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DP168 : Keeping In Top Forme!
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
DP170 : An Elite Coverup!
Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!
DP169   EP635
Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!!
First broadcast
Japan March 18, 2010
United States October 16, 2010
English themes
Opening We Will Carry On!
Japanese themes
Opening サイコー・エブリディ!
Ending ドッチ~ニョ?
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 小山賢 Masaru Koyama
Assistant director 小山賢 Masaru Koyama
Animation director 小山知洋 Tomohiro Koyama
No additional credits are available at this time.

Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue! (Japanese: ポケモンレンジャー!ヒードラン救出作戦!! Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!!) is the 169th episode of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, and the 635th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan as a 1-hour special on March 18, 2010, along with DP168 and in the United States on October 16, 2010.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


Lake Valor is the site of the Grand Festival, and the next stop for Ash and the gang. But on the way, they meet a Pokémon Ranger named Ben, who’s trying his hardest to capture a rare Heatran. The members of Team Rocket want in on the action, too, and vow to catch Heatran for themselves. Shortly after all the commotion, Ben is found. He has crashed into a river, only to be rescued by a Feraligatr.

Ben asks our heroes for help in capturing Heatran. They agree, and they all set off in anxious search of the special Pokémon. But soon after they discover Heatran in a lava-filled cave, the cave begins to crumble, compelling Ben, Ash, and the gang to jump into action! When the Team Rocket baddies realize they are in over their heads, they hightail it out of the cave. After moves from Piplup, Buneary, and Buizel cool down the lava, a final Ice Beam from Feraligatr chills the lava enough for Ben to rescue Heatran and begin transporting it to the National Park.

Thanking our heroes for their assistance, Ben and Heatran board a helicopter for their destination, and once again the journey toward Lake Valor and the Grand Festival continues!


Looking into a volcanic crater, Pokémon Ranger Ben is trying to capture a Heatran which knows Eruption. Just before he can capture it, a small earthquake takes place making Heatran flee. Ben then catches a passing Pidgeot and he uses to chase after Heatran. However as he finds Heatran so does Team Rocket who use their RoboDiglett to break the boulders in order to stop Heatran in its tracks. Heatran quickly escapes, though Pidgeot gets struck instead leading Ben to plummet into the river below. Using a Ranger Sign, he then calls upon a Feraligatr to rescue him and take him downstream, which Feraligatr successfully does.

Ben and Feraligatr take a dive down a waterfall, and the resulting splash alerts Ash and his friends, who are nearby preparing lunch. They rush over to the river, where Feraligatr tosses Ben onto the rocky banks. Ben makes a swift recovery and introduces himself as a Pokémon Ranger. He then panics after noticing that his Capture Styler is missing. Ben then asks them if they have spotted Heatran, but Dawn says no after checking her Pokédex for information. Ben explains to them that this Heatran is special as it knows the move Eruption. He plans to take it to the National Park. Then he requests their help, to which they gladly agree. Meanwhile, Team Rocket locate Ben's Capture Styler downstream and plan to use it to capture Heatran for Giovanni.

Ben leads Ash and his friends up a mountain in his search for Heatran. He pauses to feel the ground several times to check the temperature for warmth as Heatran only live near volcanoes. The field technique leads them directly to a cave where the ground is especially warm. Team Rocket also follows them inside. As the group ventures deeper, they spot a lake of magma and Heatran whose Ability Flash Fire activates from the heat. Ben is frustrated as he doesn’t have his Styler on him, and he cannot use a Poké Ball to complete his mission.

Team Rocket appears again with their RoboDiglett and recite their motto. Then, James tries to use the Capture Styler but fails. Ben then says he's the only one who can use it. Meowth uses the RoboDiglett to try to capture Heatran with a net, but Heatran stops it with Eruption. However the blow causes some of the cavern wall to collapse. Sensing Heatran is in trouble, Ben bravely heads down towards the magma, and he is already beginning to suffer pain from the intense conditions. Brock suggests they cool things down, so Ash and Dawn send out Buizel, Piplup and Buneary for the task. Ben takes the Capture Styler back from James, but the floor under him crumbles and he almost falls into the magma below. Pikachu then uses Thunderbolt on Team Rocket and Meowth drops the RoboDiglett remote into the lava. Heatran then destroys the RoboDiglett with Eruption. Heatran is holding on to a rock that is falling into the lava, Ben then summons Feraligatr who uses Ice Beam on the lava, which quickly hardens over. Heatran hits the ground, but is otherwise unscathed. As more rocks descend, Team Rocket promptly exit the cave to safety.

Ash and Dawn quickly recall their Pokémon, and order Ben to get out now. Ben pleads with Heatran to listen to him and reassures it of its safety. Using his Capture Styler, Ben soon captures it. After making a successful escape, Ben contacts his waiting helicopter to be picked up. Ben thanks the group for their help before leaving to escort Heatran to the National Park.

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Dub edits

  • In the original Japanese version, the narrator mentions during the opening and closing monologues that the gang are on their way to Valor Lakefront for the Grand Festival. However, due to the dubbed episode being postponed so it could air nearer the release of Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (at which point the group was now on the way to Sunyshore City), both speeches are changed so that the group's destination isn't mentioned.
  • In the English dub, when he is talking about his grandfather, Ben says that he told him that it was better to try than cry, which means that someone can either try and get things done, or sit around and complain, and that if they don't succeed, they could try again. In the original Japanese version, his grandfather told him that if he comes across a problem that makes him not know whether to leap forward or break down and cry, he should choose the former, which means that he should live without regrets.
  • In the English dub, Ash tells Ben that Team Rocket is only there for one job, and Ben asks if they protect peace and justice for people and Pokémon. Ash responds by saying that they steal people's Pokémon. In the original Japanese version, Ash says that Team Rocket uses Pokémon for the sake of the world. Ben misconstrues that as meaning they fight for the sake of the world, and he says that would make him and Team Rocket rivals.
  • In the English dub, Ben calls James a thief for taking his Capture Styler. In the original Japanese version, James calls Ben a thief instead.

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DP168 : Keeping In Top Forme!
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
DP170 : An Elite Coverup!
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