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Romeo (Japanese: ロミオ Romeo) is a character of the day who appeared in Love at First Flight.

He grew up in Lake May alongside his good friend Juliet, who he was deeply in love with, but he was always nervous around her. This affected their preparations for the upcoming May Festival, as it caused him to bumble through his performance rehearsals.

May took a particular interest Romeo's dilemma and decided to help him confess to Juliet, though her attempt to have Ash pose as Juliet failed. Later, he helped save Juliet's Illumise, who had been stolen by Team Rocket. Romeo and his Volbeat helped defeat the trio. Then, after seeing Illumise display her affections for Beat, Romeo gained the courage to confess his own feelings for Juliet, which were revealed to be mutual. Romeo had regained his confidence, and the pair put on a well-received May Festival light show for the crowd.


Romeo has a Volbeat named Beat (Japanese: ビート Beat), who fell in love with Juliet's Illumise. He first appeared practicing with Illumise for the May Festival, but Romeo's clumsiness caused them to all fall into the water, and he had to be saved Brock's Lotad.

He appeared again when Romeo showed Ash and his friends the usual dance routine. Romeo then used Beat to find Illumise, who had been kidnapped by Team Rocket alongside the other Volbeat. Beat used Double-Edge to destroy the cage that held the other Volbeat captive. Afterwards, Beat and the other Volbeat used a five-way Signal Beam attack to blast Team Rocket off. Illumise rewarded Beat with a kiss on the cheek for his efforts. In the end, Beat and the rest of the Volbeat performed perfectly for the festival.

Beat is distinguished among Romeo's other Volbeat as he wears a red bow-tie.

Beat's known moves are Tail Glow, Quick Attack, Double-Edge and Signal Beam.

Debut Love at First Flight
Romeo's Volbeat (×4)
Volbeat (×4)
Along with Beat, Romeo has four other Volbeat that performed with him, Illumise, and Juliet in the May Festival performed at Lake May. They first appeared practicing with Beat and Illumise, but Romeo's clumsiness caused them to all fall into the water and they had to be saved by Brock and Ash's Pokémon.

They appeared again when Romeo showed Ash and his friends the usual dance routine. Romeo then used his Volbeat to find Illumise, but then, Team Rocket captured them. They were freed by Beat's Double-Edge. Illumise then used Sweet Scent to stop them from being sucked up and Romeo called for a five-way Signal Beam attack, blasting Team Rocket off.

In the end, the Volbeat performed their light show routine perfectly for the festival.

The four Volbeat's known moves are Tail Glow and Signal Beam.

Debut Love at First Flight

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 肥後誠 Makoto Higo
伊東みやこ Miyako Itō (child)
English Darren Dunstan
Finnish Joonas Suominen
European French Alessandro Bevilacqua
Italian Claudio Beccari
Brazilian Portuguese Eduardo Monteiro
European Spanish Álex Saudinós


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