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管理人 Caretaker
Scarlet Violet Caretaker.png
The caretaker
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Light gray
Hair color Light gray
Hometown Mossui Town
Region Kitakami
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet

The caretaker (Japanese: 管理人(かんりにん) Caretaker) is a non-player character introduced in The Teal Mask in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. He gives the player their assignment on their school trip to Kitakami.

In the core series games

The caretaker is a member of the Mossui Town community center in Kitakami. He accommodates the player and other students from Paldea during their visit, and he also manages local tourism efforts. He gives the player a Roto-Stick on the first day of orienteering to help them take pictures of the signboards around Kitakami.

He holds the history and values of Kitakami with high regard, but is shown to be able to change his outlook after learning about the truth between the Loyal Three and Ogerpon.

After the player catches Ogerpon, the caretaker can be found at Kitakami Hall requesting donations for the "We Love Loyalty Plaza" drive, an initiative that he set up to repair the Loyal Three's monument at Loyalty Plaza. He accepts $10,000 or $100,000 donations at a time, and returns the favor with one Pretty Feather per $10,000 donated. After the monument has been rebuilt, he rewards the player with the Hurray! emote and the Flashy Festival Jinbei.


Mossui Town
"Oi! What're you doing, causing a ruckus out here!"
"Why, hello there, stranger! You must be one of the students from that Paldean academy, right? I help run the community center here in Mossui Town—and a fair few other things besides! I'll be looking after your group during your visit. I hope those two kids weren't giving you any grief just now...were they?"
Regardless of choice: "I hardly know what to do with the two of them... Especially that Carmine. Always been a handful, that one. I apologize if she gave you a hard time."
"What's that?! A member of your group fell ill down by the bus stop?! I'd better get over there and give them a hand so they can make it into town!"
"I'll take care of everything. You go ahead and get yourself settled in at the community center. We'll catch up with you soon!"
  • Upon approaching the community center
"This way, everyone!"
"All right, everyone! This is the community center! This is where you'll be staying while you're here in Kitakami. The plan was to have you and the students from Blueberry Academy stay here together...but it turns out this space is going to be all for you—our visitors from Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV!"
"So in you come! Don't be shy!"
  • Inside the community center
"Come on, everyone. Pack right in!"
"Oh, no need to worry about your shoes or anything. You can leave them on in here. If they're extra dirty, just try to rinse off the worst of the mud using the washing station by the door."
"Nice and clean inside, don't you think? It's all newly built, so it's as good as anything you'd find in one of your big, fancy cities!"
"This here is the lounge. You can watch TV, chat, or relax however you like. And, well, let's see... Over there is the cafeteria. And toilets will be down that way... When you want to get some sleep, please use the rooms down the hall there. We've got enough space that each of you can have a private room to yourself. So I think...that about covers everything! But if you run into any trouble at all, don't you hesitate to talk to our fine staff at the desk!"
"What a bunch of well-mannered students! I can already tell you're going to be wonderful visitors. So you just think of this place as your own home away from home, and relax!"
"We've got plenty of food ready for you all, so I hope you've brought your appetites!"
  • After sleeping for the night
"Carmine and Kieran actually grew up here, so ask them for help if you need anything."
"And you two had better be of real help, you hear me?"
"Now that that's settled... Why don't I tell you all a bit about what we have planned for you? This school trip of yours will be an exercise in orienteering! First, we'll have you split into pairs. Then each pair will be tasked with finding three signboards located around the land of Kitakami. On each signboard, you'll find snippets of an old folktale passed down here in Kitakami. Read them all and learn a bit about our home. To prove you've completed the task, we ask that each pair take a snapshot together in front of these signboards with their phone or camera. Take a photo together in front of each of the three signboards to complete your mission! It's a self-guided tour of Kitakami! Learn all about its rich history! Much more fun than sitting around and listening to me ramble on and on, eh?"
"Oh, and I've got a gift for each of you as well!"
"I hear these things're all the rage in the big cities. Use them when you take those photos! I'll even teach you a rad pose I came up with all on my own!"
  • After the player battles Kieran
"Looks like you've all paired up! Let's go ahead and mark where you'll be going on those Rotom Phones of yours."
"How then, off you go to do some exploring! Oh, and if you find yourself in need of any Potions or Poké Balls or the like...head on over thataway and stop by Peachy's! They'd be happy to set you to rights."
Kitakami Hall
"Ah, if it isn't <player>! If only you'd been here a few minutes earlier!"
"I believe you mean the LOYAL Three, Carmine."
"Always with you attitude... But yes, you did miss out on an incredible treat! The Loyal Three were just visiting our humble little hall! It seemed they wished to collect the shining masks we've kept safe here at Kitakami naturally we representatives of the hall were happy to return the masks to them with all haste!"
"And we offered them a platter of our special Kitakami Mochi, packed full of our best herbs! The Loyal Three gobbled them up in a flash!"
"They went at once to ascend Oni Mountain! Perhaps they have it in mind to finish off the terrible ogre that lurks in the Dreaded Den."
Mossui Town
  • After the player obtains all of Ogerpon's masks
"So this is the ogre of Oni Mountain... This is the true face of Ogerpon, whom we've so sorely wronged! For far too long, we've told tales casting you as the villain here in Kitakami... We all owe you a great apology."
"The three masks we kept at Kitakami Hall rightfully belonged to you all along. If you've managed to get them back from those three villains, please feel welcome to keep them."
"Ah, yes. Thank you for coming. I've been told that our student pairs have now finished visiting all the signboards in Kitakami...which means your self-guided tour is at an end!"
"Why, thank you for saying so! And thanks for taking part! On that note, I've got a little gift for each of you."
"Truth be told, I didn't think you'd wrap up the tour this quickly. You're quite the prodigies! Our visitors from Paldea still have heaps of time left to enjoy Kitakami and all it has to offer. Continue to make yourselves at home and explore as you please."
"Don't mention it. You can leave these kids to me!"
"That's Carmine for you, I suppose... You never know quite what to expect from her."
Kitakami Hall
  • If talked to after completing The Teal Mask
"Hello, <player>! We are very grateful for all you did to help clear up that horrible confusion over dear Ogerpon. I never dreamt that the "Loyal Three" were in the wrong—and that poor Ogerpon was the victim! Why, we would have gone passing down the wrong story without a second thought!"
"All that being said! While I do fully understand that the Loyal Three were villains... You've seen the state of Loyalty Plaza, yes? The statues are ruined—shattered to pieces when those three were resurrected! Doesn't it pain your heart to see it so?"
Yes: "And only too right! I knew a student of a fine academy like yours must appreciate the significance of such a site!"
No: "Oh? You DID see what that place looked like before the monument was destroyed, didn't you? I'm sure you mourn for the loss of such a site, even if your words tell another story."
"Yes, the actual "Loyal Three" were in the wrong. But the monument brought so many touri— I mean, it brought so much comfort and hope to the people of our village for generations."
"Which is why... I have begun a fundraiser to restore that beloved site to its former state—and I am calling it the "We Love Loyalty Plaza" drive!"
"We are looking for donations of $10,000, with the ultimate goal of gathering $1,000,000! Be that as it may, I couldn't possibly take that kind of money from a student such as yourself... But perhaps you could subtly nudge your parents or teachers to contribute to our cause!"
  • If talked to again
"We've collected a total of $<number> so far for the "We Love Loyalty Plaza" drive!"
I'll give $10,000: "You'd be so kind as to give $10,000 to our fundraiser?"
I'll give $100,000: "Goodness me! You really wish to give us an entire $100,000 at once?!"
Yes (to either option): "Well, I accept your kind support with gratitude! And here—a little something for you in return."
"Our goal is to raise a total of $1,000,000, and we've raised $<number> so far!"
Maybe next time/No: "We'll reach that $1,000,000 in due time—you'll see! And I'll be here until we do!"
  • After the player donates $1,000,000
"With that donation— O-oh my... We've reached our goal of $1,000,000! Now we can at last restore Loyalty Plaza to the way it was! Let me call our contractor at once... *beep* *boop* *beep* *beep*"
"Hello? Yes, yes, it's me again. We were able to raise the funds for the project! We'd love to see work get started at once!"
"They say they're already done! Why don't we head over to see the fruits of your labor?"
Loyalty Plaza
"Ohhh... Would you just look—!"
"Thanks to our "We Love Loyalty Plaza" drive, the old monument has been reborn!"
"Goodness, did they ever do a fine job! It's hard to believe it's not the exact same monument!"
"Hahaha! Now THAT is true craftsmanship and dedication for you!"
"This is just what the village needed! Yes, just what we draw in more tourists who'll want to take photos here! We'll be topping the tourism charts in no time!"
"Hurray! Hurray! Come on, all together now!"
"I also have a special gift for you, <player>, for being our number one supporter."
"We had a bit left over from the fundraiser, so I went ahead and glammed that up for you. Wear it out and about to advertise the wonders of Kitakami to all your friends in Paldea!"
Mossui Town
"Why, hello there!"
"Hiya, indeed. I'm the caretaker here, and it's a pleasure to welcome you to our town. Kieran had mentioned you all would be coming. <player> aside, this is everyone's first time visiting Kitakami, is that right?"
"I see, I see. Well, again, you're most welcome. You can sleep here at the community center. All the rooms have been freshened up for you."
"Hahaha! It was no trouble. Now please, relax and enjoy yourselves—but most of all, enjoy Kitakami!"

In the TCG

Ultra rare print of Caretaker
Main article: Caretaker (Twilight Masquerade 144)

Caretaker was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Scarlet & Violet Series (the Japanese Scarlet & Violet Era). It was first released in the Japanese Crimson Haze expansion and the English Twilight Masquerade expansion, with artwork by Akira Komayama. An ultra rare version with artwork by the same illustrator was released in the same sets. This card lets the player draw 2 cards. Referencing the caretaker's role in the community center, if the Stadium card Community Center is in play, the Caretaker card is shuffled back into the deck after it is used instead of discarded.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 管理員
Mandarin 管理员
France Flag.png French Intendant
Germany Flag.png German Verwalter
Italy Flag.png Italian Responsabile
South Korea Flag.png Korean 관리인
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Zelador
Spain Flag.png Spanish Encargado

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