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AZ with the machine

The ultimate weapon (Japanese: 最終兵器 ultimate weapon) is a weapon created by AZ 3,000 years prior to the events of Pokémon X and Y, located in Geosenge Town. It features heavily in those games and is referenced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as well.

The weapon has a similar shape to the flower of AZ's Floette, and it appears to be made of crystalline material. The machine was powered by the life force of Pokémon, whose graves line Route 10. This energy source was later used by the Devon Corporation and named Infinity Energy.

In the core series games


Pokémon X and Y

The ultimate weapon in Pokémon X

Originally, the machine could only bring Pokémon back to life, and was used in that capacity to revive AZ's Floette. Exposed to the power of this machine, AZ gained immortality. AZ still wanted revenge on those who had killed his beloved Pokémon, and converted the device into a weapon that he used to end the great war by destroying both sides. The graves of the Pokémon sacrificed to power the ultimate weapon line Kalos Route 10. When AZ's Floette realized that so many lives were lost merely to restore her own, she left AZ. The weapon was later buried deep underground by AZ's brother to try to prevent it from being used again.

The ultimate weapon in Pokémon Y

In the present day, Lysandre, the boss of Team Flare, aims to use the ultimate weapon to destroy all life—including Pokémon—to create a more beautiful world. However, it could only be reactivated with the power of the Kalos Power Plant, XerneasX/YveltalY, and the key possessed by AZ.

To accomplish this lofty goal, Team Flare occupies the Kalos Power Plant and diverts enough electricity to the weapon to cause a blackout in Lumiose City. This electricity is used along with the power of the Legendary Pokémon to reactivate the weapon, allowing it to surface once again. However, when the player catches XerneasX/YveltalY, it drains most of the energy from the weapon. Lysandre then attempts to use what little power still remains to make the player and their friends immortalX/destroy Team Flare Secret HQ and everyone insideY, but the beam it launches falls back on itself, and buries the HQ and Lysandre under the rubble, leaving a crater in the center of Geosenge Town.

Professor Sycamore theorizes that Mega Stones originate from special stones, potentially Evolution stones, that were irradiated by the power of XerneasX/YveltalY that was fired from the ultimate weapon 3,000 years ago.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Team Rainbow Rocket's Lysandre claims to have passed out after firing the ultimate weapon, and ending up in the game's world. He will then have the player push one of two buttons, one of which activates the ultimate weapon and one of which opens the path to Giovanni. The ultimate weapon is activated regardless of which button the player chooses, but after defeating Lysandre, the player can press the other button and deactivate the weapon.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

During the legendary event Give and Take, Lysandre attempts to have Team Flare use the ultimate weapon to destroy Pasio, but the weapon is successfully defused by Clemont, Volkner, Sophocles, and Molayne before it can be fired.

In the anime

The ultimate weapon in Pokémon Generations

Pokémon Generations

The ultimate weapon was featured heavily in The Redemption through flashbacks. The weapon's backstory was detailed, showing AZ building it to revive his lost Floette, granting himself immortality in the process. He was later seen converting it into a weapon to destroy both sides of the great war, finally bringing it to an end.

The ultimate weapon in Pokémon Evolutions

Pokémon Evolutions

The ultimate weapon appeared in The Visionary, where Team Flare deployed it in Geosenge Town. Following Calem's victory over Lysandre, the Team Flare Boss decided to use the remaining energy in the weapon to grant Calem, his friends, and himself eternal life, firing it. The weapon's blast crashed back down onto the weapon itself, causing it to sink back into the ground while Calem and his friends escaped from the blast.

In the manga

The ultimate weapon in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

The ultimate weapon was sought after by Team Flare, who planned to unleash its power onto the Kalos region. The machine contained an Absorber (Japanese: 吸収盤 Absorber) that can drain the life force of Pokémon to power the weapon.

Team Flare's plan consisted of capturing the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal so that they could drain their energy to power the machine. The two Legendary Pokémon appeared in Vaniville Town in An X-cuse to Come Out and Play, where they battled each other and caused panic and destruction to the unsuspecting townspeople. Team Flare observed the destruction from afar, but Xerosic noted that they had no actual methods of capturing the two Pokémon. Eventually, the two Pokémon ended their battle and left to parts unknown. in What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes, Xerosic found the dormant tree form of Xerneas at Route 8. By using the captured Vaniville townspeople as mind-controlled slaves, Team Flare managed to take Xerneas to their base in Quilladin Stands. After hooking the tree to the Absorber, Lysandre begun the process of absorbing Xerneas's life force.

The Absorber in Pokémon Adventures

In Gyarados Changes, X traveled to the Team Flare Secret HQ to stop Team Flare's plan. After arriving at the ultimate weapon's control room, he battled Lysandre. X's attempt to stop the weapon from being activated ended in his defeat, but also caused Xerneas to awaken. When X's friends and a group of Gym Leaders arrived at Geosenge Town, they found the ultimate weapon emerging from underground. They attempted to keep the weapon from opening, but it still managed to fire on the Kalos region. Despite this, the combined efforts of X and his allies, as well as Xerneas absorbing back most of its power upon awakening, drained the weapon of enough power that no innocent lives were taken. As Team Flare went into hiding, they tried to use their influence over the media to make the public believe the Gym Leaders and the Vaniville Town children were responsible for the destruction caused by the weapon's blast, but this didn't fool everyone in Kalos.

In Zygarde Appears, Xerosic discovered that the stones on Route 10 were actually an ancient form of the Absorber used by AZ when he first used the ultimate weapon. Due to Xerneas destroying the Absorber when it awakened, he decided to use these Absorbers in place of the previous one. In Charizard Transforms, Team Flare gathered multiple Pokémon from the Pokémon Village to act as the power source, but they were defeated by Clemont, Bonnie, Viola, and Yvette before enough energy could be gathered for a second attempt. The four then proceeded to destroy the stones so that the ultimate weapon could never be used again.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

The flower in Pokémon Adventures

Two more Absorbers appeared under the possession of the Devon Corporation. The Absorbers are taken to Sea Mauville, where Mr. Stone and Steven Stone used them to drain the life force of Sapphire's Blaziken and Emerald's Sceptile in their Mega Evolved states in PS603, so that the energy could be used to power a device called the dimensional shifter that would warp away an incoming meteoroid that threatened to destroy the planet.

A smaller, portable version of the Absorber was seen in PS611 in video footage contained at an old Pokémon Association science facility. This machine, nicknamed the "flower" (Japanese: flower), was a small cannon-like device with a barrel that was shaped like the ultimate weapon. This device was used in an attempt to drain Rayquaza of its life force in order to weaken and capture it for the Pokémon Association at the Embedded Tower.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 最終兵器 Jeuijūng Bīnghei
Mandarin 最終兵器 / 最终兵器 Zuìzhōng Bīngqì
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Ultieme wapen
France Flag.png French Arme ultimeORASUSUM
Arme suprêmeXYUSUM
Germany Flag.png German Ultimative Waffe
Italy Flag.png Italian Arma suprema
South Korea Flag.png Korean 최종병기 Choejongbyeonggi
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Arma suprema
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Derradeira arma
Russia Flag.png Russian Универсальное оружие Universal'noye oruzhiye
Spain Flag.png Spanish Arma definitiva
Thailand Flag.png Thai อาวุธสุดยอด Ultimate weapon

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