Dr. Footstep

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Dr. Footstep
フトマキ Futomaki
Dr Footstep Adventures.png
Dr. Footstep in Pokémon Adventures
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Dr. Footstep (Japanese: フトマキ Futomaki) is a game character who lives on the southwest side of Route 213 in a small house on the beach. An expert on footprints, he gives the Footprint Ribbon to Trainers who have friendly Pokémon. He determines this based on their footprints. Somehow, he can tell how friendly a Pokémon is, even if it does not leave footprints.

In the games

Dr. Footstep's house in Diamond and Pearl

Different Pokémon have different sets of responses, such as Ghost Pokémon and those that look intimidating saying that they are scary and shunned, and more lethargic Pokémon beginning and ending their statements with "Hnurrr." Certain Pokémon that lack expressive features, such as Magnemite and Unown, give no real response, only making a noise that sounds like "Sssshhnnn." There are four classifications which could be loosely described as "Tough", "Cute", "Slow" and "Scary." In addition, Pokémon with footprints give different responses than those without footprints, making for a total of eight quote sets (excluding the silent group).

Friendship levels

Dr. Footstep has five different ratings for Pokémon friendship. These reflect the Pokémon's responses as shown on the Friendship Checker Pokétch application. The lowest level of friendship will usually only be seen on Pokémon that have been treated badly, or on certain newly-caught species (such as Legendary Pokémon, Ralts, Buneary, and various Dark types) that naturally start with very low friendship.

If the Pokémon does not have a nickname, the species name is shown instead.

Level Friendship
1 0-69
2 70-149
3 150-199
4 200-254
5 255

Level 1 (no hearts, Pokémon moves away from the stylus)

  • Tough, footprints: "Why does Trainer always use other Pokémon? Am I not needed much? Would I have been better off if I remained in the wild? No, I should give this Trainer a little more of a chance..."
  • Cute, footprints: "Aw... Trainer only plays with other Pokémon... Nickname feels neglected... Maybe Trainer doesn't like Nickname very much? Nickname will try harder for Trainer. Please be nicer to me!"
  • Slow, footprints: "Hnurrrr... Hunh? This is... where? Trainer's house, is this? It's not? Hnurrr... If you don't need me for anything, can I go back to my Ball? Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, footprints: "That Trainer... What is that Trainer thinking? Why make me join the team, then call upon me for nothing? Am I considered useless? Is the Trainer regretting having me? Does the Trainer dare disrespect this Pokémon so easily?"
  • Tough, no footprints: "Does Trainer intend to ignore me forever? Give me more opportunities for me to shine..."
  • Cute, no footprints: "Nickname is bored... Play with me more, more... Nickname and Trainer, let's play nicer..."
  • Slow, no footprints: "Hnurrr... I did not know that? I really don't? What is this? I don't know what to say? Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, no footprints: "Wooooooh... Nickname has nothing to do... Keep me too bored, and I'm liable to sneak up and bite..."

Level 2 (no hearts, Pokémon moves towards the stylus)

  • Tough, footprints: "Humans can't understand the cries of Pokémon, nor our feelings. However, there are some among us that understand human speech... Hehehe, Trainer, you're not bad for a human."
  • Cute, footprints: "Others say there are people who aren't very nice to Pokémon. I wonder about Trainer... Will Trainer look after Nickname nicely? Will I get to go all over with this Trainer? Can we be... Friends?"
  • Slow, footprints: "Hnurrr... Me? Uhm... I like to sleep most of the time. Oh, I like to eat, too. That's next. But what I really like to do is think. I'm a very deep thinker. When I think about the future of the Pokémon species... ...Hnurrr... hunh? Oh, I forget where the time goes. Hnurrrr..."
  • Scary, footprints: "I have little understanding of Trainer as a human... Trainer may not be too bad, considering that I, an oft-shunned Pokémon, am one of the team... That said, I don't intend to be all cheerful around Trainer..."
  • Tough, no footprints: "If a Pokémon is treated as a friend, it will return the sentiments. We grow fonder of humans that treat us with kindness... Does Trainer even like Nickname?"
  • Cute, no footprints: "Gonna go with Trainer all over the place... Be nice to Nickname... Warm and cuddly..."
  • Slow, no footprints: "Hnurrr... Well, I... I think I'm motivated. As motivated as the average. But it's not so simple as that. Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, no footprints: "Is there any human that would grow to like us Pokémon? Well? Does Trainer like Nickname? Nickname doesn't like... Well, no, maybe not..."

Level 3 (one small heart)

  • Tough, footprints: "If a Pokémon were to travel alone, it would be limited as to where it could go. But traveling with a human, a Pokémon would be able to travel farther afield to more distant cities and lands. Traveling with Trainer has been rewarding and reassuring. And very entertaining..."
  • Cute, footprints: "This adventure with Trainer is lots of fun. Nickname gets to go places where I can't go by myself. I get to battle Pokémon I've never ever seen before. I'm gonna get stronger and stronger for Trainer!"
  • Slow, footprints: "Hnurrr... Me? Uhm... There are lots of kinds of moves. I like those Dark-type moves, oh, and those Dragon-type moves, too... How would they be for this Pokémon? Will they be for me? Or a no, no, no sort of thing? Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, footprints: "Our kind prefer to lurk in dark and dank places... But being with Trainer, even bright and festive places seem less threatening... Trainer has a strange charisma..."
  • Tough, no footprints: "Did Nickname get stronger? Who is responsible for making me so? Is it Trainer's doing? Is the Trainer owed my thanks?"
  • Cute, no footprints: "Nickname get strong, make Trainer happy. Round ones, square ones, triangle ones, wobbly ones... Nickname wants to see different kinds of Pokémon..."
  • Slow, no footprints: "Hnurrr... How should I say this? We both look out for each other. That's what we try to do, I think. That is for the best. Hnurrrr..."
  • Scary, no footprints: "Trainer treats me, Nickname, nicely without being scared. But Nickname will be even scarier from now on. That's what we Pokémon do..."

Level 4 (two small hearts)

  • Tough, footprints: "Some wild Pokémon frown upon others for traveling with humans. They jeer that the caught Pokémon have "forgotten the wild." But that view is mistaken. They have just never met a Trainer who could be a great partner. A great partner like Trainer, in other words..."
  • Cute, footprints: "Nickname and Trainer make a perfectly matched combo! I've seen all sorts of people so far... But Trainer understands Nickname's feelings most! I'm a little hungry... You can tell, right?"
  • Slow, footprints: "Hnurrr... I don't know how to begin saying this... I liked living quietly before I met Trainer. Sssh. But I'm getting to like traveling with Trainer. I think I'm getting sort of funky. Do you think I'm sort of funky? No? No funk for me? Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, footprints: "Not for a moment did I think I would be traveling with a human... If my Pokémon friends were to see me now, they would be shocked. Or would they be envious of me...?"
  • Tough, no footprints: "Trainer and Nickname are alike in some ways. In humanspeak, we match up well. Does Trainer think so, too?"
  • Cute, no footprints: "Trainer and Nickname make a friendly combo. Trainer's feelings, Nickname can understand. Nickname's feelings, Trainer understands!"
  • Slow, no footprints: "Hnurrr... How do I say? How should I describe us? We are the sound of both hands clapping. Trainer and I are together in synchronicity like twins. Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, no footprints: "Nickname is starting to forget a little about being in the wild... But Nickname isn't feeling sad. It's never boring with Trainer..."

Level 5 (two large hearts)

  • Tough, footprints: "Trainer is... A remarkable human and Trainer. That I can always perform the best any Pokémon possibly can...I attribute that entirely to my partner Trainer. When we travel I can see wild Pokémon eyeing us enviously..."
  • Cute, footprints: "If I said there can be friendship between Pokémon and people, will Pokémon's friends understand? But if you see Trainer and Nickname, you will understand. Because Trainer and Nickname are friends!"
  • Slow, footprints: "Hnurrr... Me? Uhm... Other Pokémon, they say to me... 'You're not thinking, are you?' How insulting they should say so. It isn't true what they say. Think, think, think, I do that. All the time, I think hard how to help Trainer. I concentrate! Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, footprints: "That Trainer is the most impressive of humans. It takes a lot to make me, Nickname, sunny and cheerful! As a show of affection, I should chomp down on the Trainer's neck... Hahaha... Have no fear... I was merely joking..."
  • Tough, no footprints: "Trainer is very impressive, especially for a human. The Trainer always lets Nickname use every bit of power properly. It is a shame that Trainer is only a human..."
  • Cute, no footprints: "Trainer makes Nickname very proud! Pokémon boasts to friends about Trainer! Trainer and Nickname are best of friends!"
  • Slow, no footprints: "Hnurrr... What is left to say, I say? We have come so far now, where can we go but to see this through? Hall of Fame... Words so sweet fall from my mouth. Hnurrr..."
  • Scary, no footprints: "There are no Pokémon that dislike humans... Only humans that dislike Pokémon... We Pokémon are especially shunned... But Trainer always treats me as a friend and partner..."

Voiceless Pokémon (all levels)

  • "Ssshhhnnn... ... Ssshhhnnn... ... Ssshhhnnn... ..."

If a Pokémon receives a Level 5 rating, Dr. Footstep will award it a Footprint Ribbon. Footprint Ribbon.png

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Dr. Footstep first appears in Bombastic Bibarel & Heroic Hippopotas at the Seven Stars Restaurant where he is seen collecting the footprints of Pearl's Chatler, and waits outside so he can get more. After Pearl and Diamond finish a battle with some Trainers, Dr. Footstep appears to take the footprints of their Pokémon. He invites Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl to his house so he can show them his collection. Soon after, they find an angry wild Hippowdon that sends them flying after Dr. Footstep collects its footprint. Dr. Footstep and Pearl land at Lake Valor and are carried by a wild Staraptor that carries them to the island in the lake. They eventually manage to swim back to shore, where they find that Platinum and Diamond have defeated a pair of Scientists that attacked them. Dr. Footstep gives them a Footprint Ribbon as thanks and goes to take the scientists to the proper authorities, although he gets distracted by a wild Weavile along the way.

Much later, in Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia V, Dr. Footstep is seen waiting impatiently at a police station for the interrogation of the scientists to end, so he can get the footprints of their Pokémon. He eventually decides to leave and once he exits the police station, he finds himself transported to the Spear Pillar where Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and Cynthia are battling the leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus. When a Regigigas arrives to help the Sinnoh Pokédex holders battle Cyrus, Dr. Footstep takes its footprint to convey its feelings to everyone.

In Platinum chapter he, together with Sinnoh Pokémon Association Chairman, joins Diamond and Pearl for a short while, but decides not to accompany them to Old Chateau when he realizes that Rotom does not leave footprints, instead waiting with the Chairman. He is last seen in The Final Dimensional Duel XI after the battle with Giratina, explaining that the Pokémon has calmed down.

In the Chuang Yi translations, he is also referred to as Futomaki.


  • Aside from his real name, he's also referred to as Dr. Footstep (Japanese: 足跡はかせ Dr. Footprint) in the Japanese versions. English and European versions don't reflect that, treating the title as if it were actually his name.
  • The noise that voiceless Pokémon make (such as Probopass), "Ssshhhnnn," is similar to Japanese "sound effect" for silence, "shiiiiiin."


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Language Name Origin
Japanese フトマキ Futomaki
足跡はかせ Dr. Footprint
Possibly from footmark
From 足跡 ashiato (footprint)
English Dr. Footstep
From footstep
Same as Japanese name
French Dr Petitpas From petit pas (small step)
German Dr. Schrittritt From Schritt (footstep) and Tritt (step)
Italian Dott. Impronta From impronta (footprint)
Spanish Dr. Pisada From pisada (footprint)
Korean 발도장박사 Dr. Baldojang
발자국박사 Dr. Footprint
From 발도장 baldojang (footprint)
From 발자국 baljagung (footprint)
Chinese (Mandarin) 布德馬奇 Bùdémǎqí
足跡博士 Dr. Footprint
Transliteration of his Japanese name.
From 足跡 zújì, footprint
Vietnamese Futomaki
Tiến sĩ dấu chân
Transliteration of his Japanese names

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