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Cross-canon counterparts are similar characters that appear in different parts of the Pokémon canon.

As a franchise with so many different forms of canon, Pokémon is famous for having multiple iterations of the same or similar characters, most of which have basis in the games' main and rival characters. The characters in each form of the Pokémon canon which are closely related in their design will most often be recognizable in any of their forms, and may have similar relations to other characters with or without counterparts.

For example, both Red and Ash are from Pallet Town, live with their mother, receive a starter Pokémon from Professor Oak, and begin their journeys one step behind their rivals, Blue and Gary, respectively. However, Red and Ash do not coexist (with the two only meeting when Ash was transported from his world, into the world of Pokémon Masters EX), nor do Blue and Gary, as they are restricted to their specific canons.

Game characters Red Blue Ethan Silver Kris Brendan May Lucas Dawn Barry Lyra Cheren Bianca Serena Shauna Tierno Trevor Hau Gladion Lillie Hop Marnie Nemona
Anime characters Ash Gary Jimmy/
cameo Marina cameo May cameo Dawn Barry Lyra Cheren Bianca Serena Shauna Tierno Trevor Hau Gladion Lillie Hop Marnie Nemona
Manga characters Red Blue Gold Silver Crystal Ruby Sapphire Diamond Platinum Pearl Crystal Cheren Bianca Y Shauna Tierno Trevor Hau Gladion Lillie Hop Marnie Nemona

Various other characters have differences between their game and alternate versions, such as Brock and Misty in the anime, and Wally in the Pokémon Adventures manga. However, they are not truly different enough to be considered as separate individuals.

List of cross-canon counterparts

This list is based on the game characters, as they appear first.

Red's counterparts

Red and his counterparts

Blue's counterparts

Ethan's counterparts

Silver's counterparts

Kris's counterparts

Brendan's counterparts

Brendan's counterpart in Pokémon Adventures

May's counterparts

Wally's counterparts

Leaf's counterparts

Lucas's counterparts

Dawn's counterparts

Dawn's anime counterpart

Barry's counterparts

Lyra's counterparts

Hilbert's counterparts

Hilbert's counterpart in Be the Best! Pokémon B+W

Hilda's counterparts

Cheren's counterparts

Bianca's counterparts

Nate's counterparts

Rosa's counterparts

Hugh's counterparts

Calem's counterparts

Serena's counterparts

Shauna's counterparts

Tierno's counterparts

Trevor's counterparts

Elio's counterparts

Selene's counterparts

Hau's counterparts

Gladion's counterparts

Lillie's counterparts

Chase's counterparts

Elaine's counterparts

Trace's counterparts

Victor's counterparts

Gloria's counterparts

Hop's counterparts

Bede's counterparts

Marnie's counterparts

Rei's counterparts

Nemona's counterparts