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Giselle (Japanese: 優藤 聖代 Seiyo Yūtō) is a student of Pokémon Tech.

In the anime

Giselle in the anime

In the anime, Giselle is a character of the day who appeared in The School of Hard Knocks.

Giselle confronted and belittled Joe after he suffered a recent loss against Misty. During her talk with Joe, it became apparent that Giselle is a bully who cared very little for young, inexperienced Trainers. Misty angrily challenged Giselle to a battle, to which the latter agreed to. Giselle defeated Misty's Starmie with a Graveler, despite the type disadvantage. After taunting the young Gym Leader, Giselle then started to lecture her fellow students.

Ash got angry as well and argued that Pokémon training was more than types and levels – one needs to be friends with them, too. Giselle laughed haughtily and called Ash a beginner. She teased him about having been on a journey for two months and only having two Badges and three Pokémon. She then proceeded to note that Pikachu is an awful choice for a starter Pokémon, and that they were more fitting as pets for little girls. Ash and Pikachu were extremely insulted and angered, and challenged Giselle to a battle.

Giselle used a Cubone. Without being able to use Electric-type moves, Ash told Pikachu to fight back in any way it could. Pikachu then began to attack Cubone with a series of random physical attacks such as biting and scratching. Eventually, Pikachu covered Cubone's eyes with its own skull helmet and Cubone ended up knocking itself out with its own Bonemerang attack. Shocked by the defeat, Giselle admitted that people cannot learn everything there is to learn through books alone.

Team Rocket then tried to raid the school, but Giselle led the charge against them and got all of the students to assist in chasing the trio away. Joe and Giselle reconciled, and Joe left the school to collect Badges for the Pokémon League.

She also made a cameo alongside her Cubone in the second opening theme and its English dub counterpart, Pokémon World.


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This listing is of Giselle's Pokémon in the anime:

Giselle's Graveler
Graveler is the Pokémon Giselle chose against Misty's Starmie, to prove that she could win even at a type disadvantage thanks to her Pokémon's high level. Graveler indeed managed to defeat Starmie, knocking it out powerfully through the window and into the pool while also shattering its core.

None of Graveler's moves are known.

Debut The School of Hard Knocks
Giselle's Cubone
After mocking Ash's Pikachu, Giselle chose Cubone to battle it, saying it would be "more than Pikachu's match". Pikachu's Electric attacks failed to hurt the Ground-type Pokémon, and it used Leer. Pikachu responded by staring Cubone down, but Cubone used Bone Club and Bonemerang. Eventually Pikachu covered Cubone's eyes with its own skull helmet and Cubone ended up knocking itself out with its own attack.

Cubone's known moves are Leer, Bone Club, and Bonemerang.

Debut The School of Hard Knocks
Voice actors
English Michael Haigney

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 冬馬由美 Yumi Touma
English Annie Pondel
Arabic فدوى سليمان Fadwa Souleimane
Czech Jolana Smyčková
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Hungarian Andrea Roatis
Italian Elisabetta Spinelli
Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Polish Małgorzata Maślanka
Brazilian Portuguese Cecília Lemes
Spanish Latin America Ana Lucía Ramos
Spain Maite Tajadura

In the manga

Giselle in The Electric Tale of Pikachu

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Giselle first appeared in Clefairy Tale, where she was shown traveling through Kanto and catching high-rank Pokémon.

In Pikachu's Excellent Adventure, she and Joe attended a performance by Duplica and her Ditto.


Ash's Unknown Pokémon
Unknown Pokémon
Giselle has at least one high-ranking Pokémon, though its identity is unknown.
Debut Clefairy Tale

In the games

A Trainer based on Giselle appears in Pokémon Yellow; a Jr. Trainer♀ with a Cubone is on Route 6, which, like Pokémon Tech in the anime, is between Cerulean City and Vermilion City. She is seen talking to a Jr. Trainer♂ with a Weepinbell.



  • Before battle
"I'm training for my love. Don't bother me!"
  • Being defeated
"My textbook never..."
  • After being defeated
"Now I understand, Pokémon isn't about calculated numbers."


  • Giselle is one of the few characters in the anime whose Japanese name isn't spelled using katakana. Instead, it is spelled in kanji.
  • Giselle is one of the few characters to have a surname in the Japanese version.
  • Giselle appears to be based on a Lass from the Generation I games.
  • Giselle's name is spelled as Jazelle in a promo aired on Kids' WB! to promote a marathon.
  • Giselle is the first and currently only girl in the entire anime that Ash explicitly had an overt attraction to.


Language Name Origin
Japanese 優藤聖代 Yūtō Seiyo A pun on 優等生 yūtōsei, honor student.
English, French, German
Italian, Spanish
Giselle Rhymes with excel
Korean 수우미 Su Umi From 수우미양가 (秀優美良可) Su-U-Mi-Yang-Ga, old Korean grading system
Chinese (Mandarin) 優等驕子 / 优等骄子 Yōuděng Jiāozǐ From 優等生 / 优等生 yōuděngshēng (honor student) and 驕子 / 骄子 (pampered child; talented person)
Chinese (Cantonese) 也美 Yáhméih From 美 méih (beautiful)

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