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Pokémon Ultra Sun
ポケットモンスター ウルトラサン
Ultra Sun EN boxart.png
Pokémon Ultra Sun's boxart
Pokémon Ultra Moon
ポケットモンスター ウルトラムーン
Ultra Moon EN boxart.png
Pokémon Ultra Moon's boxart
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: RPG
Players: 1-4 players simultaneous
Connectivity: 3DS Wireless, Nintendo Network, IR
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation VII core series
Release dates
Japan: November 17, 2017
North America: November 17, 2017
Australia: November 17, 2017
Europe: November 17, 2017
South Korea: November 17, 2017
Hong Kong: November 17, 2017
Taiwan: November 17, 2017
Japanese: Pokémon.co.jp
English: Official site
Nintendo.com (Ultra Sun)
Nintendo.com (Ultra Moon)
Ultra Sun JP boxart.png
Pokémon Ultra Sun Japanese boxart
Ultra Moon JP boxart.png
Pokémon Ultra Moon Japanese boxart
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Pokémon Ultra Sun (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ウルトラサン Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun) and Pokémon Ultra Moon (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ウルトラムーン Pocket Monsters Ultra Moon) are the second paired versions of Generation VII and feature an alternate storyline from Pokémon Sun and Moon. The games will be available on the Nintendo 3DS.

The games were announced worldwide on June 6, 2017, at 11 pm JST through Nintendo Direct. The paired versions are to be released worldwide on November 17, 2017. All copies of the game will be playable in nine languages: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The games will feature Pokémon that did not appear in Pokémon Sun and Moon.


New forms

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the first games to feature the I Choose You Cap Pikachu and the Dusk Form Lycanroc.

New Z-Moves

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will feature new Z-Moves for certain Pokémon. The player will receive a Z-Power Ring, which will enable them to use more varieties of Z-Moves than the Z-Ring.








By Pokemon
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In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ポケットモンスター ウルトラサン・ウルトラムーン
Chinese Cantonese 精靈寶可夢 究極之日/究極之月
Mandarin 精靈寶可夢 究極之日/究極之月
精灵宝可梦 究极之日/究极之月
France Flag.png French Pokémon Ultra-Soleil et Ultra-Lune
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon Ultrasonne und Ultramond
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon Ultrasole e Ultraluna
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬스터 울트라썬・울트라문
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon Ultrasol y Ultraluna


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