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Hagatha (Japanese: スズ様 Mrs. Suzu) and Nagatha (Japanese: カネ様 Mrs. Kane) are characters of the day who appeared in Illusion Confusion!. Hagatha wears a red headband while Nagatha wears a white headband, and they also have slightly different eyebrows.

Hagatha lives in the middle of a forest that is believed to be haunted. To help people traveling through the forest, she rents Hoothoot to help guide them past the Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, using Foresight. Nagatha lives at the edge of that same forest. She is responsible for collecting the Hoothoot that her sister Hagatha rents to traveling Trainers trying to get through the forest.

Ash and his friends were lost in the forest and were being chased by illusions, although they were briefly saved by Gary and his rented Hoothoot. Later, they ran into Hagatha, who Brock believed must be an illusion because nothing so ugly could be real. Hagatha screamed at Brock and Ash and terrified them, before she rented them a restless Hoothoot who had never guided a person through the forest before.

Once through the forest, Ash and his friends met up with Nagatha. Nagatha told them that she is much better looking than her sister, despite the fact they are identical. The only way to tell the two sisters apart is by their headbands: Nagatha's is white, while Hagatha's is red.


Hagatha and Nagatha's Hoothoot

Hagatha and Nagatha's Hoothoot
Hoothoot (multiple)
Hagatha rents Hoothoot for Trainers to get through a forest that she thinks is haunted. When they have successfully guided a Trainer through the forest the Hoothoot are collected by Hagatha's sister Nagatha. One appeared under the ownership of Gary when Ash and his friends were scared by hallowed trees, with Gary's rented Hoothoot turning everything back to normal with Foresight. Out of nowhere another one appeared next to Misty and the group followed it until they came to some sort of ruins, housing Hoothoot's Trainer Hagatha. It was revealed she had only one left and it had never guided a Trainer through the forest before, but the group decided to use it anyway. It became the most attached to Misty.

After Team Rocket attacked and failed, illusions of Pokémon appeared everywhere, causing Hoothoot to run off. In the end, Ash convinced it to help and it helped Misty out of an illusion of Bug Pokémon which were ultimately revealed to be a number of Haunter and Gengar. With the help of Ash's Pokémon, they were able to send them scurrying. At the end of the forest, Hoothoot was handed in to Nagatha.

Hoothoot's known moves are Foresight and Peck.

Debut Illusion Confusion!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda (one that was given to Gary)
English Yūji Ueda (one that was given to Gary)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 京田尚子 Hisako Kyōda
English Jimmy Zoppi
Czech Jiří Prager
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Italian Grazia Migneco (Mediaset)
Caterina Rochira (TPCi)
Polish Renata Berger
Brazilian Portuguese Helena Samara
European Spanish Margarita Ponce


  • Hagatha's and Nagatha's Japanese names are the same as the Japanese names of the Bell and Brass Towers, respectively; Nagatha's name is in katakana instead of hiragana, however.
  • Nagatha is the younger of the twins.

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