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コレア Correa
XY Celosia.png
Artwork from X and Y
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Trainer class Team Flare
Generation VI
Games X and Y
Member of Team Flare
Rank Scientist
Anime series Pokémon the Series
Debut From A to Z!
English voice actor Jessica Paquet
Japanese voice actor Karin Nanami
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Debut X-actly What They Wanted

Celosia (Japanese: コレア Correa) is one of five Team Flare scientists in Pokémon X and Y.

In the core series games

Celosia is one of five Team Flare scientists that are the driving force behind the team, being distinguishable with her purple hair. She is first seen with Bryony and one of Team Flare's Admins at the Poké Ball Factory, trying to coerce the company president into working for them.


Pokémon X and Y

First battle (Multi Battle with Bryony)

Second battle


Pokémon X and Y

Poké Ball Factory
  • First meeting
"Or, with a contribution of just PokémonDollar.png5,000,000, you could become a member of Team Flare. It's a no-brainer!"
  • Before battle
"So lame! That's just embarrassing from an admin! Still, no worries. We're on it! This pair of scientists will clean up after you."
"One kid or two, it doesn't make a lot of difference. When we're the ones fighting together, our odds of victory increase exponentially!"
  • Being defeated
"No way! Wow, we are lame."
  • After being defeated
"So lame! What a shame! We got beat!"
Lysandre Labs
  • Before battle
"So who is he/she?"
"Yup. That sounds good to me. Then I'll get in the first blow!"
  • Being defeated
"Ah ha ha ha! You beat us good. Wow, we are sooo lame."
  • After being defeated
"What's this?! Who would have thought a child like you could beat us both? You and your Pokémon were utterly in sync in that battle, and I know why. You're here for answers, aren't you? I suppose we're at your mercy. I will tell you what I know, at least."
"In reality, those stones that line Route 10 are the graves of Pokémon. When the ultimate weapon was used to end that horrible war over 3,000 years ago, it stole the lives of all those Pokémon. Their lives were the price of peace then. And if we want to make our own wishes come true today, we in Team Flare also have to sacrifice something precious."

Sprites and models

VSCelosia.png VSCelosia 2.png
VS model from
X and Y
VS model in a Multi Battle with Bryony from
X and Y
Celosia XY OD.png
Overworld model from
X and Y

In the anime

Celosia in the anime

In the past, Celosia, alongside Lysandre and the other Team Flare Scientists, would help those in need, until Lysandre became disillusioned with the human race and sought to restart the world.

Celosia debuted in From A to Z!. She was first seen leading a group of Team Flare Grunts to recapture the Zygarde Core that had escaped from Lysandre Labs. She managed to find the Zygarde Core, but thanks to Ash, his friends, and Sawyer's interference, she was unable to retrieve it. When she later informed Xerosic of what had happened, she was told that Bryony had been tasked with capturing the Core as well. During the following night, Celosia led yet another group of Grunts in an attempt to capture the Core, but with Ash and Sawyer covering Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie's retreat, she was once again unsuccessful.

A younger Celosia in the anime (far right)

In Meeting at Terminus Cave!, Celosia teamed up with Bryony to retrieve the Core (now called Squishy by Bonnie) in Terminus Cave. After a prolonged struggle, during which Team Rocket interfered as well, Team Flare was forced to retreat, as they were unable to defeat Ash's Greninja and Squishy had fled. In the next episode, she, along with Bryony and several Grunts, monitored sensors to find Squishy. Celosia and Bryony also ordered two Grunts to watch Ash and his friends. Later, the sensors caught energy waves coming from Squishy and Z2, and managed to determine Squishy's location. However, they were unable to make it in time and lost sight of Squishy, as it had stopped emitting energy waves. Celosia and Bryony then ordered the pursuit squad to withdraw, as they thought Squishy probably wouldn't return to Ash and his friends, and decided to narrow their search.

In A Towering Takeover!, during Team Flare's attack on Lumiose City, Celosia appeared before Ash and Alain. Celosia revealed she was ordered to capture Ash and told him about Alain's affiliation with Team Flare. She then had her Drapion use Confuse Ray on Ash and Pikachu, making them lose consciousness, allowing Team Flare to capture them. In the following episode, Celosia was seen at Lysandre Labs with Mable, where the two saw the helicopter, containing Serena, Mairin, Professor Sycamore, and Team Rocket, nearing their hideout through their security cameras. Upon the infiltration of their base, in the next episode, Celosia went to stop Serena and the rest. She and her Drapion then faced Team Rocket in battle. Celosia continued battling in Rocking Kalos Defenses! and was now joined by Mable and her Weavile. However, the two Scientists were quickly defeated and subdued in Team Rocket's net trap.


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Celosia's Drapion
Drapion first appeared in From A to Z!, where Celosia used it to battle against Ash and his friends twice while trying to capture the Zygarde Core.

It reappeared in Meeting at Terminus Cave!, where it attacked Ash and his friends and battled Ash's Noibat. However, it was stunned by Supersonic and then knocked back by Tackle. It was then aided by Bryony's Bisharp. Drapion was eventually defeated by Squishy, after it transformed to its 10% Forme.

Drapion appeared once again in A Towering Takeover!, during Team Flare's takeover of Lumiose City. It attacked Ash and Alain, while they were attempting to rescue Mairin, and incapacitated Ash and Pikachu so that they could be captured.

In The Right Hero for the Right Job!, Celosia used Drapion to attack Serena, Team Rocket, Mairin, and Professor Sycamore after they infiltrated Lysandre Labs. Drapion then had to face Team Rocket's Gourgeist and Inkay. It continued the battle in the following episode and was now aided by Mable's Weavile. The two Pokémon attacks, however, were countered by Jessie's Wobbuffet using Mirror Coat. Drapion, Weavile, and their Trainers were then subdued by Team Rocket's net.

Drapion's known moves are Pin Missile, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Cross Poison, and Confuse Ray.

Debut From A to Z!
Celosia's Manectric
Manectric appeared in Meeting at Terminus Cave!, where it was sent out to pursue Squishy, alongside Bryony's Liepard. It was stopped in its tracks by Ash's Pikachu and Greninja. It managed to hit Greninja with a Thunderbolt while Greninja was battling Liepard, but after Greninja transformed to its Ash-Greninja Form, it was quickly beaten back. It then used Flash to allow Team Flare to escape.

Manectric's known moves are Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Scratch*, and Flash.

Debut Meeting at Terminus Cave!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Jake Paque

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 奈波果林 Karin Nanami
English Jessica Paquet
European French Laetitia Liénart
Polish Katarzyna Sawczuk
Brazilian Portuguese Carol Crespo
Spanish Latin America Fernanda Robles
Spain Sara Heras

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Celosia in Pokémon Adventures
Celosia disguised as a Furfrou trimmer

Celosia debuted in X-actly What They Wanted. She, Bryony, and Xerosic were first seen watching the destruction of Vaniville Town caused by the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal.

In Kangaskhan...Kangascan't, Celosia approached Shauna while disguised as a Furfrou stylist. She tricked Shauna into trimming a Furfrou illusion and handed the girl a Honedge, claiming it was a tool used by novices. Honedge took control of Shauna, putting her under mind control. Later that night, Celosia had the possessed Shauna steal the Kangaskhanite belonging to X's Kanga. With help from Korrina, another user of Mega Evolution, X retrieved the Mega Stone, enabling him to Mega Evolve Li'l Kanga. Concluding that she had no chance of defeating two Mega Evolution users, Celosia decided the best option was to run away.

In Shooting Frogadier, Celosia met with Malva on Route 9. They discussed a plan to mind control kidnapped Vaniville Town residents and have them transport the dormant tree form of Xerneas to the Team Flare Secret HQ. While separated from her friends, Y accidentally walked into the area, allowing her to eavesdrop on the conversation and learn of Team Flare's scheme. Sensing Y's presence, Celosia tried attacking her with Honedge, but only managed to cut off a chunk of Y's hair after she was saved by her Froakie, Croaky. By evolving into a Frogadier and startling a herd of wild Rhyhorn, Croaky convinced Celosia that no one else was there. Later, Celosia returned to the Secret HQ, where she had Aegislash take control of the Vanville residents.

In Tying Trevenant, Celosia and Essentia arrived at Route 8, where the operation to move Xerneas began. Upon noticing a piece of Y's hair stuck to her Honedge's sash, Celosia realized that someone was spying on her and Malva. Recognizing the hair as her daughter's, Grace tried taking it from Celosia, only to be knocked to the ground. Seeing her mother in danger, Y and her friends immediately leapt in to stop Team Flare. X attempted to Mega Evolve Li'l Kanga and Élec at the same time, but failed, giving Essentia the chance to capture everyone with her Trevenant. Celosia tried to kill X, but was stopped by the timely arrival of Korrina, Diantha, and Gurkinn.

In Changing Gengar, Celosia was tasked with getting Xerneas to the base while Malva and Essentia fought the heroes. Along the way, Celosia was attacked by Korrina and her Lucario. Though it fainted in the process, Lucario managed to take down both Celosia and her Aegislash while freeing the townspeople from Aegislash's control. As she stood victorious, Korrina failed to notice Celosia's Honedge sneaking up behind her to launch a sneak attack. Korrina was knocked out, allowing Celosia to continue her mission to transport Xerneas. Before she left, Celosia stole Korrina's Key Stone, which was later given to Malva, who fastened it into a Mega Ring for Lysandre to use.

In Gyarados Changes, Celosia and the other female scientists watched as X tried to infiltrate the Team Flare Secret HQ. Noting Celosia's continued usage of Aegislash had left her mentally unstable, Bryony knocked Celosia unconscious to prevent her from losing control of herself.

In Charizard Transforms, Celosia and the other female scientists each intercepted Y and her friends to prevent them from reaching the Pokémon Village. Celosia picked Shauna as her opponent. Later, Shauna's Kitty managed to take down Celosia's Doublade. Celosia tried to influence Shauna with Aegislash again, only for Korrina's Lucario to appear, revealing it was keeping Shauna safe with its Aura. Shauna then commanded Lucario to attack Celosia, defeating her and avenging Korrina at the same time.


On hand
Celosia's Manectric
Manectric is Celosia's first known Pokémon. It was first seen watching Xerneas and Yveltal's rampage from the outskirts of Vaniville Town.

None of Manectric's moves are known.

Debut X-actly What They Wanted
Celosia's Honedge
Honedge is Celosia's second known Pokémon. It was first used to take control of Shauna in Santalune City. Later, it defeated Korrina on Route 9, allowing Celosia to steal her Key Stone.

None of Honedge's moves are known.

Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't
Celosia's Aegislash

Celosia's Aegislash
Aegislash is Celosia's third known Pokémon. She has the ability to possess people and take control of their minds, which Celosia uses to force others into doing her bidding.

Aegislash's known moves are Slash and King's Shield, and her Ability is Stance Change.

Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't
Celosia's Doublade
Doublade is Celosia's fourth known Pokémon. Celosia used it in her battle against Shauna on the route to Pokémon Village. After lowering its strength with Play Rough, Shauna had her Kitty knock it out with Feint Attack.

None of Doublade's moves are known.

Debut Charizard Transforms
Celosia's Furfrou
Furfrou was an illusion created by Aegislash while Celosia was disguised as a Furfrou trimmer. Shauna had mistakenly believed it to be her missing one. As the trimmer, Celosia trimmed the Furfrou into its Pharaoh, Debutante, Dandy, and Matron Trims. After Shauna was possessed by Honedge, the illusion faded, revealing it was nothing more than a tree.
Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't


  • Celosia was designed by Rafal Gosieniecki.[1]


Language Name Origin
Japanese コレア Correa From the genus Correa. Represents the C in the classification of solar flares.
English Celosia From the genus Celosia
German Calluna From the genus Calluna
Spanish Caléndula From the genus Calendula
French Cyane From the genus Cyanea
Italian Cytisia From the genus Cytisus
Korean 코레아 Correa Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 克蕾兒 / 克蕾儿 Kèlěi'ěr Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 克蕾兒 Hākléuihyìh Mandarin-based transcription of her Japanese name


  1. Rafal Gosieniecki's Instagram [1]

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