Ash's Hawlucha

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Ash's Hawlucha
サトシのルチャブル Satoshi's Luchabull
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Ash Hawlucha.png
Ash's Hawlucha
Debuts in The Forest Champion!
Caught at Route 11
Gender Male[1]
Ability Unknown
Current location In rotation
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Hawlucha Shin-ichiro Miki H.D. Quinn

Ash's Hawlucha (Japanese: サトシのルチャブル Satoshi's Luchabull) was the third Pokémon that Ash caught in the Kalos region, and his forty-sixth overall.

In the anime


Pokémon the Series: XY
Hawlucha defending his title as the Forest Champion

Prior to his capture, Hawlucha was the champion of a forest, where he helped maintain peace. Hawlucha gained this title after defeating the previous champion, a Machamp. After developing a rivalry with Hawlucha, Machamp retreated to some mountains so that it could train to become stronger.

Hawlucha debuted in The Forest Champion!, where he battled an Ursaring that stole food from a group of wild Pokémon. Although he easily got the upper hand, Hawlucha missed his attempt to finish Ursaring off with Flying Press, leaving him open to attack. Ursaring was stopped by Ash and Pikachu, who scared it off. Ash offered to help Hawlucha perfect Flying Press, which eventually ended in success after countless failed attempts. They were interrupted by the Ursaring from before, who teamed up with a Conkeldurr so that they could trick the previous champion, Machamp, into believing that Hawlucha was the one terrorizing the forest Pokémon.

Machamp challenged Hawlucha to a battle, and despite Hawlucha's power, it managed to easily take Hawlucha's attacks. Ursaring and Conkeldurr then stepped in and began double-teaming Hawlucha. Although reluctant at first, Machamp realized who the real villain was and defeated Ursaring and Conkeldurr. Machamp carried the two away and said its goodbyes to Hawlucha. Later, Ash challenged Hawlucha to battle with the condition that if he wins, Hawlucha will join his team. Despite the speed of Ash's Froakie, he was easily able to outmaneuver it, avoiding its Water Pulse and Bubble attacks; despite this, the battle ended in a tie when Froakie's Pound collided with his Flying Press. Although Hawlucha didn't lose the battle, he decided to join Ash's team, even agreeing to reinstate Machamp as the forest champion.

In Battles in the Sky!, Hawlucha was used in a Sky Battle against Moria's Talonflame. Hawlucha was quickly outmatched due to Flying Press being ineffective and Talonflame easily dodging all of Hawlucha's attacks due to being in the air. Hawlucha was defeated after missing with his Karate Chop and being hit by Fire Blast and Steel Wing attacks.

Hawlucha and Ash

In Forging Forest Friendships!, Hawlucha battled together with Ash's Froakie against Clemont's Bunnelby and Chespin. Hawlucha used Karate Chop a few times to counter Bunnelby's Double Slap. But, when Bunnelby was going to use Mud Shot and Ash commanded Hawlucha to use Karate Chop again, Froakie used Water Pulse before he could do anything. Hawlucha started to get a little bit angry, but the battle continued. Then Froakie lets Chespin's Pin Missile hit Bunnelby, which faints, making Hawlucha very angry. Hawlucha attacked Froakie, who defended itself. Later, Ash came up with a great new move called Super Flying Cut. They trained but it didn't work out, until Ash was kidnapped by a wild Trevenant. Hawlucha and Froakie pursued Trevenant, finding out that it only wanted help for its friends trapped by Team Rocket. Ash's two Pokémon have a battle against Team Rocket, sending them blasting off with their new Super Flying Cut, before fistbumping as a sign of their new friendship.

In Showdown at the Shalour Gym!, Hawlucha was used in his first Gym battle against Korrina as his first Pokémon in his Shalour Gym battle. Fighting against Mienfoo, Hawlucha followed Ash's dancing strategy he learned from Tierno. Hawlucha tried to dodge Mienfoo's attacks using this new strategy, but his moves were ill-timed, causing him to take a lot of damage from Korrina's Pokémon. This confused Ash, as Tierno's Squirtle could block attacks easily. Hawlucha then went for a Flying Press but it was countered by Swift. At this point, Ash realized he couldn't win by imitating Tierno and that he had to use his own rhythm, so he changed back to his own battle style. Mienfoo went for a High Jump Kick, but Ash had Hawlucha wait and dodge at the last second, causing crash damage. Hawlucha then attacked with Karate Chop, dodged Mienfoo's Force Palm, and then defeated Mienfoo with Flying Press. He was then recalled. Later Hawlucha was then sent out to battle Korrina's Mega Lucario, but was quickly defeated by its Bone Rush and Aura Sphere.

Hawlucha bickering with Dark Hawlucha

In When Light and Dark Collide!, Hawlucha was sent out to perform in Carl's Super Pokémon Battle play, after Pikachu injured the Gallade who was supposed to play the good guy. Hawlucha worked with Carl's Shiny Hawlucha, known as Dark Hawlucha. Hawlucha had trouble following the script, refusing to be sent flying into a wall and using too much force, and though he improved during the next rehearsal, he started a fight with Dark Hawlucha, after being hit with his Karate Chop until they were stopped by Ash and some crew members. Later, he trained with Ash after hearing about Dark Hawlucha being a former wrestling champion. During the play, he teamed up with Dark Hawlucha to beat Team Rocket after they interfered with the play. When the real play started, Hawlucha suffered from stage fright and messed up with the beginning of the act. He and Dark Hawlucha decided to improvise and battle immediately, which reminded Dark Hawlucha of his former battling days. After a long battle, Ash's Hawlucha won. Before he left, he shook hands with Dark Hawlucha.

In The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!, Ash used Hawlucha as his second Pokémon in his Coumarine Gym Battle against Ramos where he went up against Weepinbell. Hawlucha used Flying Press, damaging Weepinbell, and followed up with High Jump Kick. But Weepinbell countered with Poison Powder, poisoning Hawlucha. Weepinbell then used Razor Leaf, which Hawlucha was unable to dodge due to him struggling from the poison. Afterward, he was hit by Weepinbell's Slam. He tried to use Flying Press, but he had grown fatigued due to the damage he had taken and was caught by Weepinbell's Grass Knot, which slammed him to the ground. Hawlucha jumped backward and made a successful hit with High Jump Kick, but the Flycatcher Pokémon was able to grab onto Hawlucha and used Slam again, knocking him out.

In The Moment of Lumiose Truth!, Ash used Hawlucha as his third Pokémon in his Lumiose Gym Battle against Clemont. He went up against his Heliolisk, with Ash choosing Hawlucha to match Heliolisk's speed. Hawlucha used Karate Chop, which scored a direct hit. Heliolisk then hit him with a super-effective Parabolic Charge, healing Heliolisk in the process. Hawlucha tried to use Flying Press, but Heliolisk's Flash caused the attack to miss, and followed it up with another close-range Parabolic Charge. Following this, Heliolisk used its agility to confuse Hawlucha. Ash then remembered Heliolisk extending its collar right before attacking and came up with an idea. Ash had Hawlucha use High Jump Kick during the split-second that Heliolisk extended its collar, knocking Heliolisk out. He then went up against Clemont's last Pokémon, Luxray. Hawlucha hit Luxray with Flying Press, but he responded with Electric Terrain, which increased the power of Electric-type moves. Hawlucha used High Jump Kick, but Luxray countered with Wild Charge, overpowering Hawlucha and knocking him out.

In A Fashionable Battle!, Ash used Hawlucha and Frogadier for his Double Battle against Sawyer. They went up against Sawyer's Treecko and Bagon. When Bagon used Headbutt, Hawlucha countered with Karate Chop but ended up getting hurt by Bagon's sturdy head. Hawlucha then used multiple, speedy Karate Chops until he was able to damage Bagon. Treecko then used Leech Seed, which Hawlucha dodged. Bagon then tried to hit Hawlucha with Fire Fang, but it got blocked by Frogadier's Water Pulse. After Frogadier defeated Treecko, Ash and Sawyer prepared to resume their battle, but they got interrupted by the commotion caused by Valerie's Fashion Show.

Hawlucha battling Valerie's Spritzee

In Fairy-Type Trickery!, Ash used Hawlucha as his second and last Pokémon in his Laverre Gym Battle against Valerie. He went up against her Spritzee despite the type-disadvantage. Hawlucha used Karate Chop, but Spritzee dodged and used Trick Room, reversing their speeds. Hawlucha then got hit by a super-effective Moonblast, dealing a lot of damage. Hawlucha then used his new move X-Scissor, but Spritzee dodged, causing Hawlucha to hit the Trick Room barrier. This damaged the barrier and gave Ash an idea. Spritzee used Gyro Ball, which Ash had Hawlucha latch onto and withstand it. Hawlucha then used the momentum to create a spinning X-Scissor, which pushed through the Perfume Pokémon's Dazzling Gleam and caused the attack to crash into the Trick Room, shattering it to pieces. With the Trick Room gone, Hawlucha was able to hit Spritzee with Flying Press, and after dodging another Moonblast, he defeated the Perfume Pokémon with a High Jump Kick, earning Ash the Fairy Badge.

In Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!, Ash used Hawlucha as his second Pokémon in his three versus three battle against Sawyer. He went up against Slurpuff, despite the type-disadvantage. After avoiding the Meringue Pokémon's Electro Ball using his speed, he used Karate Chop. When Sawyer attempted to look at his notes, Ash had Hawlucha go for a Flying Press, defeating Slurpuff.

In A Not-So-Flying Start!, while training on a tree, he spotted a Pokémon Egg. After bringing it to Ash and then showing where he found the egg, it hatched into a Noibat. When Noibat became frustrated with his inability to fly, Hawlucha and Fletchinder offered to help, recommending a run-up before jumping. Although Noibat performed better, he inevitably failed, forcing Hawlucha to catch him before he hit the ground. Hawlucha then suggested going to the hilltops, where it was higher and windier, but the two Pokémon ended up being captured by Team Rocket. After cutting their ropes and attempting to sneak away, they were caught by Jessie and were chased by their Pokémon. Hawlucha attacked Inkay with High Jump Kick and, after Noibat failed to fly again, carried Noibat on his back while gliding away. After fending off Inkay and Pumpkaboo again, Noibat spotted a cave for them to hide in. Since the cave was pitch black, Noibat used his ultrasound waves to detect the unbeknownst trio, allowing Hawlucha to stealthily kick off their soundproof headphones and let Noibat attack Team Rocket with a powerful Supersonic, forcing the trio to flee. After Pikachu and Frogadier defeated Team Rocket, Hawlucha and Noibat left the cave. After Ash captured Noibat, Hawlucha and Fletchinder continued their training with Noibat to teach him how to fly.

In A Relay in the Sky!, he continued to train Noibat how to fly along with Fletchinder. Noibat struggled at tackling high winds, but Hawlucha taught Noibat how to deal with it. Afterwards, they noticed a Starly, Staravia and Staraptor. They went to the source of this, the Pokémon Sky Relay, where they discovered that the birds belonged to the Sky Relay Champion, Orson. Later, Ash used Fletchinder, Hawlucha, and Noibat in the relay. Hawlucha was used in the second segment of the race. He started out in third place and despite being unable to fly, he managed to pass Staraptor using his gliding and jumping abilities well. As Hawlucha passed Meowth, he was attacked by him in his Pelipper mecha. However, Hawlucha was able to dodge Meowth's attacks, causing the mecha to crash into a rock, exposing Team Rocket's plan and causing them to blast off, thus disqualifying them from the competition. Hawlucha ended up being first at the end of the second segment when he passed the baton onto Noibat, with Staraptor not far behind. They eventually ended up second after Noibat barely lost to Starly, but he and the others were pleased with Noibat, who had successfully learned to fly.

In A Meeting of Two Journeys!, Hawlucha was used in the first round of another three-round battle between Ash and Sawyer. He was briefly seen battling Sawyer's Shelgon and defeated it with Flying Press.

Hawlucha in the Lumiose Conference

In An Electrifying Rage!, Ash sent out Hawlucha to destroy a large rock that blocked the entrance to a cave as Ash had. Later, Hawlucha volunteered to battle a rampaging Zapdos after Talonflame had been defeated. Hawlucha was able to score a direct hit on Zapdos with High Jump Kick, but the Electric Pokémon quickly recovered and struck Hawlucha with Thunderbolt, blasting him off a cliff. As Hawlucha was falling down, he was saved by Ash's newly-evolved Noivern, who then fought Zapdos in his place.

In A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!, Hawlucha was used in a three-on-three battle against Sawyer, where he battled Sawyer's Clawitzer. After dodging its Mega Launcher-boosted Dragon Pulse attacks, he managed to score a hit with High Jump Kick. When Hawlucha tried to hit Clawitzer with Flying Press, Sawyer and Clawitzer caught Ash and Hawlucha off guard by using Dragon Pulse on the ground to launch Clawitzer in the air. Hawlucha jumped above Clawitzer to try to hit it with another Flying Press, but in doing so left himself open to Clawitzer's super-effective Ice Beam, knocking him out.

In All Hail the Ice Battlefield!, Hawlucha was used as Ash's first Pokémon in his Gym battle against Wulfric, facing off against Abomasnow. Hawlucha started off with landing a Flying Press, before having a High Jump Kick countered by Abomasnow's Ice Shard, while continuing to be damaged by the Hail, caused by Abomasnow's Snow Warning Ability. Hawlucha then dodged a Wood Hammer and proceeded to hit Abomasnow with another Flying Press. He then outmaneuvered Abomasnow with his great speed and defeated him with a High Jump Kick. Hawlucha then briefly squared off against Wulfric's Avalugg, landing a Karate Chop after dodging its Stone Edge. Avalugg, however, was able to heal some of its damage by using its Ice Body Ability. After his High Jump Kick was overpowered by Avalugg's Gyro Ball, Hawlucha was immobilized by the Hail's damaging effect long enough to be struck by another Gyro Ball, causing him to be defeated. When Ash had left into the Winding Woods after his loss to Wulfric, Hawlucha along with Ash's other Pokémon kept on training. However, he was not used in Ash's rematch as he was substituted for Pikachu.

Hawlucha was used in the quarterfinals of the Lumiose Conference in Valuable Experience for All!, where he was seen battling Astrid's Mega Absol. Hawlucha easily dodged Absol's Psycho Cut and then defeated it with a Flying Press, causing Ash to advance to the semi-finals.

In Analysis Versus Passion!, Hawlucha was used in the semi-finals of the Conference as Ash's first Pokémon in his Full Battle against Sawyer, where he entered the battlefield wearing a special wrestling suit made by Serena. He faced off against Sawyer's Slaking. Despite the type-advantage and Slaking's Ability Truant, Hawlucha wasn't able to deal serious damage to Slaking as it was able to take his attacks with ease and restore its health using Slack Off. As Hawlucha went for a Flying Press, Slaking finally retaliated with Counter, knocking Hawlucha out with a single hit.

Hawlucha battling Alain's Weavile

Ash chose Hawlucha as his third Pokémon in the finals of the Conference against Alain's Weavile, in Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!. He first exited his Poké Ball to console Noivern with his defeat and then vowed to defeat Weavile for him. Hawlucha first attempted to hit Weavile with Karate Chop, but Weavile used its great speed to dodge all of his attempts while leading him into the water stream. Weavile then attempted to freeze Hawlucha's legs, but Hawlucha dodged the incoming Ice Beam which froze the water. Afterward, Hawlucha took every single one of Weavile's attacks head-on, enduring them and becoming stronger from them. As Weavile went for another Night Slash, Hawlucha disrupted it midway through the attack by throwing it to the ground and then finished Weavile off with Flying Press. Next, he faced Alain's Bisharp. Despite the type advantage, Bisharp proved to be a tough opponent. It immediately used Thunder Wave which paralyzed Hawlucha. After a collision between X-Scissor and Guillotine, Hawlucha attacked with High Jump Kick. Bisharp, however, dodged the attack, causing Hawlucha to crash into the ground and suffer crash damage. While being immobilized by his paralysis, Hawlucha was then hit by a Guillotine, a one-hit knockout move, and was defeated.

In A Towering Takeover!, Hawlucha, along with Ash and Ash's other Pokémon, was taken captive at the top of Prism Tower by Lysandre. He could only watch in horror while Ash and Greninja were hit by Team Flare's miniature version of the Mega Evolution energy weapon, until Ash and Greninja freed themselves using Bond Phenomenon, in the following episode. Alain's Charizard broke Hawlucha and the other Pokémon free with Dragon Claw, leaving everyone to battle Lysandre's Pyroar and his Shiny Mega Gyarados together. During the battle, Hawlucha landed a devastating Karate Chop on Pyroar before Pikachu knocked the Royal Pokémon out with Thunderbolt. After Noivern had been defeated by Gyarados in The Right Hero for the Right Job!, he jumped in to avenge his friend and struck the Atrocious Pokémon with a super effective High Jump Kick. Gyarados, however, recovered and bit Hawlucha before throwing him to the ground, defeating him. In Battling With a Clean Slate!, Hawlucha and the rest of Ash's Pokémon received medals from Professor Sycamore for their heroic efforts against Team Flare.

Hawlucha celebrating Ash's win against Leon

Ash left Hawlucha at Professor Oak's Laboratory when he decided to go to Alola.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In Advice to Goh!, Hawlucha reunited with Ash during his visit to Professor Oak's Laboratory with Goh.

Hawlucha, along with the rest of Ash's Pokémon at the lab, reunited with Ash in Friends, Rivals, Lend Me Your Spirit!. During the visit, he helped train Ash's Lucario and later watched the battle between Ash and Paul. Before Ash left, he posed with the rest of Ash's Pokémon in a group photo with him.

From Battling as Hard as Stone! onwards, Hawlucha watched Ash's Masters Eight Tournament matches against Steven, Cynthia, and Leon. In Partners in Time!, Hawlucha appeared as a vision to Pikachu during his battle against Leon's Charizard. After Ash won the battle, Hawlucha joined the rest of Ash's Pokémon at the lab in celebrating their Trainer's victory.

In Heroes Unite!, Hawlucha, along with the rest of the Pokémon at the lab, welcomed Ash back to Pallet Town after his victory over Leon.

In The Same Moon, Now and Forever!, Hawlucha appeared in a flashback.

In Rocket Revengers!, Hawlucha was shown to have rejoined Ash's team. During the episode, he, alongside Infernape, battled Jessie's Gourgeist and James's Carnivine. He later used Flying Press to stop Jessie's Seviper from attacking Pikachu.

Personality and characteristics

Hawlucha showing off his muscles

Hawlucha takes great pride in his own battle style, preferring flashy, speedy moves, and insisting on finishing his opponents with a Flying Press. He also first takes attacks from his opponents before attacking himself. He is cool, calm, and collected; similar to Sceptile, Buizel and Snivy. Hawlucha also likes flexing and showing off his muscles. Hawlucha is very determined in battle and never gives up, no matter how bad the situation may look, and is always ready to improve himself. He is quite powerful, as he was called the champion of the forest. Hawlucha is also kind and protective when he defended the smaller Pokémon's food from an Ursaring. Hawlucha also gets angry when someone interferes with his battling, as shown in Forging Forest Friendships!, where he got angry at Greninja as a Froakie. In When Light and Dark Collide!, Hawlucha suffered from stage fright before his acting performance. He was also mentioned by Clemont in the same episode that Hawlucha hated losing.

Hawlucha has no tolerance for unjust acts, has a strong sense of justice, and is willing to act upon these ideals. Despite Hawlucha's love of battle, he does not enjoy it to the point of outright chaos. Because of that, before joining Ash's party, he kept the peace in his forest home and battled any Pokémon that preyed upon weaker Pokémon including Ursaring and Conkeldurr. Hawlucha enjoys organized battling which may be why he chose to travel with Ash.

Hawlucha has a strong sense of personal pride, and can be hardheaded to an extent, not taking it well when Froakie dismissed his battling style and interfered in his battle in Forging Forest Friendships! However, in the same episode, Hawlucha was demonstrated to be a fairly mature Pokémon, as shown when he swallowed his pride and attempted to apologize to Froakie.

Hawlucha has also undergone a slight personality change ever since joining Ash's party. For a while, he displayed very little emotion aside from facial expressions like determination and aggravation and openly acting with pride, only occasionally getting angry or nervous, which usually only happened when Hawlucha felt he was being challenged, as shown when he became angry with Froakie interfering with his battling, and with a shiny Hawlucha. However, Hawlucha has recently begun to show more traits he has, in addition to becoming more laid back and relaxed around Ash and his group. Hawlucha's voice also seems to have changed slightly, becoming borderline goofy, a big difference compared to his old self, which usually pretended indifference to most things. These are most likely due to Hawlucha spending a lot of time around Ash and his group.

Hawlucha has been quoted by Serena, along with the rest of his Pokémon, as being very similar to Ash. This reflects a few of the traits Hawlucha has. Hawlucha enjoys food, specifically the berries that Ash gathered for him and the rest of the party. He also appears to not mind sharing his food with other Pokémon, unlike Clemont's Chespin, whom he held no qualms with for joining in on its feeding frenzy along with Ash's other Pokémon. Hawlucha has also been demonstrated as hard-headed, and occasionally rushing into things without thinking, either out of frustration or pride, seen when he attacked Froakie out of nowhere for interfering with its battle. Hawlucha also tends to be proud in victory, and almost boastful. He will usually either celebrate his victories by standing with his arms crossed and with a smug expression on his face, or by flexing his muscles and striking a victory pose. Hawlucha also shows camaraderie, as shown mostly with Froakie, when he fist-bumped Froakie twice in the same episode as a sign of friendship. It is also worth noting that Hawlucha demonstrated his sense of camaraderie only a few episodes after his capture, which suggests that this was a trait he had even before he joined Ash's team.

Hawlucha and Noivern

Since his capture, Hawlucha both likes and is quite loyal to Ash, willing to battle with him in his first Sky Battle the episode after his capture. Over time, Hawlucha has become more willing to show his fondness for Ash. While in his debut, he remains calm and collected, showing little in terms of emotion, after spending an extended period of time with Ash and being in several battles with him, he has grown more openly expressive, as seen when he hugged Ash after his victory in the Laverre City Gym.

Hawlucha also seems to have good parental instincts, as shown with Noibat, acting like a big brother figure to him, much like the relationship and friendship of Ash's Scraggy and Iris's Axew both being part Fighting-type and Dragon-type. He actively helped the young Sound Wave Pokémon learn how to fly, and trusted him enough to execute a plan to escape from Team Rocket. His friendship and closeness to Noibat was also displayed in A Windswept Encounter!, when he rushed to go help Noibat before anyone else upon hearing him scream, and trusted his abilities enough not to interfere with Noibat's battle with a wild Breloom. Their close friendship was also shown in An Electrifying Rage! when Hawlucha saved him from falling rocks and when Noibat saved Hawlucha, evolving in the process. During Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!, he popped out of his Poké Ball to make sure Noivern was alright after he got defeated by Weavile and later that day in The Right Hero for the Right Job!, Hawlucha went to Noivern's side again, after it was badly hurt by Lysandre's Shiny Mega Gyarados.

Moves used

Ash Hawlucha Karate Chop.png
Using Karate Chop
Move First Used In
Karate Chop The Forest Champion!
High Jump Kick The Forest Champion!
Flying Press The Forest Champion!
X-Scissor Fairy-Type Trickery!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
Froakie Super Flying Cut.pngHawlucha Super Flying Cut.png Forging Forest Friendships! Cut and Flying Press Ash's Froakie
Description: Super Flying Cut (Japanese: スーパーフライングいあいぎり Super Flying Cut) When Hawlucha and Froakie were not getting along, Ash came up with an idea where Hawlucha and Froakie could work together to make a powerful move. Froakie gets on Hawlucha's back, and Hawlucha starts flying. Froakie would jump off Hawlucha, and use Cut on the target. Then Hawlucha would come down and hit the same target, resulting in major damage. This was mastered during the battle with Team Rocket, resulting in their defeat.
Ash Hawlucha Spinning X-Scissor.png Fairy-Type Trickery! X-Scissor None
Description: Hawlucha jumps off a wall and uses X-Scissor to hit the opponent while spinning at the same time. This was used to break through Dazzling Gleam in order to destroy Trick Room during Ash's battle against Valerie.


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Pokémon the Series: XY
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In the manga

Movie adaptations

Hawlucha appeared in the manga adaptation of the 17th movie, where he participated in a battle against Astrid.



  1. Confirmed in A Windswept Encounter!'s Poké TV segment.

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