Timmy Grimm

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Timmy Grimm
キミマロ Kimimaro
Timmy Grimm.png
Timmy Grimm
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Verdanturf Town
Region Hoenn
Relatives Mrs. Grimm (mother)
Tommy Grimm (father)
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Disaster of Disguise
English voice actor Jason Griffith
Japanese voice actor Yumiko Kobayashi

Timothy "Timmy" Grimm (Japanese: キミマロ Kimimaro) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is a Pokémon Coordinator from Verdanturf Town.

In the anime

Timmy as "Phantom"

With the help of his father, Timmy created his Phantom (Japanese: ファントム Phantom) alter-ego to remain anonymous while he competed in Contests against the wishes of his mother, who instead wanted him to study so he could eventually take over the family business.

Timmy debuted in Disaster of Disguise, where he had a battle against Ash but had to flee after his mother arrived. Ash and his friends were later hired by Mrs. Grimm to uncover Phantom's identity, but after finding out Timmy's motives, they instead supported him in his Contest ambitions. Brock later convinced Mrs. Grimm that he was Phantom in a ploy.

In Disguise Da Limit, Timmy sneaked out with the help of his father and competed in the Verdanturf Town Pokémon Contest. He performed well, earning himself a high score of 27.8 in the Appeals Round. He later defeated Jesslana and her Dustox and advanced to the finals, where he competed against May. His parents arrived at the Contest Hall, with his mother particularly furious at Timmy. However, she had a change of heart after recalling her own past and started cheering for her son. Despite Timmy's efforts, however, May had more points remaining and was announced as the winner of the Contest. Afterwards, his mother allowed him to compete in future Contests as long as he kept up with his homework.

In Deceit and Assist, Timmy was watching May at the Hoenn Grand Festival. He appears to know Chaz, as he was seen watching the Grand Festival with him.


Timmy is a strong battler, using a barrage of attacks to take down opponents like Drew's Roselia and Jessie's Dustox. However, only his Phantom disguise gave him the confidence to boldly challenge other Trainers. As his alter-ego, Timmy created a lot of mystery, as he would appear and vanish with a powerful wind with dark petals. Without his disguise, Timmy was initially a shy and anxious person, but after his mother found out his secret and eventually came to support his Contest ambitions, Timmy gained more self-confidence.


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This listing is of Timmy's known Pokémon:

Timmy Grimm's Duskull

Timmy Grimm's Dusclops
Duskull → Dusclops
Dusclops is Timmy's only known Pokémon. It was revealed in a flashback that he had owned Dusclops since it was a Duskull, which he found one night while it was lost.

In Disaster of Disguise, Dusclops defeated Drew's Roselia in a battle, causing Drew to not register for the upcoming Verdanturf Contest. Timmy later challenged Ash and his Pikachu, though the match was interrupted by the arrival of Timmy's mother.

Timmy used Dusclops during the Verdanturf Contest, and its combination of Will-O-Wisp and Psychic allowed him to proceed to the Battle Round. There, Dusclops won against Jessie's Dustox after the timer ran out. Timmy also used Dusclops against May's Skitty. Though Dusclops initially had the advantage, Skitty's Assist allowed May to counter Dusclops and its oncoming attacks. When the five minutes were up, May was announced the winner as she had more points remaining.

It made a cameo appearance in Deceit and Assist, where it was watching May competing in the Hoenn Grand Festival on television.

Dusclops's known moves are Will-O-Wisp, Psychic, Shadow Punch, Focus Punch, and Hyper Beam.

Debut Disaster of Disguise
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi

Contest achievements

Timmy has competed in the following Pokémon Contests:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小林由美子 Yumiko Kobayashi
English Jason Griffith
Finnish Markus Blom
European French Lionel Bourguet
Italian Sonia Mazza
Brazilian Portuguese Vágner Fagundes
Spanish Latin America Eduardo Garza
Spain Ricardo Escobar

In the manga

Ash & Pikachu

Timmy in Ash & Pikachu
Timmy as the Phantom

Timmy appeared in A Mysterious Masked Man Appears!.


Timmy's Duskull

Timmy Grimm's Dusclops
Duskull → Dusclops
Dusclops first appeared as a Duskull and is Timmy's only known Pokémon.

Dusclops's known moves are Shadow Punch and Hyper Beam.

Debut A Mysterious Masked Man Appears!

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