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North Boulevard ノースサイド ストリート
Northside Street
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
XY North Boulevard.png
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Location: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
Lumiose City North Boulevard Map icon.png
Location of North Boulevard in Lumiose City.
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North Boulevard (Japanese: ノースサイド ストリート Northside Street) is a street lining the northern half of Lumiose City in the Kalos region. It connects to South Boulevard, Autumnal Avenue, and Hibernal Avenue. Lumiose Museum is located on this street, serving as a major draw for tourism in the city.

North Boulevard has three gates connecting it to outside routes. In the northwest is the Route 13 Gate, in the north the Route 14 Gate, and in the northeast the Route 16 Gate.

Places of interest

Galette Stand

A small stand located on the North Boulevard outside Autumnal Avenue that sells Lumiose Galettes for $100 ($80 if the player has at least 50 points of style). The stand only sells freshly baked galettes, which last four hours at a time starting at 3 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM. Once per day, if the player purchases a galette within an hour of the time they were baked, the player will also receive a free Moomoo Milk.

Lumiose Museum

Main article: Lumiose Museum

A large, white building that houses many paintings of people and locations in the Pokémon world. Entrance is free, but an audio guide is available for $200 (or for free if the player has at least 90 points of style).

Hotel Richissime

Main article: Hotel Richissime

A large, black luxury hotel located near the middle of North Boulevard. Each day, the player can be paid for completing certain tasks in the hotel.

Battle Institute

Inside the Battle Institute
Main article: Battle Institute

The Battle Institute on the North Boulevard works in the same way as the one in Nimbasa City in Unova. The player can opt for a Battle Test (5 consecutive Single or Double Battles) or a Download Test (which can be downloaded either wirelessly or via Wi-Fi at a certain time, similar to event Pokémon). The player can win BP here.

Lumiose Station

A very large train station located on the far eastern half of the North Boulevard. Upon entering the Hall of Fame, Professor Sycamore will meet the player here and give them the TMV Pass which allows them to board the train to Kiloude City.

Looker Bureau

Looker's headquarters during the post-game storyline are located in a narrow street between North Boulevard and Rouge Plaza. It is initially empty, but Looker settles in after the player enters the Hall of Fame and upgrades the Mega Ring.

After completing all the Looker Bureau chapters, the player can battle Emma in the Expansion Suit (as Essentia) here on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Lumi Cab

Main article: Lumi Cab

Lumi Cab is a taxi service that lets the player travel between many stops around Lumiose City for a fee; destinations that are farther away cost more. If the player has enough style, the fare will be half price. If the player does not have enough money to pay for the ride, the driver will challenge them to a battle.

From North Boulevard, fares range from $710 to $4,000 before any discount.

Gogoat Shuttle

Artwork of Calem riding the Gogoat Shuttle

Signposts located around North Boulevard, where the player can ride a Gogoat that will take them to North Boulevard East or North Boulevard West. The fare is flat at $200.


Within Lumiose City, the player has a degree of style which can be raised by doing things around the city. If the player has a high style, prices may be lower, more items and services may be offered, and certain establishments may be accessible that were not before.

Increasing style

The following events can be done on North Boulevard to increase style.

Location Event +Style
Gogoat Shuttle Ride a Gogoat 1
Lumi Cab Take a cab 1
Looker Bureau Finish Looker chapters 1-5 5
Looker Bureau Finish final Looker chapter 20
Battle Institute Test a team 3
Galette Stand Buy a Lumiose Galette 1
Hotel Richissime Complete a perfect job 3
Lumiose Museum Enter museum without audio guide
(After the audio guide becomes free, no style is gained)
Enter museum and buy the audio guide
(After the audio guide becomes free, no style is gained)
Lumiose Station Take the train
(Only works going from Lumiose to Kiloude)

Style benefits

The following benefits can be attained on North Boulevard from having sufficiently high style.

Location Benefit Req Style
Lumi Cab 50% discount on fares 140
Lumiose Museum Free audio guide 90
Galette Stand 20% discount on galettes 50
Café Triste The Waitress will heal the player's team 90
Café Action! A Madame will appear and will add two new events for PR Videos
(If the player has not changed streets since reaching 255 style,
she will not appear the first time the player enters the building

Non-player characters

In addition to the above benefits, some NPCs will change their dialogue as the player's style increases, and several new NPCs will appear in various places (mostly cafés) around the city as well.

The following benefits can be attained on North Boulevard:

  • At 25 points of style, more people will appear in Café Action!
  • At 50 points of style, more people will appear in Café Bataille.
  • At 90 points of style, more people will appear in the westernmost building, Café Triste, and Lumiose Station.


Poké Mart

Left cashier
Right cashier


Lumiose Station

Item Location Games
None National Pokédex From Sina and Dexio after entering the Hall of Fame  X  Y 
TMV Pass TMV Pass From Professor Sycamore after entering the Hall of Fame  X  Y 

Office Café Building

This building is across the street from Café Ultimo.

Item Location Games
Star Piece Star Piece 1F, from a female Scientist if the player has a Pokémon with Aroma Veil, Flower Veil, or Sweet Veil  X  Y 
Prism Scale Prism Scale 4F, from a Fairy Tale Girl  X  Y 

Fighting Dojo

This building lies between the Galette Stand and the Route 14 Gate.

Item Location Games
Expert Belt Expert Belt 3F, from a girl  X  Y 
Protein Protein 3F, from a Battle Girl  X  Y 

Café Ultimo

Item Location Games
None Training Ribbon From a woman if the player's Pokémon is Supremely Trained (passed all of the Super Training courses, including Super Secret Training, under the target time)  X  Y 


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Galette Stand alleyway

Trainer Pokémon
During Chapter 4 of the Looker Bureau
Suspicious Woman "???"
Suspicious Woman "???"
Reward: $8,400
Jellicent Jellicent
No item
Volcarona Volcarona Lv.60
No item

Café Triste alleyway

Trainer Pokémon
During Chapter 4 of the Looker Bureau
Suspicious Child "???"
Suspicious Child "???"
Reward: $1,824
Whimsicott Whimsicott Lv.57
No item
Mawile Mawile Lv.57
No item
Granbull Granbull Lv.57
No item

Lumiose Station

Trainer Pokémon
During Chapter 3 of the Looker Bureau
Lumiose Gang Member Sedna
Lumiose Gang Member Sedna
ゲンマ Gemma
Reward: $4,640
Mandibuzz Mandibuzz Lv.58
No item
Lumiose Gang Member Eris
Lumiose Gang Member Eris
エブル Ebur
Reward: $4,480
Pangoro Pangoro Lv.56
No item
Bouffalant Bouffalant Lv.56
No item
Lumiose Gang Member Nix
Lumiose Gang Member Nix
マルモル Marmor
Reward: $4,480
Druddigon Druddigon Lv.56
No item
Krookodile Krookodile Lv.56
No item

Looker Bureau

Trainer Pokémon
During Chapter 4 of the Looker Bureau
Butler Chalmers
Butler Chalmers
アカマロ Akamaro
Reward: $4,960
Braviary Braviary Lv.62
No item

After completing all the Looker Bureau ChaptersTuThSa


Game North Boulevard
X Lumiose City North Boulevard XY.png


  • A woman beside Café Bataille explains that the two Skiddo in front of Lumiose Station were abandoned by their Trainer and wait by the station for his return. This is a possible reference to the story of Hachikō, an Akita dog who waited at the train station every day for his owner's return, even after his unexpected death. The story is a popular legend in Japanese culture.
  • Behind the second TMV timetable in Lumiose Station, some words are written, saying "I'm going to go for help. Wait in the usual place."
  • The train station's design may be based on the Gare du Nord train station in Paris, France, while the TMV appears to be a reference to the TGV.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ノースサイド ストリート Northside Street From northside
English North Boulevard From north
German Nordring From Nord (north)
Spanish Bulevar Norte From norte (north)
French Rue Septentrionale From septentrionale (northern)
Italian Corso Alto From alto (upper)
Korean 노스사이드 스트리트 Northside Street Same as Japanese name

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