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige! after informing him that the Unova League was starting in a few weeks and wished everyone good luck in the future.

Cynthia also made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of Genesect and the Legend Awakened.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Cynthia made a cameo appearance at the end of Ultra Exciting from the Shocking Start!, watching Ash's World Coronation Series match against Volkner through television. Volkner revealed that she was participating in the World Coronation Series and had made it to the Master Class.

Cynthia in the Master Class

In Star Night, Star Flight!, Cynthia encountered Ash and Goh while they were investigating a town in Johto that had been caught in an endless night. Goh and Ash then talked to Cynthia about a girl they met earlier and a Pokémon that they thought was an Unown. The three than met up with Tiara and her mother and asked if the Pokémon she'd seen the previous day was an Unown with Tiara confirmed. After explaining how she'd met the Unown, Tiara became upset, claiming she wanted to see the stars as the Unown had made it endless night's to help her to find her Cleffa again. This caused the Unown to attack Cynthia, Ash, and Goh, but were eventually defeated thanks to Cynthia's Garchomp. Tiara apologized for being selfish and the town became day again.

Cynthia appeared in a fantasy in A Battle of Mega Versus Max!, along with other Masters Eight Trainers.

She appeared in The Gates of Warp!, where Ash and Chloe met her at the Canalave Library, looking for information about Palkia. When they exited the library later, they were attacked by the Alternate World Team Rocket. Cynthia battled against them, forcing them to retreat, with Ash and Chloe pursuing them to their world. During the climax of the battle between Dialga and Palkia in Showdown at the Gates of Warp!, Cynthia found a portal where she could see Ash and the others. When everyone decided to get together and ask Arceus to help, Cynthia joined the residents of the normal world and the Alternate World to get everything sorted out. When it all came to an end, Cynthia welcomed Ash, Dawn, Goh, and Chloe on their arrival in the normal world.

Cynthia in Hisui clothes

During the Sinnoh Festival in The Arceus Chronicles (Part 1), Cynthia reunited with Ash, Goh, and Dawn again and revealed that she was organizing part of the event. Next, Cynthia gave a lecture and details for them about Sinnoh's past. At the end of the event, Cynthia hosted a catching competition where the three should capture one of the Pokémon that were given to Trainers from the region's bygone eras: Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlet. Upon completing the objectives, Cynthia gave each of them a book with the ancient history of Sinnoh.

A short time later, unaware that Team Galactic had returned, Dawn contacted Cynthia to help with a strange phenomenon occurring at Mount Coronet in The Arceus Chronicles (Part 2) and in the next episode. Cynthia joined Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Goh in battle during the return of Team Galactic, who sought to rescue Cyrus from the dimension he was trapped in. Cynthia single-handedly defeated Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn's Pokémon using her Roserade and lent Garchomp so Brock can help save a Heatran that was out of control.

In The Arceus Chronicles (Part 4), Cynthia managed to arrest the Team Galactic Commanders as they try to escape, joining then Ash and his friends. Together, they asked for help from Arceus who, together with the lake guardians, managed to avoid the worst. Lastly, Cynthia watched along with Brock while Ash and his friends trying to save Heatran from inside the massive monster formed by Arceus's Flame Plate.

In Aim For The Eight!, Cynthia was revealed to be ranked as the second-strongest Trainer in the Master Class behind Leon.

Cynthia facing Ash

In Curtain Up! Fight the Fights!, Cynthia participated in Masters Eight Tournament, along with the rest of the Masters Eight, reuniting with Ash and Iris, and meeting Alain and the other regional Champions. Her first opponent was chosen to be Iris. After Diantha and Lance's battle concluded in the following episode, Cynthia and Iris began their battle. In the next episode, she emerged victorious in her battle against the Unova Champion, advancing her to the semifinals.

In Battling as Hard as Stone!, Cynthia watched Ash and Steven's battle, where the Alola Champion emerged victorious. After the battle, Cynthia was shown to be looking forward to battling Ash in the semifinals.

In Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder!, Cynthia revealed to Diantha that she intended to retire from competitive battling following the Masters Eight Tournament. She then begun her battle against Ash and quickly managed to gain the upper hand, knocking out half of his team with just her Spiritomb. As the battle progressed in the next episode, Cynthia surprised the entire stadium by choosing to use Dynamax instead of Mega Evolution. The battle concluded in Whittle While You Work!, with Togekiss and Garchomp being defeated by Lucario after putting up a tough fight, which eliminated her from the tournament. Inspired by this battle, and realizing she has even more to learn from battling, Cynthia decided not to retire from battling and revealed this change of heart to Diantha after the battle.

From A Flood of Torrential Gains! to Partners in Time!, Cynthia and Diantha watched Ash's match against Leon. During the battle, Cynthia talked to Diantha about Ash's battle strategies. Following Ash's victory, Cynthia and Diantha celebrated the end of the tournament and felt so fired up by the battle they had just witnessed that they decided to have a friendly battle with each other.


Cynthia and Garchomp studying the Sinnoh myths in a flashback

Cynthia is near-universally admired and respected as Sinnoh's Champion. Often regarded with the imposing presence of a queen on the battlefield, she is measured in her dignified battling style that combines extreme power and expert precision with an air of grace. As shown in her battle with Ash, she frequently substitutes her Pokémon to disrupt her opponent's momentum and gain various advantages.

Cynthia with Iris and Diantha

Cynthia is calm, not showing the slightest stress even in the heat of battle. Even when surprised by an opponent's tactic, she maintains her level-headed and calm demeanor, silently or verbally praising them. However, her love for battling began to wane over time, leading her to believe that retirement was in her best interest as she thought she knew all there was to battling after years of experience. This view would ultimately be discarded following a battle with Ash, leaving her with the desire to master battling and research at an even greater level after experiencing the thrill and joy of battling the young Pallet Town Trainer, whom she was both fond of and saw big potential in.

As an archeologist, Cynthia is incredibly wise and well-versed in the Sinnoh time-space legends. Throughout Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl she often quoted "When every life meets another life, something will be born", a line directly from the Sinnoh time-space legends. She is particularly interested in the friendship between Trainers and their Pokémon, and enjoys mentoring young Trainers, willingly offering advice to support their growth such as Ash, Paul, Iris, and Unova League's Caitlin. Upon her return in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Cynthia is seen studying various mythologies and regions of the world, showing much knowledge about Pokémon from other regions like Alola or Unova.

In her spare time, if any, Cynthia makes sure to unwind at her Undella Town villa. She also has a sweet tooth, as shown in many of her appearances; however, she often struggles with which flavor to choose as shown in Top-Down Training! and All for the Love of Meloetta!.

In Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Cynthia is revealed to have a very close friendship with Diantha.


Cynthia and her Pokémon joining forces in Double Team Turnover!
Cynthia's Dynamax Band

The only permanent member of Cynthia's team is Garchomp. Despite Cynthia not having a specialty type, she is well known for her affinity for Dragon-type Pokémon; because of this, Cynthia uses powerful Pokémon of that type like Garchomp and Kommo-o, which led to her being challenged by Iris in All for the Love of Meloetta!. She also seems to work exceptionally well towards Ground-type; as shown in Double Team Turnover!, when she combined the powers of both her Garchomp and Gastrodon against Team Galactic in addition to Water-type Pokémon in The Fiery Road to Mastership; when she both used her Gastrodon and Milotic against Iris in their World Coronation Series Masters Eight Match.

Cynthia is rarely seen using any other Pokémon besides her Garchomp; however, in dire situations, she has resorted to other Pokémon on her team, and they appear similarly well-trained. For example, Gastrodon was able to easily defeat Aaron's Beautifly despite it being on the receiving end of a doubly super-effective Solar Beam, Roserade singlehandedly defeated Team Galactic's Pokémon, Spiritomb managed to defeat half of Ash's team in battle, Togekiss was able to withstand several powerful super-effective Bullet Punches from Ash's Lucario, her Milotic easily defeated Iris's Dragonite, and her Kommo-o thwarted Alternate World Team Rocket's initial plans with a single Outrage.

During her battle with Ash, Cynthia was revealed to have a Dynamax Band in addition to having a Key Stone. Cynthia used this primarily to cause unpredictability in battle and pushed several of Ash's Pokémon to the limit.

This listing is of Cynthia's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Cynthia Garchomp.png
Egg → Gible → Gabite → Garchomp ↔ Mega Garchomp

In rotation

Cynthia's Gastrodon
Gastrodon was first seen when it helped Cynthia in defeating Team Galactic's Golbat to help protect the Lustrous Orb. It appeared again in Aiding the Enemy!, where it helped Cynthia to defeat Aaron's Drapion and Beautifly and defend her Championship title.

In Pride of a Champion!, Gastrodon is the first Pokémon Cynthia chose to use in her battle against Iris at the Masters Eight Tournament. In the following episode, it fell to Iris's Excadrill after a hard-fought battle.

In Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder!, Gastrodon was the fourth Pokémon used by Cynthia in her Masters Eight Tournament battle against Ash. It went up against Pikachu, only to be defeated, despite the type advantage.

Gastrodon's known moves are Stone Edge, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Acid Armor, and Earth Power.

Debut Double Team Turnover!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyotaka Furushima
English Tom Wayland (DP097-DP100)
Marc Thompson (JN117-present)
Cynthia's Glaceon
Cynthia sent out her Glaceon to make ice for a sick Meloetta.

Glaceon's only known move is Ice Beam.

Debut All for the Love of Meloetta!
Voice actors
Japanese Inuko Inuyama
English Inuko Inuyama
Cynthia's Kommo-o
Cynthia sent out Kommo-o to battle Alternate World Team Rocket, who were trying to steal Ash's Pikachu, breaking the electric nets they had fired.

Kommo-o's only known move is Outrage.

Debut The Gates of Warp!
Cynthia's Roserade
Cynthia sent out Roserade to battle the Team Galactic Commanders alongside Brock's Croagunk and Blissey. After defeating them, Cynthia had Roserade tie them up with its vines.

Roserade made its main series debut in Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder!, where it was the second Pokémon Cynthia used in her Masters Eight Tournament match against Ash. It battled against Gengar and got burned before being recalled. In the next episode, it was chosen to battle against Dracovish, showing that it got rid of its burn due to its Ability upon being recalled. Despite managing to poison Dracovish, Roserade was eventually defeated.

Roserade's known moves are Petal Blizzard, Power Whip, Bullet Seed, Leaf Storm, and Poison Jab, and its Ability is Natural Cure.

Debut The Arceus Chronicles (Part 3)
Voice actors
Japanese Kei Shindo
English Sarah Natochenny
Cynthia's Feebas

Cynthia's Milotic
Feebas → Milotic
Milotic was the second Pokémon Cynthia used in her Masters Eight Tournament match against Iris. It battled Iris's Excadrill and Dragonite, defeating them before being defeated by her Haxorus.

In Valor: A Strategic Part of Battling!, Cynthia used Milotic to finish off Ash's Dracovish, but not without receiving massive damage from its Fishious Rend in the process. It also battled Sirfetch'd, but was defeated by a Meteor Assault.

In Whittle While You Work!, Milotic appeared as a Feebas in a flashback to Cynthia's childhood.

Milotic's known moves are Hydro Pump, Disarming Voice, and Iron Head.

Debut The Fiery Road to Mastership!
Cynthia's Spiritomb
Spiritomb was the first Pokémon Cynthia used in her Masters Eight Tournament semifinals match against Ash. It was able to defeat Dragonite and Gengar, before being knocked out by Pikachu, who also went down with it thanks to Destiny Bond.

Spiritomb's known moves are Sucker Punch, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Destiny Bond.

Debut Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
Cynthia's Togekiss

Cynthia's Dynamax Togekiss
Togekiss ↔ Dynamax Togekiss
Togekiss was the third Pokémon Cynthia used in her Masters Eight Tournament semifinals match against Ash. It briefly battled against his Pikachu before being recalled. In the next episode, Togekiss was brought out again to battle against Lucario. After resisting several of Lucario's Bullet Punches, Cynthia Dynamaxed Togekiss. In Whittle While You Work!, Togekiss battled against Mega Lucario, ultimately losing.

Togekiss's known moves are Air Slash, Zen Headbutt, and Sky Attack, and its Ability is Serene Grace.
As Dynamax Togekiss, it can use Max Airstream.

Debut Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder!
Voice actors
Japanese Hana Takeda
English Hana Takeda


Oshawott, Rowlet, and Cyndaquil
Oshawott, Rowlet, and Cyndaquil
Cynthia offered to Ash, Dawn, and Goh a choice between Oshawott, Rowlet, and Cyndaquil. These Pokémon took part in a catching competition, where the three Trainers must catch them within three minutes. Cynthia also revealed that these Pokémon are meant to help her learn more about the Sinnoh region's past and their effects on these Pokémon.

Cyndaquil's only known move is Flamethrower.
None of Oshawott and Rowlet's moves are known.

Debut The Arceus Chronicles (Part 1)


Brock's Croagunk
Main article: Brock's Croagunk

Brock lent his Croagunk to Cynthia to battle the Team Galactic Commanders while he went to help Ash, Dawn, and Goh.

Debut Gymbaliar!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Bill Rogers
Brock's Blissey
Main article: Brock's Blissey

Brock lent his Blissey to Cynthia to battle the Team Galactic Commanders while he went to help Ash, Dawn, and Goh.

Debut One Big Happiny Family!
Voice actors
English Sarah Natochenny


Pokémon League

Cynthia has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

World Coronation Series

Cynthia has competed in the World Coronation Series. Her rank and class are as follows:


Cynthia BWS2.png Best Wishes Season 2 poster.png Pocket Monsters 2019 poster 5.png Cynthia Artwork Journeys.png
Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Black & White
Poster for
Best Wishes! Season 2
Fifth Japanese poster of
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Cynthia Artwork Journeys 2.png JN083AS.png Masters 8 AS 2.png JN117 AS.png
Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Artwork from "After the story" [1] Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series[2]
Artwork from "After the story" [3]
JN122 AS.png Master Class Artwork JN.png Cynthia Ash Animedia Poster JN.png
Artwork from "After the story" [4] Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series[5]
Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 櫻井智 Tomo Sakurai
English Emily Jenness
Arabic أسمهان بيطار Asmahan Bitar
Chinese Cantonese 陸惠玲
Mandarin 詹雅菁 Zhān Yǎjīng
Finnish Jenni Sivonen (DP040-DP100)
Ella Pyhältö (DP151-DP188)
Susa Saukko (BW085-present)
European French Delphine Moriau (DP040, DP185-present)
Guylaine Gibert (DP081)
Fabienne Loriaux (DP096-DP100)
Colette Sodoyez (DP151-DP152)
German Annina Braunmiller
Hebrew ליאת הר לב Liat Har Lev
Indonesian Jessy Milianty (JN083-present)
Miftahul Jannah (Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles)
Italian Alessandra Karpoff (DP040-DP051)
Elisabetta Spinelli (DP081-BW097)
Renata Bertolas (BW098)
Elisa Giorgio (JN083-present)
Norwegian Malin Pettersen
Polish Monika Pikuła (DP040-DP051, BW085-present)
Joanna Pach (DP081)
Portuguese Brazil Samira Fernandes (DP040)
Cláudia Carli (DP043)
Elisa Villon (DP096-BW098)
Silvia Goiabeira (JN083-present)
Portugal Sandra de Castro (DP040-DP051)
Isabel Nunes (DP081)
Isabel Queirós (JN083-present, Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles)
Russian Лариса Некипелова Larisa Nekipelova
Spanish Latin America Adriana Casas
Unknown voice actress (S12)
Spain María Antonia Rodríguez

In the manga

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Cynthia appeared in a fantasy in Ultra Exciting from the Shocking Start! & Trial on a Golden Scale! (Part 2).

In the games

Cynthia and Garchomp in Pokémon Mezastar

Pokémon Mezastar

Cynthia, in a version based on the anime, appeared in Pokémon Mezastar.[6] In this game, she is seen using a Roserade, Garchomp, Milotic, and Togekiss. In the second Double Chain series set, Cynthia also appeared as an opponent in an event that recreated the Masters Eight Tournament that ran from October 27 to November 21, 2022. Upon beating the character, the player can receive a Support Pokémon Ticket based on Cynthia's Garchomp, which can Mega Evolve.[7]


Sinnoh Champion Cynthia
シンオウチャンピオン シロナ
Mezastar Trainer Cynthia.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Mezastar Grass type.pngMezastar Poison type.png
Mezastar Grass type.png Magical Leaf
Mezastar Dragon type.pngMezastar Ground type.png
Mezastar Ground type.png Earthquake
Mezastar Water type.png
Mezastar Water type.png Aqua Tail
Mezastar Fairy type.pngMezastar Flying type.png
Mezastar Flying type.png Sky Attack


Tag No. Name Type Grade
3-2-023 Garchomp DragonGround Grade 5


Cynthia's lookalike in I Choose You!


Language Name Origin
Japanese シロナ Shirona From 白南天 shironanten, white-fruited nandina. Symbolizes "love growing stronger" and "good home" in the language of flowers.[9]
English, French, German Cynthia Possibly chosen due to similarity to "synthesis", or combining different pieces into one entity, which is a reference to the fact she combines several types in her arsenal. This name also refers to the Greek goddess Artemis, who is associated with the moon, which may be a parallel to Cyrus, whose name refers to the sun.
Italian Camilla Probably derived from Camilla, an Amazon warrior described in the Aeneid.
Spanish Cintia Spanish equivalent of the name Cynthia. As in English, it refers to the Greek moon goddess Artemis (Artemisa in Spanish), as a counterpart to Helio (Cyrus), whose name comes from Helios, the Greek solar deity.
Korean 난천 Nancheon From 남천 (南天) namcheon, nandina. May also contain 난초 (蘭草) nancho, orchid
Chinese (Mandarin) 竹蘭 / 竹兰 Zhúlán From 南天竹 nántiānzhú / nàahmtīnjūk (nandina) and possibly 蘭花 / 兰花 lánhuā / làahnfā (orchid)
Chinese (Cantonese) 竹蘭 Jūklàahn
Brazilian Portuguese Cíntia*
Similar to her English name.
Same as her English name.
Russian Синтия Sintiya Transcription of English name
Vietnamese Shirona Transliteration of her Japanese name
Thai ชิโรนะ Shirona Transliteration of her Japanese name


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