Arm Thrust (move)

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Arm Thrust
つっぱり Thrust
Arm Thrust VIII.png
Type  Fighting
Category  Physical
PP  20 (max. 32)
Power  15
Accuracy  100%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation III
Condition  Tough
Appeal  2 ♥♥
Jam  1
Startles the Pokémon that has the judge's attention.
Condition  Tough
Appeal  2 ♥♥
Allows performance of the same move twice in a row.
Condition  Tough
Appeal  1
Jamming  0  
Effectiveness varies depending on when it is used.

Arm Thrust (Japanese: つっぱり Thrust) is a damage-dealing Fighting-type multi-strike move introduced in Generation III. Prior to Generation V, it was one of the signature moves of Makuhita and Hariyama.


Generations III and IV

Arm Thrust inflicts damage, hitting the target 2-5 times per use. There is a 37.5% chance that it will hit 2 times, a 37.5% chance that it will hit 3 times, a 12.5% chance that it will hit 4 times, and a 12.5% chance that it will hit 5 times. Each strike made has an equal chance to be a critical hit.

Arm Thrust may continue attacking after breaking a substitute. Bide and Counter will only acknowledge the last strike of this move.

If the target has an Ability that activates upon contact, each strike counts individually, enabling the Ability to activate multiple times.

Pokémon with the Ability Skill Link will always hit five times when using Arm Thrust unless it misses.

Arm Thrust can also be used as part of a Pokémon Contest combination, with the user gaining extra two appeal points if either the move Fake Out or Focus Energy was used in the prior turn.

If the user is holding a King's Rock or Razor Fang, each consecutive hit has an equal chance to cause the opponent to flinch.

Generation V onward

There is now a 35% chance that it will hit 2 times, a 35% chance it will hit 3 times, a 15% chance it will hit 4 times, and a 15% chance it will hit 5 times.

If a Focus Sash, Focus Band, or Sturdy activates before the last strike is dealt, the following strike will cause the defending Pokémon to faint. A Focus Band can still activate repeatedly to prevent fainting, but each chance is independent of the previous one.

If the target has Weak Armor or Stamina, each strike will activate it.

If the target is holding a Rocky Helmet, the user is damaged for each strike.


Games Description
RSE Straight-arm punches that strike the foe 2 to 5 times.
FRLG A quick flurry of straight-arm punches that hit two to five times.
Colo.XD Straight-arm punches that hit the target 2 to 5 times.
The user looses a flurry of open-palmed arm thrusts that hit two to five times in a row.
The user lets loose a flurry of open-palmed arm thrusts that hit two to five times in a row.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Types Egg Groups Level
214 Heracross Heracross
BugIC Big.png
FightingIC Big.png
Bug Bug 1 1
296 Makuhita Makuhita
FightingIC Big.png Human-Like Human-Like 10 7 7 7 7 7BDSP
297 Hariyama Hariyama
FightingIC Big.png Human-Like Human-Like 1, 10 1, 7 1, 7 1, 7 1, 7 1, 7BDSP
499 Pignite Pignite
FireIC Big.png
FightingIC Big.png
Field Field 17 17 1, Evo.
500 Emboar Emboar
FireIC Big.png
FightingIC Big.png
Field Field 17 17 1
674 Pancham Pancham
FightingIC Big.png Field Human-Like 7 7 4
675 Pangoro Pangoro
FightingIC Big.png
DarkIC Big.png
Field Human-Like 7 1, 7 1
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

In other games

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series

In Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Arm Thrust is a move with 2 base power, 78% accuracy, and 17 PP. It damages an enemy in front of the user 2 to 5 times. This move's base critical hit rate is lower than normal, at 2%.

In Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, the move's PP has been decreased to 10 and its accuracy to 40%.


Games Description
MDRB Inflicts damage on the target. It hits two to five times in succession.
MDTDS Inflicts damage on the target using 2 to 5 attacks in a single turn.
BSL てきポケモンに 2〜5かいれんぞくで ダメージを あたえる
It damages an enemy 2 to 5 times in a row.

In the anime

Goh Heracross Arm Thrust.png Hala Hariyama Arm Thrust.png Bianca Emboar Arm Thrust.png Serena Pancham Arm Thrust.png
Heracross Hariyama Emboar Pancham
The user looses a flurry of open-palmed arm thrusts.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
296 Makuhita Makuhita repeatedly hits the opponent with alternating hands.
Brawly's Makuhita Brave the Wave Debut
297 Hariyama Hariyama repeatedly hits the opponent with alternating hands, which sometimes glow white, orange, or light yellow.
Brawly's Hariyama A Meditite Fight! None
Tyson's Hariyama At the End of the Fray None
Fighting Dojo's Hariyama Pasta La Vista! None
Greta's Hariyama Wheel of Frontier None
Paul's Hariyama A Pyramiding Rage! None
Hala's Hariyama Trial and Tribulation! None
Hodge's Hariyama Serving Up the Flute Cup! None
500 Emboar Emboar repeatedly hits the opponent with alternating hands.
Bianca's Emboar Search for the Clubultimate! None
674 Pancham Pancham's hands glows white and it strikes the opponent with them.
Serena's Pancham Dreaming a Performer's Dream! None
214 Heracross Heracross's hands glows multiple shades of blue and it strikes the opponent with one of them.
Goh's Heracross Trade, Borrow, and Steal! Heracross cannot legally learn Arm Thrust in Generation VIII

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Pocket Monsters

In other generations

Core series games

Side series games

Spin-off series games

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 猛推 Máahngtēui
Mandarin 猛推 Měngtuī *
大力掌击 Dàlì Zhǎng Jī *
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Armstoot
Finland Flag.png Finnish Kämmenisku (AG020)
Panssarinyrkki (AG131)
France Flag.png French Cogne
Germany Flag.png German Armstoß
Greece Flag.png Greek Ώθηση Χειρός
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Kéz Lökés
Italy Flag.png Italian Sberletese
South Korea Flag.png Korean 손바닥치기 Sonbadak Chigi
Poland Flag.png Polish Siła Ramion*
Długie Ramienie*
Pneumatyczne Ramienie*
Mocna Pięść*
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Golpe de Braço (early anime, XY095-present, TCG, manga)
Propulsão de Braço (XY091)
Ataque de Braço (BW103)
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Impulso de Braços (Advanced; DP Galactic Battles)
Empurrão (Battle Frontier)
Romania Flag.png Romanian Mișcarea Mâinii
Serbia Flag.png Serbian Probijanje Rukama
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Brasada
Golpe Múltiple (AG020)
Brazo Fuerte (AG031)
Empuje de Brazos (AG131)
Empujón (DP128)
Spain Flag.png Spain Empujón
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Chưởng

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