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アスナ Asuna
"One with a fiery passion that burns!"
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Flannery.png
Artwork from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire by Megumi Mizutani[1]
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Red
Hometown Lavaridge Town
Region Hoenn
Relatives Mr. Moore (grandfather*)
Trainer class Gym LeaderRSEORAS
Pokémon TrainerB2W2
Generation III, V, VI
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Black 2 and White 2
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Masters EX
Leader of Lavaridge Gym
Badge Heat Badge
Specializes in Fire types
Game animation debut GOTCHA!
English voice actor Laura Post[2] (Masters EX)
Japanese voice actor Haruka Shamoto[3] (Masters EX)
Anime debut Poetry Commotion!
English voice actor Lisa Ortiz
Japanese voice actor Rio Natsuki

Flannery (Japanese: アスナ Asuna) is the Gym Leader of Lavaridge Town's hot springs Gym, known officially as the Lavaridge Gym. She specializes in Fire-type Pokémon and gives out the Heat Badge to Trainers who defeat her.

In the core series games

Flannery's title is "One with a fiery passion that burns!" Her passion for Pokémon burns stronger and hotter than a volcano.

She is admired for her beauty and strength. She's only been Gym Leader for a short time, and she tries to act intimidating, but can't quite get it right. After she loses to the player, she realizes that she was trying too hard to be someone that she wasn't and has to run things her own way. She will then reward the player with a Heat Badge and TM50 (Overheat).

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, after the player has defeated or caught GroudonOR/KyogreAS, Flannery can be found at the Scorched Slab. She tells the player that she had come to there in search of the Legendary Pokémon Heatran, but figures she came unprepared and heads back to Lavaridge.

Her grandfather was once a member of the Hoenn Elite Four. She apparently is familiar with her fellow Gym Leader Norman's battling style, alluding to it.

Trainer's Eyes/Match Call

Leader FlanneryRSORAS / Passion Burn FlanneryE

Battle aggressively.RSE
Battling aggressively.ORAS
Trainer's Pokémon
Burn with passion!RSE
They burn with passion's flames!ORAS
Wash away daily fatigue in hot springs completely!RSE
You can wash away your daily fatigue with a nice soak in the hot springs!ORAS


Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Flannery uses two Hyper Potions.

Pokémon Emerald

Flannery uses two Hyper Potions in the Gym battle and three Full Restores in the rematches.

Gym battle

First rematch

Second rematch

Third rematch

Fourth rematch onwards

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament

Flannery uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles, and all six in Triple Battles. Flannery will always lead with her signature Pokémon, Torkoal.

Hoenn Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders Tournament

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Flannery (Masters)

Flannery forms a sync pair with Torkoal in Pokémon Masters EX. Flannery became a playable sync pair since the game's release, with her joining the player after completing the third chapter of the PML Arc.

Sync Dex Trainer NDex Pokémon Type Weakness Role Base Potential Availability
#021 VSFlannery Masters.png Flannery #0324 MastersIcon0324.png Torkoal
FireIC Masters.png
WaterIC Masters.png
Masters Tech.png ★★★ Story
Chapter 03



Ruby Sapphire Flannery.png Flannery ORAS concept art.png
Official artwork from
Generation III
Conceptual artwork from
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Sprites and models

Spr RS Flannery.png Spr B2W2 Flannery.png VSFlannery.png
Sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
VS portrait from
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Flannery RS OD.png Flannery E OD.png Flannery OD.png Flannery ORAS OD.png
Overworld sprite from
Ruby and Sapphire
Overworld sprite from
Overworld sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Overworld model from
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


Main article: Flannery/Quotes

In the anime

Main series

Flannery in the anime

Flannery assumed the role of Lavaridge Town Gym Leader three days prior to Poetry Commotion!, after her grandfather, Mr. Moore, decided to retire and pursue a career as a poet.

Upon arriving at Lavaridge Town and meeting Flannery, Ash and his friends were surprised by her inexperience as a Gym Leader, and were also taken aback by the Gym's battlefield, which was in a rough shape following the previous challenger's plentiful use of Dig. As a result, they decided to help her with the cleanup duties in order to save the wait time for Ash's next Gym battle. Mr. Moore's new venture wasn't going well either, so he returned in disguise and helped Flannery locate the Heat Badges she lost. He later appointed himself as a referee because Flannery had forgotten to hire one.

While they were cleaning, the group was assisted by Jessie and James, who were disguised as construction workers with the intent of stealing Flannery's Torkoal. When Team Rocket put their plan into action, Mr. Moore intervened, and during the resulting battle, one of Flannery's two Slugma, nicknamed Mag, evolved into a Magcargo. The group then succeeded in recovering Torkoal.

In Going, Going, Yawn, Ash had his Gym battle with Flannery. Ash was confident that his Corphish would defeat Flannery's Fire-types, and this confidence appeared to be justified by Mag's quick defeat. However, Flannery's other Slugma, Meg, proved tougher than he expected, forcing him to recall Treecko while Corphish fell asleep because of a Yawn attack. Pikachu overcame Meg's defenses and managed to paralyze it before defeating it. Then, Torkoal's Iron Defense and powerful attacks led to Pikachu and Treecko's defeats. Eventually, Corphish woke up and Ash had it hit Torkoal from the side to send it spinning. The strategy led Torkoal to feel dizzy and emerge from its shell, allowing Corphish to land several blows and earn Ash the victory.

She reappeared in flashbacks in All Torkoal, No Play and Whiscash and Ash.

Flannery and her grandfather


Flannery is enthusiastic about her new role as Gym Leader, but she was still getting used to the responsibilities and was overwhelmed. While Flannery already has the hallmarks of a Gym Leader, including her confidence and dedication, her grandfather Mr. Moore returned to the Gym to help support her training.

She attempts to keep herself calm in the heat of battle, but her stressed temperament is still a weakness. Flannery's battle strategy is still experimental, but she showed off impressive defensive strategies that helped her Pokémon inflict a lot of damage on Ash's. Flannery also uses Sandstorm and Smog to distract her opponent's Pokémon before hitting them with a Fire-type attack. She resorts to using status conditions in order to overcome strong opponents who have the type advantage, like Ash's Corphish.


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This listing is of Flannery's known Pokémon in the anime:


Mag (Japanese: マグ Mag) is Flannery's Magcargo. It first appeared as a Slugma in Poetry Commotion!, training with Flannery and Meg. When Team Rocket attacked and tried to steal Torkoal, Flannery used Mag, and it evolved into a Magcargo.

In Going, Going, Yawn, Mag was the first Pokémon Flannery used in her battle with Ash. Although it was a harder challenge than Ash originally thought, his Corphish was able to win the round.

Mag's known moves are Ember, Flamethrower, Sandstorm, Double Team, and Reflect.

Debut Poetry Commotion!
Voice actors
Japanese Shin-ichiro Miki
English Eric Stuart
Meg (Japanese: メグ Meg) is Flannery's Slugma. It first appeared in Poetry Commotion!, training with Flannery and Mag.

During Flannery's Gym battle with Ash, Meg was the second Pokémon she used. Ash used Treecko, but switched it for Corphish when Meg seemed to have the upper hand with its Fire-type attacks, Body Slam, Smog, and Mag's Reflect. When Flannery surprised Ash by having Meg use Yawn, Ash was forced to switch Pokémon again, this time choosing Pikachu. Thanks to Pikachu's speed and Electric-type attacks, it managed to defeat Meg.

Meg's known moves are Flamethrower, Body Slam, Smog, and Yawn.

Debut Poetry Commotion!
Voice actors
Japanese Chie Satō
English Eric Stuart
Flannery's Torkoal
Torkoal made its debut in Poetry Commotion. In the episode, when Ash challenged Flannery for a Gym Match at the front of the Gym, Flannery sent out Torkoal. However, Max said they should go to the battlefield. Later, Torkoal was seen helping the gang to prepare the battlefield as the last challenger's Pokémon dug many holes in it. Later, Team Rocket tried to steal it, but they were defeated when Mag evolved into a Magcargo and blasted them off.

Torkoal was the final Pokémon Flannery used in the Gym battle against Ash in Going, Going, Yawn. With a powerful Overheat attack and a strong Iron Defense, it was able to defeat Ash's Pikachu and Treecko easily. Ash then used his last Pokémon, Corphish, but it was still sleeping after Meg's Yawn attack. During the battle, Corphish woke up and managed to fight on courageously after taking much damage from Flannery's other two Pokémon. After a fierce battle, Corphish managed to defeat Torkoal.

It reappeared in flashbacks in All Torkoal, No Play and Whiscash and Ash.

Torkoal's known moves are Flamethrower, Iron Defense, Sludge Bomb, and Overheat.

Debut Poetry Commotion!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Maddie Blaustein

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 夏樹リオ Rio Natsuki
English Lisa Ortiz
Finnish Kiti Kokkonen
European French Delphine Moriau
Brazilian Portuguese Luciana Baroli
Spanish Latin America María Fernanda Morales
Annie Rojas*
Spain Isatxa Mengíbar


Flannery briefly appeared in GOTCHA!.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Flannery in Pokémon Adventures


Ruby & Sapphire arc

Flannery debuts as a newly appointed Gym Leader. Her deceased grandfather was a former member of the Elite Four and is the one who inspired her to become a great Trainer, which is why she became a Gym Leader. She first appears in Hanging Around With Slaking III, being chastised by Winona for leaving her Gym too much to do training. Later, Flannery is seen building up a win streak of 199 victories in her Gym challengers, which gets praise from Winona as well as clears up her earlier mistake. Winona informs Flannery of Sapphire, a recent challenger who managed to beat Roxanne, Brawly, and Wattson. Flannery realizes that Sapphire must be challenging her Gym next and goes outside to voice her determination to not lose in their upcoming battle. This gets the attention of Team Aqua, who demand that Flannery tell them more about Sapphire.

Flannery is defeated and interrogated for information about Sapphire. She is held captive by Matt in the Mt. Chimney cable car, where she is used as bait to lure Sapphire into a trap. Matt traps Sapphire in the cable car and floods in, leaving Sapphire and Flannery to drown. Sapphire manages to beat Matt and drain the cable car. Flannery realizes that Team Aqua must be trying to stop Mt. Chimney's activity, so both her and Sapphire immediately fly over to stop the villains. They manage to arrive in time, but Amber stalls them long enough for Shelly to put an end to Mt. Chimney, which causes all of Lavaridge to become much colder.

Flannery refuses to give up and attempts to revive the volcano using her Pokémon's flames. She is assisted by Team Magma's Tabitha, but not even his help is able to bring back Mt. Chimney's activity. After Tabitha leaves, Flannery regroups with Sapphire to inform her of her failure. Flannery begins tearing up about the loss of Mt. Chimney, but they notice that the attempt to revive the volcano caused a temporary hot spring to form. They take the chance to bathe in the hot springs as well as have their Gym battle, which Flannery ends up losing. As they say their goodbyes, Flannery hands Sapphire the Heat Badge.

Flannery in the thirteenth chapter

The next day, Flannery calls for a meeting between all of Hoenn's Gym Leaders in Fortree City. She tells the others about what Team Aqua did to Mt. Chimney and proposes that they do something to stop them. The discussion spirals into arguments about whether or not Team Aqua is evil or Team Magma. Flannery sides with Team Magma and proclaims that Team Aqua are the villains. When Groudon and Kyogre are awakened, they begin causing droughts and downpours throughout Hoenn. Flannery and Wattson are sent to the rain-plagued areas to face Kyogre in battle. Despite their best efforts, Kyogre proves to be too powerful for any of their attacks to damage it. They are later assisted by Winona, who also participates in the battle to stop Kyogre, but all three are interrupted by Amber, Shelly, and Matt. The Subleaders all face one of the Gym Leaders to make sure they can't stop Kyogre from advancing any further.

Flannery faces Shelly in battle to get back at her for causing the death of Mt. Chimney. Due to the unpredictable nature of Shelly's Ludicolo's Nature Power, Flannery struggles to defeat her opponent. Flannery is eventually defeated, but her Vulpix used Grudge to prevent Ludicolo from unleashing anymore Nature Powers. With no means of using her special attack and already achieved her goal of letting Kyogre run free, Shelly gives up and retreats. Due to poor treatment from his leader, Amber secretly hands Flannery and Winona the black box from the Submarine Explorer 1. They use it to find that Team Aqua's base is in Lilycove City and head off there to rescue the kidnapped Professor Cozmo.

After both Team Magma and Team Aqua are defeated and Groudon and Kyogre have returned to their deep slumber, Flannery celebrated the victory with her allies and thanked Sapphire and Ruby for their assistance in the battle. Later, Flannery invites people to bathe in the Lavaridge hot springs, which were revived due to Groudon going to sleep in Mt. Chimney.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Flannery, along with various people from around Hoenn, is called to Sootopolis City to assist in stopping Grand Meteor Delta, a giant meteoroid threatening to destroy the planet. When the plan to attack Grand Meteor Delta starts, Flannery and the others have their Pokémon attack the meteoroid at the same time. This, combined with the might of Mega Rayquaza, successfully shatters Grand Meteor Delta into pieces.


Flannery's Magcargo
Magcargo is Flannery's first known Pokémon. She was first seen defeating a challenger at the Lavaridge Gym. When Flannery and Tabitha attempted to revive Mt. Chimney, Magcargo teamed up with Tabitha's Torkoal in order to reignite the volcano, but failed. Afterward, she faced Sapphire's Combusken, Chic, in a Gym battle, where she lost. Later, she helped to battle against Kyogre, but none of her attacks did much damage.

Magcargo's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Bubble Bubble Toil and Azumarill I
Flannery's Vulpix
Vulpix is Flannery's second known Pokémon. It was first seen being used to battle Shelly. Eventually, it was defeated by Shelly's Ludicolo, but it used Grudge to prevent it from using Nature Power again, which forced Shelly to retreat and escape.

Vulpix's known moves are Will-O-Wisp and Grudge.

Debut Bravo, Vibrava

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Flannery or her Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Flannery's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Torkoal Fire Cosmic Eclipse Uncommon 29/236 Dream League U 006/049
Cosmic Eclipse Rare Secret 237/236 Dream League CHR 050/049
Other Related Cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Gym Badge I       XY-P Promotional cards    
Flannery Su Chilling Reign Uncommon 139/198 Silver Lance U 065/070
Chilling Reign Rare Ultra 191/198 Silver Lance SR 080/070
Chilling Reign Rare Secret 215/198 Silver Lance HR 088/070



Language Name Origin
Japanese アスナ Asuna From 翌檜 asunaro (Thujopsis dolabrata) and possibly an anagram of sauna
English, Brazilian
Flannery From flame
German Flavia From Flamme (flame) and Lava
Spanish Candela From candela (candle)
French Adriane From ardente (burning)
Italian Fiammetta From fiammetta (little flame)
Korean 민지 Minji
Chinese (Mandarin) 亞莎 / 亚莎
Yǎshā / Yàshā
From the Japanese name 亜沙 Asuna
Chinese (Cantonese) 亞莎 Asā
Thai อาซึนะ Asuena Transcription of her Japanese name
Vietnamese Asuna Transcription of her Japanese name

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