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Official art of Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet from the Sun & Moon series

The Team Rocket trio, sometimes abbreviated as TRio or JJM, is a trio of members of Team Rocket, consisting of Jessie, James, and Meowth.

In the anime


The Team Rocket trio blasting off again

Since making their debut in the second episode of the anime, they appeared in almost every single episode until the Best Wishes series, in which they appeared less frequently. As such, they are the most prominent representation of Team Rocket as a whole in the anime. Prior to Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!, the very first episode was the only single regular episode (excluding the clip show AG120) in which Team Rocket trio was completely absent.

In most of their appearances, they attempt to capture Ash's Pikachu, or any other Pokémon to give to Team Rocket's boss, Giovanni. However, they usually get defeated and, are blasted off with their iconic catchphrase "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" (4Kids dub) or "We're blasting off again!" (TPCi dub) or being grabbed by a Bewear and being whisked away in the Sun & Moon series. Typically, right after making a capture, they will recite their motto, although on some occasions they are unable to finish. This has been parodied by protagonists and even other Team Rocket members, such as Butch and Cassidy.

Since witnessing his power, the trio has been obsessed with capturing Ash's Pikachu, relentlessly pursuing Ash and his friends across the various regions of the Pokémon world to do so. Although they often succeed in capturing Pikachu, they never manage to hold on to him for long. They frequently develop or purchase various kinds of shockproof gadgets and machinery (mechas, rubber suits, etc.) to aid in his capture, but these gadgets are often circumvented by non-Electric attacks and abilities (which the trio constantly forget to account for) or simply backfire.

Team Rocket and Looker

Even though they usually only cause trouble for the main characters, they have sometimes helped them. When they have a common enemy, they will often ally with Ash and his friends, as shown in The Power of One and later against Team Aqua and Team Magma. They also played a key part in the fight against Team Galactic, teaming up with Looker. They occasionally put their differences aside for personal reasons, only to later return to their thieving ways. One of the more common moments of truce is during Pokémon Contests, which Jessie had a fondness for participating in under aliases.

On several occasions, Jessie, James and Meowth have shown that they are not all evil and even have affection for Ash and his friends. The trio heroically sacrificed themselves to what they thought was certain death in The Power of One in order to allow Ash's escape on Lugia. They also saved him from a fall in the next movie, Spell of the Unown: Entei. Their justification was that in the case of the world being destroyed or Ash's death, they would be out of show business, but it is implied that this is just bluster to cover the fact that they are not bad people. In Charizard's Burning Ambition, Team Rocket kept Ash's Charizard awake as it lay in the lake, and then built a huge mecha and attacked the Charicific Valley for the sole purpose of allowing Charizard to defeat them and gain acceptance in the valley.


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Team Rocket with all of their Pokémon in the original series (minus Wobbuffet)

The Team Rocket trio first appeared in Pokémon Emergency, in which they took over the Viridian Pokémon Center. After their first defeat at the hands of Ash's Pikachu convinced them of its extraordinary power, the trio made their main goal to capture Pikachu.

The trio's general incompetence usually makes them incapable of helping Team Rocket with their significant plans. In Dues and Don'ts, they discovered that their membership in Team Rocket had lapsed, although they were able to rejoin due to labor shortages, provided that they pay their debts. In The Thief That Keeps on Thieving!, Giovanni did not even remember who they were.

In Frozen on Their Tracks!, the Team Rocket trio befriended Looker after sharing boxed lunches with him, calling him "Boxed-Lunch Guy" or "Mr. Lunchbox". Later in the Diamond & Pearl series, after discovering that Looker was an International Police Officer, they assisted him in taking down Team Galactic.

The trio in their black uniforms

At his secretary's recommendation, Giovanni promoted them as part of his plans in the Unova region. After their promotion, they changed from their original white uniforms to black uniforms. In the Best Wishes series, they acted in a more serious manner, focusing more on completing specific assignments, often using gadgets such as jetpacks to retreat instead of blasting off.

In Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!, after Giovanni's secretary informed them that they wouldn't be needed for any more missions, they worried Giovanni had lost faith in them and returned to their white uniforms. They returned to planning their own schemes, although often in a more competent manner and with the assistance of Dr. Zager. They participated in Operation Tempest, Team Rocket's mission to capture Meloetta and harness the power of the Forces of Nature.

Due to the failure of Operation Tempest, starting in New Places... Familiar Faces! they reverted to their traditional comedic personalities, using their original motto, and travelling in their Meowth balloon (with enhancements); however, their newfound competence was not completely lost, with the trio still occasionally retreating using jetpacks instead of blasting off.

After Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!, the trio decided to head for the White Ruins, where they would spy on Team Plasma's movements for a time while plotting to steal the Light Stone. However, when their friend Looker spotted them and asked for their help, the trio helped Ash and his friends defeat the rival organization. After helping defeat Team Plasma in Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!, the trio returned completely to their previous role as comic relief, retaining only their upgraded technology and slight competence.

During the Lumiose Conference, they assist Malva with filming the conference whilst plotting to steal the competitor's Pokémon only for Malva's tight schedule to disrupt their plans leaving them unable to steal any Pokémon. During the Team Flare crisis, they continued filming and help assist by piloting the helicopter to help deal with the Giant Rock. They later edited the footage shot to show to Giovanni that they alone defeated Team Flare.

Following their adventures in Kalos, they returned to Team Rocket HQ in Till We Compete Again! but later appeared in Alola in Loading the Dex! having left Gourgeist and Inkay back at HQ where a Bewear befriended them, they decided to make its den their base of operations. They completed their new base during A Seasoned Search! despite disruptions caused by Rowlet and Popplio crashing into their antenna during They Might Not Be Giants!. They are often seen on Melemele Island in disguise as part-timers at a honey donut shop, mostly as food truck attendants. In SM046 it was revealed they were scouted by Faba to work at the Aether Foundation as his assistants, but quit in SM049 after discovering his intent to use his Hypno's Hypnosis to tamper with Lillie's memory, finding such underhanded evil below them.

In I Choose You!

The Team Rocket trio in I Choose You!

The Team Rocket trio appeared in I Choose You!, which is set in a different continuity from the main series. They first appeared in disguise in a Pokémon Center, and were wanted for stealing Pokémon. When a Pokémon Trainer who had just battled an Entei hurried inside the Pokémon Center, Team Rocket eavesdropped on the conversation and decided to hunt for Entei themselves. While looking for Entei in the forest, they were blasted off by a raging Onix.

Once they heard that Ash and his friends were heading to Mount Tensei to meet Ho-Oh, they decided to follow them, hoping to catch the Legendary Pokémon. They eventually came across a pack of sleeping Primeape. They saw it as an opportunity to catch some, but the Primeape woke up and started tossing them in the air, blasting them off once again.

Later on in the movie, the trio nearly caught up to the gang as they headed closer towards Mount Tensei. They were seen climbing Mount Tensei, tired and hungry. They eventually see Ho-Oh and stare on in amazement. Meowth became excited to the point where he accidentally let go and fell on James and Jessie, causing all three of them to fall off the mountain.

They appeared once more in the film's ending credits, following Ash and Pikachu in their Meowth Balloon.


Team Rocket trio OS.png Team Rocket Trio AG.png Team Rocket trio DP 2.png Team Rocket trio BW.png Team Rocket trio XY 2.png
Official artwork from the
original series
Official artwork from the
Advanced Generation series
Official artwork from the
Diamond & Pearl series
Official artwork from the
Best Wishes series
Official artwork from the
XY series
For more artwork, please see Jessie, James, Meowth images on the Bulbagarden Archives.

In the games

In Pokémon Yellow, Jessie and James appear and are involved in Team Rocket's four major schemes (Mt. Moon, Rocket Hideout, Pokémon Tower, and Silph Co.), and typically appear before the player battles Giovanni. They also replace the three Team Rocket members in the Pokémon Tower that hold Mr. Fuji hostage as well as two other Team Rocket Grunts: one close to the exit of Mt. Moon and the other one near the entrance to the President's room at Silph Co. Curiously, they are never referred to by their individual names and share their Trainer class with all other Team Rocket Grunts.

They first attack the player in Mt. Moon, while trying to take one of the rare Fossils uncovered there.

Later, in Celadon City's Rocket Game Corner, Jessie and James guard Giovanni's room in the Team Rocket base. During that time, as the player runs into them, they are eager for revenge after the main character busted up their plans at Mt. Moon.

They hold Mr. Fuji hostage at Pokémon Tower, attacking the player on the seventh floor.

Finally, at Silph Co. in Saffron City, Jessie and James make their final appearance, once again trying to stall the main character from reaching their Boss.

Unlike in the anime, Jessie and James do not follow the main character around and come up with their usual evil plans to capture Pikachu. In addition, Meowth cannot talk, and he resides in a Poké Ball instead of traveling around with Jessie and James.

In addition, they also receive their own encounter music, a track not heard in Red and Blue.


First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Fourth battle


Mt. Moon
  • Before battle
"Stop right there!"
"That fossil is Team Rocket's! Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"
  • Being defeated
"A brat beat us?"
  • After being defeated
"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"
Rocket Hideout
  • Before battle
"Not another step, brat!"
"How dare you humiliate us at Mt. Moon! It's payback time, you brat!"
  • Being defeated
"Such a dreadful twerp!"
  • After being defeated
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!"
Pokémon Tower
  • Before battle
"Stop right there!"
"Grampa here wanted to complain, so we're setting him straight. So render yourself invisible, or prepare to fight!"
  • Being defeated
"You will regret this!"
  • After being defeated
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!"
Silph Co.
  • Before battle
"Hold it right there, brat!"
"Our Boss is in a meeting! You better not disturb him!"
  • Being defeated
"Like always..."
  • After being defeated
"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light! Again..."


Spr Y Jessie James.png Jessie OD.png James OD.png
Jessie and James's sprite
from Yellow
Jessie's overworld
sprite from Yellow
James's overworld
sprite from Yellow

In the manga

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In the Ash & Pikachu manga

The Team Rocket trio is seen following Ash and company in the manga series Ash & Pikachu, which is based on the anime.

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

The trio appears in The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga series. Jessie and James are later shown married, with Jessie visibly pregnant.

In the TCG

Jessie and James appear on both versions of the card Here Comes Team Rocket!, which originally released in the Team Rocket set; it was re-released with different artwork in EX Team Rocket Returns. In that expansion, there were also reconstructed Theme Decks based on Jessie and James.

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