Ash's Gengar

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Ash's Gengar
サトシのゲンガー Satoshi's Gangar
Poké Ball
Ash Gengar.png
Ash's Gengar
Debuts in Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
Caught in A Chilling Curse!
Caught at Cerise Laboratory
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location In rotation
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Gengar Yasuhiro Mamiya Marc Thompson

Ash's Gengar (Japanese: サトシのゲンガー Satoshi's Gangar) was the second Pokémon caught by Ash in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and his fifty-fourth overall.

In the anime


Being left by its original Trainer

With another Trainer

As revealed in A Chilling Curse!, Gengar was originally caught by a Trainer living in Vermilion City, three years before the events of Pokémon Journeys: The Series. However, as he started losing battles and failing to catch other Pokémon in Gengar's presence, the Trainer attributed his misfortunes to a curse caused by Gengar and decided to get rid of it. Before he abandoned it, he instructed Gengar to wait for him at the place that would later become the Cerise Laboratory.

As a wild Pokémon

Not knowing its Trainer had no intention of returning for it, Gengar obediently waited for its Trainer, even staying at the building as it was being converted into Professor Cerise's research center. It tried to scare the Professor off by haunting the building, but as he only found its actions amusing, it eventually gave up trying to frighten him.

Gengar debuted in Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!, where it resumed its mischievous activity by scaring Ren, making its presence known for Ash and Goh in the process. The latter tried to catch it, but Gengar simply deflected all of the Poké Balls he threw at it. It eventually fled when Chloe commanded Yamper to use Spark. It was later seen at the end of the episode, perched atop the Laboratory.

At the end of Raid Battle in The Ruins!, Gengar phased through the wall and watched Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon as they returned from Unova.

In A Chilling Curse!, Gengar once again began causing trouble at the Laboratory and subsequently hid in Ash's shadow. When Ash ran into Gengar's former Trainer, it overheard the latter bragging about how much he enjoyed being free from its curse. Angered by the revelation that its Trainer abandoned it, Gengar started attacking him. When the Trainer fled in fear, Gengar ran off as well. Team Rocket found Gengar and asked it to join them, but when it refused, they instead tried to capture it. Ash showed up, managed to free Gengar, and convinced it to fight Team Rocket alongside him. After Gengar defeated Team Rocket's two Dusclops, Ash collapsed from a fever he had unknowingly caught earlier. When Ash woke up at the laboratory, Gengar appeared and dropped a Poké Ball for him, indicating it wanted to join his team. Ash accepted the request and caught Gengar.

With Ash

In Destination: Coronation!, Ash used Gengar in his battle against Visquez so he could increase his World Coronation Series ranking. Gengar substituted for Pikachu while going up against Visquez's Raichu, and it managed to defeat it with Psychic. Gengar then went up against Visquez's second Pokémon, Electrode, but was soon defeated, though not before dealing some damage on its opponent.

In A Festival Reunion!, Ash brought Gengar with him to Shalour City for a World Coronation Series Battle Festival Challenge. During Ash's match with Korrina, Gengar went up against her Mienshao and Lucario, getting defeated by the latter without managing to deal any damage on either.

In Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!, Ash used Gengar to face a rampaging Gigantamax Coalossal alongside Leon's Dragapult. During the battle, Gengar saved the lives of a group of Workers who were nearby.

In Excitement From the Ultra-Shocking Start!, Gengar was the second Pokémon Ash sent out during his World Coronation Series match against Volkner after withdrawing his Lucario from the battle against Volkner's Luxray. It managed to disorient and deal massive damage to Luxray, forcing Volkner to switch it out for his Fan Rotom, which was able to match Gengar's speed. Rotom gained the upper hand by paralyzing Gengar with Thunder Wave, and subsequently defeated it with a powered-up super-effective Hex.

Personality and characteristics

Gengar and Ash
Gengar in Ash's shadow

Gengar was once loyal to its previous Trainer, obeying his instructions to remain at the future site of the Cerise Laboratory. Over time, however, Gengar became resentful of its old Trainer, even to the point of attacking him upon seeing him again and only calming down once he ran away. It grew bitter and developed a hostile nature against all humans, repeatedly attacking them with its powers. After it bonded with Ash and was caught, it became friendlier, though it still seems to have a mischievous streak, such as when it showed its concern for Ash by dumping a pile of apples on top of him, and when it scared Ren and Chloe in Memories of a Warming Kindness! by phasing through a wall. In Errand Endurance!, Gengar kept scaring Eevee, Grookey, and a Geodude by repeatedly phasing through walls while moving objects with Psychic.

Gengar dislikes being accused of something it didn't do, as seen in Panic in the Park!, when it appeared out of nowhere behind Ash and hit him with Shadow Ball after overhearing him accusing it of stealing Goh's Pokémon's food, and again in When a House is Not a Home!, when Gengar appeared out of nowhere behind Ren and began to hold onto him ominously after being accused of bringing Grookey to the lab, only letting him go after he apologized.

In battle, Gengar takes advantage of its Ghost-type abilities, allowing it to easily escape snares and confound opponents, as seen in Destination: Coronation!, where it was able to escape the tail hold of Visquez's Raichu simply by phasing through it. However, in the same episode, it was revealed to have trouble combating opponents that can match or exceed its speed such as her Electrode, and later Korrina's Mienshao and Lucario as well as Volkner's Fan Rotom. Gengar also has the ability to become invisible and to disappear and reappear. Like all of its species, Gengar is also able to decrease the temperature of its surroundings, as seen in Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!; and hide in the shadows, as seen in A Chilling Curse!.

Moves used

Ash Gengar Night Shade.png
Using Night Shade
Move First Used In
Night Shade Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
Psychic Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
Ice Punch Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
Shadow Ball Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Goh Ash Pokemon.png Pocket Monsters 2019 poster 3.png
Artwork for Find the difference Fourth poster for the Japanese version of
Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In the manga

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Gengar debuted in JNM08. It reappeared in JNM09.

Moves used

Move First Used In
Night Shade JNM09
Psychic JNM09
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the games

Pokémon Mezastar

Gengar appears in Pokémon Mezastar as one of Ash's Pokémon. It appears as an opponent during the first Super Tag set. It also appears as a tag partner for Lucario.

As an opponent
Mezastar Ghost type.pngMezastar Poison type.png
Mezastar Poison type.png Sludge Wave

Tag No. Name Type Grade
2-1-011 Lucario FightingSteel Grade 5


A Gengar as seen in Legend? Go! Friends? Go!. Note the deeper shade of purple compared to Ash's Gengar.
  • Gengar is the first of Ash's Pokémon to:
    • Be an officially owned Ghost type.
    • Use a Ghost-type move.
    • Be abandoned by a previous Trainer whilst not being a starter Pokémon.
    • Be abandoned by a previous Trainer while being fully evolved.
    • Have been abandoned by a previous Trainer and remain a wild Pokémon for years before being caught by Ash.
  • Gengar has a color scheme that is different from others of its species, although it isn't considered Shiny.
  • Gengar is referred to as male in the Brazilian Portuguese dub.

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