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Poké Seer
おみとおし Seer
Medium II OD.png
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Gray
Hometown Cianwood City
Region Johto
Generation II
Games Crystal

The Poké Seer (Japanese: おみとおし Seer) is an elderly woman who sees information about a Pokémon. She is exclusively found in Pokémon Crystal, where she resides in a small house in the north of Cianwood City.

She appears with the same overworld sprite as the Medium, except with pink clothes (instead of gray).


She can tell where and when, and at which level a Pokémon in the Trainer's party has been caught. In the case of outsider Pokémon, she will ask if it was received in a trade.

She will also comment about the Pokémon's strength based on the current level.

In Pokémon Crystal, the Poké Seer is the only way to see where, when, and at which level a Pokémon was obtained. From Generation III onwards, this data becomes available via the summary instead.

Caught data

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Reason: Check if the Pokémon caught data is preserved when a Pokémon is deposited in the Boxes at the PC from Pokémon Stadium 2 (in particular, check if the data is preserved if the Pokémon is in either the "N64 Boxes" and the "GB Boxes" in Stadium 2)
  • In Pokémon Crystal, the Pokémon meeting data (area, time, and level) is recorded for all Pokémon caught or obtained in-game, except the in-game trades have no such data.
    • For Pokémon received in events, the time and level is recorded, but no location.
    • Part of the data (time and level met) is interpreted as one byte. The upper two bits represent the time it was met, and the lower six bits represent the level it was met, which means the data can only be interpreted correctly for Pokémon met at or below level 63. For example, a level 70 Pokémon met in the morning will be reported as a level 6 Pokémon met in the day by the Poké Seer.
  • In Pokémon Gold and Silver, this data is not recorded for any Pokémon. However, if a Pokémon already has caught data (such as those Pokémon traded from Crystal), this data is preserved.
  • In Generation I games, this data is not recorded for any Pokémon either, and there is no way to store this kind of data from other games. If a Pokémon is transferred from Generation II to Generation I, any caught data is permanently lost.


Pokémon Crystal


"I see all. I know all... Certainly, I know of your Pokémon!"

Talking about a Pokémon

"Hm... I see you met <Pokémon> in <location>! The time was <time>! Its level was <level>! Am I good or what?"
"Hm... <Pokémon> came from <OT> in a trade? <location> was where <OT> met <Pokémon>! The time was <time>! Its level was <level>! Am I good or what?"
  • A Pokémon without meeting data:
"Whaaaat? I can't tell a thing! How could I not know of this?"
  • A Pokémon with meeting data but no known location:
"What!? Incredible! I don't understand how, but it is incredible! You are special. I can't tell where you met it, but it was at level <level>. Am I good or what?"
"Hey! That's an Egg! You can't say that you've met it yet..."

Talking about a Pokémon's level (after talking about the Pokémon)

  • Pokémon's level is 9 or lower, or from 101 to 255:
"Incidentally... It would be wise to raise your Pokémon with a little more care."
  • Pokémon's level is from 10 to 29:
"Incidentally... It seems to have grown a little. <Pokémon> seems to be becoming more confident."
  • Pokémon's level is from 30 to 59:
"Incidentally... <Pokémon> has grown. It's gained much strength."
  • Pokémon's level is from 60 to 89:
"Incidentally... It certainly has grown mighty! This <Pokémon> must have come through numerous Pokémon battles. It looks brimming with confidence."
  • Pokémon's level is from 90 to 100:
"Incidentally... I'm impressed by your dedication. It's been a long time since I've seen a Pokémon as mighty as this <Pokémon>. I'm sure that seeing <Pokémon> in battle would excite anyone."

If the player does not ask about any Pokémon

"Fufufu! I saw that you'd do nothing!"

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Pokédevin
Germany Flag.png German Poké-Orakel
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokéveggente
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokévidente

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