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タクシードライバー Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver TW.png
Artwork of a Taxi Driver from Pokémon: Twilight Wings
Other names Taxi Driver[1] (Japanese: タクシーの運転手 Taxi Driver) (Twilight Wings)
Introduced in Generation VIII
Appears in Sword and Shield
Gender Male
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Anime debut Letter
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A Cabbie (Japanese: タクシードライバー Taxi Driver) is a type of Trainer class introduced in Generation VIII. They are pilots working for the Flying Taxi and, fittingly, specialize in Flying-type Pokémon. In the Battle Tower, Cabbies specialize in Steel-type Pokémon as well.


VSCabbie.png Y-Comm Profile Cabbie.png
VS model from
Sword and Shield
Y-Comm profile image from
Sword and Shield

Trainer list

Pokémon Sword and Shield

In the anime

In Pokémon: Twilight Wings

A Cabbie, called a Taxi Driver (Japanese: タクシーの運転手 Taxi Driver) in this miniseries, appeared in Letter, where he took Chairman Rose and Oleana to a hospital as part of a scheduled visit.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 計程車司機 Gaichìhngchē Sīgēi
Mandarin 計程車司機 Jìchéngchē Sījī *
出租车司机 Chūzūchē Sījī *
France Flag.png French Chauffeur de Taxi
Germany Flag.png German Taxipilot
Italy Flag.png Italian Tassista
South Korea Flag.png Korean 택시 드라이버 Taxi Driver
택시 기사 Taxi Gisa (TW)
Spain Flag.png Spanish Aerotaxista


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