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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.

(Japanese: テペン Tepen) is a character of the day who appeared in HZ028. He is an acquaintance of Diana.

Long ago, when Diana was young, Tepen was once a friend of hers, as a fellow adventurer and explorer of ancient ruins. However, as time went on, Tepen became increasingly disillusioned with exploring, letting his fear of danger get the better of him, and eventually became a deceitful antique seller.

Tepen owns a antique store in Galar, his store is recognized by a hanging Lampent near the store. Friede, Liko, and Roy first met Tepen to inquire more information about the mysterious Poké Ball. After being given Roy's bag, Tepen had stolen the Poké Ball and in its place was a wild Foongus. Liko's Hatenna beforehand sensed ill intent from Tepen, but was not being listened to, not until it was too late. Tepen gave the Poké Ball to Lampent and have it escape with his other Pokémon.

Eventually, Tepen is cornered and defeated by Friede's Pikachu and Charizard, and Diana shows up and calls Tepen out for giving her a fake ancient text. Despite claiming his current deceitful, conniving antique selling self is his true one, Diana disagrees, and shows him a reflection in his Bronzor's mirror, knowing and revealing that he is still very much an adventurer at heart, and that he has simply lost his way due to letting his fear of taking the first step get the better of him. Tepen tearfully apologizes and vows to change his ways, with his Pokémon partners at his side, now knowing that they will stand with him to the end. He eventually tells them that he intended to sell the ancient Poké Ball to an unknown client who was interested in them, and tells the Rising Volt Tacklers the location of said client.


Tepen's Litwick

Tepen's Lampent
Litwick → Lampent
Lampent is Tepen's first known Pokémon. He has owned it since it was a Litwick.

Lampent's known moves are Thief and Ally Switch.

Debut HZ028
Tepen's Bronzong
Bronzong is Tepen's second known Pokémon.

Bronzong's only known move is Rain Dance.

Debut HZ028
Tepen's Bronzor
Bronzor is Tepen's third known Pokémon.

Bronzor's only known move is Iron Defense.

Debut HZ028
Tepen's Foongus
Foongus is Tepen's fourth known Pokémon.

Tepen placed Foongus in Roy's bag to hide the fact he'd stolen the Ancient Poké Ball. Once discovered, Foongus escaped. Foongus reappeared when Tepen was confronted, using Tepen's special Sleep Powder to put the Pokémon to sleep, only to put itself to sleep as well.

None of Foongus's moves are known.

Debut HZ028
Tepen's Honedge
Honedge is Tepen's fifth known Pokémon.

Honedge's only known move is Metal Sound.

Debut HZ028

Traveling with

Tepen Rotom Phone.png
Rotom Phone

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 菊池通武 Michitake Kikuchi


Language Name Origin
Japanese テペン Tepen From ペテン peten, meaning fraud or swindler
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