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タイム Thyme
Art from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Gender Female
Hometown Montenevera
Region Paldea
Relatives Ryme (younger sister)
Trainer class Instructor
Gym Leader (formerly)
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Leader of Montenevera Gym
Badge Unknown Badge
Specializes in Rock types

Tyme (Japanese: タイム Thyme) is a character in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Formerly the Gym Leader of Montenevera, she now serves as the mathematics teacher of Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV and the homeroom teacher for the STEM track. She specializes in Rock-type Pokémon.

In the core series games

Tyme is the older sister of Ryme. Her sister Ryme is one of eight current Gym Leaders of Paldea, while Tyme used to be a Rock-type Gym Leader. She is a kindhearted person and will answer questions when a student or the player is in need. However, she avoids questions relating to why she quit as a Gym Leader, as they make her fill up with nostalgia and sadness. Nevertheless, she enjoys being a teacher at Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV. She often scolds Clavell for breaking his own academy's rules.

She is calm and poised, though at times she demonstrates a more excitable side, such as at the end of her friendship story and during her Academy Ace battle. She also shows some nervous tendencies in her friendship story.

In her friendship story, she becomes anxious that someone is watching her. Because her sister is a Ghost-type specialist, she is familiar enough with Ghost types to recognize that it must be a human following her. She creates a plan to force them out into the open and learns that it is a student waiting to ask her a question. When she confronts the student, it turns out they are a fan of hers from her time as a Gym Leader, and they wish to know why she never talks about her reason for quitting. She clarifies that her reason was simply to focus on her teaching career, and that she knows the Gym is in good hands with her sister.

Her classes explain the math behind various Pokémon battling mechanics in a more clear and specific way than other games in the series do. She also participates in the Academy Ace Tournament.


Academy Ace Tournament



Academy Ace Tournament
"Oh, my. Hello, <player>. Let’s make this a nice, friendly battle, shall we?"
"Six minus five… Only one Pokémon left! But with 10 times the strength, I may as well have 10!"
"Garganacl, be a dear and square up a bit more, if you would."
"Ah! This is so fun! Or as the kids would say, this “rocks”! And I guess it’s time to rock your world!"
"Oh, dear. It seems there was an error in my calculations."
"Oh, if only I could have battled you in my prime. Keep up the excellent work!"


  • Befitting of her status as a Rock-type specialist, Tyme's hair resembles a pattern of laid bricks.


Language Name Origin
Japanese タイム Thyme From thyme
English Tyme From her Japanese name and time
German Quendella From Quendel (wild thyme)
Spanish Mila From tomillo (thyme)
French Thaïm Similar to her Japanese name
Italian Thyma From the genus Thymus
Korean 타임 Thyme Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 泰姆 Tàimǔ Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 泰姆 Taaimóuh

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