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If you were looking for the city which serves as the setting for Detective Pikachu, see Ryme City.
If you were looking for the evolution of Galarian Mr. Mime, see Mr. Rime.
ライム Lime
"The MC of RIP"
Scarlet Violet Ryme.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color White
Hometown Montenevera
Region Paldea
Relatives Tyme (older sister)
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Leader of Montenevera Gym
Badge Unknown Badge
Specializes in Ghost types

Ryme (Japanese: ライム Lime) is a Gym Leader of Montenevera's Gym, known officially as the Montenevera Gym. She specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon.

In the core series

Ryme is the younger sister of Tyme, the math instructor of Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV, who was previously the Montenevera Gym Leader. Ryme is also a renowned hip-hop artist who often partakes in rap battles. She puts great emotions and passions into both her rapping and her Pokémon battles.[1] She has been a legendary rapper for four decades. As a teen, she wrote a song to express her grief over the death of her puppy Pokémon. Her singing revived it as a Ghost Pokémon. She is still said to "bring the dead to their feet" as the "MC of RIP" thanks to the themes of death in her rap music. It is for these reasons that she decided to become a Ghost-type Pokémon Trainer.

In addition to her Gym Badge, Ryme gives out TM114 (Shadow Ball) after defeating her.


Gym battle

Ryme is faced in a Double Battle. Certain actions during the battle will cause the spectators to cheer for either Trainer. This causes the Pokémon from the supported side to receive stat boots in one or more of their stats.

Ryme will Terastallize her Toxtricity at the first opportunity.


Ryme will Terastallize her Toxtricity at the first opportunity.


Montenevera Gym
  • After the Gym Challenge
"What's all this noise I'm hearin'?!"
"This crowd's so loud, it could wake the dead..."
"Lemme tell ya what I wanna hear—y'all feelin' good?!"
"Thanks for the killer opener, baby! Now I'll get this started for real."
  • Before battle
"Pro cashier? Well, I'm about to check out. Musta got your rhymes on deep discount!"
"Please—you think you can step to my game? Fool, I got “rhyme” right there in my name! I'm a specter from which there is no protector, and victory unto me you will render when the crowd sees you're a mere pretender!"
"You wanna end my reign? Yeah—keep dreamin'. Buy a book of rhymes, kid, and start readin'!"
"Hold up! Where you goin'? That's all you got?! “After my next shift”? Seriously? Bars over jokes, come on!"
"That was over way too fast. It gets boring wearin' the crown if no one makes me fight to keep it."
"Hey, my opener's back! You here for a rap battle or a Gym battle?"
I'm here for a Gym battle!: :"As if I even needed to ask!"
I'm here for a rap battle!: :"Hah! You got jokes! We both know why you're REALLY here."
"You were captivated by that show I put on, huh?"
"I rap what's in my soul, baby. Weavin' words into a symphony of poetry."
"Don't try it with me—you won't last one round. I'm like Sableye: my Mean Look'll lock you down! Like that! You feel me?"
"Heh. Well, let's get to it—you're a Pokémon Trainer. So battle me, and show me who you are!"
"My music's not all that tops the charts—my skills with Ghost types are the best around!"
"Lest you forget it, the name is Ryme, and I'm known as the MC of RIP!"
"Dead or alive, let's make this a vibe!"
  • In battle
"Your youthful power's a real threat! But the party's still goin'—I haven't lost yet!"
"Kick back, relax, and enjoy this last track. Turn it up for a grave-rattlin' good time!"
"When I'm on the mic, even the dead rise up! DJ G-Rave over there's sure feelin' it!"
  • Upon using Toxtricity's Hex
"Put your SOUL into it, Toxtricity! Let's bring the power!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Givin' up the ghost's not really my style. I'll let you have this one, though, baby."
  • After being defeated
"Hah! Great battle—chilling AND thrilling!"
"You've got spirit, kid. You earned my Gym Badge, all right!"
"And how about a VIP pass for my next show, too?"
"With <number of Badges> Gym Badge/Badges, it'll be easier to catch Pokémon of up to Lv. <level>, and they'll listen to what you have to say, too!" (If the player has less than eight Badges)
"With 8 Gym Badges, you'll be able to catch Pokémon of any level, and they'll be sure to listen to what you have to say, too!" (If the player has eight Badges)
"I'm feelin' so good that I think I'm also gonna let you have this!"
"Too bad it's over! Make your way back to my stage sometime. Maybe next time, we rap battle instead. Who knows?"
"I'm sure you've got some scary-good adventures ahead. I'll be cheerin' for ya! Later!"
"Well, if it isn't my little challenger, <player>!"
"What brings you back here, baby? Finally ready for that rap battle?"
I'm here for the Gym inspection!: "Hold on. You're telling me La Primera sent YOU to check on my Gym?!"
Yeah! A rap battle sounds great!: "Hah! So you're a Champion Rank comedian too!"
"So instead of her, I get you..."
"She sent a rookie Champion instead of comin' out here herself?"
"Doesn't she know who I am?"
"Sorry, I got heated there. Don't worry, though—you aren't the one who struck that nerve."
"Oh well. I was just thinkin' I'd like to see you again anyway. Guess this is just how fate has it!"
"If we're doin' this, let's do it. Ready to show me how strong all those adventures made you?"
Yes: "Now THAT's the spirit! C'mon, let's put on a killer show!"
No: "No? Then what'd you come here for? Come back when you're ready to go!"
If talked to again after selecting No: "You ready to show me how strong you are now, <player>?"
Montenevera Gym rematch
  • Before battle
"It feels like just yesterday that you were here for your Gym test."
"Now you're all Championed up and out doin' errands for La Primera herself!"
"Tell ya somethin': You get to be my age? Time starts passin' you by fast."
"But that sentimental style's not worth my while! Time to kick a rhyme and hit the flow—let's go!"
"My spirit's burnin'—yearnin' to get this battle churnin'! You best be ready to begin!"
"Our little Champion is comin' into his/her own..."
"Come on, baby! Rattle me down to the bone!"
  • In battle
"C'mon, rookie! Show me you deserve to be called a Champion!"
"This ghostly change'll turn your highs to lows! The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows!"
  • Upon using Toxtricity's Hex
"You think I'm down and out? I'm about to turn your world upside-down!"
  • Upon being defeated
"You're cool, my friend—you move my SOUL!"
  • After being defeated
"Hahaha! Wasn't expectin' you to rattle me THAT much!"
"You caught me off guard just like Shadow Sneak!"
"Sorry for callin' you a rookie. Hope we're good."
"I just wanted to prove the strength of Ghost types to Geeta, but I guess I got carried away."
"You're the real deal, my friend. I can guarantee that."
"From here on out, Ryme's got your back."
"If you run into any vexin' trainers or hexin' specters, you just give me a call."
"Now you go enjoy this big, wide world to the fullest, you hear me? Later, baby!"



  • Ryme's Japanese Gym Leader title is ソウルフルビート.
  • Befitting her status as a Ghost-type specialist, Ryme's front-falling ponytail resembles a skeleton's arm and her central back braid ends in a shape resembling a simplified representation of a pelvis.
  • The fact that Ryme's ace and Terastallized Pokémon is Toxtricity alludes to their shared trait of music.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ライム Lime From lime and rhyme
English Ryme From rhyme and lime
German Etta From limetta (Italian for lime)
Spanish, Italian Lima From lima (Spanish for lime) and rima (Spanish for rhyme)
French Laïm Transcription of her Japanese name
Korean 라임 Lime Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 萊姆 / 莱姆 Láimǔ From 萊姆 láimǔ (lime)
Chinese (Cantonese) 萊姆 Lòihmóuh

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