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アヤコ Ayako
Johanna DP.png
Artwork from Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Games: Lucas (son) or Dawn (daughter)
Anime: Dawn (daughter)
Adventures: Diamond (son)
Trainer class Coordinator
Generation IV, VIII
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Anime debut Following A Maiden's Voyage!
English voice actor Sarah Natochenny
Japanese voice actor Makoto Tsumura

Johanna (Japanese: アヤコ Ayako) is the mother of the player character in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. She is an accomplished Pokémon Coordinator from Twinleaf Town.

In the anime, Johanna is the mother of Dawn and appears as a recurring character during Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, she is the mother of Diamond.

In the core series games

Unlike previous mothers of player characters, Johanna is less content to stay at home. After the player begins their journey, she can be found at the Contest Hall in Hearthome City and occasionally enters Master Rank Super Contests with her Kangaskhan, nicknamed Jumpy (Japanese: ガルちゃん Garu-chan).

She is also shown to travel to the Resort Area, where every so often she will visit the player's Villa. She can also be encountered in the lobby of the Battle Hall, where she will be cheering in support of the player.

She seems to be a friend of the Contest Judge Keira.


Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Spr 4d 115Jumpy.png
Normal Unknown
Dizzy Punch
2 ♥♥
2 ♥♥
2 ♥♥

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Normal Unknown
Fake Out
3 ♥♥♥
2 ♥♥

Items given

Item Location Games
Running Shoes Running Shoes Given to the player before leaving on the journey  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
Guidebook Guidebook Given to the player before leaving on the journey  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
None Tuxedo/Dress Given to the player in the Super Contest Hall  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 


Sprites and models

Johanna OD.png Johanna BDSP OD.png Johanna Contest BDSP OD.png Johanna Contest BDSP.png
Overworld sprite from
Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Overworld models from
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Contest model from
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Main article: Johanna/Quotes

In the anime


Johanna when she was younger


As a young girl, she was shown participating in a Pokémon Contest in a flashback in Battling the Generation Gap! against her childhood rival, Lila. It was revealed that Lila was the first person to defeat Johanna, breaking her winning streak. However, after seeing how passionate Johanna was about Contests, she started questioning what she wanted to do. She sat down to talk to Johanna and the two decided they would pursue what they would be best at, with Johanna competing in Contests and Lila studying to become a Pokémon Stylist.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Johanna debuted in Following A Maiden's Voyage!. She told Dawn that to become a great Pokémon Coordinator, she would have to learn from Trainers and Breeders as well. Later, when Dawn was about to leave for her journey with a large suitcase full of clothes and jewelry, Johanna gave her a small backpack.

In The Bells are Singing!, it was revealed that she sewed Buneary's vest.

In Battling a Cute Drama!, Dawn, Ash, and Brock received cold-weather outfits for the area surrounding Snowpoint City from her.

Johanna in the Twinleaf Festival

Johanna appeared in Strategy Begins at Home! and met Ash and Brock in person for the first time. Together with Izzy and Cara, she was planning the events of the Twinleaf Festival. She later had a two-on-two Contest Battle with her daughter, using her Glameow and Umbreon against Dawn's Piplup and Pachirisu. Although she won the battle with relative ease, she was impressed by Dawn's teamwork and complimented her.

In Challenging a Towering Figure!, Johanna was the hostess for the Festival Battle Challenge which was a part of the Twinleaf Festival. She wore a gown during the occasion.

In Teaching the Student Teacher!, Johanna was supposed to have a seminar for children, "My Very First Pokémon Coordinator Class," but she had to fill in for a Nurse Joy who was taking care of too many Pokémon as a judge in the Neighborly Town Contest. Dawn volunteered to teach in her place. At the end of the episode, Johanna gave Dawn a new outfit to wear at the Grand Festival.

Johanna made brief cameo appearances from Last Call — First Round! to Coming Full-Festival Circle!, in which she watched Dawn compete in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. She then appeared again in person in A Grand Fight for Winning!, where she joined the audience. She also made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

When Dawn returned home in DPS01, Johanna decided to have her Glameow and Umbreon battle Dawn's Piplup and Cyndaquil. However, after Piplup and Cyndaquil started squabbling, the battle was stopped. She is last seen saying her farewells to Dawn on her journey to Hoenn.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Johanna appeared in Nightfall? Nightmares!, where Chloe watched a video of her being interviewed. During the interview, Johanna took the opportunity to promote a Contest that was to be held in Eterna City.


Johanna and Dawn

Johanna is an accomplished Pokémon Coordinator, having won the Ribbon Cup and the title of Top Coordinator after winning the Sinnoh Grand Festival when she was younger. Dawn grew up inspired by her achievements and decided to follow in her footsteps, wanting to become a great Coordinator as well. When Dawn left on her journey, Johanna gave her the first Contest Ribbon she received, which both of them carried as a good luck charm.

Johanna watches all of Dawn's Contests on television along with her Glameow. She also has newspaper articles about Dawn's victories and pictures of her competing in Contests and the Hearthome Collection in her living room. Although she keeps track of Dawn's journey, she doesn't like to get too involved, telling Dawn she would be better off relying on her friends and her Pokémon instead of her mother, and to use her losses as a learning opportunity.

While one might think that her skills have gotten rusty since she became a mother, it turns out that she teaches a Coordinator class out of her home, even having a battlefield behind her house for instructing her students. As a result, her skills are still as sharp as ever, as shown when she battled Dawn.


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This listing is of Johanna's known Pokémon in the anime:

Johanna's Glameow
Main article: Johanna's Glameow

Johanna's Glameow was her main Pokémon as a Coordinator. After Johanna retired from her career, Glameow became the family pet. It was seen battling against Lila's Delcatty in a flashback, where it lost by points. It later battled alongside Johanna's Umbreon against Dawn's Piplup and Pachirisu and won. Glameow was also seen in Challenging A Towering Figure! during the Twinleaf Festival battle tournament.

Debut Following A Maiden's Voyage!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Chinami Nishimura
Johanna's Umbreon
Johanna's Umbreon is her only other known Pokémon. It first appeared in Strategy Begins at Home!, where it battled against Dawn's Piplup and Pachirisu alongside Johanna's Glameow and won. It was later seen in Challenging a Towering Figure! during the Twinleaf Festival battle tournament.

Umbreon's latest appearance was in DPS01 where it was used to battle Dawn's Piplup and Cyndaquil alongside Glameow. It was able to do some dazzling combinations with Glameow, but when Piplup and Cyndaquil unleashed their Whirlpool-Flame Wheel combination; the battle was stopped due to them fighting.

Umbreon's known moves are Attract, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Swift, and Iron Tail.

Debut Strategy Begins at Home!
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers


Johanna's achievements

Ribbons obtained

This listing is of the Ribbons Johanna has obtained:

Grand Festival ranking

Johanna has competed in the following Grand Festival tournaments:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 津村まこと Makoto Tsumura
English Sarah Natochenny
Finnish Elise Langenoja (DP001-DP167)
Ella Pyhältö (DP176, DP190-DP191)
Raili Raitala (DP177)
European French Fabienne Loriaux (DP001-DP191)
Élisabeth Guinand (JN074)
Hindi सबीना मलिक मौसम Sabina Malik Mausum
Hungarian Ilona Molnár
Indonesian Diah Sekartadji Wulandari (S24)
Italian Daniela Fava
Norwegian Lena Meieran
Polish Bożena Furczyk (DP001-DP012, JN074)
Monika Kwiatkowska (DP027-DP049)
Anna Sroka (DP061-DP095, DP162-DP177)
Julita Kożuszek-Borsuk (DP095, young)
Anna Sztejner (DP137-DP141)
Portuguese Brazil Denise Reis (DP001-DP012, DP043-DP061, DP095)
Silvia Suzy (DP027)
Elisa Villon (DP079)
Lene Bastos (DP137-present)
Portugal Sandra de Castro (DP001-DP049)
Isabel Queirós (DP061-DP095)
Ângela Marques (DP137-DP141)
Spanish Latin America Karina Altamirano (DP001-DP004)
Elena Ramírez (rest of S10)
Cynthia Alfonso (S11)
Unknown voice actress (S12)
Belinda Martínez (S13, S24)
Spain Gemma Martín

In the manga

Johanna in Pokémon Adventures
Diamond and Johanna

Pokémon Adventures


Prior to Diamond & Pearl arc

Johanna used to be a Super Contest Coordinator in the past. At some point in her career, she recorded a dance video.

Diamond & Pearl arc

Johanna was first seen in Perturbed by Pachirisu when Platinum was watching Johanna's dance video to practice for the Dance Competition of her first Pokémon Super Contest.

She reappeared as a figment of Diamond's thoughts after the boy reminisced about the bonds that families share in Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim II.

She physically debuted in Stopping Sableye when Diamond learned that she had headed to Lake Verity to gather Berries and would be in danger because of Team Galactic's plan to blow up the lake. He went there and found her being held hostage by the Commander Mars. Johanna barely managed to escape with Diamond's help as he distracted Mars and allowed his mother to run away.

After returning home alongside Sebastian and Roseanne, she realized that the jacket and shoes that she ordered for Diamond were gone, and conjured the idea to call him on the phone she left in a pocket. Soon, though, after he received her call, she heard from him that he was infiltrating their flying shuttle and would be having a showdown with Team Galactic, much to her shock. Sebastian traveled to Pastoria City with Johanna and Roseanne to inform Pearl about Diamond's disappearance.

Platinum arc

Johanna became a Super Contest Coordinator once more by the end of this chapter.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

Johanna made a short cameo at the end of this chapter.


Johanna's Glameow
Main article: Johanna's Glameow

Glameow is the family's house pet. It is also assumed to be her Contest Pokémon as it was shown that she earned many Ribbons in Sinnoh.

Debut Perturbed by Pachirisu
Johanna's Kangaskhan
Kangaskhan is Johanna's second seen Pokémon. She is assumed to be another one of Johanna's Contest Pokémon as shown in a picture of her and Dexter.

None of Kangaskhan's moves are known.

Debut Stopping Sableye

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Johanna in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Johanna appeared in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

In the TCG

This is a listing of cards mentioning or featuring Johanna or her Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Mom's Kindness Su Majestic Dawn Uncommon 83/100 Torterra/Infernape/Empoleon Half Deck    
      Giratina/Dialga Half Deck   013/014
      Piplup/Pikachu Half Deck   015/015
      Arceus LV.X Deck: Grass & Fire   017/017
      Arceus LV.X Deck: Lightning & Psychic   017/017


Johanna's Ribbon
  • In early builds of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the player was originally going to also have a father, which is further evidenced by script files leftover in their remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.[1]
  • Johanna is the first mother:
    • who has a role other than being a mother.
    • whose appearance in the anime is directly based on her game counterpart.
    • of a player character in the core series whose name is known.
  • Johanna's Japanese name in the anime was originally intended to be Emiko (エミコ), as seen in the early sketches for Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl.[citation needed]
  • In the anime, the color of Johanna's first Ribbon—the one she gave Dawn at the start of her journey—is the same color as the Ribbon Dawn first earned but it wasn't the same Ribbon.


Bulbanews has an article related to this subject:
Language Name Origin
Japanese アヤコ Ayako
English, Latin American Spanish Johanna
German Katrin*
Johanna* Same as her English name
European Spanish Casilda Possibly from casa (home)
French Ingrid*
Johanna* Same as her English name
Italian Olga
Korean 진희 Jinhui
Chinese (Mandarin) 彩子 Cǎizǐ From the Japanese name 彩子 Ayako
Chinese (Cantonese) 彩子 Chóijí
Vietnamese Ayako Transcription of her Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ガルちゃん Garu-chan From ガルーラ Garura (Kangaskhan)
English, Italian Jumpy From jump
German Hüpfer From hüpfen (bounce)
Spanish Kangur From Kangaskhan and canguro (kangaroo)
French Sauteur From sauteur (jumper)
Italian Jumpy Same as English name
Korean 캥이 Keng-i From 캥카 Kengka (Kangaskhan)
Chinese (Mandarin) 悅悅 Yuèyuè From 躍 / 跃 yuè (to jump)
Chinese (Cantonese) 悅悅 Yuhtyuht Same as Mandarin name

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