King's Shield (move)

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King's Shield
キングシールド King Shield
King's Shield VIII.png
Type  Steel
Category  Status
PP  10 (max. 16)
Power  —
Accuracy  —%
Priority  +4
  • Does not make contact
  • Not affected by Protect
  • Not affected by Magic Coat
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Not affected by Mirror Move
  • Not affected by King's Rock
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
Affects the user
Introduced  Generation VI
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Appeal  0  
Jam  0  
Condition  [[{{{category}}} (condition)|{{{category}}}]]
Appeal  0  
Condition  Cool
Appeal  1
Jamming  0  
Prevents the user from being startled until the turn ends.

King's Shield (Japanese: キングシールド King Shield) is a non-damaging Steel-type move introduced in Generation VI. It is the signature move of Aegislash.


Generation VI

King's Shield protects the user from any moves except status moves for that turn. Additionally, if King's Shield blocks an attack that would make contact with the user, the attacker's Attack stat drops by 2 stages. If Sucker Punch is used on a Pokémon that has used King's Shield, the move fails and the Pokémon's Attack does not drop.

If selected by an Aegislash with Stance Change while in Blade Forme, it will change to Shield Forme immediately before it would use King's Shield, even if the move fails or is not executed due to an effect such as a status condition or confusion. Stance Change does not change the user's Forme if King's Shield is called by another move, such as Sleep Talk.

Using King's Shield, Silk Trap, Protect, Detect, Endure, Spiky Shield, Baneful Bunker, Obstruct, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, or Max Guard consecutively divides the chance of success of Protect, Detect, Endure, Spiky Shield, King's Shield, Baneful Bunker, Obstruct, and Max Guard by 3 for each consecutive use, with a minimum (1/3)^6 (1/729 or ~0.1%) chance.[1]

King's Shield can also be used as part of a Contest Spectacular combination, with the user gaining an extra three appeal points if any of the moves Encore, Taunt or Torment was used in the prior turn.

Generation VII

King's Shield causes the Attack stat to drop even if the user of King's Shield was immune to that contact move.

If Aegislash attempts to use King's Shield but cannot execute it due to an effect such as a status condition or confusion, Stance Change does not activate.

If powered up by a Steelium Z into Z-King's Shield, all of the user's lowered stats are reset.

Generation VIII

King's Shield now causes the attacker's Attack stat to drop by one stage instead of two.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

King's Shield cannot be selected in a battle.

Moves that bypass King's Shield

If a damaging Z-Move targets a Pokémon protected by King's Shield, the Z-Move will bypass King's Shield but only do 25% of the original damage (King's Shield remains in effect).

Additionally, King's Shield is unable to defend against status moves or any of the following moves:

Move Type Cat.
Doom Desire  Steel  Special {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}
Feint  Normal  Physical {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}
Future Sight  Psychic  Special {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}
Hyperspace Fury  Dark  Physical {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}
Hyperspace Hole  Psychic  Special {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}
Phantom Force  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}
Shadow Force  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}

The users of these moves do not get an Attack drop. Additionally, Feint, Phantom Force, Shadow Force, Hyperspace Fury, and Hyperspace Hole lift King's Shield's protection for the rest of the turn.


Games Description
The user takes a defensive stance while it protects itself from damage. It also harshly lowers the Attack stat of any attacker who makes direct contact.
SwShLA The user takes a defensive stance while it protects itself from damage. It also lowers the Attack stat of any attacker that makes direct contact.
BDSP This move can't be used. It's recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can't be remembered.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Types Egg Groups Level
681 Aegislash Aegislash
SteelIC Big.png
GhostIC Big.png
Mineral Mineral 1 1 1, Evo.SwSh
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

In other games

Pokémon Masters EX

Category Move Gauge MP Base Power Max Power Accuracy Target Effect Tag Description Playable Users
Status 2 2 —% Self The user takes up a defensive posture. Using this move again will make the user leave this defensive posture. No other actions can be taken when in this defensive posture. Nullifies an attack move that targets the user while it is in this defensive posture, then the user leaves the defensive posture. If the move was a physical attack move, lowers the Attack of the opponent that used it by to stat ranks. Wikstrom & Aegislash

Past description

  • Prior to Version 2.10.0*: ... Nullifies moves that target the user while it is in this defensive posture. Sharply lowers the Attack of opponents that use physical moves to attack the user while it is in this defensive posture.


Games Description
SMD It blocks attack moves and lowers enemies' Attack. Chance of failing rises if used in a row.*
You'll get the King's Shield, which protects you from physical and special moves. It also lowers the enemies' Attack. But its chance of failure rises if you use it after you use a move that evades enemies' attacks.*

In the anime

None.png Sawyer Aegislash Kings Shield.png Wikstrom Aegislash Kings Shield.png None.png
Sawyer's Aegislash Wikstrom's Aegislash
The user takes a defensive stance while it protects itself from damage. It also lowers the attack power of any attacker that makes direct contact.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
Aegislash Aegislash Aegislash swirls around while in Blade Forme and then turns into Shield Forme. Light blue hexagonal shapes then appear one by one in front of Aegislash until they form a shield, blocking itself from attacks. If the opponent makes direct contact with the shield, they glow blue, lowering their attack power; or, Aegislash switches from Blade Forme to Shield Forme. When the opponent tries to attack Aegislash, light purple hexagons appear in front of it, protecting it from attacks.
Sawyer's Aegislash Valuable Experience for All! Debut
A wild Aegislash Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel None
Wikstrom's Aegislash Searching for Chivalry! None

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

In other generations

Core series games

Spin-off series games


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 王者盾牌 Wòhngjé Téuhnpàaih
Mandarin 王者盾牌 Wángzhě Dùnpái
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Koningsschild
France Flag.png French Bouclier Royal
Germany Flag.png German Königsschild
Italy Flag.png Italian Scudo Reale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 킹실드 Kingsildeu
Poland Flag.png Polish Tarcza Króla
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Escudo do Rei
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Escudo Real
Spain Flag.png Spanish Escudo Real


Variations of the move Detect
StatusIC.png DetectProtectKing's ShieldSpiky ShieldBaneful BunkerObstructSilk Trap

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