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Pokémon in Spain
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Flag of Spain
Languages Iberian Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Valencian
Continent Europe
Original anime airdates
EP001 December 20, 1999
AG001 April 5, 2004
DP001 February 23, 2008
BW001 July 29, 2011
XY001 October 19, 2013
April 27, 2014
SM001 November 26, 2016
September 2, 2017
JN001 October 19, 2020
HZ001 February 2024

The Pokémon franchise first reached Spain in 1999 when the anime was dubbed into Iberian Spanish.

Pokémon video games

Spanish-language versions of Pokémon Red and Blue were sold in Spain on October 5, 1999. Subsequent Pokémon games have been available since then.

Pokémon anime

Spanish dub

The Iberian Spanish dub of the Pokémon anime is recorded and produced in Madrid, Spain and was previously licensed by entertainment company BRB Internacional. The series has been dubbed in five different dubbing studios. Originally, the series was dubbed in Telson, which dubbed the series from the first season until the eighth season and movies 4 and 5. After this, Telson went out of business, so the series was moved to Arait Multimedia, which recorded the ninth season and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!. Starting from the tenth season, the series moved to 103 Todd-AO, which dubbed the series until the sixteenth season, when the series was moved to Tecnison, S.A. until season seventeen. The dub of these seasons was produced by SDI Media Poland. In season 18, the series moved to SDI Media Spain.

Movies 1-3 and Mewtwo Returns were dubbed in Tecnison, S.A. and directed by José Luis Angulo. Dubbing of the Pokémon movies ceased for a while, but started again with Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, which were dubbed in Soundub. Movies 10-14 were dubbed in 103 Todd-AO and the dub was produced by SDI Media Poland. Movies 15-17 were dubbed in Tecnison, S.A. by SDI Media Poland, and starting from Hoopa and the Clash of Ages they're dubbed in SDI Media Spain.

The Iberian Spanish dub is based on the English dubs by 4Kids Entertainment and Pokémon USA, Inc., retaining their character names (Some exceptions are Gym Leaders, Frontier Brains, and game characters like in the games in this language). The anime has aired on both nationally-owned channels such as Telecinco, Clan TVE, all regional channels and on the Spanish branch of Jetix (now Disney XD).

In Spain, the anime currently airs on Boing. Recent and library content are available on Netflix, Movistar+, and Pokémon TV.


Season Date
Pokémon: ¡Hazte con Todos! December 20, 1999
Pokémon: Las Islas Naranja September 16, 2000
Pokémon: The Johto Journeys April 29, 2001
Pokémon: The Johto League Champions May 18, 2002
Pokémon: Master Quest May 26, 2003
Pokémon: Advanced April 5, 2004
Pokémon: Advanced Challenge May 7, 2005
Pokémon: Advanced Battle April 1, 2006
Pokémon: Battle Frontier May 5, 2007
Pokémon: Diamante y Perla February 23, 2008
Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension April 4, 2009
Pokémon DP: Combates Galácticos May 9, 2010
Pokémon DP: Los Vencedores de la Liga de Sinnoh February 1, 2011
Pokémon: Negro y Blanco July 29, 2011
Pokémon Negro y Blanco: Destinos Rivales October 5, 2012
Pokémon Negro y Blanco: Aventuras en Teselia (y Más Allá) September 15, 2013
Serie Pokémon XY April 27, 2014
Serie Pokémon XY - Expediciones en Kalos September 15, 2015
Serie Pokémon XYZ May 2, 2016
Pokémon: Serie Sol y Luna November 26, 2016
La serie Pokémon Sol y Luna - Ultraaventuras August 4, 2018
La serie Pokémon Sol y Luna - Ultraleyendas May 18, 2019
La serie Viajes Pokémon October 19, 2020
La serie Viajes Maestros Pokémon October 13, 2021

Pokémon movies

Movie Date
Pokémon, la película: Mewtwo vs. Mew April 14, 2000
Pokémon 2: El poder de uno November 24, 2000
Pokémon 3: El hechizo de los Unown July 20, 2001
Pokémon 4Ever October 15, 2003
Héroes Pokémon May 12, 2004
Lucario y el misterio de Mew June 16, 2007
Pokémon Ranger y el templo del mar December 1, 2007
El desafío de Darkrai September 6, 2008
Giratina y el defensor de los cielos May 1, 2009
Arceus y la joya de la vida April 4, 2010
Zoroark: El maestro de ilusiones February 26, 2011
La película Pokémon: Negro - Victini y Reshiram
La película Pokémon: Blanco - Victini y Zekrom
April 28, 2012
May 28, 2012
La película Pokémon: Kyurem vs. el espadachín místico September 14, 2013
La película Pokémon: Genesect y el despertar de una leyenda October 19, 2013
La película Pokémon: Diancie y la crisálida de la destrucción September 14, 2015
La película Pokémon: Hoopa y un duelo histórico January 19, 2016
La película Pokémon: Volcanion y la maravilla mecánica November 26, 2016
La película Pokémon: ¡Te elijo a ti! November 5, 2017
La película Pokémon: El poder de todos December 15, 2018
Pokémon: Mewtwo contraataca — Evolución February 27, 2020
La película Pokémon: Los secretos de la selva October 8, 2021
POKÉMON Detective Pikachu May 10, 2019


As with the dub, all of the anime openings are translated versions of the English songs used by 4Kids Entertainment and Pokémon USA, Inc.. Two Spanish-language soundtracks were released: a translation of Pokémon 2.B.A. Master entitled Pokémon: ¿Eres capaz de aprenderte el PokéRap? and a translation of Totally Pokémon entitled Pokémon Total.

Cast and crew

Many different voice actors have worked on the dubbing of Pokémon in Spain.

Adolfo Moreno has provided the voice of Ash Ketchum in the entire series.

Ash's mother, Delia, is voiced by Cecilia Santiago in the very two first episodes, Marisa Marco until Pokémon the Series: Black & White, Ana Jiménez (M02), Marta García (M03) and Ana Richart since Pokémon the Series: XY.

Miriam Valencia provided the voice for Misty from original series to Pokémon the Series: Black & White; Brock has been voiced by Javier Balas in the entire series; Valencia also voices later as Jupiter, Aldith and Sophie's second voice and Balas in Pokémon the Series: XY had voiced Nico, Nihei and Jimmy; he returns to the main cast in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon as Rotom Pokédex; Valencia is replaced by Sandra Villa as Misty in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon and M22, she previously voiced Nina and Verity.

Ricardo Escobar provides the voice of Tracey Sketchit, his first role in the series was Bill and later as Aaron, N and Xerosic.

May (Aura) has been voiced for the entire series by Cristina Yuste who previously voiced Whitney, Duplica (EP174), Janina and Macey, and later as Zorua, Normajean, Christie, Shannon (known as Sara), Lyn, Diancie, Mairin and Shauna in Pokémon The Series XYZ. May's younger brother, Max, is voiced by Beatriz Berciano who also voiced Andreas, Daisy (AG134), Caroline (AG189), Marble, Lyra, Unova/Decolore Islands Officer Jenny and Oleana.

Dawn (Maya) has been voiced for the entire series by Mar Bordallo who was also the voice of Lisa and DJ Mary

Iris is voiced by Belén Rodriguez who also provides the voice for Solana (except in the 2 part Deoxys episodes) and Salvia. Cilan (Millo) is voiced by Fernando Cabrera who also voices Harley in Pokémon Battle Frontier and Khoury.

Serena is voiced by Isatxa Mengíbar who previously voiced Nurse Joy (EP002-EP014), Casey (seasons 3-5), Bianca, Officer Jenny (seasons 6-13) and Flannery. Clemont (Lem) is voiced by Miguel Antelo, his younger sister, Bonnie (Clem) is voiced by Blanca Hualde who also voiced Shaymin and Candice (DP155).

Lana (Nereida) is voiced by Ana de Castro who also voiced Aria since Kalos Quest. Kiawe is voiced by Javier Lorca who previously voiced Kendall, Brycen and Sanpei. Lillie (Lylia) was voiced by Ainhoa Martín in the first 2 episodes of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, who also voiced Malin and Roxie in Rival Destinies; later is replaced by Laura Pastor who also voiced Korrina. Sophocles (Chris) was voiced by Chelo Molina until SM059 who previously voiced Forrest (HS01) and Angie and replaced since SM060 by Chelo Vivares who also voiced Mikey, Ritchie, Sam, Piplup (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness), Kenny, Cameron and Confined Hoopa. Mallow (Lulú) is voiced by Carmen López Pascual.

Goh is voiced by Jon Samaniego who previously voiced Corey in M22 and Tim Goodman in POKÉMON Detective Pikachu.

For most of the series, James has been voiced by Iván Jara. Jessie has been voiced for the entire series by Amparo Valencia (who is also the dubbing director and script adapter of the show, except in the first three movies, Mewtwo Returns and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!). José Escobosa has provided the voice of Meowth in the entire series.

Eduardo del Hoyo voices as the narrator (except in M19 who is voiced by Nacho Aramburú) and additional voices.

Gary Oak is voiced by Jesús Pinillos. His grandfather, Professor Oak, is voiced by Roberto Encinas. Another one of Ash's rivals, Paul, is voiced by Pablo Sevilla. Pilar Martín, Sara Heras, Desirée Álvarez and Sara Polo as Nurse Joy. Valle Acebrón and Silvia Sarmentera as Officer Jenny.

The third movie and Mewtwo Returns had a different crew. Ash is voiced by Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr., Misty is voiced by Pilar Aguado. Brock is voiced by Sergio Sánchez Sánchez. James is voiced by Luis Manuel Martín Díaz. Jessie is voiced by Ana Jiménez. Meowth is voiced by Mario Arenas. However, Luis Bajo, Ricardo Escobar, and Roberto Encinas reprised their roles as Mewtwo, Tracey, and Professor Oak, respectively.

Catalan dub

The Catalan dub of the anime lasted for two seasons.

In this dub, Ash Ketchum was voiced by Marta Covas. The supporting cast included Carmen Ambrós as Misty, Oscar Muñoz as Brock, Tracey, Gary Oak and Professor Oak; Azucena Díaz as Jessie, Joaquim Sota as Meowth and the narrator, Jordi Nogueras as James, and Teresa Soler as Officer Jenny.

A Catalan dubbed version of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu was also produced and shown in cinemas starting from May 10.[1]

Basque dub

ETB (Euskal Telebista) aired a Basque dub of the first and fifth seasons of Pokémon, both seasons of which were produced/recorded at Mixer Servicios Audiovisuales studios in San Sebastián, Spain. The fifth season aired on ETB 1 (Euskal Telebista 1) around 2007 while the first season aired on ETB 3 (Euskal Telebista 3) around 2008. These seasons have not re-aired since. The intro for the first season was sung by Iker Bengoetxea. The intro for the fifth season had two versions, the first (original) version version had an error in the first part of the lyrics while the second (modified) version fixes said error. Both versions were sung by Peio Artetxe. None of the movies were ever dubbed.

The leading role of Ash Ketchum was voiced by Arantxa Moñux. Misty was voiced by Begoña Huegun and Brock by Xabier Alkiza. Other roles included Jessie, who was voiced by Dolores Diaz de Mendibil, James by Iñigo Puignau, Meowth by Josu Mitxelena, Oak by Martin Zabala, Gary Oak by Iker Bengoetxea (who also sung the Basque version of the Pokémon Theme), Delia Ketchum by Loinaz Jauregi, Nurse Joy by Miren Aranburu, Officer Jenny by Nagore Irizar, the narrator by Josu Mitxelena, and the Pokédex by Iñigo Elostegi.

A Basque dubbed version of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu was also produced and shown in cinemas starting from May 10.

Valencian dub

This dub premiered with the airing of Pokémon, et trie a tu! on Nou Televisió (previously named Canal Nou) and Punt 2, both of which produced and aired this dub as well as the first five seasons of said dub. Nothing beyond that has been dubbed.

In this version, the lead role of Ash Ketchum was given to Enric Puig, and the second main character, Misty, was voiced by Nina Romero. Brock was voiced by Benja Figueres while Tracey was voiced by Boris Sanz and Darío Torrent. Ash's rival, Gary Oak, was dubbed by Ignasi Díaz, and his grandfather, Professor Oak, was dubbed by Martí Pich. Other cast members include Marina Vinyals as Jessie, César Lechiguero as Meowth, Sílvia Cabrera as Officer Jenny, and Eva Bau as Nurse Joy.

This dub is often miscredited online as a Catalan dub.

Pokémon manga

Pokémon Rojo, Verde y Azul volume 1 cover artwork

In October 2015, Spanish publisher Norma Editorial announced they would be publishing the entirety of the Pokémon Adventures manga. Due to the length of the series (52 volumes at the time of announcing the license) and due to different story arcs often starting and ending partway through volumes, Norma Editorial has opted for an omnibus format, with 30 volumes expected so far. The volumes will have double numbering to accommodate fans who may wish to begin reading from a particular story arc. For example, the Yellow arc, which will be published over two volumes, will be numbered as Yellow Volume 1 and Yellow Volume 2, and Volume 3 and Volume 4 of the series overall.

The first volume to be released was Pokémon Rojo, Verde y Azul volume 1 on October 29, 2015. For their first releases, Norma Editorial will be alternating between the Red, Green & Blue arc and the Black & White arc.

Story arc Collected in volume #s
Red, Green & Blue arc 1-2
Yellow arc 3-4
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc 5-8
Ruby & Sapphire arc 9-12
FireRed & LeafGreen arc 13-14
Emerald arc 15-16
Diamond & Pearl arc 17-21
Platinum arc 22-23
HeartGold & SoulSilver arc 24-25
Black & White arc 26-30

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Spanish-language cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game were first available in Spain starting in 1999 with the Base Set expansion set. They were sold by the Devir company until 2007, with several expansions missing. Only Base Set, Fossil, Neo Genesis, EX Ruby and Sapphire and EX Unseen Forces were released in Spain prior to the Diamond & Pearl Series.

Afterwards, Panini sold the TCG cards starting with the Diamond & Pearl expansion set, again with several expansions missing. The Majestic Dawn, Rising Rivals and Supreme Victors expansions were never released in Spain.

Currently, Asmodee is selling the TCG since the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion. Once again, Asmodee decided that some expansions were not worth releasing in Spain, with the Undaunted, Triumphant, Call of Legends, Dark Explorers, Plasma Blast, Legendary Treasures, Dragon Vault, and Double Crisis being absent. However, despite physical cards from these expansions not being printed, all of them were translated and can be found in Spanish in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online app. From Roaring Skies on, all expansions have been released in Spain.

The most recent expansion set to be released in Spanish is Truenos Perdidos on November 2018.

Spanish language cards are recognized as legal for Play! Pokémon official tournaments in the European Region, the Latin American Region and in the World Championships.

The Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip and Ralts Picture Book Half Decks were released exclusively in Spain.

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