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ハヤト Hayato
"The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon"
HeartGold SoulSilver Falkner.png
Art from HeartGold and SoulSilver
Gender Male
Eye color Black*, Blue*
Hair color Blue
Hometown Violet City
Region Johto
Relatives Father (predecessor as Gym Leader), Walker (father)*
Trainer class Gym LeaderGSCHGSS
Pokémon TrainerB2W2
Generation II, IV, V
Games Gold, Silver, Crystal, Pokémon Stadium 2, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black 2, White 2
Specializes in Flying types
Game animation debut GOTCHA!
English voice actor Howard Wang[1] (Masters EX)
Japanese voice actor Kōsuke Tanabe[2] (Masters EX)
Anime debut Fighting Flyer with Fire
English voice actor Matthew Mitler
Japanese voice actor Akira Ishida

Falkner (Japanese: ハヤト Hayato) is the Gym Leader of Violet City's Gym, known officially as the Violet Gym. He hands out the Zephyr Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He specializes in Flying-type Pokémon.

In the core series

Falkner appears in Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, where he is the first Gym Leader players will encounter. A master of Flying-type Pokémon, Falkner runs the Violet Gym, which he inherited from his father; the Pokémon he uses in battle also formerly belonged to him. Falkner's father is reported to be traveling, but is never seen in the game.

Known as "The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon", Falkner is adored as a cool and handsome Trainer. Falkner reveres his father, and aspires to follow in his footsteps to become the greatest bird Pokémon master. Falkner uses, notably, the lowest leveled Pokémon found in any Gym in any region. In fact, his Pidgeotto is at an illegitimately low level. Once defeated in battle, he awards winners with the Zephyr Badge and a Technical Machine: TM31 (Mud-Slap) in Generation II; TM51 (Roost) in Generation IV. In each generation, his Pokémon know the respective TM; Falkner uses this move as part of his battle strategy.

Like all Gym Leaders in HeartGold and SoulSilver, Falkner ventures out of his Gym occasionally. Once the player has obtained the Soul Badge, Falkner will journey every Monday to Celadon City so he can visit the Department Store. He can be found talking with fellow Gym Leader Janine, of Fuchsia City, on the fourth floor, and will exchange Pokégear phone numbers with the player. Once this task has been completed, Falkner will travel to the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City every Saturday morning to accept a rematch with a stronger team of Pokémon. He may also participate in the Pokéathlon's Supreme Cup in the Jump Course with his Pidgeot, Swellow, and Staraptor.


Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Gym battle


Falkner IV OD.png  Jump  Course
Supreme Cup
277OD.png Swellow
018OD.png Pidgeot
398OD.png Staraptor

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament

Falkner uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles, and all six in Triple Battles. Falkner will always lead with his signature Pokémon, Pidgeot.

Johto Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders Tournament

The Battle Between Legendary Pokémon

In the side series

Pokémon Stadium 2

Falkner appears in Pokémon Stadium 2's Johto Gym Leader Castle. Unlike other Gym Leaders in this game, all of his Pokémon are of his specialist type. Notably, he even uses a Legendary Pokémon; Zapdos.

During the game's end credits, he is seen having a battle with Erika.


Round 1

Round 2

In spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Falkner (Masters)


Gold Silver Falkner.png
Headshot from
Generation II


In the core series

Spr GS Falkner.png Spr HGSS Falkner.png VSFalkner.png Spr B2W2 Falkner.png
Sprite from
Generation II
Sprite from
HeartGold and SoulSilver
VS sprite from
HeartGold and SoulSilver
Sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Falkner II OD.png Falkner IV OD.png Falkner OD.png
Overworld sprite from
Generation II
Overworld sprite from
HeartGold and SoulSilver
Overworld sprite from
Black 2 and White 2

In other games

Puzzle Challenge Falkner.png S2 Leader Falkner.pngS2 Gym Leader Falkner alt.pngS2 Gym Leader Falkner alt2.png
Portrait from
Puzzle Challenge
Portraits from
Stadium 2


Main article: Falkner/Quotes

In the anime

Main series

Falkner in the anime

Falkner appeared in Fighting Flyer with Fire. When Ash's Pikachu was stolen by Team Rocket, Falkner arrived and rescued it with the help of his Pidgeot. He flies around on a hang-glider in order to be as close to Flying Pokémon as he possibly could be. He is usually seen with his Hoothoot on his shoulder. Falkner conducts his matches on the roof of the Gym, accompanied by his many students who chant in unison during his battles.

Falkner escorted Ash and his friends to the Violet Gym after agreeing to have a match against Ash. He selected his Hoothoot, and its incredible speed helped it defeat Chikorita. Then, Pikachu was able to knock Hoothoot out of the sky and used Quick Attack to win the round. Next, Falkner selected his Dodrio, and while its speed and high jumps made for a difficult match, Pikachu's Thunderbolt overwhelmed it. Pikachu, however, was then defeated by Pidgeot. Ash then called on Charizard's assistance against Pidgeot. Falkner appeared to have the upper hand, but Ash soon saw a pattern in Pidgeot's strategy and had Charizard use Fire Spin, followed by a Seismic Toss. Ash was able to win the Zephyr Badge, despite Charizard's wing being severely injured during the match.

He reappeared in a flashback in Why? Wynaut!.


Falkner has a self-righteous attitude when it comes to Pokémon training, which angered Ash. Falkner also expressed an intense dislike for the assumption many Trainers make that Flying-type Pokémon will always lose to Electric-types, but proved to be slightly hypocritical as he criticized Ash's poor choice of using Chikorita, a Grass-type that is weak to Flying-types, in their match.

He is intense in battle and rigorously commands his Pokémon's every move, including their flight paths. He uses his Flying Pokémon's abilities to whip up strong winds, and their wings, or in Dodrio's case its long legs, to evade attacks and swoop down to attack. While he pushes his Pokémon to perform their best, Falkner also thanks them for their efforts.


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Falkner's Hoothoot
Hoothoot was the first Pokémon sent out in the Gym battle between Falkner and Ash. Hoothoot managed to defeat Ash's Chikorita with ease, but was quickly defeated once Ash brought out his Pikachu. Hoothoot was also sometimes seen outside of its Poké Ball with Falkner when not in battle.

It reappeared in a flashback in Why? Wynaut!.

Hoothoot's known moves are Tackle and Peck.

Debut Fighting Flyer with Fire
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Yūji Ueda
Falkner's Dodrio
Dodrio was the second Pokémon Falkner sent out to battle Ash's Pikachu. At first Dodrio seemed to have the upper hand. When Pikachu tried to attack, Falkner ordered Dodrio to fly - much to Ash's surprise - and Dodrio jumped high in the air. Ash then decided to use that method himself, and ordered Pikachu to dodge Dodrio's Tri Attack by jumping to the air. From above, Pikachu used Thunder, knocking out Dodrio and winning the round.

Dodrio's known moves are Agility, Fury Attack, Drill Peck, and Tri Attack.

Debut Fighting Flyer with Fire
Falkner's Pidgeot
Pidgeot appeared in Fighting Flyer with Fire. When Team Rocket tried to steal Ash's Pikachu, Falkner used Pidgeot to get Pikachu back and send them blasting off again. Falkner later used it in a Gym battle against Ash. It was able to defeat a weakened Pikachu with a single Whirlwind attack.

It was then put up against Ash's Charizard in the final round of the battle. With its impressive speed and power, Pidgeot was able to gain the upper hand and injure Charizard making it unable to fly. But with Ash's support and inspiration, Charizard was able to fly again.

Unfortunately, things still looked bad as Pidgeot used Agility to keep dodging Charizard's attacks and attack from behind. Ash luckily had Charizard turn back and use Fire Spin trapping Pidgeot. It then finished it off with Seismic Toss making Ash the victor.

It reappeared in a flashback in All That Glitters!.

Pidgeot's known moves are Whirlwind, Agility, Wing Attack, and Quick Attack.

Debut Fighting Flyer with Fire
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Megumi Hayashibara

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石田彰 Akira Ishida
English Matthew Mitler
Czech Daniel Tůma
Finnish Antti Jaakola
Italian Luca Sandri (Mediaset dub)
Massimo di Benedetto (K2 dub)
Polish Artur Krajewski
Brazilian Portuguese Alex Wendel
Spanish Latin America Eduardo Garza
Spain Pablo Sevilla


Falkner briefly appeared in GOTCHA!.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Falkner in Pokémon Adventures


Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Falkner debuts in Elekid Incorporated, where he is seen working as a part-time Police Officer. He finds Gold unconscious at Professor Elm's laboratory and blames him for the fire started on the lawn. Under the threat of arrest, Gold comes with Falkner and explains to him that the true thief was named Silver. When asked to provide a picture of Silver, Gold deliberately gives wrong information so that he can find Silver himself. Falkner offers Gold and Joey a place to stay for the night at the police station in Cherrygrove City, but Gold turns it down and runs off with Joey in tow.

Falkner reappears in Sunkern Treasure, where he is seen training while off-duty. He runs into Gold and properly introduces himself. Falkner reveals that he plans on taking the Gym Leader qualifying exam so that he can take over the Violet Gym that his father used to lead before being run into hiding. They are attacked by a wild Skarmory that Falkner had faced before, but failed to defeat. With Gold's help, Falkner manages to defeat and capture Skarmory. In Smeargle Smudge, it is revealed Falkner passed the Gym Leader exam.

Falkner as a Police Officer

In Really Raikou & Entirely Entei (Part 1) and Really Raikou & Entirely Entei (Part 2), Falkner trains his Pokémon on the outskirts of Violet City, where he encounters a poacher. They are attacked by Raikou and Entei, who Falkner assumes are challenging Gym Leaders like Suicune had been doing. Falkner initially struggles to keep up with Entei and Raikou's speed, but he manages to divert their attacks, leaving an opening for him to catch them. The thrown Poké Balls are stopped by Suicune, who had arrived to assist its comrades. The poacher suggests that Falkner give up and live to fight another day, but Falkner refuses the challenge to succeed where the other Gym Leaders failed. In a last-ditch effort, Falkner throws a multitude of Poké Balls into the air, which surround Suicune due to them being outfitted with Skarmory's shed clear feathers, turning them into boomerangs. Falkner almost hits Suicune, but Entei and Raikou return the favor by destroying the Poké Balls. Skarmory begins crashing to the ground due to its now-missing wing, but Suicune saves Falkner with a bubble and then leaves with Entei and Raikou. Falkner admits defeat and claims that he would have lost even if Suicune did not come to help Raikou and Entei. He then reveals to the poacher his job as a police officer and proceeds to arrest him for capturing Pokémon in a protected environment.

Falkner in the ninth chapter

At the Indigo Plateau, Falkner arrives with his fellow Johto Gym Leaders to participate in an exhibition tournament for the Pokémon League against the Kanto Gym Leaders. In the third round, he faces off against Janine of Fuchsia City. The Poison-type Gym Leader proves too powerful for Falkner and he is nearly defeated by her Ariados. When Janine sees what appears to be her missing father, Koga, in the audience, she forfeits the battle to search for him. When the Masked Man attacks the Pokémon League, Falkner and the other Gym Leaders combat his army of mind-controlled Team Rocket Grunts. The fight takes them to the Magnet Train, which is used as a diversion to get the Gym Leaders away from the stadium. After the Masked Man is defeated, Falkner returned to his usual duties of being a Gym Leader.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

Falkner, along with Chuck and Bugsy, is asked by Morty to guard the Ecruteak Gym from suspicious people asking to use Morty's clairvoyance. When Silver arrives to see Morty under Eusine's recommendation, the Gym Leaders mistake him for another suspicious person and stop his attempts to advance. Having no time to talk, Silver opts to battle the Gym Leaders and force his way inside. Silver's clash ends when he is revealed to be a friend of Chuck's former student, Blue. They decide to trust Silver and let him inside to meet with Morty, who had been helping Gold due to mistaking him for Silver. The meeting is cut short by the sudden appearance of Arceus, who lands in front of the Ecruteak Gym and destroys it with a single blast. Falkner, Bugsy, and Chuck are caught in the blast and knocked unconscious.

Falkner's father is Walker, who also uses boomerang Poké Balls made from Skarmory's shed feathers.


This listing is of Falkner's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Falkner's Pidgeotto
Pidgeotto is Falkner's first known Pokémon. He was first seen training with Noctowl in a field with Falkner. When a wild Skarmory kept terrorizing a group of Sunkern, Pidgeotto was used to battle against it. He was unable to beat Skarmory, as its metal body prevented Pidgeotto from finishing it off.

None of Pidgeotto's moves are known.

Debut Sunkern Treasure
Falkner's Noctowl
Noctowl is Falkner's second known Pokémon. He was first seen training with Pidgeotto in a field with Falkner. When a wild Skarmory kept terrorizing a group of Sunkern, Noctowl was used to battle against it. He was unable to beat Skarmory, as its metal body prevented Noctowl from finishing it off. At the Pokémon League, Noctowl was used to battle against Janine. He first went up against her Grimer who attempted sneak attacks with Minimize, but Noctowl exposed it with Foresight. Next, it battled against Janine's Ariados, but was heavily injured before being switched to Skarmory.

Noctowl's only known move is Foresight.

Debut Sunkern Treasure
Falkner's Skarmory
Skarmory is Falkner's third known Pokémon. It debuted as a wild Pokémon chasing after a bunch of Sunkern. Falkner battles it and with the help of Gold's Cyndaquil, Exbo, he was able to capture it. Skarmory was used in Falkner's battle against Raikou and Entei. Together, they nearly succeeded in capturing one of the Legendary Pokémon before Suicune interrupted. Skarmory fought against Suicune, only to have one of its wings shatter, causing Skarmory to plummet to the ground before being saved by Suicune's bubbles. At the Pokémon League, Skarmory was used to battle against Janine. It was used against her Ariados, but was easily captured by its web and would have lost had Janine not forfeited. Its shed feathers are used to improve Falkner's Poké Balls by combining with them to make boomerangs.

Skarmory's known moves are Swift, Agility, and Steel Wing, and its Ability is Keen Eye.

Debut Sunkern Treasure

Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys

Falkner in Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys

Falkner first appeared in Falkner The Bird Keeper's Challenge!! where Gold heard that he lived in Violet City. Gold went to Violet City to challenge Falkner. During the Gym battle, Falkner revealed that he challenged someone previously using his Pidgey and Pidgeotto. They were worn out after being defeated by his Mareep. As a result, Falkner sent out his Pidgeot to battle Gold. Gold defeated Pidgeot with Totodile's combination of Water Gun and Bite.

The Gym battle continued in The Legendary Pokémon Appears! where Gold had to deal with Falkner's Articuno who appeared once every four years. Gold had a long fight with it using Totodile, Pidgey, and Pikachu and was about to lose until Articuno flew away. Falkner stated that it fights when it wants to and leaves at will. As Articuno chose not to fight anymore, Gold was able to defeat Falkner and was rewarded the Zephyr Badge.


On hand
Falkner's Pidgeot
Falkner sent out Pidgeot as his other Pokémon were weakened from his previous challenger. It went up against Gold's Totodile and lost.

Pidgeot's only known move is Wing Attack.

Debut Falkner The Bird Keeper's Challenge!!
Falkner's Articuno
Articuno is a legendary Pokémon that appears every four years. It went up against Gold's Pikachu after it came from another time. Pikachu could not defeat Articuno alone so it got help from Totodile and Pidgey.

Articuno's known moves are Ice Beam and Blizzard.

Debut The Legendary Pokémon Appears!
Falkner's Pidgey and Pidgeotto
Pidgey and Pidgeotto
Prior to Gold's Gym battle challenge with Falkner, Falkner mentioned that he used a Pidgey and Pidgeotto against Black's team, with Pidgey fighting his Mareep. It officially appeared shadowed in Gold's flashback.

None of their moves are known.

Debut Falkner The Bird Keeper's Challenge!!

Pokémon Pocket Monsters

Falkner in Pocket Monsters HGSS
Falkner in Pokémon Pocket Monsters

Falkner first appeared in The Gym Challenges Begin!! as the first Gym Leader in Johto Red encountered. Red met him in Sprout Tower while talking to one of the Elders. He reappeared in PMHGSS05, where he had a rematch with Red during the latter's return to Johto.


Falkner's Natu
Natu is Falkner's first known Pokémon. It is usually seen on Falkner's shoulder when it is not battling. During his battle with Red at Sprout Tower, Falkner sends it out to have a battle with his Clefairy.

Natu's known moves are Leer, Teleport, Confuse Ray, and Peck.

Debut The Gym Challenges Begin!!
Falkner's Pidgeotto
Falkner's Pidgeotto appeared when Red and his Pokémon returned to Johto. It was used in Falkner's rematch against Red.

Pidgeotto's known moves are Wing Attack, Tackle, and Gust.

Debut PMHGSS05

Pocket Monsters HGSS Jō's Big Adventure

Falkner in Pocket Monsters HGSS Jō's Big Adventure

Falkner appeared in JBA1, where he challenged to a Gym battle in the Violet Gym. Jō managed to defeat Falkner, earning himself the Zephyr Badge. He reappeared in a flashback in JBA5.


Falkner's Pidgey
Falkner sent out Pidgey to battle Jō's Totodile. It wasn't long before Totodile managed to defeat Pidgey.

Pidgey's only known move is Sand-Attack.

Debut Aim to be the Strongest! The Hot-Blooded Brotherly Combination!!

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Falkner or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Falkner's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Falkner's Pidgeot Colorless       Pokémon VS Common 001/141
Falkner's Fearow Colorless Tyranitar Half Deck     Pokémon VS Common 002/141
Falkner's Farfetch'd Colorless       Pokémon VS Common 003/141
Falkner's Dodrio Colorless       Pokémon VS Common 004/141
Falkner's Togetic Colorless       Pokémon VS Common 005/141
Falkner's Delibird Colorless       Pokémon VS Common 006/141
Falkner's Skarmory Metal       Pokémon VS Rare Holo 007/141
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Falkner's TM 01 T [TM]       Pokémon VS Uncommon 103/141
Falkner's TM 02 T [TM]       Pokémon VS Uncommon 104/141



Language Name Origin
Japanese ハヤト Hayato From 隼人瓜 Hayato-uri (chayote) and 隼 hayabusa (peregrine falcon)
English Falkner From falconer, one who trains falcons to hunt
German Falk From Falke (falcon)
Spanish Pegaso From Pegaso (Pegasus)
French Albert From albatros (albatross)
Italian Valerio From volare (to fly)
Korean 비상 Bisang From 비상 (飛上) bisang (flight)
Chinese (Mandarin) 阿速 Ā Sù* From the Japanese name 速人 Hayato and 速 (quick)
隼人 Sǔnrén* From the Japanese name 集人 Hayato
Chinese (Cantonese) 阿速 A Chūk From the Japanese name 速人 Hayato and 速 chūk (quick)
Thai ฮายาโตะ Hayato Transcription of his Japanese name
Vietnamese Hayato Transcription of his Japanese name


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