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マチエール Matiere
Emma PG.png
Emma in Pokémon Generations
Age 16
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Hometown Lumiose City
Region Kalos
Relatives Looker (guardian, formerly)
Trainer class Suspicious Woman*
Suspicious Child*
Suspicious Lady*
Pokémon Trainer*
Generation VI
Games X and Y
Game animation debut The Investigation
English voice actor Unknown
Japanese voice actor Maaya Uchida

Emma (Japanese: マチエール Matiere) is a character introduced in Pokémon X and Y who plays a major role in the post-game side story with Looker in Lumiose City. She is the only character in the games to have the Trainer classes Suspicious Woman (Japanese: あやしいおとな Suspicious Adult), Suspicious Child (Japanese: あやしいこども Suspicious Child), and Suspicious Lady (Japanese: あやしいおねえさん Suspicious Miss).

In the games

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In X and Y, Emma is a young girl living in the dark alleyways of Lumiose City with her Espurr friend Mimi (Japanese: もこお Mokō). She is initially an illiterate orphan who doesn't even have enough money to buy Poké Balls. She meets Looker and the player during their first case, where concerned mothers reported that their children have been hanging out in suspicious alleyways. In reality, the children were playing with and protecting Emma and Mimi. Looker invites Emma to live at the Looker Bureau and work as his assistant. Though she is interested, Emma doesn't want to leave Mimi behind. Looker extends the invitation to Mimi as well, but Mimi is terrified of adults and runs off. After the player has found and befriended Mimi, Emma is much friendlier towards Looker and accepts his invitation, heading back to the Looker Bureau with him, Mimi, and the player. Emma then begins to learn how to read, write, and do basic arithmetic under Looker's tutelage.

During the following case, Emma returns to the Bureau to find a hysterical Tourist angrily shouting insults in Japanese (English in non-English languages) about Looker, who had left moments ago under the assumption that the woman wanted tea. Speaking Japanese (English in non-English languages), Emma defends Looker while Mimi translates their conversation telepathically for the player and Looker, revealing that the woman had her Pokémon stolen at the Lumiose Station. When Looker returns and learns of the situation, Emma tries to discourage him from helping the woman, but Looker insists that anyone in distress deserves their help and quickly leaves for the station. Emma then begs for the player to help Looker, revealing that he is defenseless because his only Pokémon died during a past case.

The culprits at the station turn out to be the Lumiose Gang, a trio of gangsters, who stole the Pokémon in order to lure Looker to their turf for a challenge. Emma had unintentionally become their boss after beating them in a fight, and they recognized her strength as leadership, but she stopped hanging around them once she took up residence at the Looker Bureau. Once the gangsters are defeated by the player, Emma shows up and demands that they return the stolen Pokémon and apologize to Looker.

Emma steadily grows worried that she and Mimi are a financial burden on Looker, though he assures her that they have enough money to get by and encourages her to focus on her studies. Still feeling guilty, Emma sets off to look for part-time work at a café that she saw was hiring. It turns out that the café was actually Lysandre Café and Emma was tricked into being a test subject for Xerosic's invention, the Expansion Suit. This leads to her disappearing for long stretches of time, which worries Looker greatly.

When in the Expansion Suit, Emma is given the codename Essentia (Japanese: エスプリ Esprit). The suit enhances her physical abilities to superhuman levels, gives her the ability to override a Poké Ball's programming, and allows her to change her appearance. While running his tests, Xerosic finds that Emma has no experience as a Trainer and teaches her the basics, also allowing her to borrow his Pokémon. However, the Pokémon prefer playing with Emma instead of battling, which forces Xerosic to control the suit remotely. Emma falls unconscious while the remote-control function is engaged, and she has no memory of anything that happens while she is "asleep".

During her tests as Essentia, she behaves like a robot and follows Xerosic's every command. The first test has her sneak into the Lumiose Museum and vandalize a painting. Afterwards, she begins lurking in dark alleys and challenging unsuspecting people to battle, stealing their Poké Balls afterwards. This catches the attention of Looker, who works with the player to bait and catch the perpetrator. When she gets cornered, Mimi runs in, tipping Looker off to Essentia's true identity. Xerosic's control over the suit starts to malfunction after Essentia tries to attack Mimi, only to accidentally hurt Looker. Essentia flees the scene and the tests are temporarily suspended.

The following day, the player is sent to apprehend Xerosic at Lysandre Labs. After the player defeats Essentia in a series of battles, Looker arrives and demands that Xerosic release Emma. After the suit's remote-control function starts glitching again, Xerosic agrees, letting Emma go and allowing Looker to take him into custody.

After Xerosic is brought to justice, Looker reveals to Emma that he is a member of the International Police and that he must leave to continue his civic duty. However, he feels strongly towards Emma and in order to ensure that she has a bright future, purchases the entire building where Looker Bureau was located, and instructs Emma to use it however she sees fit. As the new head detective, Emma vows to keep Lumiose City safe with her identity as Essentia, using the suit and Pokémon that Xerosic gave her.

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After completing the Looker storyline, the player can have a rematch with Emma in her Expansion Suit once per day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, she will not be wearing the Expansion Suit and talk about her duties as the head of the Looker Bureau.


Mimi (Japanese: もこお Mokō) is Emma's closest friend and companion. After the player finds Mimi and befriends it, Emma decides to trust the player and Looker.

Mimi and its Psychic abilities prove vital in assisting the Looker Bureau, acting as a translator and tracker.

Debut Pokémon X and Y

During her time as Essentia, she used Xerosic's Pokémon. After he was arrested however, he left his Pokémon in her care.

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Fourth battle

Fifth battle

Sixth battle

Seventh battle



XY Essentia.png XY Essentia 2.png
Art from
X and Y


XY Emma.png XY Essentia OD.png
Overworld model form
X and Y
Overworld model as Essentia form
X and Y


Main article: Emma/Quotes

In the anime

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Emma as Essentia

In Pokémon Generations

Emma appeared in The Investigation. She was first seen as Essentia, stealing three Furfrou from a Trainer she had beaten before being confronted by Looker. When Mimi seemed to recognize Essentia, Looker quickly came to realize the thief's true identity. Looker and Mimi pursued Essentia to Lysandre Café, where Mimi attacked her, destroying the Expansion Suit's helmet and freeing Emma from its control.


Mimi (Japanese: もこお Mokō) is a friend of Emma. It frees Emma from her mind control by destroying the Expansion Suit.

None of Mimi's moves are known.

Debut The Investigation
Voice actors
Japanese Noriko Shibasaki

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 内田真礼 Maaya Uchida
European Spanish Carmen Ambrós

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Emma as a member of the Lumiose Gang

Emma debuts in the X & Y chapter. She was originally a normal child that lived with cruel parents, but eventually ran away from her home to live as a street urchin in the Lumiose City alleyways. She befriended other homeless children and Pokémon that had similar experiences. Together, they banded together to form the Lumiose Gang with Emma serving as their leader. Emma would later end up befriending Cassius and joined his gang of friends. Due to her lack on knowledge of computers, Emma felt like a burden to Cassius, so she decided to take odd jobs to help her friends.

Emma first appears in the guise of Essentia at Shalour City. She attacks the Tower of Mastery in order to obtain the secrets of Mega Evolution. By keeping Korrina distracted upstairs with her Trevenant, Essentia interrogates Gurkinn on the bottom floor. When Gurkinn reveals that only his family and people he has entrusted a Mega Ring to know about it, Essentia begins attacking him. Gurkinn attempts to escape, but the injury he received from Trevenant's attacks prevents him from moving quickly. As Gurkinn is trapped into a corner surrounded by flames, Korrina comes down to save him. Gurkinn also sends out his Heracross and Mega Evolves it to attack Essentia's Phantump. Gurkinn and Korrina attempt to escape, but find that Trevenant has slowly be covering the tower in its roots, preventing any attempt at escape. Having no choice but to protect the secrets of Mega Evolution, Gurkinn and Korrina have their Pokémon activate the Tower of Mastery's self destruct switch, causing the tower to collapse and destroy itself. As the tower collapses, Essentia tells Gurkinn her name and denies his previous claim that she is a member of Team Flare.

Essentia in Pokémon Adventures

Emma debuts as herself at Cassius's house, where the latter introduces her to X and his friends. She adopts an Espurr that used to belong to a Team Flare Grunt that Cassius and X defeated, which she later names Mimi. She travels with Cassius and his friends as they travel around Kalos to maintain their systems of various places like the Battle Chateau. Later, Cassius gets a call from his friends from his Holo Caster, that Emma has gone missing, with the former stating that it's not the first time it has happened.

Emma returns to Team Flare Secret HQ as Essentia to try out an upgraded version of the Expansion Suit. Later. she joins Celosia to help with Team Flare's operation to move Xerneas's tree form to their base with the use of the captured Vaniville Town residents. While Celosia oversees the operation, Essentia is tasked with keeping out intruders. X and Y arrive and attempt to stop this, but are defeated when Essentia's Trevenant manipulates the forest's plant life to prevent them from moving. As Celosia plans to finish the heroes off, X and Y are saved by Gurkinn, Korrina, and Diantha, who attack Celosia and Essentia with their Mega Evolved Pokémon. Gurkinn helps free X's group with the assistance of his Gengar. He sends Gengar to battle Essentia's Trevenant, but none of its attacks manage to reach and eventually Gengar gives up in frustration and lounges next to a tree. Gurkinn decides to give Gengar to X, who accepts and names his new Pokémon Garma. X Mega Evolves Garma into Mega Gengar with his Mega Ring, giving it the power to easily sneak up from behind Trevenant and defeat it in one blow.

With her main Pokémon down, X's group surrounds Essentia now that they have the advantage and plan on opening her helmet to reveal her true identity. X's Pokémon proceed to attack, only to stop when Essentia's appearances changes to that of their Trainer. Xerosic is shocked that Essentia would use the Expansion Suit's untested texturing function. Essentia uses her suit to confuse her opponents even further and attempts to escape, only for a wild Klefki befriended by Y's mother to strike her from behind and cause the suit to malfunction. After shifting between different appearances, Essentia retreats under Xerosic's orders. Later, Emma travels to Laverre City, where she reunites with Cassius. She watches X's friends as they train to prepare for future encounters with Team Flare.

When X heads to Geosenge Town to attack Team Flare at their headquarters, Emma follows after him due to Mimi secretly climbing into Kanga's pouch. She offers to help X stop Team Flare and assists by sending a pair of attacking Grunts flying with Mimi's power. When Emma tells X about her past and how she met Cassius's gang, X begins crying, only to deny it when Emma notices him. They travel inside the headquarters, but are separated when X accidentally steps on a warp tile that teleports him away. Emma continues exploring the base by herself and eventually reaches the underground portion, where she finds a giant man locked inside a jail cell. Emma befriends the giant man and learns that his name is AZ. When Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna head into the building to help X, they end up walking past AZ's cell. They are initially startled by AZ's imposing size, but Emma assures the three that he is a kind person. After breaking the cell door, Emma and AZ join the three and head into the ultimate weapon's control room, where X had already been defeated by Lysandre. Trevor and the others attempt to stop Lysandre from firing the ultimate weapon onto the Kalos region. They are unable to prevent the weapon from firing, but the combined efforts of X's friends and allies manage to prevent the loss of innocent lives. AZ has Xerneas take Emma and the others to the surface while he is captured and forced to be left behind.

At Anistar City, Emma, as Essentia, sends a group of Hawlucha to attack Professor Sycamore. When X and his friends arrive, they defeat the Hawlucha and rescue Professor Sycamore. As Essentia watches from behind the Anistar Sundial, she begins to wonder if she should chance attempting to steal X and Y's Key Stones, despite her mission to trace the whereabouts of "Z", which had been seen around Anistar. Before she can come to an answer, her suit begins malfunctioning, causing Emma to awaken before turning back into Essentia. When Y manages to find her, the two battle each other on the Anistar rooftops. During their clash, Essentia attempts to use her suit's Poké Ball Jack function to hack into Y's Xerneas's Poké Ball and take control of it. Y eventually gets separated from Essentia and wakes up in a Pokémon Center, where she takes the opportunity to heal her Pokémon, completely unaware that the Nurse is Essentia in disguise. While she is distracted, Essentia knocks Y unconscious and takes Xerneas's Poké Ball.

Using the Expansion Suit's texturing function, Essentia attempts to meet with X while disguised as Y. X quickly sees through this ruse and has his Pinsir damage Essentia's helmet with its horns, breaking the camouflage. Immediately afterward, Y arrives, having been found by her friends. With their Mega Rings, X and Y Mega Evolve their Pokémon to do battle with Essentia and retrieve Xerneas. With Xerneas now under her control, Essentia uses it to battle against X and Y. The battle is interrupted by the arrival of Zygarde, which begins attacking everyone. Essentia decides to shift her attention to Zygarde and attempts to capture it while it charges itself with the power of nature, leaving it completely defenseless while it does so. Although this causes her to lose control of Xerneas, Essentia manages to successfully capture Zygarde. Essentia escapes afterward, but the repeated damage her suit took in the battle prevents Xerosic from being able to communicate with or control Essentia.

Later, when Lysandre battles against X, Blue, and Blaine at the Pokémon Village, he summons Essentia via a remote control device. Lysandre reveals that Xerosic designed the Expansion Suit to put the user to sleep and move with an artificial intelligence in order to keep the suit's wearer safe. Lysandre uses the remote control to lift the restriction on Essentia's suit, thus fully turning her into a puppet for him to manipulate. By speaking into the controller, Lysandre forces Essentia to give commands to Zygarde, allowing him to use it to attack.

While Zygarde battles against Mewtwo, X decides the best option would be to take Essentia out as she is Zygarde's Trainer. X uses Marisso to attack Essentia, knocking her away and fully destroying her helmet. When he goes over to investigate, X is shocked to find that Essentia is actually Emma. X attempts to help by removing the Expansion Suit, but Emma stops him. Emma reveals that despite being under hypnosis, she is aware of her actions while wearing the suit. Emma explains that due to her life at home and on the streets, she felt unsafe, but wearing the Expansion Suit helped Emma feel like she could do anything. When Emma asks if defeating Team Flare will make people start treating her well, X is left speechless.

X gives Emma a speech and tells her that despite how hard life is, she still has people that truly care about her and will be sad if they learn about the things she has done. Emma, hearing X's words, decides to stop working for Lysandre, but is still under his control due to the Expansion Suit. Cassius arrives and frees Emma by destroying the Expansion Suit's controller. Now free and in control of herself, Emma commands Zygarde to attack Lysandre, but is attacked by Lysandre's Gyarados before she can finish the command. Lysandre takes Zygarde's Poké Ball and assumes control over it by having it blow everyone away with Land's Wrath. Emma and Cassius survive the attack, but are left too injured to be able to battle.

After Lysandre and Team Flare are defeated, Cassius drives everyone back to Lumiose City. After arriving at their destination, Emma and Cassius wave X and his friends goodbye.


As Emma
Mimi (Japanese: もこお Mokō) was originally part of a group of four Espurr used by a Team Flare Grunt to distract X and his friends. While three of the Espurr were caught by Cassius and his Gourgeist, Mimi was simply left confused and wandered around before being found by Emma and given its nickname.

None of Mimi's moves are known.

Debut PS566
As Essentia
Essentia's Trevenant
Trevenant is Essentia's first known Pokémon and was taken from a Trainer through the usage of the Poké Ball Jack function. It was used to attack Gurkinn and Korrina at the Tower of Mastery. It kept Korrina distracted while Essentia talked to Gurkinn. Due to its typing, Korrina's Mega Lucario was unable to do any damage to it. When Trevenant began covering the tower in its roots, Gurkinn and Korrina destroyed the tower to protect it from being taken by Essentia. While overseeing the plan to move Xerneas to Team Flare's base, Trevenant was used to patrol the forest and keep out any intruders. There, it battled X and Y and managed to defeat them both by binding them and their Pokémon with the forest's plants. After being freed, X fought Trevenant with his newly-obtained Gengar, Garma. By Mega Evolving Garma into Mega Gengar, Trevenant was easily defeated.

Trevenant's known moves are Horn Leech, Bulldoze, and Will-O-Wisp.

Debut PS560
Essentia's Phantump
Phantump is Essentia's second known Pokémon. It was first seen with its Trainer when she asked Gurkinn about Mega Evolution. After getting some info, they immediately began attacking Gurkinn. Gurkinn retaliated with his Mega Heracross, which used its horn to ram Phantump.

None of Phantump's moves are known.

Debut PS560
Essentia's Hawlucha
Hawlucha (×4)
These four Hawlucha were used to attack Professor Sycamore at Anistar City. When X and his friends arrived, they battled the Hawlucha to save the professor. X sent out his Rute, which easily dodged the Hawlucha's moves before sending out the rest of his team to battle all the Hawlucha at once. During her battle against Y, Emma used a single Hawlucha to battle her. By throwing stones, it managed to knock Y out of the air. Without their team member, the other three Hawlucha lost their teamwork and were easily defeated by X's team.

Their only known move is Brave Bird*.

Debut Hawlucha Attack
Essentia's Xerneas
Main article: Xerxer

With her Poké Ball Jack, Essentia took control of Y's Xerneas, Xerxer. She used Xerneas to battle against X and Y, but was unable to fully control it. During the battle, X damages Essentia's helmet, causing her to lose further control over Xerneas. When Zygarde interrupts the battle, Essentia focuses her attention on capturing it, causing her to lose control over Xerneas entirely.

Debut PS549
Essentia's Zygarde
Main article: Zygarde (Adventures)

Zygarde, also known as Kalos's "Overseer" (Japanese: 監視者 Watcher), first appeared in Anistar City. When Essentia attempted to capture it by having Trevenant bind it with vines, Zygarde attempted to retaliate by summoning the forces of nature and absorbing them into its body. Doing so left it completely defenseless, allowing Essentia to easily capture it and escape. At the Pokémon Village, Lysandre controlled Essentia so that he may use Zygarde to battle against X, Blue, and Blaine. As it battled Mewtwo, X had his Marisso smash Essentia's helmet in the hopes that it may sever Lysandre's connection to Zygarde. After Emma decides to fight Lysandre, he steals Zygarde's Poké Ball, allowing him to directly command it.

Debut Hawlucha Attack


Language Name Origin
Japanese マチエール Matiere From matière, French for matter
English Emma Possibly from the name Emma, meaning "whole" or "universal"
French Millie
German, Italian, Spanish Matière From her Japanese name
Korean 마티에르 Matiere From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 瑪琪艾兒 / 玛琪艾儿 Mǎqí'àiér Transliteration of her Japanese name
Language Name Origin
Japanese エスプリ Esprit From esprit, French for spirit
English Essentia From essence
French Elili
German, Italian, Spanish Esprit From her Japanese name
Korean 에스프리 Esprit From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 艾絲普莉 / 艾丝普莉 Āisīpǔlì Transliteration of her Japanese name
Language Name Origin
Japanese もこお Mokō From もこもこ mokomoko, fluffy.
English Mimi Possibly a repetition of the first syllable of meow
French Gribouille From gribouillis, scribble
German Flauschi From flauschig, fluffy
Italian Moko From its Japanese name
Spanish Peluchín From peluche, teddy bear
Korean 모냥 Monyang From 모 mo (fur), 냐스퍼 Nyaseupeo (Espurr), and 야옹 yaong (meow)
Chinese (Mandarin) 喵茸 Miāorōng From 喵 miāo (meow) or 妙喵 Miàomiāo (Espurr) and 毛茸茸 máoróngrōng (fluffy)

Suspicious Woman

Language Title
France Flag.png French Femme Louche
Germany Flag.png German Verdächtige Frau
Italy Flag.png Italian Donna Sospetta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 별난 어른 Byeolnan Eoreun
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mujer Sospechosa

Suspicious Child

Language Title
France Flag.png French Enfant Louche
Germany Flag.png German Verdächtiges Kind
Italy Flag.png Italian Bambina Sospetta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 별난 아이 Byeolnan Ai
Spain Flag.png Spanish Niña Sospechosa

Suspicious Lady

Language Title
France Flag.png French Jeune Femme Louche
Germany Flag.png German Verdächtiges Mädchen
Italy Flag.png Italian Ragazza Sospetta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 별난 아가씨 Byeolnan Agassi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Chica Sospechosa

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