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PS591 : Mewtwo Angered
X & Y arc
PS593 : Xerneas Gives
Zygarde Agitated
Zygarde, Rage
Shogakukan mini-volume Ch. 37 in Vol. 6
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 37 in Vol. 12
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 592 in Vol. 61
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 44 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures

Zygarde Agitated (Japanese: ジガルデ、猛る Zygarde, Rage) is the 592nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Diantha and Malva continue their battle.
  • Trevor is unable to defeat Bryony, but is assisted by Croaky, who was left behind to help.
  • Blaine and Mewtwo are defeated.
  • Emma reveals she is helping Team Flare to get money to help Cassius.
  • Cassius arrives and destroys the device keeping Emma under Lysandre's control.
  • Emma attempts to have Zygarde attack Lysandre, but is attacked and has Zygarde's Poké Ball stolen.
  • Y has Solsol take back the Key Stone that was stolen from Korrina.
  • Lysandre announces to all of Kalos that he plans on activating the ultimate weapon to wipe the slate clean.
  • Blue, Emma, and Cassius are defeated by Zygarde's attack.
  • X takes the Key Stones from Blue, Korrina, Diantha, and Y in order to activate simultaneous five-times Mega Evolution for all his capable Pokémon.
  • X's Mega-Evolved team set out to battle Zygarde.
  • On Route 10, the process of draining the life energy is interrupted by the arrival of Alexa, Viola, Clemont, Bonnie, and Yvette.
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Pokémon debuts




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PS591 : Mewtwo Angered
X & Y arc
PS593 : Xerneas Gives
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