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26 March 2023

     21:28  (User creation log) [YukikoHaskins‎; Johnseavon‎; Blossomheart24‎; CheryleDahms690‎; DarrylBevill22‎; EvonneRoc1‎; GayleBloomfield‎; GeraldF431579‎; JannieVeasley0‎; KathieScheffel‎; Yourdad1987‎; KurtisLascelles‎; MillaMcClean780‎; TheRealSink‎; TobyChampion3‎; TwilaPhan49140‎; Wilbur6431‎; YongValentine‎; AndreaChampionde‎]
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     21:19  JN146‎‎ 2 changes history -150 [MarioKero345‎; FinnishPokéFan92‎]
21:19 (cur | prev) +71 MarioKero345 talk contribs →‎Trivia: Don’t know if Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny’s are going to exist in the new series
19:38 (cur | prev) -221 FinnishPokéFan92 talk contribs Tried looking for it, can't see it. Tag: Undo
 m   20:56  Template:Romanizations/岩崎夏奈 diffhist -3 DomiDsLP talk contribs
 m   20:54  Template:Romanizations/岩﨑夏奈 diffhist -24 DomiDsLP talk contribs Redirected page to Template:Romanizations/岩崎夏奈 Tag: New redirect
     20:49  List of moves by anime debut diffhist +6,285 FinnishPokéFan92 talk contribs Adding the Gen IX moves here now that Journeys is over, in preparation of Horizons.
 m   20:29  Anime staff by episode (JN031-JN040) diffhist +6 DomiDsLP talk contribs →‎JN037: Connecting different ways to spell Claire Launay through romanization template.
N    20:28  Template:Romanizations/Claire Launay diffhist +52 DomiDsLP talk contribs Connecting name usages together into one template. Tag: New redirect
 m   20:27  Template:Romanizations/ロネ・クレア diffhist -19 DomiDsLP talk contribs Redirected page to Template:Romanizations/ロネクレア Tag: New redirect
 m   20:24  Pansage (Pokémon) diffhist 0 MaahirMomtaz12 talk contribs →‎Intro
     19:55  Ash's Krookodile‎‎ 2 changes history +210 [MarioKero345‎; FinnishPokéFan92‎]
19:55 (cur | prev) +16 FinnishPokéFan92 talk contribs →‎Trivia
18:59 (cur | prev) +194 MarioKero345 talk contribs →‎Trivia
 m   19:53  Lt. Surge (Masters) diffhist +52 FinnishPokéFan92 talk contribs →‎References
     19:32  Fairy (type)‎‎ 2 changes history +249 [Shinka‎; MarioKero345‎]
19:32 (cur | prev) +9 Shinka talk contribs →‎Trivia
19:11 (cur | prev) +240 MarioKero345 talk contribs →‎Trivia
     19:30  Talk:JN147‎‎ 4 changes history +181 [WASPED 302168‎; CoolPokeGuy‎; FinnishPokéFan92‎ (2×)]
19:30 (cur | prev) +23 FinnishPokéFan92 talk contribs
19:28 (cur | prev) -157 FinnishPokéFan92 talk contribs Undo revision 3689006 by WASPED 302168 (talk) Talk pages are not for this kind of posts. Tag: Undo
19:06 (cur | prev) +157 WASPED 302168 talk contribs →‎now...: new section
19:01 (cur | prev) +158 CoolPokeGuy talk contribs →‎Destination
     19:09  Tauros (Pokémon) diffhist -271 Anzasquiddles talk contribs →‎Name origin: cutting out all the middleman stuff
     18:53  Opal diffhist -35 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG
 m   18:50  Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!! diffhist 0 QuickJolteon talk contribs →‎Pocket Monsters: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master
     18:49  EP064 diffhist +85 MarioKero345 talk contribs →‎Trivia
     18:47  Cook (Trainer class) diffhist -11 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG
     18:45  SM021 diffhist +85 MarioKero345 talk contribs →‎Trivia
 m   18:42  Mew (TCG) diffhist -11 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎List of Pokémon cards featuring Mew
 m   18:40  Lysandre diffhist -11 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG
 m   18:38  Rose diffhist -24 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG
 m   18:38  Silver (game) diffhist -12 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG
 m   18:37  Beni diffhist -12 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG
 m   18:37  Cogita diffhist -12 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG
 m   18:37  Red (game) diffhist -24 PokéTimNL talk contribs →‎In the TCG