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Not to be confused with Anthea.
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シャロン Sharon
Legends Arceus Anthe.png
Screenshot from Legends: Arceus
Gender Female
Eye color Purple
Hair color Black and Gold
Hometown Jubilife Village
Region Hisui
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus

Anthe (Japanese: シャロン Sharon) is a character who appears in Legends: Arceus. She serves as the clothier of Jubilife Village.

She bears a striking resemblance to Darach, but the relationship between them, if any, is unknown.

In the core series

Anthe runs a store that sells clothing that the player can use to customize their looks. As the player completes missions, Anthe will have Requests that, once completed by the player, will unlock more clothing options in her store.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
  • If talked to before starting the catching trial on Mission 2
"I've never seen clothes quite like yours, hon. Where might they be from?"
  • At the beginning of Mission 3
"Well done earning a place in our team. My name is Anthe. I'm the local clothier."
"The professor asked that I ready you a change of clothes, so here you go! I do hope they fit."
"I hope you'll avail yourself of the village's humble shops!"
  • If talked to
"What can I help you with, hon?"
Buy clothing: "I have some new styles in stock! Please feel free to have a look."
Nothing: "Do come visit my humble shop again!"
  • If the player has save data from other Switch titles
"A special parcel has arrived with you name on it."
"What a precious gift! Please take care of such fine attire."
Request 24 - "Inspiration from Hippopotas"
  • Receiving the Request
"Those clothes you were wearing when you first came to the village... I can't describe to you the shock they gave me! It's as if I got a glimpse of the future!"
"There's no mistaking it—you're passionate about fashion, aren't you?"
Definitely!: "I see... Well, I have the duty of making this village more fashionable, too. Let us study fashion together!"
Not really: "If that's the case, then we should study fashion together. I'm sure your interest will grow in no time!"
"You're part of the Survey Corps, am I right? Please, I ask that you lend me your talents. I've been told that Hippopotas, which can be found around the Crimson Mirelands, have different appearances based on their gender."
"I feel like if I were able to see and compare them, it would inspire me to create new designs for my clothing! Please, could you show me both a male and a female Hippopotas?"
  • Completing the Request
"Could you show me a male Hippopotas, then?"
Select: "Next, I'd like to see a female Hippopotas."
Quit: "Please, could you show me both a male and a female Hippopotas?"
Select: "Wah!" "I never thought just a change in color would lead to such a different impression for the same Pokémon.../Such a presence... Is this what they call an alpha? You must be skilled to be able to catch one!"
Quit: "Please, could you show me both a male and a female Hippopotas?"
"That's definitely inspired me! Give me just one moment..."
"Please have a look at the newest entries to my shop's lineup!"
Request 45 - "Shellos of the East and West"
  • Receiving the Request
"There's a Pokémon I think would be the perfect inspiration for some new designs."
"It's the species called Shellos, you see. I've heard it has different forms depending on where it lives—with different coloring, too!"
"If I could just compare its different forms, I'm certain I'd be filled with inspiration. Could you show me Shellos' different forms? One can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands, and the other out in the Cobalt Coastlands."
  • Completing the Request
"You've caught the Shellos I asked about? I'd like to see the pink one first, then!"
Select: "Could you show me the light blue one now, too?"
Quit: "Please show me a Shellos from the Obsidian Fieldlands and one from the Cobalt Coastlands once you've caught them!"
Select: "It's quite beyond me why Shellos would have different colors, but I think it's absolutely charming that they change things up depending on where they live!/Oh my, that's an alpha! I've heard they have moves they've already mastered./You've already shown me Shellos of that color. I want to see the light blue one!"
Quit: "Please show me a Shellos from the Obsidian Fieldlands and one from the Cobalt Coastlands once you've caught them!"
"We here in Jubilife Village have also journeyed far from where we used to live... Maybe a change in the color of our clothing is what we need, just like Shellos!"
"Yes! I've got it!"
"I took advantage of the inspiration I was feeling and expanded my lineup! I would be very pleased if you would have a look."
Request 63 - "Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam"
  • Receiving the Request
"If I may—would it please you if I expanded the variety of clothes I carry?"
Definitely!: "To seek new clothing is the true calling of any fashion-conscious person, after all! But I need some inspiration to come up with new designs. I'd like to see the Pokémon Wormadam."
I'm not sure: "You're not sure? Then why don't we experiment and find out exactly how you feel! And in order to do that, I'd like some inspiration to come up with new designs. I'd like to see the Pokémon Wormadam."
  • Completing the Request
"Are you going to show me a Wormadam?"
Select: "So this is what's known as a Plant Cloak... It's as if Wormadam has become one with the lush nature of Hisui! I never knew Pokémon were capable of such things!/So this is what's known as a Sandy Cloak... The way the sand wraps around Wormadam, it's as if the very earth is giving it a loving hug! I never knew Pokémon were capable of such things!/So this is what's known as a Trash Cloak... It's living proof that there is truth to the saying, "one person's trash is another's treasure." I never knew Pokémon were capable of such things!/Oh my! An alpha Wormadam! Its size is simply awe-inspiring!
Quit: "Please do let me know if you catch a Wormadam!"
"Yes! I've got it!"
"I would be very pleased if you would have a look at the latest additions to my clothier!"
Request 70 - "Colorful New Looks"
  • Receiving the Request
"The color of your clothing can make all the difference in the world, don't you think?"
You think?: "Absolutely! I bet you would like to dress up in your favorite color."
Yeah!: "I knew you'd agree! You want to dress up in your favorite color, don't you?"
"I want to make clothing in new colors, but I can't get ahold of the right materials. If you happen to have Red Shards, Blue Shards, and Green Shards, would you kindly give me one of each?"
  • Completing the Request
"Could you give me one Red Shard, one Blue Shard, and one Green Shard?"
Sure, here you go!: "Such beautiful shards... I'm sure these will work perfectly."
Maybe later: "When you can spare a Red Shard, Blue Shard, and Green Shard, would you kindly give me one of each? I hear you can find such shards in space-time distortions."
"Now then, let me try and dye something."
"I can make anything into a beautiful dye if I cook it down in the trusty cauldron inside my shop!"
"A color more beautiful than I even imagined... And all thanks to you, dear customer."
"I hope you enjoy the different looks that new colors bring to your outfits!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese シャロン Sharon Possibly from rose of Sharon and 紗 sha (gauze)
English Anthe From ᾰ̓́νθη ánthē (Ancient Greek for flowers) or possibly chrysanthemum
German, Italian Sharon Transcription of her Japanese name
Spanish Aster From Aster
French Esra
Korean 샤론 Sharon Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 紗瓏 / 纱珑 Shālóng From the transcription of her Japanese name and 紗 / 纱 shā / sā (gauze)
Chinese (Cantonese) 紗瓏 Sālùhng

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