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The Pokémon Center Ladies are a trio of non-player characters that appear in Pokémon Emerald. They are all located in the Lilycove City Pokémon Center, but only one will ever appear in a player's game. The lady that appears is determined by the ID number of the game.

Each lady will ask for something of the player. Once this is accomplished, she may give a reward.


The Lady who initially appears is determined by the player's Trainer ID number modulo 6.

  • If the Trainer ID mod 6 is 0 or 1, the Quiz Lady will appear.
  • If the Trainer ID mod 6 is 2 or 3, the Favor Lady will appear.
  • If the Trainer ID mod 6 is 4 or 5, the Contest Lady will appear.

If two or more players of Pokémon Emerald mix records with each other, the ladies that were in those players' games will be transferred.

Contest Lady

The Contest Lady will ask for a Pokéblock to give to her Pokémon to improve a particular Contest condition. Once the player gives her a Pokéblock, she will not accept another until she travels to another player's game via record mixing.

After being gifted five Pokéblocks containing the flavor to improve her desired condition, or five Pokéblocks that don't match the desired flavor, she will say that she and her Pokémon are ready to enter some contests. After this, a TV show featuring an interview with her will air, detailing her contest results based on the number of correct Pokéblocks given to her by the players whose games she appeared in.

  • If she received five Pokéblocks with the correct flavor, she will win her contest. She will also thank the player who gave her the Pokéblock with the most points in her desired flavor.
  • If she received at least one, but fewer than five Pokéblocks with the correct flavor, she will lose her contest. She will apologize to the player who gave her the Pokéblock with the most points in her desired flavor and say she will do better next time.
  • If she received no Pokéblocks with the correct flavor, she will lose her contest terribly.


Pokémon Flavor
300 III OD.png Vinny Dry
261 III OD.png Moreme Sweet
025 III OD.png Muscle Sour
352 III OD.png Ironhard Bitter
263 III OD.png Handsome Spicy

Favor Lady

The Favor Lady will ask for an item. However, she is cryptic and will only hint at the kind of item she wants using a description of what it looks like. She will ordinarily need to be given an item in the specified category five times before giving the player a vitamin prize, but will only accept one item each time records are mixed. However, one item in the specified category will be randomly assigned as the "best" item, and giving the Favor Lady this item will instantly result in her awarding the player the prize. After giving the player a prize, she will randomly select a new category and best item, though the player cannot gift her another item until they mix records again.

Although there are many other items that also fit the descriptions the Favor Lady asks for, she will only accept those listed below. If a wrong item is given to her, she will not accept another until the player mixes records. If another player previously gave an item to her without receiving a prize, she will tell the current player what it was and whether or not it fits the category she desires.


Description Accepted items Prize
Something pointy
Durin Berry Durin Berry Quick Claw Quick Claw Poison Barb Poison Barb Rabuta Berry Rabuta Berry Sharp Beak Sharp Beak
Spelon Berry Spelon Berry Star Piece Star Piece Stardust Stardust Tamato Berry Tamato Berry
Something slippery
Antidote Antidote Awakening Awakening Belue Berry Belue Berry Burn Heal Burn Heal Fluffy Tail Fluffy Tail
Grepa Berry Grepa Berry Max Repel Max Repel Parlyz Heal Parlyz Heal Pecha Berry Pecha Berry Repel Repel
Super Repel Super Repel
Protein Protein
Something wham-ish
Chesto Berry Chesto Berry Durin Berry Durin Berry Fresh Water Fresh Water Hard Stone Hard Stone Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry
Lava Cookie Lava Cookie Lemonade Lemonade Light Ball Light Ball Nomel Berry Nomel Berry Potion Potion
Soda Pop Soda Pop Wepear Berry Wepear Berry
Iron Iron
Something roundish
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry Big Mushroom Big Mushroom Big Pearl Big Pearl Grepa Berry Grepa Berry Hard Stone Hard Stone
Magost Berry Magost Berry Max Repel Max Repel Max Revive Max Revive Oran Berry Oran Berry Pearl Pearl
Poké Ball Poké Ball Rare Candy Rare Candy Revive Revive Shoal Shell Shoal Shell Smoke Ball Smoke Ball
Tiny Mushroom TinyMushroom Watmel Berry Watmel Berry
Calcium Calcium
Something shiny
Black Flute Black Flute Blue Flute Blue Flute Heal Powder Heal Powder Luxury Ball Luxury Ball Nugget Nugget
Pearl Pearl Premier Ball Premier Ball Red Flute Red Flute Star Piece Star Piece Stardust Stardust
Sun Stone Sun Stone Twisted Spoon TwistedSpoon X Attack X Attack X Defense X Defend X Speed X Speed
Yellow Flute Yellow Flute
Zinc Zinc
Something sticky
Dire Hit Dire Hit Energy Root Energy Root Full Restore Full Restore Guard Spec. Guard Spec. Leftovers Leftovers
Max Potion Max Potion Rare Candy Rare Candy Tiny Mushroom TinyMushroom Watmel Berry Watmel Berry X Accuracy X Accuracy
Carbos Carbos

Quiz Lady

The Quiz Lady will ask the player a question; if it is answered correctly, they will receive an item.

The Quiz Lady will also offer the player the chance to create their own quiz using nine words or phrases. In this event, the player must also select an item from their Bag as the prize for those who answer the quiz correctly.


Question Correct answer Prize
Which is a pretty item? Flowers Max Ether Max Ether
Which isn't a game version? Dark Bead Mail Bead Mail
What stores your Pokémon? PC TM NormalTM15 (Hyper Beam)
Which will stop poison? Immunity Durin Berry Durin Berry
A Pokémon was once this... Plush Doll Star Piece Star Piece
What stores information on Pokémon? Pokédex Glitter Mail Glitter Mail
How do Pokémon evolve? Level Tropic Mail Tropic Mail
Which of these is music? Rock Watmel Berry Watmel Berry
Which will stop confusion? Own Tempo Max Ether Max Ether
Which will go with center? Pokémon Luxury Ball Luxury Ball
What will block the Pokémon escaping? Shadow Tag Belue Berry Belue Berry
Ghost is weak to which type? Dark Premier Ball Premier Ball
Steel is strong against what type? Ice Rare Candy Rare Candy
Dark is weak to which type? Fighting Rare Candy Rare Candy
Which item can you break? Egg Max Ether Max Ether
Which machine gives information? Television Big Pearl Big Pearl

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