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ザルード Zarude
Zarude M23.png
Debuts in Secrets of the Jungle
Gender Gender unknown
Ability Leaf Guard*
Nature Adamant*
Current location Forest of Okoya
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Zarude Nakamura Kankurō Edward Bosco

Dada (Japanese: とうちゃん Daddy) is a major character who appeared in Secrets of the Jungle. He is a Zarude and the adoptive father of Koko.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

In the movies


Ten years prior to Secrets of the Jungle, Zarude and its fellow troop members lived in the Forest of Okoya. The Zarude often terrorized the Pokémon living in the jungle, attacking them and stealing their food under the pretense it was the law of the jungle. One day, lured by the sound of crying, Zarude arrived at a riverbank, where he came across a lone human infant. Despite the protests of his pack, Zarude refused to leave the infant to fend for itself, instead choosing to go into exile and find the child's parents. After his attempts to return the child to humanity failed, Zarude adopted the child to raise it as it were his own son. The infant would later be named Koko, who in turn referred to Zarude as "Dada".

Over the next ten years, Dada and Koko lived in the jungle together. Oblivious to his true nature, Koko believed he was also a Zarude and became frustrated by his apparent inability to use moves. When Dada hesitated to tell Koko the truth, Koko stormed off to discover his true origins. That night, Dada met with Koko, only to discover he befriended a boy named Ash Ketchum. Realizing he was a human and not a Pokémon, Koko demanded Dada to tell him the truth. Dada accepted and led the boys to a nearby abandoned research facility containing a picture of Koko's birth parents. After explaining how he and Koko met, Dada left, telling his son to decide what to do with the information he received.

The next day, Dada and his former troop members came across Dr. Zed attempting to uncover the secret of the Heart Tree's healing powers. Dada and the Alpha Zarude attempted to fight Dr. Zed's robot, but were injured and forced to retreat. After regrouping with the others, Dr. Zed began attacking the Heart Tree. Despite Dada's warnings, the other Zarude chose to fight and protect the Heart Tree. With no other options, Dada turned to the jungle Pokémon to help him stop Dr. Zed. The Pokémon initially rejected Dada's request, but accepted after seeing how he desperately he wanted to keep Koko and the forest safe.

Dada and the jungle Pokémon fought off Dr. Zed, but Dada was fatally wounded when he protected Koko from the robot's attack. The other Zarude took Dada to the healing spring, but its restorative properties were weakened when Dr. Zed attacked the Heart Tree earlier. A dying Dada admitted to Koko that he was proud to be his father despite being insecure about his ability to be a parent. Desperate to save his father, Koko managed to successfully use Jungle Healing and save Dada's life.

After Dr. Zed's defeat, the Zarude worked with the jungle Pokémon and the Biotope to restore the damages done to the jungle. When Ash said his farewells to everyone, Koko revealed that he wanted to leave the jungle and go on a journey of his own. Feigning anger, Dada argued with Koko and told him to do whatever he wanted. Before Koko left, Dada and the jungle Pokémon gathered together to say goodbye.

Sometime later, Dada fed the jungle Pokémon the Berries he had grown in his and Koko's garden and then spotted a Shiny Celebi, the jungle's guardian, confirming to him that peace had returned to the jungle.

Moves used

Dada Jungle Healing.png
Using Jungle Healing
Move First Used In
Jungle Healing Secrets of the Jungle
Energy Ball Secrets of the Jungle
Power Whip Secrets of the Jungle
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 中村勘九郎 Nakamura Kankurō
English Edward Bosco
Arabic علي سعد Ali Saad
Indonesian Muhammad Nur
Italian Francesco Mei
Polish Tomasz Błasiak
Brazilian Portuguese Jorge Vasconcellos
Spanish Latin America Beto Castillo
Spain Txema Moscoso

In the games

Dada Zarude were distributed in Japan from December 25, 2020 to March 31, 2021 and South Korea from September 15 to November 30, 2021 to players who preordered tickets to the twenty-third movie, Secrets of the Jungle.

Dada Zarude were distributed to players worldwide who entered a serial code included in the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter on October 7, 2021. Players need to sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter and opt in to email marketing by September 25, 2021. There is no end date announced yet for the serial codes.

Wonder Card 110 / 521 / 1026 | Zarude (Dada) Gift / Mythical Pokémon Zarude Gift
#0893  Zarude
Galar symbol.png
Dynamax Level: 0
Cherish Ball HOME.png Level 70 893Zarude-Dada.png
DarkIC.png GrassIC.png
Ability: Leaf Guard
Held item: Choice Scarf Choice Scarf
ID: 201225
OT: オコヤのもり
Met: a Pokémon Movie (fateful encounter)
Nature: Adamant
Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon Wishing Ribbon
Jungle Healing
Grass icon PE.pngGrass StatusIC SwSh.png
Hammer Arm
Fighting icon PE.pngFighting PhysicalIC SwSh.png
Power Whip
Grass icon PE.pngGrass PhysicalIC SwSh.png
Energy Ball
Grass icon PE.pngGrass SpecialIC SwSh.png
Games Method Location Duration
SwSh serial code hide December 25, 2020 to March 31, 2021
December 10, 2021 to March 31, 2022
SwSh serial code hide September 15 to November 30, 2021
SwSh serial code hide October 7 to December 31, 2021
This Pokémon can be redeemed multiple times per save file by using differing valid serial codes.
Date received is the date on the system when the gift is redeemed.
This Pokémon is set to the same language as the game that received it.


Language Name Origin
Japanese とうちゃん Daddy From Daddy
English Dada From Daddy
Italian Papà From Papà, Italian for dad
Polish Papi Related with "Daddy"

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