Paul's Ursaring

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Paul's Ursaring
シンジのリングマ Shinji's Ringuma
Poké Ball
Paul Ursaring.png
Paul's Ursaring
Debuts in Different Strokes for Different Blokes
Caught at Bewilder Forest
Gender Unknown
Ability Guts
Current location With Reggie in Veilstone City
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Ursaring Unshō Ishizuka

Paul's Ursaring (Japanese: シンジのリングマ Shinji's Ringuma) is the fifth Pokémon that was shown to be owned by Paul.


Guts activated

Ash and his friends had gotten lost in Bewilder Forest in Different Strokes for Different Blokes. While looking for a way out, they encountered an angry Ursaring, which started chasing them. After getting out of the forest, the group encountered Paul. Using his Chimchar, Paul weakened Ursaring and caught it. Afterwards, Paul used his Pokédex to scan its attacks, and then decided to keep it.

In Top-Down Training!, Paul used Ursaring to save Chimchar from Team Rocket. In Glory Blaze!, Paul used it in training Chimchar.

In Chim - Charred!, Ursaring was used in a battle against Chimchar, which by that point had come under Ash's ownership. With its brute strength and power, it almost defeated Chimchar when it activated its Blaze Ability. However, after Chimchar lost control of Blaze, it defeated Ursaring.

Ursaring was used against Brandon's Regice in A Pyramiding Rage!. After a clash of its Hammer Arm and Regice's Focus Punch, it attacked Ursaring with Zap Cannon which paralyzed it. Brandon then recalled Regice and sent out Regirock. Paul gave up on Ursaring and did not command it to attack. It then got knocked out by Regirock's Stone Edge.

Ursaring and Paul

In Evolving Strategies! Ursaring was used in the Full Battle against Ash as Paul's sixth Pokemon, which took place in Lake Acuity. With a Bulk Up, it easily defeated Ash's Buizel and Staraptor before being recalled. During the battle with Pikachu, it was paralyzed by Pikachu's Static. However this in turn activated its Guts Ability which caused Ursaring to gain extra power which ultimately led to Pikachu's defeat. Ursaring was eventually brought down by Chimchar once again after being attacked with a Flamethrower.

In Casting a Paul on Barry!, Ursaring was sent out to battle against Barry's Empoleon in the third round of the Lily of the Valley Conference. However, Barry replaced Empoleon with his Hitmonlee. During a very close match between the two, Ursaring was burned by Hitmonlee's Blaze Kick, activating Ursaring's Guts Ability again, giving Ursaring enough power to defeat Hitmonlee. It then fought against Barry's Empoleon again, but after having a Focus Blast fired back to it, Paul recalled it.

In Battling a Thaw in Relations!, Ursaring was at Reggie's house along with Paul's Torterra, Weavile, and Honchkrow.

Personality and characteristics

Like most Ursaring, Paul's Ursaring was shown to be aggressive and hostile toward everyone. Ursaring is an extremely powerful battler, being able to use its Guts Ability effectively and defeat strong opponents with relative ease as shown when it single-handedly beat half of Ash's team during Ash and Paul's Full Battle at Lake Acuity and when it defeated Barry's Hitmonlee despite being at a type disadvantage. Ursaring has a high amount of stamina and resilience.

Moves used

Paul Ursaring Hyper Beam.png
Using Hyper Beam
Paul Ursaring Secret Power.png
Using Secret Power
Move First Used In
Hyper Beam Different Strokes for Different Blokes
Focus Blast  Glory Blaze!
Hammer Arm  Glory Blaze!
Secret Power Chim - Charred!
Bulk Up  Evolving Strategies!
Slash  Evolving Strategies!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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