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Keanu (Japanese: カズキ Kazuki) is a character of the day who appeared in A Three Team Scheme.

A resident of Dewford Town, Keanu had gotten angry with Ash and his friends for stumbling across his Secret Base. However, that changed when the Team Rocket trio took it over in the hopes of establishing a headquarters for Team Rocket's Hoenn branch. To make matters worse, the trio also stole his Nincada, a Pokémon that he cared deeply about.

Keanu was later discovered sobbing nearby by May, before admitting that his base had been taken over and his Nincada was stolen. He explained that after losing any battle he competed in, he had built his Secret Base to help train his Nincada. Ash and Max were particularly sympathetic toward Keanu's plight, though May found his crying plain irritating and demanded he try working harder to improve.

With the group's support, Keanu returned to his Secret Base, only to find it had been completely destroyed by Team Magma's boring machine. Everyone followed the tunnel, which led to an ancient ruin in a cavern, as well as Team Magma and Team Aqua scouring the area. Afterwards, Keanu confronted Team Rocket and had his Nincada defeat them. Keanu thanked Ash and the others for their assistance and declared that he would rebuild his Secret Base and aim to become a Trainer.


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This listing is of Keanu's known Pokémon:

Keanu's Nincada
Nincada is Keanu's only known Pokémon. He used it to build a Secret Base. It was captured by Team Rocket afterwards and they tied it up with some string, hoping that it would dig to expand their newly acquired base of operations. After Team Aqua and Team Magma retreated, Keanu rescued Nincada and defeated Team Rocket.

Nincada's known moves are Secret Power* and Fury Swipes.

Debut A Three Team Scheme

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 半場友恵 Tomoe Hanba
English Rachael Lillis
Italian Sabrina Bonfitto
Brazilian Portuguese Thiago Longo
Spanish Latin America Alejandro Orozco
Spain Chelo Vivares


Language Name Origin
Russian Кину Kinu Transcription of English name

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