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アサヒ Asahi
Danika JN.png
Danika in Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Member of Project Mew
Rank Chaser
Anime debut Advice to Goh!
English voice actor Anjali Kunapaneni
Japanese voice actor Ryoko Shiraishi

Danika (Japanese: アサヒ Asahi) is a recurring character in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. She is a Trainer and researcher with Project Mew.

In the anime


Danika first appeared in Advice to Goh!, when she contacted Gary on his Rotom Phone after receiving the feather of Moltres and awarded him a token with a Mew symbol.

She made her first in-person appearance in Leaping Toward the Dream!, where she explained to Ash and Goh how Project Mew operates, and gave Goh his mission of catching an Alolan Ninetales on Mount Coronet. After Goh had succeeded in the mission, Danika congratulated him on his success and informed him that he was now qualified to start taking on proper Trial Missions.

Danika reappeared in Trial on a Golden Scale!. She was first seen monitoring Ninetales after returning it to its natural habitat. Shortly thereafter she discussed with Quillon about Goh's future in Project Mew. Later, when Goh and Ash were surrounded by Pokémon poacher Nito and his henchmen, Danika intervened and saved them using her Rapid Strike Style Urshifu. Once everything was resolved, Danika handed Goh his first Project Mew Token and encouraged him to continue giving his best.

In Looking Out for Number Two!, Danika received a message from Goh, informing her that he had completed his second Trial Mission. She sent him a token before joining Quillon in facing a Regirock as it emerged from the ruins before them.

In Battling in the Freezing Raid!, Danika, along with Quillon, was seen evaluating the performance of Goh, Gary, and Horace's Raid Battle against an Articuno.

Danika personally monitored the Sea Mauville battle royale in Narrowing the Chaser Chase!. After informing the rules to the participating Challengers, at a certain point in the mission she released some Pokémon as obstacles to make the mission difficult. When Horace becomes the winner of the mission, Danika and Quillon passed the results of the participants of that moment and warned that the period for evaluation was about to end.

In Chasing to the Finish!, Danika supervised one of the last Trial Missions, which was won by Horace. After the mission was completed, she joined Quillon at the Split-Decision Ruins to see the conclusion of the other last mission, which Goh and Gary successfully cleared.

In A Flood of Torrential Gains!, Danika met with the other members of Project Mew in Slateport City to begin the final expedition.

In The Mew from Here! and In the Palms of our Hands!, Danika and the other members of Project Mew explored Faraway Island in their search for Mew, eventually succeeding in finding it. After this, Project Mew was disbanded.

In JN136, Danika was seen holding a Cubchoo whilst Quillon was healing a Beartic that was injured. This scene was not included in the episode's English dubbed version.


Unlike Quillon, Danika is far more welcoming and friendly, encouraging Goh to give his best. However, she also has a subtle harsh streak to her, seen when she forced Goh and Horace to battle each other to determine the winner of the Sea Mauville Trial Mission. In battle, her most friendly posture is left aside in favor of calm confidence, even choosing several opponents for battle and disqualifying the Pokémon Hunters as soon as she arrived at the place.


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On hand

This listing is of Danika's known Pokémon in the anime:

Danika's Azumarill
Azumarill is Danika's first known Pokémon and it's usually seen outside of its Poké Ball. Azumarill was first seen when Danika was monitoring the Alolan Ninetales that Goh had rescued. Later, when Goh completed his first Trial Mission, Azumarill appeared alongside Danika, encouraging Goh.

In Looking Out for Number Two!, Azumarill was seen alongside its Trainer when she encountered a wild Regirock.

In A Flood of Torrential Gains!, it appeared when Danika met with the other members of Project Mew in Slateport City to begin the final expedition.

In In the Palms of our Hands!, Azumarill was used to battle against Mew, but it was defeated.

Azumarill's known moves are Light Screen, Hydro Pump, and Ice Beam.

Debut Trial on a Golden Scale!
Voice actors
Japanese Risa Shimizu
Danika's Urshifu
Rapid Strike Style Urshifu is Danika's second known Pokémon. She sent it out to battle Nito's henchmen's Pokémon, knocking them out with ease.

In In the Palms of our Hands!, Urshifu was used to battle against Mew, but it was defeated.

Urshifu's known moves are Surging Strikes, Focus Blast, and Close Combat.

Debut Trial on a Golden Scale!
Voice actors
Japanese Yuichi Nakamura
English Bill Rogers
Danika's Jellicent
Jellicent was used to battle against Mew, but he was defeated.

Jellicent's only known move is Dark Pulse.

Debut In the Palms of our Hands!

Traveling with

Danika Rotom Phone.png
Rotom Phone

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 白石涼子 Ryoko Shiraishi
English Anjali Kunapaneni
Arabic سهير ناصر الدين Souhair Naser El Dine
European French Nancy Philippot
Indonesian Diah Sekartadji Wulandari
Italian Federica Simonelli
Brazilian Portuguese Maju Helman
Latin American Spanish Diana Galván Santos


Project Mew Artwork.png
Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In the manga

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Danika appeared in Leaping Toward the Dream! and Ultra Exciting from the Shocking Start! & Trial on a Golden Scale! (Part 2).


Danika Urshifu JNM.png


Language Name Origin
Japanese アサヒ Asahi From 旭岳 Asahi-dake (Mount Asahi)[1] and 旭 asahi (morning sun), referencing Pokémon Sun
English, German, Spanish,
French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese
Danika From Даница Danica (personification of the Morning Star in Slavic mythology)
Korean 태화 Taehwa From 태화산 (太華山) Taehwasan (Mount Taehwa)
Chinese (Mandarin) 朝日 Zhāorì From the Japanese name 朝日 Asahi and 朝日 zhāorì (morning sun)


  1. Pash! (July 2021 issue), interview with executive director Daiki Tomoyasu and animation producer Hiroyuki Kato

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