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BW069 : Climbing the Tower of Success!
Pokémon the Series: Black & White
BW071 : Search for the Clubultimate!
The Clubsplosion Begins!
BW070   EP727
The Donamite Gets Underway! Zuruggu VS Yanakkie!!
First broadcast
Japan March 15, 2012
United States July 14, 2012
English themes
Opening Rival Destinies
Japanese themes
Opening ベストウイッシュ!
Ending 七色アーチ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 大橋志吉 Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Storyboard 古賀一臣 Kazuomi Koga
Assistant director 古賀一臣 Kazuomi Koga
Animation director 夏目久仁彦 Kunihiko Natsume
No additional credits are available at this time.

The Clubsplosion Begins! (Japanese: ドンナマイト開幕!ズルッグVSヤナッキー!! The Donamite Gets Underway! Zuruggu VS Yanakkie!!) is the 70th episode of Pokémon the Series: Black & White, and the 727th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on March 15, 2012 and in the United States on July 14, 2012.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


As our heroes arrive with their friend Stephan at Pokémon Battle Club Stadium for Don George’s Clubsplosion Tournament, they soon discover that many of their rivals are there to compete as well: Bianca, Trip, Burgundy, and Georgia!

Stephan takes down his first-round opponent without much trouble—but after the battle, he gets into a heated exchange with another competitor named Montgomery, whose impressive Throh tries to pick a fight with Stephan’s Sawk. Cilan is victorious in his first battle as well, much to Burgundy’s dismay.

Ash and Scraggy go up against Angus and his Simisage, and things look dire when Simisage pins Scraggy down and unleashes a relentless series of kicks—but then, under pressure, Scraggy learns how to use Focus Blast! The tide turns quickly, and Ash wins!

Next up, Iris and Burgundy are about to face off in the fourth match. Will it be the aspiring Dragon Master or the Pokémon Connaisseuse who moves on? Find out next time!


Ash and his friends are on their way to Ambiga Town for the upcoming Clubsplosion tournament with Stephan. Ash states that would be great training for his seventh Gym match, so he decides to enter. Iris and Cilan also decide to enter. Suddenly, Bianca rushes in, knocking Ash and Pikachu into a canal before coming to a stop on Stephan's chest. Cilan dries Pikachu while Ash dries himself which the two aren't so happy about. Bianca apologizes, explaining that she was in a hurry to sign up for the tournament. Ash tells Bianca they were just on their way to the Clubsplosion tournament as well, so all five Trainers head to the stadium where it is being held.

There, they run into Ash's other rival, Trip. Bianca eagerly asks what kind of Pokémon he will enter with and he sends out Conkeldurr. After scanning it with the Pokédex, Ash concludes that Trip must have evolved Gurdurr since he last saw it during the Club Battle. Stephan states that many Trainers enter the Clubsplosion tournament with Fighting-type Pokémon due to their intense passion for combat. Ash seems surprised and Trip begins taunting him for not knowing that. When Ash tries to confront him, Conkeldurr gets in his way. Trip returns Conkeldurr to its Poké Ball, then leaves the group before Iris remarks what a kid he is. Stephan announces he plans to use Sawk and Ash settles on using his own Fighting type, Scraggy.

Moments later, Cilan and Stephan hear a familiar voice from behind and turn to see Burgundy. Cilan looks pleasantly surprised to see her and asks if she'll be entering the tournament as well. She affirms it and also says that as a Connaisseuse she will battle and win against him this time. Cilan asks if she manage to increase her level and she replies glumly that she's still a C-class. She goes on the defensive, saying that she was too busy with training to study for another Connoisseur's test. Cilan says that it's a shame, which only angers Burgundy, causing her to stick her tongue out at him before leaving. Iris, Ash, and Bianca also hear a familiar voice and look up to see Georgia. She knew that Iris would want to participate in the Clubsplosion tournament, which is why she entered earlier so she could defeat her. The two get into a petty argument before Georgia breaks it off and leaves, vowing that she'd show Iris what a real Dragon Buster can do. Iris only refers to her as another pain but Cilan thinks the mixture of different personalities makes for a good flavor. Ash also says that things will be interesting from here on out.

Soon, the tournament opens up and the participants all gather in the stadium. Freddy O'Martian welcomes everyone and introduces the manager of the Battle Club, Don George. Don George explains that the winner of the Clubsplosion tournament will receive a year's supply of Vitamins, containing HP Up, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, Protein, and Iron. He gives words of encouragement before opening the Clubsplosion tournament officially. Freddy O'Martian calls for everyone's attention to the screen and then announces the first round match-ups. They are Stephan and Edmund first, Flora and Cilan second, Angus and Ash third, Burgundy and Iris fourth, Betty and Getty fifth, Gail and Georgia sixth, Montgomery and Delbert seventh, with Trip and Bianca being the final match.

After Freddy O'Martian announces he will give live coverage of the battles while Don George will commentate, the first battle gets underway; the gloomy rain man named Edmund and the brawny young man who loves heated battles named Stephan. However, Stephan is annoyed that Freddy and the audience are pronouncing his name incorrectly. Suddenly, dark clouds appear in the sky and rain begins to fall. Edmund's frown turns into a smile while Freddy announces that it is known to rain every time Edmund battles. Stephan is the first to send out his Pokémon for the tournament, Sawk. Upon his appearance, Montgomery takes notice immediately. Next Edmund sends out his Pokémon, Seismitoad. The referee signals for the battle to start and Stephan is the first to make a move. He commands Sawk to start with Karate Chop. However, Seismitoad quickly dodges the attack.

In an unsettling tone, Edmund explains that Seismitoad's Ability is Swift Swim which increases its speed when it rains. He commands Seismitoad to use Drain Punch which hits Sawk in the face dead on before he has a chance to dodge it. Sawk is sent flying and crashes along the field but quickly recovers. In order to slow Seismitoad down, Stephan tells Sawk to use Low Sweep. But first he has to dodge a barrage of Mud Shot attacks coming from his opponent. He is successful and lands his Low Sweep right on Seismitoad's left leg, causing it to cry out in pain. Afterwards, Edmund tells Seismitoad to attack with Brick Break and it slams its arm right into Sawk's gut which he also recovers quickly from. The two Pokémon become locked in combat using Karate Chop and Brick Break on one another. However, Edmund notices that Seismitoad is moving slower than usual and asks what's wrong. That's when he finally notices the wound on its leg caused by Sawk's Low Sweep. Before he can do anything about it, Stephan decides to wrap up the battle and tells Sawk to use Bulk Up followed by Close Combat. Seismitoad remains standing after the attack but falls down unable to battle seconds later. Sawk appears triumphant and the clouds in the sky disappear letting the sun shine through. Stephan is declared the winner and the entire audience begins cheering for him, pronouncing his name incorrectly, causing him to yell out that they are pronouncing it wrong.

Stephan and Sawk join the other competitors in the balcony of the stadium as Cilan prepares for his match. Ash remarks that Sawk is an incredible fighter. Stephan explains that he and Sawk go through rigorous training together, in the hot sun, the freezing snow, and even the pouring rain. Sawk shows off the result of his training by flexing his muscles which charms Bianca. She reveals that she loves Pokémon with muscles and asks Stephan if she could poke Sawk's. He agrees and she pokes at one of Sawk's brachialis muscles causing her to go into a fit of giggles. Stephan looks cocky afterwards saying that Sawk is the best there is. A voice from behind remarks that by his looks, he would not make it pass the second round. Immediately, Stephan whips around angrily and sees Montgomery standing behind him, Poké Ball in hand. Montgomery says that he should not go around saying Sawk is the best until he has defeated his Pokémon. He opens his Poké Ball and a Throh emerges. Bianca was also interested in poking Throh's muscles but Montgomery would not allow her to. He calls for Throh to follow him while passing Stephan and the others. Intentionally or not, the Judo Pokémon bumps his shoulder into the Karate Pokémon's, causing the latter to become angry. But his Trainer calms him down and Montgomery and Throh leave the scene. Stephan remarks that things are becoming interesting.

Meanwhile on the battlefield, Cilan has already begun his battle with Flora. He has chosen Pansage for the tournament while she has chosen Gothorita. Pansage is commanded to use Bite but Gothorita dodges then counterattacks with Double Slap. Burgundy goes into a rage and starts yelling at Cilan not to lose just yet as she wanted to be the one to defeat him later on. Cilan assures her that he will not lose and announces that it's "evaluating time". Everyone seems excited about it except for Iris. Cilan tells Flora that Gothorita excels in both speed and technique but wasn't sure of its power. Pansage's eyes glow yellow and Cilan commands him to use Solar Beam and Flora tells Gothorita to counter with Psyshock. The two attacks colliding causes the field to become covered in a dust cloud. Cilan takes advantage of the situation and tells Pansage to use Dig. He is able to land a sneak attack on Gothorita and it is knocked out of the tournament. Cilan and Pansage smile and wave to the cheering audience while Burgundy is annoyed that he's being so "cocky" about the win.

Ash prepares for the third battle. He gives Scraggy some words of encouragement, but Angus claims that his Simisage will not lose against him. Right after some encouragement given from his friends, the referee starts the battle and Ash tells Scraggy to use Leer on Simisage. However, Angus's appearance confuses Scraggy and he uses the attack on the Trainer instead of the Pokémon. Angus isn't fazed at all, combs his pompadour and then commands Simisage to attack with Seed Bomb. Simisage throws the Seed Bomb at Scraggy but he quickly dodges it. It is instructed to use Low Sweep once Scraggy lands but Ash tells him to guard himself. Scraggy pulls up his saggy "pants" which acts as a shield against Simisage's attack. Angus tells Simisage to attack with Shadow Claw which stretches across the ground to Scraggy but he dodges that attack as well. After another dodge and miss on both parts, Angus is determined to make the next move land. Again, Simisage gets ready to use Low Sweep again but this time steps on Scraggy's pants so he can't move and lands the hit directly and he is sent across the field. Angus does not wish to give him a chance to recover and tells Simisage to attack with Giga Impact. However, Scraggy counters with High Jump Kick which lands right on Simisage's face which sends it flying backwards.

Seeing how well it worked, Ash tells Scraggy to use High Jump Kick again. This time though, Simisage dodges it and Scraggy bashes his knee into the ground, causing him to wallow in pain from the crash damage. Using it to his advantage, Angus tells Simisage to use Low Sweep repeatedly on the downed Scraggy. Ash's friends are worried that Ash will lose at this right while Axew cannot stand to watch it go on. Finally Angus decides to end the battle by having Simisage attack with one last Giga Impact. Ash cries out to Scraggy begging him to focus himself. Suddenly, a ball of energy begins to form is Scraggy hands and he is able to ward off Simisage's Giga Impact. He was starting to learn Focus Blast, which surprises his Trainer. Off the field, Iris and Pikachu praise Scraggy while Axew watches on proudly. Once again, Simisage is sent flying and Ash tells Scraggy to finish it with another Focus Blast. However the move swerves uncontrollably before disappearing altogether, revealing that Scraggy cannot aim it properly. Not even flinching at the failed move, Scraggy runs up to Simisage and Leers at it which drop its defenses. Then he wraps it up with one final Headbutt knocking out his opponent. Angus is shocked by the outcome and his pompadour goes flat. Meanwhile Ash and Scraggy celebrate while Iris, Pikachu, and Axew cheer for Scraggy's learning of Focus Blast. She realizes that it's her turn to battle.

The fourth match gets underway and the battlers are on the field; the wild child who is one with nature, Iris, against the "evaluating princess" and Pokémon Connaisseuse, Burgundy. Both girls soon send out their Pokémon and Excadrill and Dewott appear on the field. Seeing Iris use Excadrill instead of Dragon-type Pokémon causes Georgia to go into a fit but Iris tells her it's part of her strategy. The Dragon Buster says she would not forgive Iris if she lost now. Meanwhile, Burgundy tells Cilan to watch the battle carefully to see how strong she has become and he tells her that he looks forwards to it.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts

TV episode debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?: Conkeldurr (U.S. and international) Simisage (Japan)

Who's That Pokémon



Scraggy's arm error
  • While Bianca is fawning over Montgomery's Throh, the shading on her hair flashes to gray multiple times.
  • During the final shot of all of the Clubsplosion competitors, the side of Throh's nose is colored red instead of black, and Scraggy's arms are colored orange.
  • During Stephan's battle against Edmund, Sawk was seen using five different moves during his battle against Seismitoad instead of only four.
  • In the Polish dub, the HP Up is omitted when the Vitamin drinks are introduced, thus other Vitamins are referred to as Max Calcium, Zinc, etc.

Dub edits

  • In the original Japanese version, Montgomery says that his Throh will make the entire competition deplore him, which causes Bianca to laugh, thinking that he was making a pun using "ナゲキ (Nageki)", Throh's Japanese name, and "嘆く (nageku)", the Japanese word for "deplore". In the English dub, she mistakes his comment "they don't want to be thrown by Throh" for a pun instead.

In other languages

BW069 : Climbing the Tower of Success!
Pokémon the Series: Black & White
BW071 : Search for the Clubultimate!
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