Professor Burnet

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Professor Burnet
バーネット博士 Dr. Burnet
Sun Moon Professor Burnet.png
Concept art from Sun and Moon
Gender Female
Eye color Yellow
Hair color White
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola, Unova
Relatives Professor Kukui (husband)
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation V, VII
Games Pokémon Dream Radar, Sun and Moon

Professor Burnet (Japanese: バーネット博士 Dr. Burnet) is a researcher that debuted in Pokémon Dream Radar. Her research specializes in the relationship between Pokémon and other dimensions.

In the games

Professor Burnet studies the Interdream Zone, the space between dreams and reality. She is friends with Fennel from college; they became friends because they were both interested in studying dreams.

Burnet makes her core series debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon, where she is revealed to have married Professor Kukui of Alola. Three months prior to the start of the story, Burnet found Lillie lying on a beach, with Nebby in her bag. Ever since, she and her husband have been helping Lillie find out more about Nebby. After the player completes the three island trials of Akala Island, Kukui invites the player to the Dimensional Research Lab in Heahea City, where she has been researching the strange phenomena occurring in the Alola region, the Ultra Wormhole and the Ultra Beasts.


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Pokémon Dream Radar

  • When starting the game
"So you're the new researcher? I appreciate you coming along. I'm Burnet! I research dreams. As part of that research, I'm investigating a certain place."
  • Upon entering the Development lab
"Whatcha think? Want to try out one of the inventions I'm developing?"
  • After activating the Special Extension A
"The Special Extension A is ready to go!"
"I made it when the idea popped into my head while playing with magnets."
"If you'd like, give it a try."
  • After activating the Special Extension B
"When I was cleaning my drawer, I found the Special Extension B."
"I made this extension a while ago, but if you want to, give it a try."
  • After activating the Special Extension C
"Hey, guess what? I just found the Special Extension C."
"I think I might've been researching the rotation of the planet at the time."
"If you'd like, try it during your next search."
"I never would have guessed that the mystery Pokémon was Tornadus!"
"I just did a lot of research on that Tornadus..."
"The reason that it looks different than it does in the real world is..."
"it changed its Forme to match its environment."
"I'll call this Forme... Therian Forme!"
"Those other two Pokémon I saw..."
"they must have been Therian Forme Thundurus and Landorus."
"I'll get to work on extensions that will let you meet those two."
"I'll need lots of Dream Orbs, but you're here, so I'm not worried!"
"I'm counting on you! Keep up the good work!"
"I knew you could do it!"
"What you just caught now is Therian Forme Thundurus."
"What a foreboding appearance!"
"How wonderful! I'm sure researching Therian Forme Pokémon is important."
"It'll be a big part of unlocking the mysteries of the Interdream Zone."
"I'm working on an extension to find Landorus, but I need Dream Orbs."
"I'm counting on you!"
"Welcome back! Thank you so much!"
"Therian Forme Landorus! I can barely take my eyes off it."
"What's more, researching these three Pokémon will not only teach us much about the Interdream Zone, it will also shed light on many mysteries in the real world as well."
"It might change everything we know about dreams and reality."
"What you found for me may be a clue about a new dimension."
"This is a discovery for the history books."
"My research is going to get even more interesting."
"You've really gone above and beyond for me, but I'd be really happy if you'd come help when you have a little more time, like during breaks from your research or something like that."
"I mean, no other researchers have instincts as good as yours."
"Whatcha think? Hee hee."
"I can't wait to see what you'll help me discover next!"
  • After Next search:
"Thanks for all your hard work"
"My inventions haven't been well received by the researchers..."
"It seems something about my devices is always a little odd."
"I really want some fresh air. Maybe I'll go for a walk."
"Thanks for all your efforts!"
"When I counted them, I found out that you gathered... <number> Dream Orbs! Thanks for bringing me so many!"
"Could people and Pokémon dream to process strange experiences?"
"Or do we dream because sleep puts the brain in a special state?"
"The are still many mysteries."
"It's nice of you to work so hard, but make sure to get lots of sleep!"

Pokémon Sun and Moon

  • In The Dimensional Research Lab
"Oh, hi!"
"You're <player>, right? Lillie told me about you."
"She said you were the reliable sort."
"Three months ago..."
"I found Lillie lying on a beach."
"Cosmog in her bag also unconscious."
"Hm? No Hau today?"
  • After Hau comes
"I'd be happy to!"
"The mysteries of Alola, huh? Then you've got to mean...the Ultra Wormhole!"
"It's extremely rare, but sometimes a hole opens in the sky over Alola."
"It appears that this rift leads to a different and unknown dimension."
"The reason that people think there may be a mysterious dimension is because of the legends of fearsome Pokémon appearing from the Ultra Wormhole."
"It's very weak as proof, but I can't ignore it."
"There is also plenty of evidence already in the Pokédex for the existence of different dimensions, right?"
"Even normal wild Pokémon sometimes attack people, right?"
"But the Pokémon that appeared from the Ultra Wormhole went way beyond that."
"They were called Ultra Beasts... And they were feared."
"If the stories are to be believed, the guardian deities of the islands fought desperately against them."
"But like I said, it's all legends and folktales. It's hard to know how much is true."
"But I would be very happy if I somehow unravel the mysteries of the Ultra Wormhole by studying the dimensional disturbances!"
"We've recorded several known relationships between Pokémon and different dimensions in books. You can find them on the bookshelf in this lab."
  • If spoken to after conversation
"We've recorded several known relationships between Pokémon and different dimensions in books. You can find them on the bookshelf in this lab."
  • At the entrance of the Ruins of Life
"Lillie got lost again, so I brought her here to you."
"She couldn't even find her way to the Tide Song Hotel on her own!"
"She said she saw Team Skull and tried to avoid them. That's why she got lost."
"Now I've gotta go. The Masked Royal has a match, and there's no way I'm missing it!"
"That Masked Royal...What do you think he looks like under that mask, anyway?"
  • In The Dimensional Research Lab
"Mirrors can be scary, can't they?"
"Sometimes after I work through the night, I look into the mirror and I seem to see a stranger staring back at me."


Burnet Dream Radar.png Burnet SM concept art.png
Official artwork from
Dream Radar
Conceptual artwork from
Sun and Moon


Professor Burnet SM OD.png
Overworld model from
Sun and Moon

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Professor Burnet in Pokémon Adventures

Professor Burnet debuts in PASM04. Three months prior to the start of the Sun & Moon chapter, Burnet found Lillie lying unconscious on a beach. She is first seen with Lillie at Professor Kukui's house, where they watch a tournament being held at an Iki Town festival on the television. Burnet is excited to see the Masked Royal battle against Sun in the first round, but is disappointed when he ends up losing.


Language Name Origin
Japanese バーネット博士 Dr. Burnet From burnet, the common name for the genus Sanguisorba.
English Professor Burnet Same as Japanese name.
French Professeur Pimprenelle From pimprenelle, salad burnet.
German Professor Burnett Similar to Japanese name.
Italian Professoressa Magnolia From the genus Magnolia.
Spanish Profesora Pimpinela From pimpinela, salad burnet.
Korean 버넷박사 Beonet-baksa From Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 芭内特博士 / 芭內特博士 Bānèitè-bóshì Transliteration of Japanese name.
Chinese (Cantonese) 芭内特博士 Bānoihdahk-boksih Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name.

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