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This article is about the movie. For the manga, see Jirachi: Wish Maker (manga).

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Jirachi: Wish Maker
七夜の願い星 ジラーチ Wishing Star of the Seven Nights: Jirachi
M06 Poster.png
Japan July 19, 2003
United States June 1, 2004*
Home video
Japan December 19, 2003
United States June 1, 2004*
English themes
Opening None
Ending Make a Wish
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending 小さきもの
United States Unrated
Great Britain U
Ireland G
Canada PG
Quebec G
Japan G
Germany 6
Australia G
New Zealand G

Pokémon: Jirachi: Wish Maker (Japanese: 劇場版ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション 七夜願い星 ジラーチ Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation the Movie - Wishing Star of the Seven Nights: Jirachi; officially known as Wishing Star of the Seven Nights in Japan) is the first Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire movie, and sixth of all Pokémon movies.

It was first shown in Japanese theaters on July 19, 2003. It was released on video and DVD for North American audiences on June 1, 2004. The film was not released on DVD in Australia until 2016.

Pokémon: Jirachi: Wish Maker was shown with the Pikachu short Gotta Dance!.

Other posters and DVD covers

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


The Millennium Comet is about to make its long-awaited appearance in the sky again, supposedly granting the wishes of all those who see it in the skies above them. Of course, Ash and friends are equally interested in the Millennium Festival, especially when they attend a magic performance by the Great Butler. Even more interesting is the mysterious cocoon in Butler’s possession—from which Max hears a mysterious voice calling! When Jirachi emerges from its slumber, Max has a new friend—sadly, it’s only for the brief few days that the Millennium Comet appears in the sky.

Max is anxious to make the most of his time with his new friend, but the Great Butler has his own plans for Jirachi, which are not so friendly. He wants to revive the Legendary Groudon, and Jirachi just might be able to grant that wish.

Can Max, Ash, May, and Brock stop Butler and save Jirachi before Groudon reappears to reign destruction over the land?


Once every thousand years, the Millennium Comet is visible from earth for only seven nights, and now the time for it to appear among the stars has arrived again. Ash and his friends arrive at the location where a festival is due to be held to celebrate the comet's arrival. However, despite Brock's guidebook guiding them to the correct spot, there's no sign of a festival or even anything but open plains. As it's late at night, everyone decides to get some sleep and resume the search the next morning.

During the night, Pikachu, shortly followed by Ash, is awakened by the sound of trucks in the distance. Soon, the entire gang has been stirred from their sleep by the sudden commotion and goes to investigate. The group watches in excitement as an amusement park is constructed by a crew of workers right before their very eyes. Suddenly, in an open area, two vehicles appear. A purple-haired man exits one of the vehicles carrying a trunk, which he sets on the ground before producing a wand. He taps the trunk with the wand, and it opens and starts releasing pink balloons, which he hits away with the wand, sending the balloons bouncing. A woman appears with two fans in her hands and swats the balloons in the opposite direction. The balloons form a circle and pop, each seemingly containing a wooden stand within. As if by magic, a huge tent slowly starts to take shape, leaving the group staring in amazement. Soon, the festival begins.

Day One of the Millennium Comet

The day is spent by the gang enjoying the various rides and attractions of the Millennium Festival. Team Rocket are naturally nearby, but they don't have time to enjoy themselves as they've been put to work handing out flyers to everyone to announce "The Great Butler's Magic Show" while disguised as clowns. Ash picks up one of the flyers, and Max notices that the flyer features the magician they saw last night, creating the tent. The gang decides to check the show out, thinking that if he can do a magic show as well as he can create a tent, then they're in for a treat.

Soon, the gang is watching the show, and it's turning out to be even better than expected. After creating a flock of Swablu out of thin air, Butler, the purple-haired magician, puts his white hat on an empty table and taps it with his wand before lifting it up to reveal a Kirlia underneath. A Mightyena comes and takes the hat from Butler as he prepares for another trick. Butler seals Kirlia in a box, puts a red cloth over it, and sets it ablaze. From the smoke appears Diane, Butler's assistant, carrying a crystal. Brock enthusiastically applauds the trick. Glowing rays come out of the crystal, and Max suddenly hears a voice. The voice tells him that it is sealed inside the crystal. Max rushes to the stage, followed by Ash. Max tells Butler that he heard a voice from the crystal. Butler claims their arrival was in impeccable timing for his next trick, the Burning Box. Jessie and James, still disguised as clowns, roll out the box and put Ash and Max in it, while Butler summons Dusclops. Butler tells the audience that Ash, Max, and Pikachu are fellow magicians and will escape the box in ten seconds before his Dusclops destroys it with Hyper Beam. Butler begins to countdown from ten, and the entire audience is on tenterhooks, especially May and Brock. Finishing the countdown, Butler orders Dusclops to use Hyper Beam. Dusclops fires at the box, but before it hits, Ash and Max fall through the floor and are transported by a machine underneath the stage back to the entrance of the dome. Butler asks the crowd to give a round of applause to Ash and Max as spotlights are placed on the two. Ash laps up the applause, while Max isn't sure what to do. May wonders if Ash and Max will tell her how they did the trick, while all Brock is hoping for is that he gets introduced to Diane.

Ash is still waving to the crowd when Team Rocket, suspended from a balloon, grabs Pikachu off his back and puts him in an electricity-proof container while also removing their disguises. Ash demands Pikachu back, but Team Rocket claim they’ve prepared a trick of their own: they're going to make Pikachu and all the other Pokémon disappear, as Kirlia and Mightyena are shown captured in a net having also been nabbed. Meowth, having been waiting on the side, opens the roof and then joins his teammates as they make their getaway. Ash goes to send out one of his Pokémon; however, Butler stops him as he has one more trick up his sleeve. He orders Dusclops to use Will-O-Wisp, which sends Pikachu flying back to Ash, who decides to do an encore by having Pikachu fire a trusty Thunderbolt, giving the trio quite the shock and releasing Butler's Pokémon. Butler has Dusclops finish things off with Night Shade, which sends Team Rocket blasting off again. The audience applauds loudly, and May notes that the audience thinks Team Rocket were part of the act. Max is relieved everything worked out but is still curious about Butler's crystal.

After the show, Max asks Butler and Diane about the crystal, and they respond by saying the crystal contains a Pokémon named Jirachi. Butler tells everyone that Jirachi only awakens once every 1000 years, and is sleeping inside the crystal, which acts like a cocoon. To wake up Jirachi, the crystal needs two things; the Millennium Comet to be visible in the night sky and a best friend chosen by destiny. Max happens to be the chosen one, so Butler gives him the crystal. As the comet is due to appear in the sky that night it seems Max's new friend will awaken soon.

May's wishmaker

At twilight, May buys a wishmaker, a sacred item that can grant one wish when its panels are closed while facing the comet. The stallholder, Bogie, tells May that she has to close a flap on the wishmaker every night the comet is in the sky to make her wish come true. Soon, fireworks are going off to celebrate the arrival of the comet, with many of the fireworks taking the form of Pokémon. Afterward, the fair closes down for the night.

Ash, May, and Brock talk about how the world can change in a thousand years as the clouds begin to part, revealing the Millennium Comet glowing magnificently in the night sky. Soon Max is asleep with the crystal in his arms. May starts singing her mother's lullaby. As Max sleeps, the crystal starts to glow, waking him up. A voice once again emanates from the crystal, this time with the entire group hearing it. Close by, another creature has sensed Jirachi's reawakening. It is Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. It takes off towards the festival, heading for Jirachi. The crystal floats into the air, a mysterious light surrounds it, and Jirachi appears. Everyone introduces themselves to a newly awakened Jirachi. Diane comes running over to the group, and Max tells her that the prophecy was true. Diane says that she’ll go tell Butler and welcomes the group to camp out in their bus for the night. Inside, Max asks Jirachi if it really can grant wishes and wishes for candy. At first, nothing appears to have happened, so everyone believes that Jirachi can't actually grant wishes. Then Ash points out a bag of potato chips on Max's lap. More and more snacks start to appear, filling the whole bus until the quantity becomes so great that it causes the back doors of the bus to burst open. Diane and Butler rush over to see what has happened. Max tells them he wished for candy, and Jirachi granted his wish. Diane picks up some cheese puffs, looks at them, and says they’re the same from the snack bar whose merchandise has vanished. Butler explains that Jirachi didn't create the treats; it teleported them away. May gets irate and blames Max for this. Ashamed, he asks what he and Jirachi should do. Brock suggests teleporting the food back to the store. If Jirachi was able to get the candies from the store, it should also be able to teleport them back there. May yells at Jirachi to "get rid of the problem." Jirachi complies, but from its point of view, "the problem" to get rid of is May, not the snacks. As such, it teleports May into the stockpile of snacks before proceeding to fall asleep, leaving the others to take the candies back to the store themselves.

Day Two of the Millennium Comet

The sun rises on a brand new day as Max eagerly waits for Jirachi to wake up, which it soon does, and in no time is happily flying around Butler's van. With Team Rocket having left Butler's employment, Ash and Brock are now his new clowns. Max goes to the amusement park with Jirachi, and the two have fun together the whole day. At twilight, Absol is seen running up a cliff overlooking the park. May is then shown wheeling a lighting rig to another part of the circus, but it hits a piece of wood and starts to fall. She asks for Max's help; however, Jirachi is far more interested in playing than helping and steals Max's glasses and starts a game of chase, resulting in both May and the lighting rig taking a tumble. After Max catches Jirachi, he hears an eerie sound coming from a mirror. The mirror breaks, revealing Absol. Butler recognizes Absol, a Pokémon that is known to appear just before a disaster. Absol runs after Max and Jirachi. May, seeing her brother in danger, summons Torchic and orders an Ember, but the attack is far too weak, and Absol just shakes it off. Ash sends in Pikachu, telling him to use Thunderbolt, which succeeds in hurting Absol, sending it flying back, but also making it even angrier. Jirachi tells Max that Absol is here for it and then teleports Pikachu and Torchic away. The two reappear outside, just above the tent, and fall, landing softly on its roof. Now nothing is protecting Max and Jirachi; however, Absol changes targets and starts to rush towards the rest of the gang when Butler opens a booby trap that it falls into. Absol, now trapped in a cage, is raised back up to the stage and put to sleep with a Hypnosis from Butler's Kirlia. Max tries to question Jirachi about Absol, but the ordeal has left it exhausted, and it falls asleep.

At night, May sits on a rock while everybody else is sleeping and folds the second panel of her wishmaker. She notices Butler heading back towards the tent with something in his hands. It is revealed to be Jirachi, whom Butler sets down on a machine. Diane tries to talk Butler out of what he is about to do, but he brushes her concerns off, claiming he knows what he’s doing. Butler presses a button, activating the machine, which releases some sort of energy wave that suppresses Jirachi's movements. Butler reveals his intentions to use Jirachi's "true eye" to create Groudon and get his revenge on Team Magma, who had once fired him and made a mockery of his work when his invention failed to create the Continent Pokémon before the Team Magma Council, ignoring his pleas that he just needed a stronger energy source to complete the process. Now having the energy source he desired at his fingertips, he instructs Jirachi to open its true eye and absorb the Millennium Comets power. Jirachi refuses to do so; however, Butler informs it that it doesn't have a choice and orders his Dusclops to use Psychic to force the matter. Jirachi writhers in pain as Absol, still trapped in the cage, tries fruitlessly to escape and come to its aid. Back at the bus, May wakes Ash and the others up to inform them that Jirachi is gone, which causes Max to frantically start looking for his friend. Still being tortured by Dusclops, Jirachi's eye is finally forced open and fires a beam up towards the comet, which is spotted by the gang. The comet reflects the beam back towards Jirachi, obliterating Butler's machine in the process and leaving Jirachi severely injured on the ground. Ash and his friends are horrified, and Max rushes to Jirachi's side. Butler marvels at the power that was just on display, as Max angrily demands to know what he'd done to Jirachi. Butler assures Max that he'll take care of it, but Max refuses to hand Jirachi over to him. Diane makes another attempt to reason with Butler to stop what he's doing. He insists that what he is doing is for her; however, Diane rejects this, leaving him stunned. He then spots Max attempting to run away with Jirachi and orders Dusclops to stop him, but Pikachu intervenes. Jirachi tells Max its wish to return home to Forina. Before Max can inquire more, May grabs him by the arm, and the siblings make their escape with Jirachi and the others, including Diane. Breaking free of its cage, Absol fires an attack at Butler and Dusclops to prevent them from halting the get-away. As the group drives away in the bus, Butler sends out Mightyena in pursuit, who manages to stick a tracker under the bus. Inside the bus, Diane explains to the gang Butler's backstory, plan, and what factor Jirachi plays in all of it. Everyone decides that taking Jirachi back to Forina is the best solution, as they drive off into the night. Meanwhile, Butler tracks their movements and prepares to pursue them, ejecting an aircraft-like device from his van.

Day Three of the Millennium Comet

The bus traverses over some bumpy terrain, which causes Ash to fall out of his seat, much to the amusement of May, Max and Jirachi. Outside, the rattling of the bus causes Butler's tracker to detach from the vehicle's underside. When night falls, May closes the third panel of her wishmaker, while Brock is busy cooking a meal for everybody. May joins Diane inside the bus, where the latter begins to discuss her history with Butler. The pair were childhood friends, where Butler would often perform magic shows for Diane. Diane says that it's been a long time since she's seen Butler laugh the way he used to. She hopes that once the comet leaves, the real Butler will return and they can move on with their lives. Back outside, Absol watches over Jirachi from afar.

Day Four of the Millennium Comet

The day is spent continuing the drive to Forina. Along the way, the bus gets stuck in the mud, so Ash and the others help to push it out. Afterwards, everyone is covered in mud, and they all laugh. At night, May folds the fourth panel of her wishmaker, while Ash and Max have fun skipping stones on the lake.

Day Five of the Millennium Comet

Once again, the day is spent mostly driving. Jirachi is enjoying the view from inside the bus when it notices that Max seems sad. That night, May folds the fifth panel of her wishmaker. Suddenly, Max appears and snaps at her for doing so, as it is a reminder that he has only two days left with Jirachi. He runs off in distress, and Ash follows to talk to him. Ash assures Max that really good friends never truly leave, telling him that he recently separated from one of his best friends, and although he misses her a lot, he knows that she's still with him in spirit. Max cheers up, knowing that he and Jirachi will remain friends forever, even when separated.

Day Six of the Millennium Comet

The group finally arrives at Forina, Jirachi's homeland. The area is occupied by various other Pokémon, such as Altaria, Tropius, Vibrava, and Nuzleaf. Jirachi asks if the others like its home, and they assure it that they do. As the night casts itself over Forina, May folds the sixth panel of her wishmaker while Max and Jirachi partake in a game of tug-of-war. May tells Max that it's time for him to go to sleep, as tomorrow is a big day. Max whines to his sister that he wants to stay up and play with Jirachi, reasoning that he probably won't be able to sleep anyway with tomorrow being his last day with Jirachi. Ultimately, he gives in and lays down with Jirachi, but the pair secretly plot to wait for everyone else to fall asleep so that they can continue to play together. Their plan fails, however, as the two are lulled to sleep by May's lullaby. 

Day Seven of the Millennium Comet

The group is walking along a trail when they come across Absol standing in their path. Absol urges them to follow it as it leads them to a cave—the same cave Jirachi had previously laid in slumber for 1000 years. They reach a skylight in the cave, where there is a perfect view of the comet. An entranced Jirachi starts to float towards it but is grabbed by Max, who embraces it and cries that he doesn't want Jirachi to go. Jirachi tells Max that it must leave and once again heads towards the skylight. Jirachi prepares to open its true eye and absorb the energy from the comet when all of a sudden spikes burst out of the wall, firing purple energy beams at and capturing Jirachi. Having been waiting for the gang, Butler appears ready to perform his final trick—bringing Groudon to life. Just like before, Butler sets Jirachi into his machine and activates it. Jirachi's true eye fires an energy beam towards the comet, which reflects it back down towards Jirachi. This time, the machine is able to withstand the power, absorbing it and firing it back out through a set of three spikes that appear from the bottom of Butler's platform. The energy fired from those spikes begins etching a Groudon pattern into the ground. Ash and the others, who've been trapped by the same purple energy beams that captured Jirachi, try to use Pikachu's Thunderbolt to break out, but to no success. Absol and a wild Flygon rush onto the scene and destroy the spikes firing the purple beams, freeing everyone. Wasting no time, Ash and Max hop on the back of Flygon and fly off to save Jirachi. In an effort to foil their rescue attempt, Butler sends out Salamence, hops on its back, and gives chase to the pair. Ash devises a plan to have Max and Pikachu rescue Jirachi, while he and Flygon keep Butler distracted. With Butler out of the way, Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt at the machine, short-circuiting it and freeing Jirachi, whom Max catches in his arms. Ash, Max, Pikachu, and Jirachi fly back and reunite with the others, where May embraces her brother, having been worried for his safety.

Brock and May trapped in Meta Groudon

Suddenly, the ground starts to rumble as a mass starts to arise from the area where the Groudon pattern had been etched using the energy Jirachi received from the comet. Butler watches on in satisfaction as the ground mass starts to form into what appears to be Groudon itself. To everyone's surprise, including Butler's, the being that forms is not a real Groudon, but rather a corrupted version of the Legendary Pokémon. Meta Groudon starts sucking energy from the earth, causing the surrounding nature of Forina to decay. Absol attacks the creature, hoping to put a stop to it, but it instead gets engulfed by slimy blue-green tentacles released from Meta Groudon's claws. Meta Groudon then releases a bunch of tentacles from the various spikes on its body and starts absorbing all the fleeing Pokémon in the area with them. Butler joins the others as they all watch in horror at the mayhem his creation is unleashing. Overhead, Team Rocket arrives just as Meta Groudon is chasing a flock of Altaria with the tentacles, and they get captured as well. A shot of Meta Groudon's stomach shows that Team Rocket, Absol, and all the Pokémon it has captured have been absorbed into its body. As more and more Pokémon get sucked up, Butler bemoans that this is not the Groudon he wanted and that this Groudon is nothing but pure evil. While in his state of disbelief, one of Meta Groudon's tentacles shoots out towards Butler; however, before it can grab him, Diane pushes him out of the way and gets absorbed by the beast instead. Butler is unable to grieve the loss as more tentacles fire towards him as well as Ash and his friends. As they run to get away, May and Brock get captured and consumed by Meta Groudon. Ash, Max, Pikachu, and Jirachi also get caught, but Jirachi is able to teleport them to safety. Angered, Meta Groudon continues to pursue them, but this time Butler, on his Salamence, comes to their aid and informs them that Meta Groudon is after Jirachi's energy. Flygon also comes to assist them, once again providing them with its flying abilities. While in flight, Butler relays to Ash and Max how he believes they can stop Meta Groudon, stating that putting Jirachi back in his machine and reversing the polarity should allow Jirachi to absorb all the creatures energy. Ash and Max are hesitant to trust him, but after some convincing from Jirachi they decide to give him a second chance. Ash and Max fly around with Jirachi to distract Meta Groudon, while Butler goes to work on resetting up his machine. In his haste, Butler accidentally drops the fossilized Groudon shard necessary for his machine, and it rolls off the platform; however, Ash flies by with Flygon to catch it just in the nick of time. With the shard recovered, Butler is able to finish the preparations for his machine. Jirachi places itself upon the machine, but before Butler can activate it, a rumbling of the platform sends Butler tumbling over the edge. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Ash pulls the switch and activates the machine himself. Right away, the effects of the machine start to anger Meta Groudon, and it launches a tentacle towards Jirachi; however, Butler shields it before it makes contact and gets absorbed instead. Still angry, Meta Groudon starts to pour a gooey substance from its body over the entire machine, but at that moment, Jirachi starts glowing. Meta Groudon slowly gets dragged by a meteor of white light made by Jirachi toward the Millennium Comet and explodes in a firework fashion.

As drops of light rain down over Forina, all of the Pokémon and humans who'd been consumed by Meta Groudon begin to reappear. Jirachi, shining like a star, descends from the sky and approaches Ash and the reunited gang. After an embrace, Jirachi asks Max if he'll grant it one final wish: the lullaby. Everyone starts singing it as Jirachi returns to its crystal cocoon state and sinks into the earth. Everybody wishes Jirachi good night and sweet dreams, while an emotional Max tells Jirachi that it'll always be with him in his heart.

The End of the Millennium Comet

The next morning, Butler and Diane announce that they have decided to stay in Forina, having realized that the only important thing is that they are together. They offer the group a ride back to town. Brock reminds May of her wishmaker and in panic she takes it out only to see that, to her disappointment, she didn't fold the seventh flap. However, she says it doesn't matter after all, because we all have to make our own dreams come true anyway. Ash agrees, saying that by wishing for a dream to come true, one would lose the fun that comes with pursuing the dream. As the group leaves, Jirachi communicates to Max using telepathy, saying that they will always stay best friends forever.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the history page.




English dub debuts




Meta Groudon, a manifestation of evil desire


Ash Veronica Taylor Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
May Veronica Taylor Haruka KAORI. ハルカ KAORI.
Brock Eric Stuart Takeshi Yūji Ueda タケシ うえだ ゆうじ
Max Amy Birnbaum Masato Fushigi Yamada マサト 山田ふしぎ
Jessie Rachael Lillis Musashi Megumi Hayashibara ムサシ 林原めぐみ
James Eric Stuart Kojirō Shin-ichiro Miki コジロウ 三木眞一郎
Meowth Maddie Blaustein Nyarth Inuko Inuyama ニャース 犬山イヌコ
Wobbuffet Kayzie Rogers Sonans Yūji Ueda ソーナンス うえだ ゆうじ
Narration Mike Pollock Narration Unshō Ishizuka ナレーション 石塚運昇
Special appearances by
Butler Wayne Grayson Butler Kōichi Yamadera バトラー 山寺宏一
Diane Megan Hollingshead Diane Riho Makise ダイアン 牧瀬里穂
Bogie Eric Stuart Bogie Papaya Suzuki ボギー パパイヤ鈴木
Jirachi Kerry Williams Jirachi Tomiko Suzuki ジラーチ 鈴木富子
Absol Eric Stuart Absol Megumi Hayashibara アブソル 林原めぐみ
Flygon Shin-ichiro Miki Flygon Shin-ichiro Miki フライゴン 三木眞一郎


Main article: Wishing Star of the Seven Nights: Jirachi Music Collection

Manga adaptation

Main article: Jirachi: Wish Maker (manga)


  • This movie was released between AG034 and AG035 in Japan. However, it chronologically takes place sometime after AG036, as Ash and his friends hadn't left Slateport City yet.
  • The prologue for this movie shows some of the main Legendary and Mythical Pokémon from the first five movies: Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, Celebi, Latios, and Latias, as well as Ho-Oh. However, Mew, the legendary birds, and Suicune are absent.
  • This is the first Pokémon movie:
    • To go directly to home video for its American release.
    • To not feature the season's theme song during the opening credits.
    • In which a villainous team other than Team Rocket makes an appearance.
    • To distribute Mythical Pokémon as event Pokémon rather than just feature them.
    • To feature May, and Max as Ash’s traveling companions.
    • Not to feature Misty as a part of Ash’s traveling group, however she is indirectly mentioned by Ash during the movie.
  • The ending song, Make a Wish, is the first time that the English dub left the Japanese ending theme in. It was also combined with English lyrics performed by Cindy Mizelle.
    • May's singing voice is also retained in the dub.
  • The clown outfits that Jessie, James, and Meowth wear in the movie are later reused in DP010.
  • This movie is referenced in Pokémon Colosseum by way of a Trainer named Rider Zalla who owns a Jirachi (the star), Flygon, Absol (wild Pokémon befriended during the movie), Kirlia, Mightyena, and a Dusclops (Pokémon belonging to Butler). She can be found as the 77th Trainer on Battle Mode's Single Battle on Mt. Battle.
    • Also, in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the two Ace Trainers that appear on the southernmost part of Route 229 have their teams based on those of Butler and Diane. In fact, in the Japanese version, they have the same names as them, but the English translation team did not notice the relation to the movie characters.
  • May's rival Drew eventually obtains an Absol and Flygon, two of the main non-Legendary Pokémon of the movie.
  • Throughout Tropius's appearances, instead of using its actual anime cry, it uses the same "slurp" noise from when it was eating fruit.
  • Even though Treecko and Mudkip appear on the box cover, they never even appear in the main story of the movie. In fact, out of all the main characters' Pokémon, Pikachu and Torchic were the only two to appear, with two exceptions outside of the main plot, the opening sequence when Treecko, Mudkip, and the main characters' other Pokémon do appear while eating and the ending beach scene. They do both, however, appear in fireworks in the movie.
  • When traveling to Forina, an instrumental version of Advance Adventure is played in the background and on the DVD main menu.
  • This is the last Pokémon movie released to UK DVD until The Rise of Darkrai years later.
  • This is the only Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire movie in which a Generation IV Pokémon does not appear.
  • This was the last movie that Tomiko Suzuki (Voice of Jirachi) lent her voice. Tomiko died of a heart attack a week and a half before the theatrical release.
  • While the previous two movies kept the original Japanese background music for the main feature, this is the first movie to keep the title sequence music in the English dub.
  • This movie aired for the first time in Italy on March 16, 2012, almost 8 years after the American release. It has been the last Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire movie to air, and so far it is the movie that aired with the longest gap.
  • During the ending credits, several constellations appear. The constellations are used as the frame for various Pokémon alluding to their real-world counterparts' names and mythology:
  • There were unusual changes made in several dubs for this movie and Destiny Deoxys, leaving many fans intrigued by the reasons:
    • In Latin America, both movies were dubbed in Argentina (the usual dubbing is located in Mexico), by an entirely different voice cast and were aired only in some local channels.
      • The voice cast also changed completely in the Dutch and Finnish dubs (in Finland, the same cast was also in the fifth movie).
    • In Spain, the two movies were not dubbed at all.
  • Until Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice nearly a decade later, this was the last Pokémon movie to air a Pikachu short alongside the movie.
  • The last Pokémon movie on VHS to use clamshell packaging.
  • The last Pokémon movie by 4Kids to have Megan Hollingshead as a part of the cast.
  • The last Pokémon movie to feature a dubbed Pikachu short in the United States, as the next movie would not feature a short.
  • This is the last Pokémon movie to use a different CGI title sequence for the Japanese and dubbed versions, as well as the first movie where title sequence fanfare is the same in both versions.


Original German cover art
  • When Ash and his friends start running to the cliff overlooking the festival, Brock has his guidebook in his right hand, but when they reach the cliff, it is in his left.
    • Shortly after, it disappears.
  • When May sits down with Max while he is sleeping with the crystal, Brock's sleeves are given an orange lining.
  • Jirachi uses Teleport, a move that it cannot legally learn.
  • When Ash tells Flygon to watch out, Salamence's lower jaw is colored blue instead of gray. This also happens after Ash tells Pikachu and Max to free Jirachi.
  • In the English dub, during the magic show, Butler calls for his Dusclops to use an attack called "Capitata", while in the Japanese version, Butler says 'Onibi!' which is Will-O-Wisp's official Japanese name. It is unknown how the name "Capitata" got into the script or final product, but it seems that every dub used 'Capitata!' rather than Will-O-Wisp.
  • The original German DVD cover used the art and logo from Destiny Deoxys, but this has since been fixed.

Dub edits

  • In the beginning, Ash says the person who last comes up the hill is a Slowpoke (May calls Max a Slowbro). However, in most translations from English, the joke was eliminated, replacing "slow" to each language's response.
  • In the English dub, when Ash is talking with Max, he talks about friendship and makes a reference to Misty, though not by name. In the original Japanese version, Ash says to Max that a thousand years for Jirachi and its comet could be just an instant and it wouldn't be the same traveling with him. He remarks that he's not able to explain the thing very clearly.
  • In the Brazilian dub, Jirachi is referred to as female rather than male, even being voiced by a female.
  • In the English dub, Japanese text is removed from the magic show posters.
  • In the English dub, Team Rocket doesn't want Jirachi to teleport away before they make their wish. In the original Japanese version, they simply wish for promotions.
  • In the English dub, Ash is the one who identifies Absol when it attacks. In the original Japanese version, Brock is the one who identifies Absol.
  • In the English dub, Katsuyuki Konishi's voice for Salamence is completely removed, and it instead makes generic dinosaur noises by Frank Welker.

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