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If you were looking for the city which serves as the setting for Detective Pikachu, see Ryme City.
If you were looking for the evolution of Galarian Mr. Mime, see Mr. Rime.

ライム Lime
"The MC of RIP"
Scarlet Violet Ryme.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet
Age 53+[1]
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color White
Hometown Montenevera
Region Paldea
Relatives Tyme (older sister)
Unnamed father (deceased)[2]
Unnamed grandchildren[3]
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Member of Paldea League
Rank Gym Leader
Leader of Montenevera Gym
Badge Ghost Badge
Specializes in Ghost-types
Anime series Pokémon: Paldean Winds
Debut Breathe Together
English voice actor Zuri Washington (Paldean Winds)
Japanese voice actor Subaru Kimura (Paldean Winds)

Ryme (Japanese: ライム Lime) is a Gym Leader of Montenevera's Gym, known officially as the Montenevera Gym. She specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon.

In the core series games

Ryme is the younger sister of Tyme, the math instructor of Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV, who was previously the Montenevera Gym Leader. Ryme is also a renowned hip-hop artist who often partakes in rap battles. She puts great emotions and passions into both her rapping and her Pokémon battles.[4] She has been a legendary rapper for four decades. As a teen, she wrote a song to express her grief over the death of her Puppy Pokémon. Her singing revived it as a ghost Pokémon. She is still said to "bring the dead to their feet" as the "MC of RIP" thanks to the themes of death in her rap music. It is for these reasons that she decided to become a Ghost-type Pokémon Trainer.

In addition to her Gym Badge, Ryme gives out TM114 (Shadow Ball) after defeating her.

In The Indigo Disk, Ryme can be invited to Blueberry Academy as a special coach.


Ryme is always faced in a Double Battle. She will Terastallize her Toxtricity at the first opportunity.

Gym battle

Certain actions during the Gym battle will cause the spectators to cheer for either Trainer. This causes the Pokémon from the supported side to receive stat boosts in one or more of their stats.


League Club Room

Traded to the player

Upon the third unique interaction with Ryme in the League Club Room, she will trade a Greavard to the player in exchange for almost any Pokémon excluding Shiny, Legendary, or Mythical Pokémon.

#0971  Greavard Male icon HOME.png  Paldea icon.png
Poké Ball HOME.png Level 10 0971Greavard.png
GhostIC SV.png UnknownIC SV.png
Tera Type: GhostIC Tera.png
Ability: Fluffy
Held item: None
ID: 275703
OT: Ryme
Met: a Link Trade
Nature: Jolly
/ Marks:
Partner Ribbon 
Ghost icon.pngGhost PhysicalIC SV.png
Tail Whip
Normal icon.pngNormal StatusIC SV.png
Dark icon.pngDark PhysicalIC SV.png
Normal icon.pngNormal StatusIC SV.png
Games Method Duration
SV In-game trade
This Pokémon has a fixed Scale value of 128.
This Pokémon may only be redeemed once per save file.
Date received is the date on the system when the gift is redeemed.
This Pokémon is set to the same language as the game that received it.


Core series

Sprites and models

VSRyme.png Ryme League Club Room Profile.png
VS model from
Scarlet and Violet
Special Coach profile image from
Scarlet and Violet


Ryme concept art.jpg
Scarlet and Violet settei


Ryme PW.png
Pokémon: Paldean Winds artwork


Main article: Ryme/Quotes

In the anime


Ryme in Biri-Biri

Ryme briefly appeared as a silhouette alongside the rest of Paldea Gym Leaders in the music video for Biri-Biri.

Pokémon: Paldean Winds

Ryme appeared in Breathe Together, rapping about Naranja Academy during Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma's video project. Later, she is introduced by Iono as one of Paldea's Gym Leaders during her video collaboration with the academy.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 木村昴 Subaru Kimura
English Zuri Washington
Italian Erika Sherlin
Spanish Latin America Elena Ramírez
Spain Yolanda Portillo

In the TCG

Ultra rare print of Ryme
Main article: Ryme (Obsidian Flames 194)

Ryme was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Scarlet & Violet Series (the Japanese Scarlet & Violet Era). It was first released in the Japanese Ruler of the Black Flame expansion and the English Obsidian Flames expansion, with artwork by nagimiso. An ultra rare version with artwork by the same illustrator was released in the same sets. It allows players to draw 3 cards, and then switch out their opponent's Active Pokémon to the Bench (the new Active Pokémon is chosen by the opponent).


  • Ryme's Japanese Gym Leader title is ソウルフルビート.
  • Befitting her status as a Ghost-type specialist, Ryme's front-falling ponytail resembles a skeleton's arm and her central back braid ends in a shape resembling a simplified representation of a pelvis.
  • Ryme's ace and Terastallized Pokémon being Toxtricity alludes to their shared trait of music.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ライム Lime From lime and rhyme
English Ryme From rhyme and lime
German Etta From limetta (Italian for lime)
Spanish, Italian Lima From lima (Spanish for lime) and rima (Spanish for rhyme)
French Laïm Transcription of her Japanese name
Korean 라임 Lime Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 萊姆 / 莱姆 Láimǔ From 萊姆 láimǔ (lime)
Chinese (Cantonese) 萊姆 Lòihmóuh
Indonesian Saura From sour and suara (voice)
Brazilian Portuguese Citrina From citrino (citrus)
Thai ไลม์ Lai Transcription of her Japanese name

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  1. According to "The Musician's Register" magazine in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Ryme started her rap career 40+ years ago after her Puppy Pokémon died when she was a teenager.
  2. Ryme mentions this in The Indigo Disk expansion of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.
  3. Ryme explains that she became a grandmother in The Indigo Disk.
  4. Ryme — Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Official Website

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