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Pokémon Scarlet
ポケットモンスター スカーレット
Scarlet EN boxart.png
Pokémon Scarlet's boxart, featuring Apex Build Koraidon
Pokémon Violet
ポケットモンスター バイオレット
Violet EN boxart.png
Pokémon Violet's boxart, featuring Ultimate Mode Miraidon
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Category: RPG
Players: 1-4 players simultaneous
Connectivity: Wireless, Nintendo Switch Online
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation IX core series
GSRR: 6+
Release dates
Japan: November 18, 2022
North America: November 18, 2022
Australia: November 18, 2022
Europe: November 18, 2022
South Korea: November 18, 2022
Hong Kong: November 18, 2022
Taiwan: November 18, 2022
Japanese: Pokémon.co.jp
English: Pokémon.com
Japanese boxart
Scarlet JP boxart.png
Pokémon Scarlet Japanese boxart
Violet JP boxart.png
Pokémon Violet Japanese boxart

Pokémon Scarlet (Japanese: ポケットモンスター スカーレット Pocket Monsters Scarlet) and Pokémon Violet (Japanese: ポケットモンスター バイオレット Pocket Monsters Violet) are the primary paired versions of Generation IX. The games were released on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 18, 2022. All copies of the game are playable in nine languages: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The game was announced worldwide on Pokémon Day, February 27, 2022, at 11 P.M. JST via Pokémon Presents.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero was revealed during Pokémon Presents on February 27, 2023. It is a DLC expansion for the games consisting of two parts: The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk. A further epilogue for the DLC, Mochi Mayhem, was made available on January 11, 2024.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

The player character, having just moved to the Paldea region with their mother, now lives in the small settlement of Cabo Poco and prepares to start their studies at Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV in the region's biggest city, Mesagoza. The academy's director, Clavell, gives the player a choice of one of three first partner Pokémon and introduces them to their next-door neighbor and the head of the academy's student council, Nemona. Despite being a Champion-level Trainer, Nemona also takes one of the first partner Pokémon in her care in order to train a new team alongside the player. While exploring Poco Path, the player encounters a weak KoraidonS/MiraidonV, which saves them from a pack of angry Houndour. An academy student named Arven identifies the Pokémon and hands its Poké Ball to the player.

As the player and Nemona make their way to Mesagoza, she introduces them to the Terastal phenomenon and arranges for the player to receive a Tera Orb so they can utilize the phenomenon as well. In Mesagoza, the player saves a girl named Penny from being harassed by members of Team Star, a group of delinquent academy students accused of bullying. They are also contacted by Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV, Arven's motherS/fatherV, who reveals that the KoraidonS/MiraidonV the player now travels with was originally under their possession, and asks the player to look after it.

Three days later,[1] Director Clavell initiates the Treasure Hunt, an independent study assignment where the students of the academy journey across Paldea in order to find something that they can call their own personal treasure. This allows the player to initiate three different storylines, either simultaneously or one by one.

Victory Road

At Nemona's urging, the player sets out to challenge the eight Pokémon Gyms around Paldea. Those who collect the eight necessary Gym Badges may take on the Champion Assessment at the Pokémon League headquarters and obtain the Champion Rank. While the player travels around the region to challenge the Gyms in any order they wish, Nemona frequently shows up to support the player in various ways, most often by battling. The player is also introduced to Geeta, the chairwoman of the Paldea Pokémon League and the region's strongest Champion-ranked Trainer, the Top Champion, as well as several members of Paldea's Elite Four.

Once the player has all eight Gym Badges, they make their way to the Pokémon League headquarters. After passing an interview test, the player battles and defeats the Elite Four and Geeta, making them a Champion-ranked Trainer. Excited by the player finally becoming her equal, Nemona challenges them to one more battle, in which she holds nothing back. Defeating her in this battle concludes the Victory Road storyline.

Path of Legends

Arven tells the player about the five giant Pokémon known as Titan Pokémon he has read about that reside in various places over Paldea, and requests the player's help in defeating them and collecting their Herba Mystica, legendary herbs said to have amazing health benefits. During the quest to defeat the Titans, the player's KoraidonS/MiraidonV gradually regains its old abilities by eating sandwiches made with the Herba Mystica. Arven eventually also reveals that he wishes to use the Herba Mystica to help heal his partner, Mabosstiff, who was severely injured a while back.

After all the Herba Mystica have been collected, the player's KoraidonS/MiraidonV has recovered all of its former powers, excluding its ability to battle, and Arven's Mabosstiff makes a full recovery, much to Arven's immense relief. The Professor then requests the player to come see them at their laboratory at the Great Crater of Paldea, with Arven battling the player at his full power to test if they're both ready to take on the most dangerous area in the region. Defeating him concludes the Path of Legends.

★ Starfall Street ★

An individual referring to themselves as Cassiopeia hacks into the player's Rotom Phone and requests the player's help in taking down Team Star in an operation codenamed "Operation Starfall". Director Clavell, disguised as an academy student and using the pseudonym "Clive", joins the player as they make their way around Paldea to take down the five squads of Team Star at their bases by defeating the boss of each squad. During the player's one-man war against the team, they gradually learn more about the team's history. The team was formed by victims of bullying who, rallied together by their mysterious "big boss", decided to finally confront their bullies. However, when confronted 18 months before the events of the game, the bullies fled without even attempting to fight back and dropped out of the academy. Moreover, the then-deputy director of the academy wiped out all the cases of bullying from the school's records, making Team Star seem like bullies themselves. Blaming themselves for having failed to prevent this from occurring, the entire staff of the academy had resigned as a result, explaining why none of the current staff members know anything about the incident.

Eventually, once all five of Team Star's squads have been taken down, Cassiopeia reveals themselves as the "big boss" of Team Star, having started Operation Starfall because the team cannot continue operating in its current way, and tells the player to confront them in the schoolyard at night. At the academy, Clavell takes off his disguise and claims himself to be Cassiopeia, but after being defeated in a battle, he admits he was simply testing the player to see if they'd be ready to face the real Cassiopeia. The player meets the real Cassiopeia in the schoolyard, who reveals herself to be Penny. After Penny has been defeated, Clavell reveals that the Team Star bosses were watching the battle, and allows the team to continue operating as long as they turn their bases into training facilities for Trainers, which they accept. This concludes ★ Starfall Street ★.

The Way Home

After the first three stories have been concluded, the player, Arven, Nemona, and Penny make their way to Area Zero at the Great Crater of Paldea, following the Professor's request. As the group travels to the four research stations around the area to unlock the door to the Professor's laboratory, they encounter primevalS/mechanicalV Pokémon, which are revealed to have been brought to the present day from another era by a time machine created by the Professor, including two specimens of KoraidonS/MiraidonV. At the laboratory's entrance, some of these Paradox Pokémon confront the player and their friends, forcing the player to enter the Zero Lab alone while their friends fight off the Pokémon outside.

Inside the laboratory, the player discovers that the Professor is actually a robot, created by the real Professor before they were killed by the second and more aggressive KoraidonS/MiraidonV. The artificial intelligence within the robot, despite being an exact copy of the Professor's memories and knowledge, opposes the original Professor's plan to keep the time machine running, as it would threaten to destroy Paldea's ecosystem with an overflow of Paradox Pokémon. However, since the AI is programmed to protect the time machine, the player is forced to battle it against its will. Once the AI has been defeated, the player is rejoined by their friends, and a program called the Paradise Protection Protocol takes over the robot Professor, as well as locking all Poké Balls not marked with the Professor's ID. Finally regaining its ability to battle, the player's KoraidonS/MiraidonV confronts and defeats the other member of its kind, ending the Paradise Protection Protocol's hold over the AI. The AI, however, recognizes that its systems are so integrally connected with the time machine that the machine cannot be shut down as long as it remains present. As such, the AI chooses to travel to another era using the time machine, bidding the player and their friends farewell as it disappears. After the time machine permanently shuts down, the player and their friends decide to take a slow and scenic route back to Mesagoza, concluding The Way Home and the main game.


With the player and their friends returning to normal school life, Nemona suggests hosting a battle tournament at the school to celebrate the player's new Champion status, requesting for Geeta to take part in it as well as she is the chairwoman of the academy's school board. While Geeta says she's busy with her duties as the Pokémon League chairwoman, she agrees to take part if the player takes her place at inspecting all the Gym Leaders to see if they're still worthy of keeping their positions. As such, the player returns to each Gym and takes on the eight Gym Leaders once more in a series of rematches.

After the player has finished the rematches and reported their inspection results to Geeta, the tournament, dubbed the Academy Ace Tournament, is finally conducted. The player defeats Arven in the first round, the biology teacher Jacq in the second round, the battle studies teacher Dendra in the third round, and Geeta in the finals, officially making them the strongest Trainer at the academy. Clavell then declares that the tournament will not be a one-time event and will henceforth be held regularly, concluding the post-game story.

The Teal Mask

Main article: The Teal Mask

The player joins three other students on a school trip to the land of Kitakami in the east, where they participate in the Festival of Masks and uncover the tale of Ogerpon and the Loyal Three alongside the local siblings Carmine and Kieran.

The Indigo Disk

Main article: The Indigo Disk

Following their trip to Kitakami, the player is invited to become an exchange student at Blueberry Academy in the Unova region by the academy's director, Cyrano. At this new, battle-focused education facility, they explore the vast Terarium, re-encounter Carmine and Kieran, and take part in the BB League. Eventually, the player's journey leads them back to Paldea and the depths of Area Zero.

Mochi Mayhem

Main article: Mochi Mayhem

The player, Nemona, Arven, and Penny travel to Kitakami together to meet Kieran and Carmine. However, their trip takes a turn for the worse when more and more people start behaving very oddly. The unusual behavior turns out to be the cause of a mysterious mochi created a small purple Pokémon, requiring the player and Kieran to team up in order to stop it from escalating the situation any further.


The game is set in the Paldea region and is an open-world game in which areas are seamlessly connected. The areas in the game can be visited in any order without Pokémon's levels being scaled to the player's achievements. The game also features multiplayer with up to four players simultaneously, enabling trading and battling between players as well as allowing them to travel through the game's areas together.

Terastal phenomenon

Main article: Terastal phenomenon

The Terastal phenomenon is a new type of transformation that allows any Pokémon from the Paldea region to power up and become bejeweled using the Tera Orb. After Terastalizing, a Pokémon's natural type attribute is either enhanced or altered according to their innate Tera Type.

Paradox Pokémon

Main article: Paradox Pokémon

The Paradox Pokémon appear for the first time as "unidentified creatures".[2] Great Tusk is described in the Scarlet Book, appearing in Pokémon Scarlet, while Iron Treads is described in the Violet Book, appearing in Pokémon Violet. They are a group of unique Pokémon that came from the ancient past in Pokémon Scarlet and the distant future in Pokémon Violet.


Scarlet and Violet feature Gyms, just like most of the other core series titles. In Paldea, the Gym Leaders are Katy (Bug), Brassius (Grass), Iono (Electric), Kofu (Water), Larry (Normal), Ryme (Ghost), Tulip (Psychic), and Grusha (Ice). For the first time in the series, the player is able to challenge the Gyms in any order they wish.

Elite Four and Champion

For the first time in a non-remake game since Generation IV, the Elite Four can only be challenged in a fixed order. The members are Rika (Ground), Poppy (Steel), Larry (Flying), and Hassel (Dragon). After defeating all four Elite Four members, the player faces the Top Champion, Geeta, who uses a team consisting of a variety of types.

Version-exclusive Pokémon

Most version-exclusive Pokémon can be encountered and caught by players of the opposite version who join a Union Circle or Tera Raid Battle, except for Koraidon and Miraidon, which require trading. Armarouge and Ceruledge can be obtained through raids, even solo raids in the opposite version that their evolution items can be obtained in, but not a Union Circle, and vice versa for Paradox Pokémon, not counting limited-time event Tera Raids.

0128 Tauros Tauros
Paldean Form
(Blaze Breed)
Fighting Fire
0246 Larvitar Larvitar
Rock Ground
0247 Pupitar Pupitar
Rock Ground
0248 Tyranitar Tyranitar
Rock Dark
0425 Drifloon Drifloon
Ghost Flying
0426 Drifblim Drifblim
Ghost Flying
0434 Stunky Stunky
Poison Dark
0435 Skuntank Skuntank
Poison Dark
0633 Deino Deino
Dark Dragon
0634 Zweilous Zweilous
Dark Dragon
0635 Hydreigon Hydreigon
Dark Dragon
0690 Skrelp Skrelp
Poison Water
0691 Dragalge Dragalge
Poison Dragon
0765 Oranguru Oranguru
Normal Psychic
0874 Stonjourner Stonjourner
0984 Great Tusk Great Tusk
Ground Fighting
0985 Scream Tail Scream Tail
Fairy Psychic
0986 Brute Bonnet Brute Bonnet
Grass Dark
0987 Flutter Mane Flutter Mane
Ghost Fairy
0988 Slither Wing Slither Wing
Bug Fighting
0989 Sandy Shocks Sandy Shocks
Electric Ground
1005 Roaring Moon Roaring Moon
Dragon Dark
1007 Koraidon Koraidon
Fighting Dragon
0128 Tauros Tauros
Paldean Form
(Aqua Breed)
Fighting Water
0200 Misdreavus Misdreavus
0316 Gulpin Gulpin
0317 Swalot Swalot
0371 Bagon Bagon
0372 Shelgon Shelgon
0373 Salamence Salamence
Dragon Flying
0429 Mismagius Mismagius
0692 Clauncher Clauncher
0693 Clawitzer Clawitzer
0766 Passimian Passimian
0875 Eiscue Eiscue
0885 Dreepy Dreepy
Dragon Ghost
0886 Drakloak Drakloak
Dragon Ghost
0887 Dragapult Dragapult
Dragon Ghost
0990 Iron Treads Iron Treads
Ground Steel
0991 Iron Bundle Iron Bundle
Ice Water
0992 Iron Hands Iron Hands
Fighting Electric
0993 Iron Jugulis Iron Jugulis
Dark Flying
0994 Iron Moth Iron Moth
Fire Poison
0995 Iron Thorns Iron Thorns
Rock Electric
1006 Iron Valiant Iron Valiant
Fairy Fighting
1008 Miraidon Miraidon
Electric Dragon

Event Tera Raid Pokémon

0483 Dialga Dialga
Steel Dragon
1009 Walking Wake Walking Wake
Water Dragon
0484 Palkia Palkia
Water Dragon
1010 Iron Leaves Iron Leaves
Grass Psychic

The Teal Mask

0207 Gligar Gligar
Ground Flying
0472 Gliscor Gliscor
Ground Flying
0845 Cramorant Cramorant
Flying Water
0190 Aipom Aipom
0424 Ambipom Ambipom
0877 Morpeko Morpeko
Electric Dark

The Indigo Disk

Every Legendary Pokémon can be encountered in both versions, though being able to find the opposite-version ones requires doing Blueberry Quests with other players.

0037 Vulpix Vulpix
Alolan form
0038 Ninetales Ninetales
Alolan form
Ice Fairy
0243 Raikou Raikou
0244 Entei Entei
0245 Suicune Suicune
0250 Ho-Oh Ho-Oh
Fire Flying
0381 Latios Latios
Dragon Psychic
0383 Groudon Groudon
0408 Cranidos Cranidos
0409 Rampardos Rampardos
0643 Reshiram Reshiram
Dragon Fire
0646 Kyurem Kyurem
White Kyurem
Dragon Ice
0791 Solgaleo Solgaleo
Psychic Steel
0800 Necrozma Necrozma
Dusk Mane Necrozma
Psychic Steel
0896 Glastrier Glastrier
1020 Gouging Fire Gouging Fire
Fire Dragon
1021 Raging Bolt Raging Bolt
Electric Dragon
0027 Sandshrew Sandshrew
Alolan form
Ice Steel
0028 Sandslash Sandslash
Alolan form
Ice Steel
0249 Lugia Lugia
Psychic Flying
0380 Latias Latias
Dragon Psychic
0382 Kyogre Kyogre
0410 Shieldon Shieldon
Rock Steel
0411 Bastiodon Bastiodon
Rock Steel
0638 Cobalion Cobalion
Steel Fighting
0639 Terrakion Terrakion
Rock Fighting
0640 Virizion Virizion
Grass Fighting
0644 Zekrom Zekrom
Dragon Electric
0646 Kyurem Kyurem
Black Kyurem
Dragon Ice
0792 Lunala Lunala
Psychic Ghost
0800 Necrozma Necrozma
Dawn Wings Necrozma
Psychic Ghost
0897 Spectrier Spectrier
1022 Iron Boulder Iron Boulder
Rock Psychic
1023 Iron Crown Iron Crown
Steel Psychic


Pokémon GO

The games are compatible with Pokémon GO through Bluetooth LE as of version 1.2.0 (released on February 27, 2023). Players can send postcards as well as Gimmighoul Coins from their phone to the games.

Each time a postcard is sent, wild Vivillon's pattern will change depending on the location where the Postcard came from. This effect lasts 24 hours in real-time, after which the pattern of wild Vivillon will be reset, and the player will be able to receive another Postcard.

Pokémon HOME

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can connect with Pokémon HOME as of HOME's version 3.0.0 (released on May 30, 2023). This allows them to store and receive Pokémon from Pokémon HOME, including Pokémon from previous generations that were transferred into Pokémon HOME. Users of HOME can transfer Pokémon freely between other Scarlet and Violet save files on the console, even if the files belong to different profiles.

Only Pokémon in the Paldea Pokédex, Kitakami Pokédex, Blueberry Pokédex and a select few "foreign" Pokémon can be transferred to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The Kitakami and Blueberry Academy Pokédex were released with the two iterations of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, but the Pokémon in those Pokédexes became compatible with the base game upon release even if the player has not purchased the DLC. All regional forms of compatible Pokémon that existed at the time of release and their respective regional evolved forms are also compatible.

When a compatible Pokémon from another game first enters these sets of games, its moveset is changed to its four most recent level-up moves by default (though the player can make alterations). Additionally, any compatible Pokémon brought from Pokémon Legends: Arceus will have their Poké Ball displayed as a Strange Ball due to their invalid Poké Ball IDs not being otherwise recognised in these games.

Unusable moves

Main article: List of moves by availability in Generation IX

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, many moves, including those that are usable in Sword and Shield, are no longer usable. Pokémon do not normally learn these moves in the game. In lieu of their usual descriptions, most of these moves instead have the following generic description: "This move can't be used. It's recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can't be remembered."

Unusable moves
Move Type Generic
Anchor Shot Steel
Aromatherapy Grass
Assist Normal
Autotomize Steel
Baddy Bad Dark
Barrage Normal
Barrier Psychic
Bestow Normal
Bide Normal
Bolt Beak Electric
Bone Club Ground
Bonemerang Ground
Bouncy Bubble Water
Bubble Water
Buzzy Buzz Electric
Camouflage Normal
Captivate Normal
Chatter Flying
Chip Away Normal
Clamp Water
Comet Punch Normal
Constrict Normal
Core Enforcer Dragon
Crafty Shield Fairy
Dizzy Punch Normal
Double Iron Bash Steel
Double Slap Normal
Dragon Rage Dragon
Dual Chop Dragon
Egg Bomb Normal
Electrify Electric
Embargo Dark
Eternabeam Dragon
Feint Attack Dark
Fishious Rend Water
Flame Burst Fire
Flash Normal
Floaty Fall Flying
Flower Shield Fairy
Foresight Normal
Freezy Frost Ice
Frustration Normal
Gear Grind Steel
Gear Up Steel
Geomancy Fairy
Glitzy Glow Psychic
Grass Whistle Grass
Grudge Ghost
Hail Ice
Head Charge Normal
Heal Block Psychic
Heal Order Bug
Heart Stamp Psychic
Hidden Power Normal
Hyper Fang Normal
Ice Ball Ice
Ion Deluge Electric
Jump Kick Fighting
Karate Chop Fighting
Kinesis Psychic
King's Shield Steel
Land's Wrath Ground
Laser Focus Normal
Leaf Tornado Grass
Light of Ruin Fairy
Lovely Kiss Normal
Lucky Chant Normal
Magic Coat Psychic
Magnet Bomb Steel
Magnitude Ground
Mat Block Fighting
Me First Normal
Meditate Psychic
Meteor Assault Fighting
Mind Reader Normal
Miracle Eye Psychic
Mirror Move Flying
Mirror Shot Steel
Mud Bomb Ground
Mud Sport Ground
Natural Gift Normal
Nature Power Normal
Needle Arm Grass
Nightmare Ghost
Oblivion Wing Flying
Obstruct Dark
Octazooka Water
Octolock Fighting
Odor Sleuth Normal
Ominous Wind Ghost
Pika Papow Electric
Powder Bug
Power-Up Punch Fighting
Psycho Shift Psychic
Psywave Psychic
Punishment Dark
Purify Poison
Pursuit Dark
Rage Normal
Razor Wind Normal
Refresh Normal
Return Normal
Revenge Fighting
Rock Climb Normal
Rolling Kick Fighting
Rototiller Ground
Sappy Seed Grass
Searing Shot Fire
Secret Power Normal
Sharpen Normal
Signal Beam Bug
Silver Wind Bug
Sizzly Slide Fire
Skull Bash Normal
Sky Drop Flying
Sky Uppercut Fighting
Smelling Salts Normal
Snap Trap Grass
Snatch Dark
Sonic Boom Normal
Sparkly Swirl Fairy
Spider Web Bug
Spike Cannon Normal
Splishy Splash Water
Spotlight Normal
Steamroller Bug
Storm Throw Fighting
Submission Fighting
Synchronoise Psychic
Techno Blast Normal
Telekinesis Psychic
Thousand Arrows Ground
Thousand Waves Ground
Trick-or-Treat Ghost
Trump Card Normal
Twineedle Bug
Veevee Volley Normal
Venom Drench Poison
Vital Throw Fighting
Wake-Up Slap Fighting
Water Sport Water
Wring Out Normal
Zippy Zap Electric

In Version 2.0.1, which was released alongside The Teal Mask, several previously unusable moves were made usable again. These were mostly signature moves of Pokémon that were added in that update. Further moves were made usable in Version 3.0.0, coinciding with The Indigo Disk.

Formerly unusable moves
Move Type Enabled in
Aeroblast Flying 3.0.0
Aura Wheel Electric 2.0.1
Beak Blast Flying 3.0.0
Blue Flare Fire 3.0.0
Bolt Strike Electric 3.0.0
Clanging Scales Dragon 2.0.1
Clangorous Soul Dragon 2.0.1
Conversion Normal 3.0.0
Conversion 2 Normal 3.0.0
Crush Grip Normal 3.0.0
Dark Void Dark 2.0.1
Decorate Fairy 3.0.0
Doom Desire Steel 2.0.1
Dragon Hammer Dragon 3.0.0
Floral Healing Fairy 3.0.0
Forest's Curse Grass 2.0.1
Freeze Shock Ice 3.0.0
Fusion Bolt Electric 3.0.0
Fusion Flare Fire 3.0.0
Glaciate Ice 3.0.0
Ice Burn Ice 3.0.0
Luster Purge Psychic 3.0.0
Mist Ball Psychic 3.0.0
Moongeist Beam Ghost 3.0.0
Photon Geyser Psychic 3.0.0
Prismatic Laser Psychic 3.0.0
Psycho Boost Psychic 3.0.0
Rock Wrecker Rock 3.0.0
Sacred Fire Fire 3.0.0
Secret Sword Fighting 3.0.0
Seed Flare Grass 2.0.1
Sketch Normal 3.0.0
Sparkling Aria Water 3.0.0
Strange Steam Fairy 2.0.1
Sunsteel Strike Steel 3.0.0
Tail Glow Bug 2.0.1
Take Heart Psychic 2.0.1
Topsy-Turvy Dark 3.0.0
Toxic Thread Poison 2.0.1
Triple Kick Fighting 3.0.0

Save data bonuses

If the Nintendo Switch system being used has save data from previous mainline Pokémon games, the player may talk to an NPC in Mesagoza to receive a case for the Rotom Phone:


IGN rated the games an "Okay" 6/10.[3] They are the lowest rated core series games on Metacritic,[4] both holding a score of 72%[5][6] each.


The games are the most pre-ordered games in the series' history.[7] They sold over 10 million units in their launch weekend, which is the highest for any Nintendo game in this time frame.[8] As of December 31, 2022, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have sold 20.61 million copies worldwide, the highest for a Nintendo game in its launch quarter.[9] In the fiscal year of their release, the games sold 22.10 million copies worldwide, the highest for a Nintendo game in its first fiscal year. As of March 31, 2024, the games have sold 24.92 million copies worldwide, making these the third best selling Pokémon games of all time.[10]


Main article: Staff of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Main article: Pokémon Scarlet - Violet + The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Super Music Collection

Version history

Version Release date Game file size Official note More information
1.0.0 Initial release 5.5 GB N/A Playable version only available via physical game card.
1.0.1 November 10, 2022 6.6 GB
  • Various bug fixes and adjustments have been made to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.
    • NOTE: In order to enjoy Mystery Gifts and features using online play, you will need to have downloaded the latest data.
  • The original version when downloading from Nintendo eShop.
  • This update is required for online connectivity.
  • Certain Pokémon had move compatibility changed.
  • The base stat totals of the members of the treasures of ruin were lowered by 10 each.
1.1.0 December 1, 2022 6.6 GB
  • Season 1 of Ranked Battles will kick off, allowing you to enjoy Ranked Battles through the Battle Stadium.
    • Please check the in-game notice for more details about Ranked Battles Season 1.
  • An issue has been fixed that caused the music to not play correctly during the battles with the Elite Four and the Top Champion in the Victory Road path.
  • Other select bug fixes have been made.

We are aware that players may encounter issues that affect the games' performance. Our goal is always to give players a positive experience with our games, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We take the feedback from players seriously and are working on improvements to the games.

  • Pokémon afflicted by the sleep status condition in battle now close their eyes.
  • Some Pokémon now use proper idle animations in battles.
1.2.0 February 27, 2023 6.7 GB

Thank you for playing the Pokémon series.

On Monday, February 27, we released the version 1.2.0 update for the Nintendo Switch exclusive software titles Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

With this update, we have added new features, new functionality for Pokémon Boxes, and fixes for bugs that affected game progress, among other updates. We will continue to take your feedback very seriously and take measures to improve your gameplay experience.

Newly Added Features
  • The Nintendo eShop page for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for the Pokémon Scarlet game or the Pokémon Violet game can now be accessed via the main menu. For more details on The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, please visit The Pokémon Company.
  • Trainers can now enjoy Online Competitions and Friendly Competitions in the Battle Stadium, and entries are now open for an official Online Competition: Paldea Prologue.
  • Players can now connect their games to Pokémon GO.
Feature Adjustments
  • Additional functionality has been added for Pokémon Boxes:
    • From a Pokémon's summary, players can now change Pokémon's nicknames, markings, held items, and mark- or Ribbon-related titles, as well as reorder moves, have Pokémon remember or forget moves, and use TMs.
    • Players can also now swap out held items by pressing the Y Button when in the Held Items view.
    • Players are now able to select All Boxes while moving Pokémon or items in the Party and Boxes view and Held Items view.
    • When in the Battle Team view, Pokémon in your Boxes that are assigned to a Battle Team will now have their icons displayed in a darker hue if those Pokémon are members of the Battle Team that is currently being displayed.
  • The News screen will be displayed when you connect to the internet from the main menu, just as it is when connecting to the internet from the Poké Portal.
Bug Fixes
Tera Raid Battles
  • A bug could prevent an opposing Tera Pokémon's HP gauge from visually reflecting damage dealt by certain moves (such as Play Rough) or damage dealt at the same time that certain status conditions are applied, causing the Tera Pokémon's HP gauge to fluctuate in an unusual manner. This has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused all Pokémon on your side to faint at once despite their HP gauges indicating that they still have HP could occur in black crystal Tera Raid Battles against Pokémon with the Mightiest Mark. This has been fixed.
  • A bug that temporarily prevented a player from entering any input into the game could occur if a Tera Pokémon took certain actions while the player was choosing the target of their move. This has been fixed.
  • Errors could occur when someone connecting to a Tera Raid Battle saw a different Pokémon displayed on their screen than what the host saw. This has been fixed.
  • A bug could occur that caused players joining a Tera Raid Battle from the Tera Raid Battles search screen to be brought to a Tera Raid Battle against a Pokémon different from the one they saw displayed. This has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused Tera Raid Battle crystals to stop appearing for a set amount of time could occur under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.
  • Type matchups against Pokémon that have fainted will no longer appear when selecting a move or target during Double Battles.
  • We have fixed a bug in which a Zoroark that had Terastallized and was disguised as another Pokémon via its Illusion Ability could have been identified as a Zoroark by using the Check Target option.
  • We have fixed a bug in which the type matchups of moves targeting a Zoroark that had Terastallized and was disguised as another Pokémon via its Illusion Ability would display based on the type of the Pokémon that Zoroark was disguised as, rather than Zoroark's Tera Type.
  • We have fixed a bug in which the stats of a Dondozo with a Tatsugiri in its mouth increased when Dondozo used Order Up when the move should have been negated (for example, by an opponent using Protect).
  • We have fixed a bug in which the effects of Destiny Bond failed to activate if a Pokémon Terastallized the turn after using Destiny Bond and then fainted.
  • We have addressed an issue that made the game prone to forcibly closing at certain locations. As a result of this fix, there may be fewer Pokémon and people displayed in certain towns or in the wild.
  • We have fixed a bug in which a Pokémon that is not a part of the Paldea Pokédex was displayed as being registered to the Paldea Pokédex after being obtained through a Link Trade.
  • Certain actions prevented the main character's expressions from changing until the game was closed and reopened. This has been fixed.
  • A bug occurred for some players after Ranked Battles Season 1, wherein visiting the Ranked Battles screen immediately after the season's results had been calculated caused an error right after these players received their rewards. Following this error, players were unable to participate in any further Ranked Battles. This has been fixed.
  • We have fixed a bug in which a player may not have received the Master Rank Ribbon if they had registered several Battle Teams but had not used the Battle Team in the first slot when winning Ranked Battles in the Master Ball Tier.
  • We have fixed a bug in which a Pokémon you caught may not have listened to your commands in accordance with what is written in the profile app (“Pokémon caught at Lv. XX or below will listen to your commands”) if that Pokémon was Link Traded back to you from another player.
  • We have fixed a bug in which new information may not have been added to your Pokédex after you received a Shiny Pokémon or a Pokémon caught by a Trainer who plays in a different language via Surprise Trade if you already had that species registered to your Pokédex.
  • Objects such as Poké Balls could have been displayed in certain areas unintentionally. This has been fixed.
  • Passersby are no longer displayed during certain battles that take place in towns during the main story.
  • A number of other bug fixes have been implemented.
  • The TM Preview image for Acrobatics mistakenly had remnants of a developer debugging menu, which was fixed.[11]
1.3.0 April 20, 2023 6.7 GB

Thank you for playing the Pokémon series.

On Wednesday, April 19, we released the version 1.3.0 update for the Nintendo Switch exclusive software titles Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

Support for Trainers Who Caught an Egg Instead of Walking Wake or Iron Leaves in Tera Raid Battles

Trainers who caught an Egg instead of Walking Wake or Iron Leaves in a Tera Raid Battle before updating to version 1.2.0 of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet were affected by a bug that prevented them from catching either of these Pokémon.

This bug has been fixed, and Trainers who caught such Eggs instead of Walking Wake and Iron Leaves will now be able to catch these Pokémon.

In addition, the Tera Raid Battle events for these two Pokémon will return around the same time as this game update. Visit this page for details on the Tera Raid Battle events.

Feature Adjustments

A change has been made to the deadline for entries for Friendly Competitions, which are found in the Online Competitions section of the Battle Stadium.

  • Before this change: Entries were allowed until the Friendly Competition began.
  • After this change: Entries will be allowed until the Friendly Competition ends.
Bug Fixes
Link Battles
  • Fixed a bug in Link Battles where selecting Swap in just before the selection timer reached zero could fail to switch in the selected Pokémon and subsequently cause switching — and the battle itself — to act abnormally.
  • Fixed a bug in Link Battles where once the remaining time for the battle was under one minute, it would no longer be displayed where it was supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in Link Battles where, depending on the move being used at the time a Pokémon fainted, the amount of time a Trainer received to select their next Pokémon was reduced.


  • Fixed a bug where the Cud Chew Ability would trigger again once every two turns after it triggered the first time, contrary to what is written in the Ability description.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when Zoroark Terastallized while using its Illusion Ability to disguise itself as another Pokémon. On the Check Status screen, the Terastallized Zoroark's type would display as the original type of the Pokémon it had disguised itself as, rather than Zoroark's Tera Type.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when Zoroark used its Illusion Ability to disguise itself as another Pokémon that had already Terastallized. This bug caused Zoroark's type on the Check Status screen to incorrectly display as the Tera Type of the Pokémon Zoroark had disguised itself as.
  • Fixed a bug in Double Battles with moves that cause stat changes for the Pokémon using the moves. This bug caused the stat changes to incorrectly happen twice if the user hit two opposing Pokémon with the move while an opposing Pokémon was behind a Substitute.
Pokémon GO Connectivity
  • Fixed the main issue causing the game to crash on the screen used to pair with a Pokémon GO account.
  • Fixed a bug affecting Trainers who received Hisuian Zoroark from the Mystery Gift screen as a special early-purchase bonus for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero for Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet without first having seen Zoroark in their game. This bug caused Zoroark to be incorrectly displayed as registered in these Trainers' Pokédexes.

Other select bug fixes have been implemented.

1.3.1 May 24, 2023 6.7 GB
  • Fixed a problem that caused unintended behavior in private official tournaments in which certain users were invited to participate.
1.3.2 June 28, 2023 6.7 GB
  • Mechanic adjustments have been made for upcoming live tournaments.
2.0.1 September 12, 2023 9.2 GB

Release of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 1: The Teal Mask for Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet

  • Trainers who have purchased The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will now be able to enjoy adventures in Part 1: The Teal Mask. Please click here for more details on Part 1: The Teal Mask.

Additional Pokémon

  • For Trainers who have not purchased The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, additional Pokémon may appear via local or online communication modes.

Newly Added Features

  • You will now be able lock the mini map that appears while you are out in the field so that up is always north. You can do this by pressing the Right Stick twice while you have the map app open to select the App and mini maps locked setting.
  • Camera settings have been added to the Options menu. These settings will let you adjust how the camera works while you are out in the field.
  • We have added a feature that allows you to signal a Pokémon accompanying you in the field to stop and wait where it is. To give this signal, press the Left Stick.
  • You can now take pictures by pressing the A Button in the camera app.
  • You can now play music by pressing the ZL Button or ZR Button while the camera app is open. You may find that Pokémon accompanying you in the field and people around you will react to the music.
  • While using the Union Circle, Trainers can now share photos they have taken with the camera app during that Union Circle session with the friends they are playing with.
  • We have added a feature to TM Machines that allows you to filter for moves your Pokémon can learn. By interacting with a TM Machine and selecting the option to filter for learnable moves, you will be able to display only TMs containing moves that a specific Pokémon can learn.

Bug Fixes and Feature Adjustments

  • Incorrect descriptive text for the moves Ceaseless Edge, Dire Claw, and Stone Axe has been corrected. The descriptions for these moves previously included the words “aiming to land a critical hit,” but these moves do not increase the critical-hit ratio in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. This wording has been removed from these descriptions.
  • We have fixed a bug where the Itemfinder Mark would not be applied to a Pokémon even if the conditions were met.
  • Wild Pokémon that have the Titan Mark will now reappear in the field after a certain amount of time if they have been defeated.
  • We have made adjustments to the way Pokémon icons are displayed in the Boxes.
  • Other select bug fixes have been implemented.
  • Certain Pokémon had their data adjusted.
    • Basculin's catch rate was increased from 25 to 190
    • Many Pokémon's TM compatibility was increased, often involving moves the evolutionary relatives could learn but that stage could not.
    • Certain Pokémon acquired new Move Reminder and Egg Moves; most notably Lake guardians and Alolan Grimer, Cacnea, and Luvdisc, respectively, who did not have any at all.
2.0.2 October 12, 2023 9.2 GB

Bug Fixes

  • Under certain conditions, victories against the NPC Trainers scattered across the game world may not have been recorded. As a result, the rewards players could earn by winning a certain number of battles — such as from Pokémon League representatives in the Paldea region or Ogre Clan members in the land of Kitakami — were not obtainable. This bug has been fixed, so players who experienced this issue can now challenge affected NPC Trainers again to record their victories and subsequently receive any eligible rewards.
  • It was not previously possible to transfer certain special Pokémon to Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet via Pokémon HOME if those Pokémon were brought into Pokémon HOME from Pokémon GO, even if a Pokémon of the same species had already been obtained in Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet prior to version 1.3.2. This bug has been fixed, and the issue has been resolved.
  • Other select bug fixes have been implemented.
  • Fixed a bug in Version 2.0.1 in which the game would crash when fighting the Paradise Protection Protocol's KoraidonS/MiraidonV while having KoraidonS/MiraidonV registered in the Pokédex.[12]
3.0.0 December 13, 2023 9.9 GB

Release of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk for Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet

  • Trainers who have purchased The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will now be able to enjoy adventures in Part 2: The Indigo Disk. Please click here for more details on Part 2: The Indigo Disk.

Additional Pokémon

  • For Trainers who have not purchased The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, additional Pokémon may appear via local or online communication modes.

Feature Adjustments

  • The difficulty of the Ogre Oustin' minigame has been adjusted.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug that resulted in the Hospitality Ability causing unintended behavior in certain situations.
  • The effects of the Protosynthesis and Quark Drive Abilities will no longer occur while the Neutralizing Gas Ability is in effect.
  • Other select bug fixes have been implemented.
3.0.1 January 31, 2024 9.9 GB

Bug Fixes

  • If the player used items to level up an Inkay to Lv. 29 or lower, the game would stop responding to button input. This bug has been fixed.
  • Some materials needed to craft TM223 (Metal Sound) were previously dropped by a Pokémon that appears in only one version of the game. This issue has been resolved. Shieldon Claws are no longer required to craft TM223 (Metal Sound).
  • After players installed the Item Printer in the League Club Room, under certain circumstances players could get stuck between the Item Printer and the wall. This bug has been fixed. Affected players can now get unstuck by speaking to the character next to the Item Printer and selecting “I want to print something!”
  • When a Pokémon under the effect of Dragon Cheer was switched out of battle and then reentered that battle, its attacks would still have a heightened chance of landing critical hits. This bug has been fixed.
  • Certain moves that Calyrex could learn via TM only while united with Glastrier or Spectrier would remain in Calyrex's move set even after Calyrex separated from Glastrier or Spectrier. Furthermore, even if those moves were forgotten, Calyrex could then remember those moves without being united with Glastrier or Spectrier. This bug has been fixed.
  • Other select bug fixes have been implemented.


  • v1.0.0 is present on the physical game cards, and is playable on a Switch whose internet connection remains off.
  • On June 19, 2023, it was announced that a future update would fix the move descriptions of Dire Claw, Ceaseless Edge, and Stone Axe, which incorrectly state that they have a high critical-hit ratio (as they did in Pokémon Legends: Arceus).[13] However, the June 28, 2023 update did not include this change.




English Japanese Application no. Registration no.
Pocket Monsters Vermilion ポケットモンスター(しゅ) 2008-093273 5222908
Pocket Monsters Purple ポケットモンスター(むらさき) 2008-093274 5222909
Pocket Monsters Crimson ポケットモンスター(くれない) 2008-093275 5222910
Pocket Monsters Scarlet ポケットモンスター() 2008-093276 5222911
Pocket Monsters Vermilion ポケットモンスターヴァーミリオン 2009-060076 5307994
Pocket Monsters Purple ポケットモンスターパープル 2009-060077 5307995
Pocket Monsters Crimson ポケットモンスタークリムゾン 2009-060078 5341303
Pocket Monsters Scarlet ポケットモンスタースカーレット 2009-060079 5341304
  • These are the first paired core series games:
    • In which the player characters' initial appearance differs depending on the version.
      • In addition, these are the first core series games in which the player characters wear the same outfit regardless of gender.
    • To feature version-exclusive Pokémon Professors.
    • Since Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 to be named after colors.
    • To not include an option for Set mode.
    • To feature 8 Elite Four members.
    • To feature two Leagues.
    • To take place on three separate regions (Paldea, Kitakami, and Unova).
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and its expansion pass introduced four Champions, current or former, the most of any Pokémon game.
  • Including the DLC, these games are the first core series games to feature:

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ポケットモンスター スカーレット・バイオレット
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢 朱/紫
Mandarin 寶可夢 朱/紫
宝可梦 朱/紫
France Flag.png French Pokémon Écarlate et Violet
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon Karmesin und Purpur
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon Scarlatto e Violetto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬스터 스칼렛・바이올렛
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Pokémon Scarlet e Violet
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon Escarlata y Púrpura

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