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Keita redirects here. For the member of the Psychic Club sharing the same Japanese name, see Daniel (TCG GB).

Keith (Japanese: ケイタ Keita) is a character of the day in So Near, Yet so Farfetch'd.

Along with his Farfetch'd, Keith stole Pokémon from other people and used them for his own. He would have his Farfetch'd distract his victims so he could swipe Trainers' backpacks and replace them with backpacks filled with rocks. Misty, Jessie, and James were three of his victims. When Ash, Pikachu, Brock, and Misty reported to Officer Jenny of what happened, Jenny stated that Misty was Keith's fifth victim. Jenny had been after him for a while, but he never seemed to stay in one place.

Psyduck, after escaping from Keith without him knowing, found Ash and his friends and led them to Keith. After catching Keith, he explained the reason why he had been stealing—he thought his Farfetch'd was too weak to battle. However, Farfetch'd proved to him that it could battle by defeating Ash's Bulbasaur. Misty's Psyduck later defeated Keith's Farfetch'd with its Disable. After Team Rocket dumped a bunch of Voltorb that he had given to them from their balloon, he decided not to steal Pokémon anymore and returned the Pokémon to their rightful Trainers. Because of this, Jenny told him that none of the victims would press charges against him. After learning his lesson, he decided to train his Farfetch'd in catching Pokémon, rather than stealing them.


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On hand

Keith's Farfetch'd
Keith's Farfetch'd's only appearance was in So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd where he used it to nab people's bags. It first appeared to Misty and her Psyduck. Thinking it was wild she tried to capture it, but it ran into the forest. She followed it until she collided with Keith and he nabbed her bag. It then appeared in Keith's tent telling him more Trainers were nearby. They turned out to be Team Rocket. He told them that he would give them his Farfetch'd, Staryu and Starmie.

As Team Rocket jumped into his boat, it began to sink. Their Pokémon fell out, and Farfetch'd stole them. Later on, Ash and his friends find Keith and Farfetch'd. After a battle, Keith promised to return the Pokémon he stole and not to commit any crimes again.

Farfetch'd's known moves are Fury Attack and Agility.

Debut So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd
Voice actors
Japanese Kōichi Yamadera
English Maddie Blaustein ([note 1])

Given away

Keith's Voltorb
Voltorb (multiple)
Keith's multiple Voltorb made a brief appearance in So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd. It is unknown if Keith caught them or nabbed them from another Trainer. They appeared when Team Rocket demanded Keith return their stolen Pokémon. He told them he would return them, but instead of Poké Balls, he gave them Voltorb. Using Self-Destruct, they sent Team Rocket blasting off, although not before Team Rocket discarded most of them, ironically right near the area where Keith, Ash, Misty, and Brock were at.

Voltorb's only known move is Self-Destruct.

Debut So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart


  • Keith's appearance seems to be modeled after Farfetch'd. Keith has thick, slanted eyebrows and a tuft of hair that sticks up, like the feathers on the head of Farfetch'd.
  • Keith's name is never said onscreen at any time throughout the episode.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 柏倉つとむ Tsutomu Kashiwakura
English Ted Lewis
Arabic رأفت بازو Rafat Bazoo
Czech Petr Burian
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
European French Frederik Haùgness
Norwegian Erik Skøld
Polish Grzegorz Hołówko
Brazilian Portuguese Vágner Fagundes
Spanish Latin America Benjamín Rivera
Spain Pablo Tribaldos


  1. Credited as "Adam Blaustein"

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