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These donuts are great! This article is about an episode of the Pokémon anime that has not been dubbed into English. As such, its coverage may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.
HZ028 : The Stolen Treasure
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ030 : Slip and Crash! A Mystery Pokémon?!
Orla and the Poké Ball Smith
HZ029   EP1261
Orio and the Monster Ball Craftsman
First broadcast
Japan November 17, 2023
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening ハロ
Ending RVR〜ライジングボルテッカーズラップ〜[オリオVer.PART2]
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 福島直浩 Naohiro Fukushima
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 Noriaki Saitō
Assistant director 岩田義彦 Yoshihiko Iwata
Animation directors 柳原好貴 Yoshitaka Yanagihara
大西雅也 Masaya Ōnishi
酒井裕未 Hiromi Sakai
Additional credits

Orla and the Poké Ball Smith (Japanese: オリオとモンスターボール職人 Orio and the Monster Ball Craftsman) is the 29th episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, and the 1,261st episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on November 17, 2023, and is scheduled to air in the United Kingdom on June 6, 2024.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


As the Brave Olivine heads to the place mentioned by Tepen, Roy apologizes to Orla for the hole he made while practicing his Poké Ball throwing. Orla tells Roy to do that kind of thing outside because of the crucial wiring running through the ship. The other Rising Volt Tacklers inform Orla about other things that aren't working right around the ship. Liko notices how overworked Orla is as the latter marches off to take care of the ship.

The ship arrives at their stop, a Poké Ball Factory. Friede, Liko, and Roy look over to Orla, who immediately believes the factory is in poor condition. Friede points out that Orla has particular standards when it comes to machinery as a whole. Just then, an explosion is heard from inside. The shadow with glowing blue eyes that comes running out reveals itself as a young girl, who invites the group inside. She offers to make them tea, and as she pulls out a kettle from a pile of things, it ends up falling on top of her. She bursts out of the pile with the kettle, and Liko thinks she is pretty lively. Liko then notices and picks up a Hisuian Poké Ball that rolls off the pile, which the factory girl points out is actually a recreation of one. She shakes hands with Liko and introduces herself as Khana.

Khana's Magby heats up the kettle for the tea. As the group has it with Khana, she apologizes for Tepen's dishonesty. Liko asks if she makes Poké Balls, and Khana answers that it is her passion. Roy has Khana take a look at his ancient Poké Ball, and she is immediately amazed by it. She is unable to tell Roy more about it but points to a box full of out-of-the-box prototypes she has made. As Friede and Liko admire Khana's optimism, she lets Roy have the box to practice his throwing. Noticing Khana's Poké Ball making machine malfunctioning again, Orla asks Khana if she has kept up with maintenance. When Khana gets confused by the question, Orla wastes no time in repairing everything wrong with the machine. Khana switches it on, and stylish silver Poké Balls come out. Orla points out that with the proper care, machines can work as good as new.

Roy tries out some of the Poké Balls Khana gave him. First, he tries out the Rocket Ball, which flies in a straight line. Next, he tries the Boomerang Ball, which comes back around and hits him in the face. Finally, he tries out the Bomb-Bomb Ball, which explodes as he is about to throw it. A Galarian Weezing draped in shadow watches Roy from behind a tree. Back at the ship, Friede tells the others how Orla has warmed up to Khana and won't be back for a while. Mollie thinks Orla needs a breather because of her demands from Friede, who hears this and blames Murdock, who blames Mollie. Diana just smiles and remarks that it is everyone's fault. Liko holds up one of the silver Poke Balls Khana made, giving a less-than-impressive pep talk to herself. Magby shoots flames into the furnace, making Khana's Poké Ball mass production go faster thanks to Orla's idea of having the Pokémon help out too. Orla also compliments Khana on how beautiful the Poké Balls are. When Liko enters, Khana proposes that Orla stay in her factory and work with her. Liko becomes nervous at the possibility of Orla leaving the crew.

Roy is still getting nowhere with the Poké Ball prototypes. He decides to try out the Chase Ball, this time reading the instructions first. The Chase Ball hits something but fails to open, and the Galarian Weezing comes out, chasing Roy and Fuecoco. Meanwhile, Liko wonders if Orla is going to stay and work with Khana at her factory. Remembering how overworked Orla seemed to be before, she reluctantly asks her if every day is fun for her. Orla claims that it is fun, even if it is a lot to handle sometimes. Orla tells Liko that she used to have a nice, fulfilling, and stress-free job at a shipyard in Slateport City. Even though it was nice, she often found herself questioning her true ambitions. Back when Friede asked her to turn Ludlow’s boat into the Brave Olivine, she saw this as an opportunity to put her skills to the ultimate test. By the time she finished her work on the ship, she realized what she really wanted to do.

However, just as Orla is about to tell Liko what that was, Roy comes running to the factory with the angered Weezing hot on his tail. Fuecoco gets hit and confused by the Poison Gas Pokémon's Strange Steam. After an ineffective Leafage from Sprigatito, Weezing retaliates with a super-effective Sludge Bomb. Liko becomes worried knowing that Weezing is a Poison type, which has the advantage over Sprigatito. Orla sends out Metagross, who, being a Steel type, is immune to Poison-type attacks. Weezing continues the assault using Strange Steam, which Metagross blocks by spinning. Metagross then knocks the Poison Gas Pokémon far away with a super-effective Metal Claw. Khana praises Orla, but Fuecoco, having snapped out of its Confusion, notices Weezing come back with an army of Weezing. However, Captain Pikachu comes down from above and knocks out all the Weezing with Thunder Punch, Friede having arrived on the scene. However, more Weezing just keep coming.

Friede looks at the smoke coming out of the top of the factory, getting an idea. He tells Orla to boost the output of the machinery to what it can't handle. Orla is reluctant at first but decides to try anyway. With that, Orla runs inside and has Khana help her out. Magby shoots flames to power the furnace while Elekid feeds it electricity. As Metagross holds the machine together with Psychic, Orla contacts Friede and tells him that the machine can't handle much more, but Friede is still positive that it will work. Khana is worried, but Orla, having decided to trust Friede, knows he has some kind of plan. With the machine past its limit, it lets off a giant smoke cloud that shoots out from the top of the factory, making all the Weezing stop their attack. As they go to feed on the smoke cloud, Liko scans Galarian Weezing with her Pokédex, which says that it feeds off contaminated particles in the air. As the Weezing calm down from the meal and let off clean steam, Orla remarks that it's just like Friede to come up with that kind of crazy plan.

At sunset, Orla makes a pipe on the factory for the Weezing to eat the smoke out of. Orla declines Khana's offer to work with her at her factory. Khana understands and gives Orla something to remember her by, a silver Poké Ball, only it has blue ornaments on it. After departing from Khana's Poké Ball factory, Orla tells Liko that she really wanted to do things she has never done before. She knew she'd have plenty of chances to do so when getting on the ship. Liko agrees, knowing it was undoubtedly the same for her. The other Rising Volt Tacklers proceed to inform Orla about things that aren't working right around the ship again, but this time, Orla takes it with a smile. Liko and Orla exit the engine room, Orla grabbing her toolbox to reveal the special Poké Ball Khana gave her.

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HZ028 : The Stolen Treasure
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
HZ030 : Slip and Crash! A Mystery Pokémon?!
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