Goh's Cinderace

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Goh's Cinderace
ゴウのエースバーン Go's Aceburn
Poké Ball
Goh Cinderace.png
Goh's Cinderace
Debuts in Settling the Scorbunny!
Caught in Mind-Boggling Dynamax!
Caught at Wild Area
Evolves in Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow!
Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Goh
This Pokémon spent 13 episodes as Scorbunny and 28 episodes as Raboot.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Scorbunny Megumi Hayashibara Casey Mongillo
As Raboot Megumi Hayashibara Casey Mongillo
As Cinderace Megumi Hayashibara Casey Mongillo

Goh's Cinderace (Japanese: ゴウのエースバーン Go's Aceburn) is a Pokémon owned by Goh, and the first Pokémon he caught.

In the anime


As a wild Pokémon

In its debut appearance, as a wild Scorbunny

In the past, as a Scorbunny, Cinderace joined a trio of Nickit living in the alleys of Wyndon. It teamed up with them to steal food for living. In order to blend in with them better, it covered itself in dirt.

Scorbunny debuted in Settling the Scorbunny!, where it and its Nickit friends stole Ash's Bag, which contained scones he and Goh had bought. Goh later lied to protect Scorbunny from the scone seller, claiming Scorbunny was his Pokémon, though the scone seller immediately saw through his lies. After learning about Scorbunny's history, Goh told it that it should try to explore the world beyond Wyndon. When Ash and Goh rushed to catch their train to the Wild Area, the Nickit carried Scorbunny to the train station and tossed it into the train. At first, Scorbunny was hesitant, but when the Nickit assured it that they could take care of themselves now, it happily bid them farewell, before rubbing the dirt off of its body.

In Mind-Boggling Dynamax!, Scorbunny tried to catch Goh's attention aboard the train, but failed. When Goh and Ash left the train at their stop, Scorbunny accidentally stayed on board before realizing what had happened, and was forced to jump from the moving train later on and try to catch up to Goh by foot. After many hardships, it finally reached Goh and Ash and managed to catch their attention while they were examining a Snorlax. Scorbunny expressed its willingness to become Goh's Pokémon, but Goh said that he had already decided to make Mew his first Pokémon. Suddenly, the Snorlax they had been examining Gigantamaxed and blocked a nearby train track in the process. With Scorbunny's help, Goh and Ash were able to make Snorlax move and prevent an incoming train from hitting it. Impressed by Scorbunny's abilities, Goh decided to make it his first Pokémon instead of Mew. Although Goh's Poké Ball throw missed, Scorbunny hit it on its own and was successfully caught. When Goh and Ash returned to the Cerise Laboratory, Professor Cerise was surprised to see Goh having caught a Pokémon.

With Goh

Cinderace and Goh

In Serving Up the Flute Cup!, Goh used Scorbunny in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup. It went up against Hodge, who had just defeated Goh's Scyther with his Mightyena. Like Scyther before it, Scorbunny was quickly defeated, thus eliminating Goh from the tournament.

In Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow!, after being taunted by Goh's Darmanitan, Scorbunny tried to use Ember, only to fail. While Goh thought Scorbunny's current moveset was enough, Scorbunny was determined to master the Fire-type move. During a battle against Team Rocket, Scorbunny disobeyed Goh's order to use Double Kick and instead tried to use Ember, but failed once again, leading to its defeat at the hands of Team Rocket's Chewtle. When Goh later criticized Scorbunny for trying too hard, it ran off to train on its own. When Goh and Ash found it, it ran away again but accidentally bumped into Team Rocket. During the ensuing battle, Goh, having finally understood Scorbunny's passion to learn Ember, taught it how to use the move by kicking a pebble with heated-up feet. This worked, and in celebrating its newly mastered move, Scorbunny evolved into Raboot and proceeded to send Team Rocket blasting off again. However, instead of celebrating the victory with Goh, Raboot simply walked away from him.

In Goodbye, Friend!, while in Littleroot Town, Raboot stopped a pair of Zigzagoon from stealing Ash's backpack. During their stay, Goh noticed that Raboot had been sneaking out at night, prompting him and Ash to follow it. They discovered that Raboot befriended the Zigzagoon as well as a Lombre and had been spending the nights giving them dance lessons. When Raboot struggled against a Loudred trio in a dance battle for territory, Goh, Ash, and Pikachu stepped in to provide a beat for Raboot and its friends to dance to, enabling them to win the battle. The next day, Goh decided to leave Raboot in Hoenn, believing that it would be happier with its new friends than with him. When Ash asked if Goh told Raboot first, Goh quickly regretted his decision. To his relief, Raboot had followed them onto the train. Afterward, Goh and Raboot settled their differences and reconciled.

In Making Battles in the Sand!, Goh used Raboot to battle against a wild Flygon in Mauville City. With its sensitive ears, Raboot was able to sense Flygon moving under the sand and dodge its attacks. When Flygon switched to using Draco Meteor, Goh had Raboot jump from one meteor to another and use one of them for a powerful Ember, which was enough to defeat Flygon, allowing Goh to catch it.

In That New Old Gang of Mine!, Raboot battled against Kiawe's Turtonator. Although refusing to give up, it was easily outclassed by the Blast Turtle Pokémon's Inferno Overdrive and ended up being saved by Kiawe's Marowak.

In A Crackling Raid Battle!, Goh used Raboot in a Raid Battle against a Zapdos, where it was used alongside Pikachu and Team Rocket. It teamed up with Flygon and managed to cause serious damage, even learning how to use Blaze Kick in the process. Despite the new move, however, Zapdos was able to evade capture.

In Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!, Raboot was used to battle a Gigantamax Garbodor belonging to one of Oleana's subordinates in front of the Stow-on-Side mural. Using his newly-obtained Dynamax Band, Goh Dynamaxed Raboot for the first time. In the following episode, Raboot won, but the mural ended up destroyed, revealing a statue of Zacian and Zamazenta hidden behind it. Later, Raboot was used to battle Oleana's Milotic in Hammerlocke.

In Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken!, after landing several hits on Oleana's Milotic with Ember, Raboot evolved into Cinderace and defeated Milotic, learning Pyro Ball in the process. Afterwards, Goh and Cinderace reunited with Ash on the Tower Summit, where they witnessed Leon defeating Eternatus but failing to catch it. Goh and Ash then used Cinderace, Pikachu, and Lucario to battle Eternatus, which had changed into its Eternamax form by that point. Once they teamed up with Zacian and Zamazenta, Eternatus was eventually defeated, allowing Goh to catch it and putting an end to the Darkest Day.

In Getting More Than You Battled For!, Goh sent Cinderace out to battle Mewtwo on Cero Island. It first teamed up with Ash's Pikachu and later with his Lucario after Pikachu was defeated. However, despite putting in its best effort, Cinderace stood no chance against the Genetic Pokémon and was defeated by a massive Shadow Ball.

In Leaping Toward the Dream!, Goh used Cinderace to battle an Alolan Ninetales as a part of his Project Mew qualification mission. Cinderace was able to break past Ninetales's Aurora Veil with a powerful Pyro Ball and give Goh an opportunity to catch it, but the Poké Ball ended up getting frozen by a wild Regice.

Personality and characteristics

As a Scorbunny, giving Goh a high-five

Cinderace is a caring Pokémon that, prior to its capture, would steal food from food stalls to give to a group of Nickit living with it in the alleys of Wyndon. It even went as far as to cover itself with dirt to fit in with them. However, as a Scorbunny, it appeared to crave attention, as shown in the end of Mind-Boggling Dynamax!, where it got angry that Professor Cerise's Yamper and Ash's Pikachu wouldn't pay attention to it, before going to its Trainer with a tear in its eye. Cinderace is an expert kicker who hates losing because it cares about its friends so much, especially its best friend and Trainer, Goh. As a Scorbunny, it was shown to be an energetic Pokémon that has difficulty sitting still, and could be seen kicking the air when needed to stay in one place. Cinderace is very loyal to Goh, though only after evolving into a Raboot, it often has trouble being open with its feelings. As a Scorbunny, It would often sit on his shoulders and give Goh hi-fives with one of its feet.

In Working My Way Back to Mew!, Scorbunny was revealed to have good hearing, being able to sense a Pidgeotto perching itself on a treetop from far away. It was also revealed to be hasty and quick to act, chasing after the same Pidgeotto and causing it to fly away. Even while it was later told to control itself, it soon got in the way of Goh's attempts to catch a Diglett, making it burrow underground whenever it got close. While Goh and Scorbunny's approaches to catching Pokémon clashed in the beginning, they were able to work around them as they kept capturing more Pokémon.

As a Raboot, it became more aloof, and it seems to have grown emotionally distant to Goh, as seen when it did not celebrate their victory over Team Rocket with him. It also appears to have developed a greater interest in Pokémon battles. In Destination: Coronation!, Raboot was quick to put up a disinterested front while Goh watched Ash's battle with Visquez. However, by the middle of the match, Raboot was watching the battle closely, and after Ash won, it seemed pleased. Despite this, by the time Pikachu came to greet it, it had composed itself again. Raboot has grown to prefer keeping its emotions hidden; in Goodbye, Friend!, when it reconciled with Goh, it became embarrassed when Goh noticed it was smiling under its face covering. Raboot is shown to be a good dancer, using agile movements with its hands, feet, and ears to breakdance, even accenting its movements with fire.

After evolving into Cinderace, it seemed to have outgrown its tendency to be emotionally distant, as Cinderace happily hugged Goh after defeating Oleana and resumed giving Goh a high-five with its feet. In A Close Call... Practically!, it was shown to have regained its more carefree and energetic personality from its time as a Scorbunny, even pushing food at Lucario's face, much to Lucario's irritation.

Cinderace tends to stick up for other Pokémon, including ones it doesn't know. In A Snow Day for Searching!, it attacked a group of Mankey that were picking on a Cubone without any prompting from its Trainer. In Goodbye, Friend!, Raboot helped two Zigzagoon and a Lombre defend their home from three Loudred in a dance battle. Since Sobble joined Goh's roster, Cinderace has been seen getting along well with it, acting like an older sibling to it. The two seem to enjoy each other's company, with Cinderace sharing its food with Sobble and being able to calm Sobble down if it feels upset. After Sobble evolved into Drizzile, the energetic Cinderace didn't quite understand why it had become so lethargic, and was even seen trying to drag Drizzile out of its cave, with the best of intentions in mind.


See also: Dynamax
As a Scorbnny As a Raboot Raboot Dynamaxed
Goh Scorbunny.png Goh Raboot.png Goh Raboot Dynamax.png

Moves used

Goh Raboot Ember.png
Using Ember as a Raboot
Move First Used In
Double Kick  Settling the Scorbunny!
Quick Attack  Settling the Scorbunny!
Ember Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow!
Blaze Kick  A Crackling Raid Battle!
Pyro Ball  Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Max Moves used

Picture Max Move First Used in Base Move
Goh Raboot Max Flare.png Max Flare Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day! Ember or Blaze Kick
Dynamax Raboot kicks a rock, setting it on fire, and then kicks it again, launching it at the opponent.
Goh Raboot Max Knuckle.png Max Knuckle Sword and Shield: "From Here to Eternatus!" Double Kick
Dynamax Raboot punches the opponent.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
Iron Tail Ember combo.png Dreams Are Made of These! Ember and Iron Tail Ash's Pikachu
Description: A combination of Ember and Iron Tail. Raboot fires an Ember at Pikachu, who sends it at the opponent with Iron Tail, thus increasing the Ember's speed and surrounding it with white sparks of energy. This was used to defeat Team Rocket's Crobat and Skarmory and send them and Team Rocket blasting off.
Goh Raboot Draco Meteor Ember.png
Goh Raboot Draco Meteor Ember 2.png
Making Battles in the Sand! Draco Meteor and Ember Goh's Flygon
Description: Raboot leaps high into the air using the stones created by Flygon's Draco Meteor as a foothold. It then kicks one of the stones, shattering and igniting it. The flaming shards then rain down on the opponent.
Aura Sphere Pyro Ball combo.png
Aura Sphere Pyro Ball combo 2.png
A Close Call... Practically! Aura Sphere and Pyro Ball Ash's Lucario
Description: A combination of Pyro Ball and Aura Sphere. Cinderace kicks a Pyro Ball while Lucario launches an Aura Sphere and the two attacks converge into a fireball surrounded by light blue streaks of energy.


Pocket Monsters 2019 key visual.png JN005 illustration.png JN006 illustration.png Ash Goh White Day artwork.png
Key visual from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Official artwork of
Mind-Boggling Dynamax!
Official artwork of
Working My Way Back to Mew!
Artwork for White Day
by Shūhei Yasuda
Ash Goh Childrens Day artwork.png Ash Goh COVID-19 artwork.png Ash Goh Happy Sunshine Day artwork.png Goh Ash Pokemon.png
Artwork for Children's Day
by Shūhei Yasuda
Artwork of Ash and Goh posted for the anime's return Artwork for Happy Sunshine Day in 2020
by Shūhei Yasuda
Artwork for Find the difference
Message from the Aurora art.png Pocket Monsters 2019 poster 2.png Pocket Monsters 2019 poster 3.png Pocket Monsters TV Anime Original Soundtrack.png
Artwork of
Message from the Aurora
Third poster for the Japanese version of
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Fourth poster for the Japanese version of
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Cover for the
Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack

In the manga

Scorbunny in Daisuki ♥ Pocket Monsters

Daisuki ♥ Pocket Monsters

Scorbunny appears in Daisuki ♥ Pocket Monsters. It, along with Ash's Pikachu and Professor Cerise's Yamper, try to escape the hugs of Mika, who aims to catch all of the cutest Pokémon in the world.

As a Raboot in Pokémon Journeys: The Series
As a Scorbunny in Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Cinderace appears in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, playing the same role as it does in the anime. It first appeared as a Scorbunny in Being Stalked by a Scorbunny–and Challenging a Snorlax in Dynamax Form?! and evolved into a Raboot in Kicking It from Here into Tomorrow!.

In JNM14, Raboot evolved into a Cinderace during a battle against Oleana.

Moves used

Move First Used In
Double Kick Being Stalked by a Scorbunny–and Challenging a Snorlax in Dynamax Form?!
Quick Attack Kicking It from Here into Tomorrow!
Ember Kicking It from Here into Tomorrow!
Blaze Kick JNM12
Pyro Ball  JNM14
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the games

Pokémon Ga-Olé

Cinderace, as a Scorbunny, is one of Goh's Pokémon in Pokémon Ga-Olé. It appears as an opponent during the Grand Rush set 4. Players could receive Scorbunny's puck for ¥100 after battling Goh's team in Trainer and Battle mode, with a 'WINNER' version available to players who successfully defeated him.

As an opponent

Tretta Fire type.png
Tretta Fire type.png Ember
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed


Tretta No. Name Type Class
P Scorbunny (Promotional disks) Fire

Pokémon Mezastar

Cinderace appears in Pokémon Mezastar as one of Goh's Pokémon. It appears as an opponent during the first Super Tag set.

As an opponent

Mezastar Fire type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Pyro Ball


Tag No. Name Type Grade
2-1-012 Cinderace Fire Grade 5


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