Hugh's sister

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Hugh's sister
ヒュウ 妹 Hyu's younger sister
Hugh sister Adventures.png
Art from Pokémon Adventures
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Hometown Aspertia City
Region Unova
Relatives Unnamed father, unnamed mother, Hugh (older brother), grandfather (deceased)
Generation V
Games Black 2 and White 2
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Debut Unforgettable Memories

Hugh's sister (Japanese: ヒュウの Hyu's younger sister) is a character in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, as well as a recurring character in the Pokémon Adventures manga. She is the younger sister of Hugh.

In the core series games

Hugh's sister appears in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 as the nameless younger sister of Hugh. She lives in a house in Aspertia City with her family, where she remains for the majority of the game. She owned a Purrloin that her late grandfather caught for her; five years prior to the events of the games, this Purrloin was stolen by a member of the Shadow Triad. This event fueled Hugh's hatred for Team Plasma, and he swore to get it back one day. At the start of the game, Hugh's sister bids the player farewell on their journey, advising them to take good care of their Pokémon, and gives them two Town Maps, requesting for the player to give one of them to Hugh.

Eventually, with the player's help, Hugh retrieves his sister's Purrloin from the Shadow Triad, but finds that it has evolved into a Liepard. After the player enters the Hall of Fame and returns to Aspertia City, Hugh's sister confronts them to thank them for returning Liepard. She also mentions that she has been having dreams about a Zoroark on Victory Road calling the player's name, hinting at how to access N's Castle. After this, she can be found in her house with her Liepard.

She uses the sprite of a Twin.


Spr 5b2 510.png
Purrloin → Liepard


Twin OD.png
Overworld sprite from
Black 2 and
White 2


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Aspertia City
  • First encounter
"<player>... If you get a Pokémon, take really, really good care of it, OK?"
"OK, big brother!"
"Bye-bye, <player>!"
  • After receiving a Pokémon from Bianca
"Um... This is from me!"
"I want you to give the other one to my big brother!"
"Get along with your Pokémon!"

In the manga

A younger Hugh's sister in Pokémon Adventures

Hugh's sister debuted in Unforgettable Memories. She was first seen celebrating her birthday with her friends. Wondering why her brother hadn't shown up, she went outside, only to find him struggling to wrap a Purrloin he intended to give up her a birthday present. To Hugh's annoyance, the Purrloin he struggled with immediately took a liking to his sister.

Despite his sister's protests, Hugh took her to Route 19 so they could have a battle. They were interrupted by a pair of Team Plasma Grunts, who chastised the children for hurting their Pokémon. Hugh tried fighting off the Grunts, but was defeated and knocked out. Scared, Hugh's sister tried recalling Purrloin back into its Poké Ball, but one of the Grunts grabbed the ball and ran off with it. Blaming himself for what happened, Hugh developed a grudge against Team Plasma and swore revenge against them.

Five years later, in New Sword Player, Hugh's sister arrived at the Aspertia City Trainers' School in order to see the Autumn Choir Tournament. She watched Hugh and his classmates compete as members of Team Jigglypuff and eventually win. As a reward for their performance, Roxie had her father take the winning team and their class to Castelia City to participate in the Unova Choir Tournament.

In Angry Boy, Hugh learned his sister managed to stow away onto Pop Roxie's ship hoping to get some time to spend with her brother. Hugh told his sister to keep herself hidden from the others until the boat reached its destination. Once the ship arrived at Castelia, Hugh's sister went to look for her brother, only to be startled by Leo's Deino, causing her to fall overboard. After being rescued, Hugh's sister apologized, revealing she has a fear of Deino due to being attacked by one in the past. When Hugh found the two, he begged Leo not to tell the others about his sister. With Leo's help, Hugh attempted to sneak his sister off the ship without anyone noticing. Later, Roxie discovered a member of the executive committee for the Unova Choir Tournament. The committee member revealed a group of villains stole his Karrablast in order to liberate it. Recognizing the term, Hugh realized the culprits were Team Plasma and asked Leo to keep his sister safe while he, Blake, Whitley, and Roxie headed off to stop the villains.

In Deduction Time, Hugh's sister and Leo traveled through the Relic Passage to escape from the ice created by Team Plasma freezing various cities in Unova with their flying ship, the Plasma Frigate. After exiting, they arrived at the Pokémon World Tournament construction site, where they were approached by Elesa. The Nimbasa Gym Leader revealed Cheren and his class were safe at the Marine Tube and that she and Skyla were tasked with finding the students that were still missing, including Hugh. Just as Hugh's sister began to worry for her brother's safety, Leo received a call from Hugh on his Xtransceiver, revealing he was safe and busy elsewhere. Hugh promised that he would meet them later and retrieve Purrloin.

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Hugh and his sister were taken to N's Castle, where they were reunited with Purrloin.

In Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony, Hugh's sister helped take her brother to the Trainers' School after the latter had chose to drop out. There, Hugh's classmates managed to convince him start going to class again. Later, Hugh's sister attended the Trainers' School graduation ceremony, where she watched her brother and his classmates graduate.


Hugh's sister's Purrloin
Purrloin is a Pokémon that Hugh's sister received from her brother as a birthday gift. Despite Purrloin refusing to listen to Hugh's commands, it immediately took a liking to his sister, much to Hugh's frustration. During a battle with Hugh's Trapinch, Hugh and his sister were attacked by two Plasma Grunts, who aimed to liberate their Pokémon. Despite fighting back, Purrloin was defeated, forcing Hugh's sister to return it back into its Poké Ball, allowing one of the Grunts to snatch it away before the ball returned to Hugh's sister's hand. Purrloin was the very first Pokémon to be liberated by Team Plasma. After Ghetsis was defeated, Hugh's sister was reunited with Purrloin.

Purrloin's only known move is Scratch.

Debut Unforgettable Memories
Hugh's sister's Deino
Deino is Hugh's sister's second known Pokémon. It was first seen with its owner greeting Hugh after he chose to drop out of school.

None of Deino's moves are known.

Debut Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony

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