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This article is about the movie. For the manga, see Giratina and the Sky Warrior (manga).

M10 : The Rise of Darkrai
Pokémon movies
M12 : Arceus and the Jewel of Life
Giratina and the Sky Warrior
ギラティナと氷空の花束 シェイミ Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin
Giratina and the Sky Warrior rerelease.jpg
Japan July 19, 2008
United States February 13, 2009
Home video
Japan December 19, 2008
United States March 31, 2009
English themes
Opening None
Ending This is a Beautiful World
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending ONE
United States G
Great Britain ?
Ireland ?
Canada PG
Quebec ?
Japan ?
Germany ?
Australia G
New Zealand G

Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior (Japanese: 劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール ギラティナと氷空花束 シェイミ Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie - Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin) is the eleventh Pokémon movie overall and the second movie of a trilogy during Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl that started with The Rise of Darkrai and ended with Arceus and the Jewel of Life. It premiered in Japan on July 19, 2008. It first aired in the US on Cartoon Network on February 13, 2009, and the DVD was released on March 31. It premiered in the United Kingdom on Jetix on May 23, 2009. In Korea, it was released as a TV movie on Tooniverse on July 3, 2009, and rereleased in theaters on June 1, 2022. The movie ties in heavily with the then-unreleased Pokémon Platinum, with Jetix's airing broadcast the day after the game's release.

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Giratina is the sole Pokémon living in the Reverse World, a little-known realm adjacent to our own. Enraged when Palkia and Dialga disrupt time and space, it drags Dialga into the Reverse World for a battle—but the conflict is broken up by a tiny Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon!

After departing the Reverse World and meeting Ash and his friends, Shaymin—communicating telepathically—asks for help so it can be reunited with the other Shaymin in the Gracidea garden.

Soon after Ash and his friends agree to assist Shaymin, they're dragged into the Reverse World and meet Newton Graceland, who's been researching the mysterious realm. Little do they know that Newtown's former assistant, Zero, seeks to harness Giratina's power to rule the Reserve World, even if that means destroying the real world!

Can our heroes and their Pokémon thwart Zero's evil plans and protect both worlds? Will Giratina resolve its differences with Dialga? And what will Ash and his friends learn about that special Shaymin?


The Pokémon world is shown, as the camera zooms in on what looks like a graph of the inside of a computer chip, with Pokémon moving around inside and some scenes from earlier movies. In the sky, a lot of bird Pokémon and Lugia are flying around. Underwater, a lot of Water-type Pokémon are swimming around, along with Kyogre. On the mountainside, several Pokémon are relaxing. Some Seedot are hanging out of a tree in the forest, as several forest Pokémon are playing around. On a grassy field as the sun sets, several Pokémon are playing around, as a Cresselia floats by. In the big city, several Pokémon are playing on a playground. A Trainer brings out a Magmortar to battle another Trainer's Rhyperior. Magmortar hits Rhyperior with Fire Blast. Rhyperior uses Rock Smash while Magmortar uses Fire Punch, creating an explosion. In the garden, Eevee and seven of its evolutions are relaxing and Luxray is playing around.

As the sun rises, Ash is shown getting ready for a Pokémon battle. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Electivire. Ash and his friends arrive at their next destination, which is surrounded by mountains and a lake. Through a forest, a Shaymin is walking through as several Combee fly above. Shaymin arrives at a lake and drinks from it, as a Dialga enters from a different area of the lake. In the Reverse World, Giratina floats around, while a sphere shows Dialga from the regular world. From the regular world, a swirl in the lake shows Giratina from the Reverse World is shown floating around. From his airship, the Megarig, Zero observes the Legendary Pokémon. As Dialga drinks from the lake, a portal opens as a shadow of Giratina in its Altered forme grabs Dialga, changes to its Origin Forme and forces it to enter the Reverse World as Shaymin looks on and is dragged along with them. Zero and Infi observe the whole thing. As Giratina is entering back into the Reverse World, it changes back to its Origin Forme and hits the ground with Shaymin holding on to Giratina. Newton Graceland and his Shieldon run-up to the two Pokémon and uses an analyzer on his eye to watch the battle between them. As he zooms in, he notices Shaymin on Dialga's tail.

Giratina and Dialga battle, as Dialga breaks away and tries to exit the portal, as Shaymin gets tossed around and lands on an edge. Dialga can poke its head through the portal, but Giratina again pulls it back into the Reverse World. Dialga and Giratina fight each other, as Shaymin absorbs a dark purple gas. Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp which hits Dialga as Shaymin hangs in there. Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp while Dialga dodges, and Shaymin is sent flying and uses Seed Flare to reopen the portal in fear of Giratina. Shaymin is sent flying through the portal to the regular world, lands in the lake, and helplessly goes down the stream as Zero watches through his computer screen. Dialga again tries to enter the portal and can get its head through, but again Giratina drags it back into the Reverse World. Dialga fires its energy on Giratina and can finally exit the portal to the regular world. Giratina uses a clear beam from its mouth to reopen the portal, but it is locked into a time loop by Dialga, blocking it from exiting the Reverse World when it tries to exit. Giratina tries over and over to break through but just cannot bypass the time loop. Giratina's eyes glow red as it roars in frustration.

Dialga is free as the portal fully closes, leaving Giratina in the Reverse World. Dialga heads back to where it came from. Zero watches as Giratina continues to try to break through the barrier to exit the portal. Shaymin continues down the river and down the waterfall. With several Wingull on rocks, Ash looks out at the lake and then runs up the stairs to where Brock is making pancakes. Brock tells Ash that he must wash his hands, even though Ash pretends that he doesn't need to even with his dirty hands showing. Dawn was already washing her hands. Ash goes to wash his hands as Brock uncovers the Pokémon food to Pikachu and Piplup. Dawn brings out Swinub, Ambipom, Buneary, and Pachirisu. Ash brings out Gliscor, Chimchar, Turtwig, Staravia, and Buizel. Brock brings out Sudowoodo, Happiny, and Croagunk. As Ash and his friends watch their Pokémon eat, Shaymin crawls on top of the table all covered in soot. Ash goes to eat the pancakes but sees that Shaymin is eating the food already. Piplup tries to take the pancakes from it, but Shaymin keeps eating and accidentally bites down on Piplup's arm, making Piplup very upset. Shaymin shakes its body, making the soot blow everywhere and making everyone cough. Shaymin jumps on top of Pikachu, Ash's head while biting the hat, and then on top of the barbecue pit. It knocks it over as Brock was ready to use a pan if needed. Shaymin falls to the ground. The barbecue pit explodes as Shaymin absorbs the smoke from it and uses Seed Flare. The Seed Flare creates an explosion sending everyone backward and to the ground. Piplup yells at Shaymin, as the other Pokémon angrily approach it.

Dawn steps in to grab Shaymin before the Pokémon can attack, and brings it to the fountain to wash it off. Shaymin is completely cleaned as everyone looks on and it shakes off all of the water while splashing them. Shaymin reveals that it can communicate telepathically to everyone. Shaymin speaks of "that place" which no one understands what it's referring to. Shaymin turns red as it develops a fever, while Brock checks its forehead. Everyone returns their Pokémon to their Poké Balls and heads to the Pokémon Center. At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy and Chansey are using a lamp-like scanner to check Shaymin's condition, as a computer shows the results of the scans. Brock puts on some glasses since Nurse Joy also wears them, and shows his love to her. Croagunk uses Poison Jab to stop him from continuing and drags him away. Dawn feeds Shaymin a brown piece of food. Ash introduces himself and Pikachu, as Shaymin blows smoke in his face. Nurse Joy explains how it absorbs dirty things and lets them out with Seed Flare. Shaymin likes to make fun of Ash for not understanding what it's talking about. Ash was not pleased with how Shaymin was being so demanding. In another room, Team Rocket listens in on the conversation about Shaymin. Shaymin jumps on top of Ash's head and makes him take it where it wants to go. Team Rocket closes the door to the other room, and decide that they want to steal Shaymin.

Ash and his friends head outside as Shaymin continues to pull Ash's head in different directions, while Ash is upset about it. Dawn grabs Shaymin, as it blooms a few more flowers. Giratina senses that and continues to float around the Reverse World. Shaymin leads everyone in another direction through a garden by some triangle-shaped statues. The statues begin to ripple and Giratina is shown floating through on the reflection, as Shaymin senses that something is very wrong. James picks up Shaymin as Team Rocket tries to run off with it, but a portal opens from one of the triangle statues and drags them into the Reverse World. Dawn grabs Shaymin from Team Rocket, but Dawn and Ash are also dragged through the portal and into the Reverse World. Brock looks on as the portal closes behind them. Ash and Dawn land on a stone pillar. Shaymin is very scared, as Giratina floats by, however, it notices Shaymin and begins to approach Ash and Dawn. Giratina roars as Shaymin is even more scared and thinks that Giratina wants to eat it. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt as Giratina disappears into a shadow using Shadow Force and reappears right behind them. Piplup uses Bubble Beam which hits but is not very effective.

Newton Graceland appears out of nowhere in front of Ash and Dawn, telling them to stop attacking. Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp, while Shieldon counters with Ice Beam. Newton leads them down a pathway that has no gravity, and then to a stairwell with gravity in which they climb down. Piplup, Pikachu, and Shieldon follow them, but Piplup slips, and Pikachu has to grab him before he falls. Giratina continues floating around the Reverse World. Newton claims to be a Genius Scientist, while Dawn and Ash are skeptical and Shaymin mocks him. Ash and Dawn introduce themselves to Newton. Meanwhile, Brock is looking at the statue they entered and is puzzled as to what could have happened to them. Newton shows them a device that can help them find the exit portal to the real world. At a different part of the Reverse World, Team Rocket is puzzled by the way the Reverse World looks. They hide behind a wall, as Giratina floats by them. As Ash, Dawn, and Newton are walking towards the portal, they see purple smoke. Pikachu and Piplup approach the smoke, as Piplup breaths it in he gets sick from it. Newton tells them not to breathe in the smoke as it is very dangerous. More of the purple smoke appears above them. Newton explains that during the battle between Dialga and Palkia (in The Rise of Darkrai), time and space were distorted, causing purple smoke to enter the Reverse World and fill it, making Giratina very angry, and is why Giratina attacked Dialga earlier in the movie. However, Newton reveals that Shaymin used Seed Flare, which allowed Dialga to escape.

A bubble appears around Ash and his friends that shows Brock from the real world. Ash and Dawn call to him, but Newton yells at them not to do that. Ash touches the bubble which bursts and sends Brock flying backward to the ground. They jump from one pillar to another as Giratina floats by. Shaymin pulls Ash to jump across the pillars because Giratina is nearby. Ash almost falls, as he hits the ground hard while Giratina grabs Shaymin. Ash's hat had hit the ground and started shaking. The real Shaymin comes out of the hat, as they realize that it used Substitute to escape and left the fake in Giratina's mouth. The fake disappears to Giratina's surprise as it floats away. They head up the pathway and reach the portal. Piplup, Pikachu, and Dawn enter the portal and exit back into the real world. Ash asks Newton if he is coming with and he says that he is staying back. Ash enters the portal into the real world, after some convincing by Newton. The portal closes before Team Rocket could enter it.

Jessie tries to jump into where the portal closed up, but almost falls as Newton saves her. Giratina continues to float around as Zero watches on the screen. Dialga continues to head back to its world. Ash tries to explain the Reverse World to Brock, as the statue shows Giratina floating around the Reverse World. Zero notices that Dawn is holding Shaymin and heads to where Ash and his friends are at, and realizes that Giratina is seeking Shaymin's power. Shaymin continues to mock Ash about him getting frustrated with not knowing where Shaymin wants them to go. Some Magnemite and Magneton show up and surround Ash and his friends, while Zero shows up with a Magnezone. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, while Magnezone blocks it with Mirror Shot. The explosion it created knocked out some of the Magnemite, as Ash and his friends run away into the alley. Piplup uses Whirlpool to trap the Magnemite so that they won't be able to follow them right away. They pass by a few of the townspeople on the way through the alleyway. The Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone follow them as Ash and his friends board a train to not be seen. The Pokémon search around for them.

Ash and his friends are relieved that they got away from the Pokémon. Shaymin pulls on Ash's ear, which hurts him. Dawn feeds Shaymin some food as Shaymin jumps into her arms. Shaymin mocks Ash some more, making him mad as it blows smoke in his face. Ash yells at Shaymin for blowing smoke into his face. They speak to some people on the train, as Shaymin jumps into another woman's arms and feels comfortable there. Three more flowers bloom on Shaymin's body. Giratina continues to float around the Reverse World. Newton and Team Rocket are hiding from Giratina, and when the coast is clear they keep on moving. A man on the train shows everyone a basket of Gracidea flowers. The people on the train explain that Shaymin transforms when exposed to Gracidea Flowers, found at the top of the mountain, where all of the Shaymin live. Inside of the train, a ripple is showing a Giratina floating around the Reverse World and the ripple disappears again. Shaymin inhales spores from the flowers and turns into its Sky Forme. Shaymin jumps on Ash's head and then moves around the train. Everyone decides that they will help Shaymin return to its home.

Magnezone, Magneton, and Magnemite appear near the windows of the train after having caught up with the train. The Magnemite and Magneton break through the windows of the train and prepare to attack. Shaymin goes in the middle of the Pokémon, then floats away as two Magnemite collide with each other. Shaymin uses Energy Ball which hits several of the Pokémon and some leave the train. Two Magnemite try to attack, but Shaymin dodges and they collide with each other. Pikachu uses Iron Tail to send two Magneton out of the train. Two Magnemite attack Pikachu, but he dodges and they collide with each other. Piplup uses Bubble Beam to send the Pokémon out of the window. Pikachu uses Volt Tackle and Piplup uses Whirlpool to send more Pokémon away from the train. Two Magnemite try to attack Pikachu, but Shaymin uses Energy Ball to send them away. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to send the rest of the Magnemite and Magneton away. Everyone jumps for joy after sending all of them away. Magnezone breaks through the train window and is stuck. Piplup uses Bubble Beam, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, and Shaymin uses Energy Ball on Magnezone to send it out of the window and hits the wall of the tunnel. The train enters the tunnel. The camera zooms out to show that the Magnezone, Magneton, and Magnemite have crashed into the wall of the tunnel.

As Wingull fly above the dock, Ash and his friends wave goodbye to the people from the train as they head off to Shaymin's home in a boat. Zero heads back to Megarig to continue observing Ash and the others. The base is shown floating in the clouds. As the boat is headed towards Shaymin's home, the Pokémon play around, and the boat passes by some Spheal, Sealeo, and Walrein. Lumineon and Finneon are also seen, swimming underwater. Everyone looks on as the Water-type Pokémon jump in and out of the water. Shaymin floats all of the way to the sky and then back down to the boat. Piplup also tries to fly but falls into the water. Piplup swims underwater and then jumps in and out of the water. Staravia takes Pikachu into the air and flies around. Shaymin and Staravia fly together as Piplup jumps in and out of the water. Piplup tries again to fly but can't. The boat passes a rainbow and some waterfalls. Shaymin flies in and out of the waterfalls while splashing Ash. Shaymin grabs Ash and tries to bring him into the air. Shaymin and Staravia fly by some Altaria and Swablu.

Back at Megarig, Zero is watching a video of Newton in the Reverse world as he is talking with Giratina floating around. As Ash and his friends continue down the river, a ripple appears in the water and pulls everyone down into the Reverse World, including their Pokémon. Zero arrives where they are at with his Pokémon and enters the portal as well with his Pokémon before it closes. Ash and his friends land on a rock pillar. Giratina floats by, as Shaymin uses Energy Ball on it. Shaymin uses another Energy Ball, while Giratina hits back with Shadow Force which sends Shaymin towards a wall. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt which isn't very effective on Giratina, as Shaymin is able to avoid colliding with the wall. As the sun sets, Shaymin uses Energy Ball again on Giratina, but Giratina dodges it. Shaymin uses Energy Ball, but it transforms back into its Land Forme. Shaymin falls but Staravia was able to save it. Shaymin jumps back to Ash and his friends but lands on Ash while knocking him down. As they run away from Giratina, Shaymin is on Ash's head, reasoning that if it got eaten, Ash would get eaten as well, much to Ash's annoyance. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, while Giratina dodges and uses Will-O-Wisp which everyone dodges.

Newton waves for them to follow him from an upside-down position. Ash and his friends follow him and are also walking upside down on the path and through a cave, as Giratina floats by. When Ash asks Shaymin where all its confidence from Sky Forme went, Shaymin simply states that it left it in the sky. Ash recalls Staravia back to its Poké Ball. Giratina continues to float around the Reverse World as Zero looks on with his Pokémon. In the cave, everyone runs into Team Rocket as they give some water to Newton. Ash asks why he is trusting them. Shaymin jumps off of Ash's head and mocks Meowth. Meowth is upset and Shaymin blows smoke in his face. A couple of Magnemite grab Shaymin and take it to Zero. Ash and his friends reach Zero, and Newton recognizes him, revealing to everyone that Zero was once his assistant, and several Magnemite trap them so they cannot move. The Magnemite circle around and send the dangerous purple gas floating towards everyone as they hold their breath to not breathe it in. The Magnemite bring Shaymin inside of the purple gas and it absorbs the gas. Giratina continues to float around the Reverse World and heads towards Shaymin. Shaymin uses Seed Flare to create a major explosion sending everyone backward as Giratina roars. The explosion causes the portal to reopen and pull everyone up to the real world. Shaymin is now in utter fear of its most recent encounter with Giratina. However, Newton explains to it that Giratina only wanted its Seed Flare so that it could regain its ability to traverse between the real and Reverse Worlds. Giratina follows them into the real world while looking like a pink shadow. As Giratina lands, it turns into its Altered Forme. Ash notices its different appearance, which Newton explains is likely due to gravity changes. Zero also enters the portal back into the real world along with his Pokémon. The Megarig heads towards everyone and uses a red laser to prevent Giratina from moving. A red cage attached to the Megarig surrounds Giratina and traps it inside. The cage begins draining Giratina's energy. Zero jumps onto the cage as it heads back to the Megarig. The cage attaches to the Megarig while still draining Giratina's energy, as Zero jumps onto the Megarig.

The computer inside the Megarig displays Giratina and the amount of energy that was being drained. A red 3D diamond-shape surrounds Giratina while draining its energy, as Ash and his friends look on. Newton reveals to everyone that he designed the Megarig, and wanted to absorb Giratina's power so that he could traverse between the two worlds at will. However, he canceled the project when he realized that this would prove fatal to Giratina, and deleted all of the blueprints, which led to him and Zero leaving on rocky terms. He suspects that Zero had remembered everything he had designed. Shaymin absorbs spores from the Gracidea Flowers, it turns back into its Sky Forme. Shaymin flies around before heading towards the Megarig, with Newton, Ash, and Dawn following it. Brock was left behind on the ground and he is very disappointed. Zero sends his Pokémon to go after Ash and his friends. Magnezone tries to hit Shaymin with Shock Wave as Shaymin keeps dodging. Shaymin uses Energy Ball which lands a critical hit on Magnezone. Magnemite and Magneton use Thunderbolt on Ash and his friends, while they keep dodging the attacks.

Zero goes inside of the Megarig, as Ash and his friends approach the airship. Piplup uses Bubble Beam, while Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to try to break the cage that is surrounding Giratina. The attacks were unable to break the cage. The Magnemite and Magneton use Thunderbolt on everyone, but Shaymin blocks the attack with Energy Ball. Magnezone uses Mirror Shot at Shaymin, while Shaymin dodges it. Magnezone tries Mirror Shot again, as it hits Shaymin and knocks it down towards the ground. Ash and his friends were able to grab Shaymin before it hit the ground. Piplup uses Bubble Beam, while Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to attack the Magnemite and Magneton so that they can get through. They land on the Megarig, as Piplup uses Bubble Beam and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to hold back the Magnemite and Magneton. Shieldon uses Flash Cannon to make a hole in the entrance as they head inside. The computer screen shows that 50 percent of Giratina's energy has been drained. Chimchar uses Flamethrower, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, and Buizel uses Sonic Boom to hold off the Magnemite and Magneton. Buizel uses Water Pulse, Ambipom uses Swift, Piplup uses Bubble Beam, and Buneary uses Ice Beam to keep holding Magnemite and Magneton back. Shaymin uses Energy Ball to help hold them back as well. The amount of energy absorbed from Giratina reaches 74 percent by the time Newton reaches the computer.

The Pokémon continue attacking the Magnemite and Magneton, as Giratina keeps suffering inside of the cage. With a device from his backpack, Newton types on the keyboard of the computer while trying to shut down the energy-draining of the machine. Zero's assistant lets her know that Newton is trying to end the energy-draining. Newton finishes typing and presses a red button to stop the energy drainage at 99 percent. The cage around Giratina disappears as it falls to the base of the cage. The engines of the Megarig were also shut down, as the ship heads towards the ground. The Pokémon are returned to their Poké Balls, as Ash and his friends jump on the hovercar so that they do not crash to the ground with the Megarig. Everyone heads to check on Giratina, but it slips from the cage and falls in the water as Brock looks on. Zero sends a small ship into the water, and the Megarig crashes into the forest as the forest Pokémon run away from the ship. Giratina climbs out of the water and collapses to the ground, as Ash and his friends head to where Giratina collapsed.

Giratina appears to be dead, as everyone and the forest Pokémon gather around. Much to everyone's relief, Giratina takes a breath. Shaymin uses Aromatherapy to completely heal Giratina. Shaymin is exhausted, and Giratina roars after being completely healed. Shaymin hides behind Ash since it is still fearful of Giratina. Ash and Pikachu tell Giratina that they saved its life. Giratina is very thankful for everything Ash, his friends, and the Pokémon did for it. Shaymin no longer fears Giratina. In the small ship that went into the water, the Mecha Giratina, Zero comes out of the water and heads towards everyone. Zero sends an attack towards Giratina, as Giratina counters with Will-O-Wisp. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Piplup uses Bubble Beam, and Shieldon uses Flash Cannon towards the Mecha Giratina, while only Flash Cannon makes contact with the ship. Zero uses some airwaves to reopen the portal and uses it to enter the Reverse World.

After Zero enters the Reverse World, Team Rocket notices him and tries to flag him down so that they can escape back to the real world. In one of the crystals of the Reverse World, Zero sees Ash and his friends. Zero destroys the crystal with Ash and his friends. The breaking of the crystal sent a shock wave that knocked everyone to the ground. Giratina uses a clear beam from its mouth to reopen the portal and enter the Reverse World. Ash jumps into the hovercar and heads into the portal to the Reverse World as well. Zero moves through the purple smoke and continues moving through the Reverse World. Zero begins breaking the ice crystals in the Reverse World which have an effect in the real world. A glacier breaks apart and slides down towards the Ten'i Village. In the temple, a Regigigas wakes up during the commotion. Zero continues breaking ice crystals, while in the real world the glaciers keep breaking. A herd of Mamoswine notice the glaciers heading towards the village. A glacier is moving through the lake as Zero watches what's going on. Zero continues to break ice crystals, as Giratina floats by and uses Will-O-Wisp to hit the Mecha Giratina. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, while Shaymin uses Energy Ball to also hit the ship. Giratina roars at its mechanical counterpart.

In the real world, Swinub uses Ice Shard, Buneary, Bibarel, Bidoof, Aggron, Froslass, Sentret, Furret, and Abomasnow all use Ice Beam to freeze the lake to be able to stop the glacier from moving. Giratina uses Dragon Claw on the Mecha Giratina, but Zero pushes it against a wall. Zero attacks Giratina with his ship, while Giratina dodges and uses Will-O-Wisp to hit the ship. Ash pulls up next to Zero. Shaymin and Turtwig use Energy Ball, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Chimchar uses Flamethrower, and Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp on the ship. The Mecha Giratina attacks and the real Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp, as both attacks create an explosion. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the glacier begins to break through the ice barrier that the Pokémon created. Newton recalls that it has happened before. Buneary uses Ice Beam and Swinub uses Ice Shard to try to stop the glacier, but it keeps on going. Regigigas appears on the top of the mountain, along with many Mamoswine that it has summoned. On the other side of the mountain, even more, Mamoswine arrive as well.

Back in the Reverse World, Zero attacks Giratina with his ship, as Giratina hits the ground. Zero attacks with the Mecha Giratina again, as several ice pillars land on top of Giratina. Ash calls Giratina's name. Regigigas and all of the Mamoswine try to hold back the large glacier. It keeps moving even when they push it back. Regigigas uses Crush Grip on the glacier to try to hold it back. Meanwhile, back in the Reverse World, Zero tries to finish off Giratina with another attack, but Pikachu's Thunderbolt collides with it and creates an explosion. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Shaymin uses Energy Ball, and Chimchar uses Flamethrower to attack the Mecha Giratina. Zero hits Ash and his Pokémon with part of the Mecha Giratina, knocking them off of the hovercar and onto his ship. Zero uses gripping claws to grab Turtwig and Chimchar, as Ash and Pikachu run away from them. Ash is cornered, as the claws come towards him. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Shaymin uses Energy Ball to destroy them. Ash recalls Turtwig and Chimchar to their Poké Balls to get them out of the grip of the claws. Zero shows himself to Ash, as Pikachu gets ready to use Thunderbolt on him. Giratina is still stuck underneath the ice pillars, as the purple smoke floats by with Team Rocket looking on. Zero closes his ship's door, as he takes the ship into the purple smoke. Ash and Pikachu try to not breathe in the smoke, as Shaymin steps in to absorb the smoke.

Back in the real world, Regigigas keeps trying to hold back and stop the glacier with Crush Grip. In the Reverse World, enough of the purple smoke has cleared, so that Ash and Pikachu can breathe again. The claws go after Pikachu and Shaymin again, as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to send them back. Giratina grabs part of the ship and tries to bring it to the ground, but Zero uses a beam to attack Giratina. Shaymin uses Seed Flare to reopen the portal so that they can reenter the real world. Zero tries to attack Shaymin with his ship, but Giratina holds onto the ship. The portal opens as Team Rocket holds on to the ground, and Ash holds onto the Mecha Giratina so that they do not fall. Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp on the ship as it goes through the portal, and crashes onto the ice in the real world. Mamoswine and Buneary use Ice Beam, and Swinub uses Ice Shard to freeze the ship in place. The whole ship shuts down, along with Infi. Shaymin goes through the portal into the real world and crashes down onto the ice. Shaymin flies into the air, turns into its Land Forme, and falls into Dawn's arms. The portal closes, as Team Rocket, Ash, and Giratina are still trapped inside of the Reverse World.

Ash rides on Giratina, as they float around the Reverse World. Giratina uses its powers to restore the ice pillars back to the way they were. In the real world, the glacier finally stops in its place. Giratina opens up a portal to the real world, as Giratina and Ash come through into the real world, and Ash waves to everyone. Giratina comes down onto the ice, as Ash jumps off to be with his friends. Giratina roars and flies high into the sky, as Newton uses a gadget of his to analyze it. Later on, many more Shaymin appear in the field of flowers. As the sun rises, the Gracidea Flowers bloom as the other Shaymin turn into their Sky Forme and fly into the sky. Shaymin cries as it enters the field of Gracidea Flowers and turns into its Sky Forme, as it flies high into the sky. The flower petals go flying as the Shaymin circle around in the sky. The Shaymin fly over everyone's heads and head far off into the distance. Ash and Dawn tear up as they say their final goodbyes to Shaymin.

During the credits, pictures of Ash and his friends sending Gracidea Flowers and heading off in a boat are presented. Regigigas was shown looking over the ice-covered area while some Mamoswine ran around. Ash and his friends made it onto the dock, as Ash catches up to Pikachu while he was running. The Mecha Giratina is unfrozen as Newton helps Zero out of the ship, and Officer Jenny arrests the villain. The delivery man is shown delivering the Gracidea Flower gift baskets to Delia, Johanna, and Flint on behalf of Ash, Dawn, and Brock. Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone are seen floating around the tunnel, and the Aron, Lairon, and Aggron are feasting on the remains of the Megarig. Team Rocket is shown to be back in the real world, as they walk by the temple and are hit by Regigigas ropes which sends them blasting off. Shaymin is shown sleeping before the sun rises, and then it turns into its Sky Forme as soon as the sun rises. Ash and his friends head off to their next destination in the Sinnoh region.

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Ash Sarah Natochenny Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
Brock Bill Rogers Takeshi Yūji Ueda タケシ うえだ ゆうじ
Dawn Emily Jenness Hikari Megumi Toyoguchi ヒカリ 豊口めぐみ
Jessie Michele Knotz Musashi Megumi Hayashibara ムサシ 林原めぐみ
James Billy Beach Kojirō Shin-ichiro Miki コジロウ 三木眞一郎
Meowth Billy Beach Nyarth Inuko Inuyama ニャース 犬山イヌコ
Nurse Joy Michele Knotz Joy Yuriko Yamaguchi ジョーイ 山口 由里子
Officer Jenny Emily Williams Junsar Chinami Nishimura ジュンサー 西村ちなみ
Narration Rodger Parsons Narration Unshō Ishizuka ナレーション 石塚運昇
Special appearances by
Shaymin Amy Palant Shaymin Vanilla Yamazaki シェイミ 山崎バニラ
Newton Graceland Marc Thompson Mugen Graceland Kōichi Yamadera ムゲン・グレイスランド 山寺宏一
Zero Parker Anderson Zero Shidō Nakamura ゼロ 中村獅童
Infi Bella Hudson Infi Shōko Nakagawa インフィ 中川翔子
Layla Amy Palant Leila Akina Minami レイラ 南明奈
Moose Tom Wayland Moose Red Yoshida ムース レッド吉田
Sylvan Sarah Natochenny Ogin Chie Satō オギン 佐藤智恵
Shun Shun Mika Teratani シュン 寺谷美香
Taka Taka Mayuki Makiguchi タカ 牧口真幸
Kako Kako Hinako Sasaki カコ 佐々木日菜子
Regigigas Tomomichi Nishimura Regigigas Tomomichi Nishimura レジギガス 西村知道


Created by
  • 田尻 智
  • 増田順一
  • 杉森 建
Production supervisor
  • 石原恒和
Animation supervisor
  • Yōichi Kotabe
  • 小田部羊一
Executive producers
  • Masakazu Kubo
  • Kenjirō Itō
  • 久保雅一
  • 伊藤憲二郎
  • Chōji Yoshikawa
  • Jun'ya Okamoto
  • Takemoto Mori
  • 吉川兆二
  • 深沢幹彦
  • 岡本順哉
  • 盛 武源
Animation producers
  • Toshiaki Okuno
  • Shūkichi Kanda
  • 奧野敏聡
  • 神田修吉
  • Hideki Sonoda
  • 園田英樹
  • 湯山邦彦
Assistant directors
  • Masakatsu Iijima
  • Yūji Asada
  • Kōji Fukazawa
  • Sou Toyama
  • Yumi Kamakura
  • Naohito Takahashi
  • 飯島正勝
  • 浅田裕二
  • 深沢幸司
  • 外山草
  • かまくらゆみ
  • 高橋ナオヒト
Character design
  • Kazuaki Mōri
  • Sayuri Ichiishi
  • Tokuhiro Matsuhara
  • Toshiya Yamada
  • Kazumi Satō
  • 毛利和昭
  • 一石小百合
  • 松原徳弘
  • 山田俊也
  • 佐藤和巳
Executive animation directors
  • Kazuaki Mōri
  • Kazumi Satō
  • 毛利和昭
  • 佐藤和巳
Animation directors
  • Tokuhiro Matsubara
  • Sayuri Ichiishi
  • Masahiro Aizawa
  • Yūko Inoue
  • Miwa Sakai
  • Masato Sawada
  • Eikichi Takahashi
  • Takayuki Shimura
  • Kōichi Taguchi
  • Yasukazu Shōji
  • Hiromi Niioka
  • Ichirō Ogawa
  • 松原徳弘
  • 一石小百合
  • 相澤昌弘
  • 井ノ上ユウ子
  • 堺美和
  • 沢田正人
  • 高橋英吉
  • 志村隆行
  • 田口広一
  • 東海林康和
  • 新岡浩美
  • をがわいちろを
Color keys
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
Art director
  • Hinoru Akiba
  • 秋葉みのる
Director of photography
  • Takaya Mizutani
  • 水谷貴哉
  • OLM Digital
  • OLM Digital
CGI director
  • Makoto Satō
  • 佐藤 誠
CGI producer
  • Misako Saka
  • 坂 美佐子
  • Toshio Henmi
  • 辺見俊夫
  • Shinji Miyazaki
  • 宮崎慎二
Music producers
  • Kazuo Shinohara
  • Yūji Saitō
  • 篠原一雄
  • 齋藤裕二
Sound director
  • Masafumi Mima
  • 三間雅文
Audio production
  • ShoPro
  • ShoPro
Animation production
  • OLM Team Koitabashi
  • OLM Team Koitabashi
  • Kunihiko Yuyama
  • 湯山邦彦


Shaymin distribution artwork

Pre-order distributions

Fans who pre-order their tickets in Japan were allowed to obtain a Regigigas knowing Iron Head, Rock Slide, and Icy Wind, moves that represent Registeel, Regirock, and Regice, respectively. These were later made available at Toys "R" Us stores in America. This Regigigas allow players to obtain Registeel, Regirock, and Regice in Platinum, which, in turn, allow them to obtain a level 1 Regigigas in Platinum as well.

Movie distributions

Fans could obtain Shaymin in theaters in Japan and at Toys "R" Us stores in America. These allow players to obtain the Gracidea Flower to change Shaymin into its Sky Forme.


Main article: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin Music Collection


It took second place in the Japanese box office from its release during July 19–20, where 982,000 people spending ¥1,018,770,000 (US $9,463,400) and was beaten by Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, which 1,251,107 people spent ¥1,575,820,000 (about $14,638,000) to see.

It is tracking at 89.8% of the box office performance of the last year's Pokémon film, The Rise of Darkrai, which eventually earned a franchise record of ¥5.02 billion (US $47 million).

Manga adaptation

Main article: Giratina and the Sky Warrior (manga)


Brock's family with a basket of Gracideas
  • This movie was released between DP086 and DP087 in Japan.
  • This is the first movie:
  • This movie marks the first time the anime is, in any form, is presented in an HDTV format in addition to standard definition in its initial airing.
  • This movie marks the second time when a Legendary Pokémon from a previous movie reappears. The only other time was in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, where Mew made a second appearance after Mewtwo Strikes Back. It was, however, a different Mew, whereas the Dialga in this movie is the same one that battled Palkia over Alamos Town in The Rise of Darkrai.
    • This is also the first movie where a Legendary Pokémon reappears immediately after the previous movie.
  • Origin Forme Giratina and Sky Forme Shaymin debuted in this movie prior to their game debut in Pokémon Platinum.
  • Palkia doesn't have a role in the movie despite it being on the first poster. It only makes a cameo in a flashback. This marks the second time that a Pokémon appear on the posters even though they don't actually appear in the movie itself, the first being in Jirachi: Wish Maker, which had a poster that featured Treecko and Mudkip, both of which did not play a role in the movie. The poster for the non-Japanese release of Mewtwo Strikes Back also showed several unused Pokémon in stock poses.
  • The mother and girl that were reading the legend of Rota in the beginning of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and were seen buying a cotton candy and running away from Darkrai in The Rise of Darkrai are seen again making a cameo in this movie.
  • Lucas and Brendan cameo in the opening of the movie, battling with Magmortar and Rhyperior, respectively.
  • The movie shows Eevee and the seven Eeveelutions at the time (Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Leafeon) during the opening sequence.
  • In the Finnish dub, when Team Rocket are in the Reverse World, Jessie says that the place is like a fun house Vekkula in Linnanmäki, an amusement park in Helsinki.
  • While marketed as a Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl movie, the series logo has the katakana for Platinum added to the bottom.
  • The Japanese release of this movie was also added to the Guinness World Records for greatest advance sales for an animated film after pre-sale ticket counts totaled 2,384,198 in Japan.
  • The staff went to three locations in Norway to form a basis for the movie's setting - Sognefjorden (the second largest Fjord in the world), Jostedalsbreen (the largest glacier in Europe), and Bergen (the second largest city in Norway). The scene with the Glacier threatening to destroy the town was based on a little town of Geiranger, where it's threatened by a collapsing mountainside.
  • Despite it having existed in the games since Generation I, this is the first time any Pokémon has used Substitute in the anime.
  • Some of the sounds used for Giratina are recycled roars from the Japanese movie monster, Mothra.
  • Newton Graceland describes the Reverse World as a "distorted world", referring to how it is based on the Distortion World from Pokémon Platinum.
  • The Japanese title card refers to the movie as (Japanese: 劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール・プラチナ ギラティナと氷空花束 シェイミ Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl Platinum the Movie - Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin).


  • When Pikachu is battling against Electivire, Electivire gets affected by Pikachu's Thunderbolt despite having the Motor Drive Ability, as Hidden Abilities weren't yet introduced.
  • When Ash and Dawn are pulled into the Reverse World for the first time, Piplup's arms are the same color as its head and "cape".
  • When Piplup attempts to use Bubble Beam on Giratina, Shaymin's flowers are a dark purple (the color they become when Shaymin absorbs pollution).
  • When Shaymin is about to approach Meowth, a few frames show its front paw has three toes instead of two.
  • During a scene in the Reverse World when Shaymin is in its Sky Forme, it uses its Land Forme's voice.
  • When the last Magneton leaves the train to escape out the window, it uses the voice of a Magnemite.
  • When Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp in one scene, Pikachu jumps off the edge of a cliff to dodge, though he is back on the ledge in the next scene.
  • In the Polish dub, when Giratina was healed by Shaymin, Brock's line is absent.
  • The English promotional image prior to the US DVD release has Giratina's face missing a line from its eye to its nose.

Dub edits

  • ONE is replaced by This is a Beautiful World as the ending theme.
  • In the English dub, after the flashback of the blueprints being erased, Newton says Zero never forgot them, implying Zero has a photographic memory. In the original Japanese version, he merely says Zero never gave up on trying to recreate the blueprints.
  • A couple of death references are toned down in the English dub:
    • In the Japanese version, Newton outright states that Giratina would die if the Megarig worked as intended. In the English dub, he simply says that Giratina would "be no more".
    • When Shaymin uses Aromatherapy, it originally tells Giratina to live instead of telling it to "stay with me".
      • The Finnish dub adds a death reference by having Newton say that Giratina would perish instead of be sacrificed.

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